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A comperative status of Hindu Population in present days.


Religion Date Founded Sacred Texts Population % of World
Christianity 30 CE The Bible 2,039 million 32% (slightly dropping)
Islam 622 CE Qur’an & Hadith 1,330 million 19.5% (rapidly growing)
Hinduism 1500 to 7500 BCE with truly ancient roots Bhagavad-Gita, Upanishads, & Rig Veda, Ramayana, Mahabharata. 828 million to 965 million 13% to 14.5% (remarkably lowering)
No religion
(Note 1)

None 775 million 12% (dropping)
Chinese folk rel. 270 BCE None 390 million 6%
Buddhism 523 BCE The Tripitaka & Sutras 364 million 6% (dropping)
Tribal Religions, Shamanism, Animism Prehistory Oral tradition 232 million 4%
Atheists No date None 150 million 2%
New religions. Various Various 103 million 2%
Sikhism 1500 CE Guru Granth Sahib 23.8 million <1%
Judaism Note 3 Torah, Tanach, & Talmud 14.5 million <1%
Spiritism     12.6 million <1%
Baha’i Faith 1863 CE Alkitab Alaqdas 7.4 million <1%
Confucianism 520 BCE Lun Yu 6.3 million <1%
Jainism 570 BCE Siddhanta, Pakrit 4.3 million <1%
Zoroastrianism 600 to 6000 BCE Avesta 2.7 million <1%
Shinto 500 CE Kojiki, Nohon Shoki 2.7 million <1%
Taoism   550 BCE Tao-te-Ching 2.7 million <1%
Other Various Various 1.1 million <1%
Wicca 800 BCE, 1940 CE None 0.5 million? <1%

Though taken from main source , the presentation chart above is refreshed by the available data from other authentic references.

From a very reliable source it has been established that in 1920 ( Before the Moplah Hindu Massacre in 1921 in Kerala & Malabar region, India) there were 29% Hindus (Buddhists, Jains & Sikhs are then considered as hindus) , Christians ( RC ,Protestants & others) were then 24% and Muslims were only 14.5%  out of  world’s religious population.

Even in present days if we consider the mother Hindu origin, this force is the still second largest religious strength about 21.5% ( 14.5% Hindu, 6% Buddhist, Sikh-Jains-Tribal religions 1%) above the muslim strength of  19.5%.

Numbers in population has a very vital role in democracy and demographic hold. But the Hindus never think about it.

For the Struggle for Hindu Existence, Hindus must increase their numbers for a significant Survival.

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