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Thailand Government released new Postage Stamps on Hindu Deities.

Posted by hinduexistence on December 17, 2009

Hindu Dharma greatly admired by Thai Government.

Government of Thailand released remarkable new edition of stamps depicting the Hindu Deities, which will definitely delight the hearts of Hindu’s in Asia and other parts  of the world. Thailand has a remarkable affinity to the Hindu Religion and Thai People are obviously proud of their Indian (Hindu) connection with the rich and colourful Thai culture and tradition.

Thailand Postage


The newly published stamps and the first day covers are embossed and printed with four(4) idol images of Hindu gods, namely Lord Ganesha,Lord Brahma, Lord Narayana(Phra Narai) and Lord Shiva(Phra Issuan) has indeed created a wonderful feelings and has brought great honor to the minds of the Hindu fraternity in Thailand and every parts in this globe. The inclusion of Aum sign and the Trimurthi ( Brhama, Vishnu and Mahesh) in the first day cover enhanced the significance of Hindu Dharma into the mind of every Hindu admirers without any doubt.

Hindu Existence Group conveys its warm greetings to the Thai Government and every Thai People for this noble cause.

posted by Upananda Brahmachari.

29 Responses to “Thailand Government released new Postage Stamps on Hindu Deities.”

  1. Sunanda Thali said

    Is this possible in India?
    We have cross on Indian coins. This is India.

    • Vishvaksenah said

      Having a Cross on the coin is the Indian variety of secularism.
      It will be ultra secular if we have Crescent moon and the number 786 on all our postal stationery and currency.
      This is what our beloved Bapuji, father of present day India taught us

  2. Great Gesture!!! Hindustan Govt. must learn from Thailand

  3. SANJAYANT sahasrabuddhe said

    This comment comes your way to thank you for publishing this.
    At the same time,as stamp collector on religion &spirituality,I have many Indian issues,on god’s in my collection.
    As Sunandajee says about the cross on the Indian coins,it’s time those who think of cross,IT IS IN FACT ROADS OF DEVLOPMENT IN ALL THE DIRECTIONS,at the same time she`has forgotton( ? )to talk about the Sant Tukaram,Namdeo,Dnyaneshwar,and many more on our coins.States like TN,KAR,KER,have even pictorial defacing seals,with Spirituality,Religion,Heritage.
    At the same time state like Maharashtra has fail’d,to respect her HERO’S,Saint’s Heritage.
    It’s time they think on this…..

  4. SANJAYANT sahasrabuddhe said

    At Karamsad in Gujrath, I have seen, pictorial outline defacing seal of ‘SARDAR’, used regularly with pride by post master.
    We talk many things, but we fail to have LOKMANYA, VEER, CHAFEKAR BROTHERS, VASUDEV BALWANT, EVEN CHHATRAPATEE, SHANIVARVADA due to local mind set, not blame govt.for not doing,BLAME YOUR….,
    for not knowing own ROOT’s and their ‘VALUE’.
    It takes 2 years to issue any stamp,
    could we take up with Govt.for stamps to be issued in 2011,from now.
    We may form one group on this topic,
    What do you think ?

  5. maloy krishna dhar said

    Thanks. I have been visiting SEA countries. Everywhere I found Hindu cultural presence well pronounced. In India damn secularism has killed our Hidu identity.


  6. Jayesh Patel said




  7. Sukanto Roy said

    Dear all, It is a great success and certificate for all of us.


  8. Rajandran Thaiman said

    Dear all,

    Thank you Thailand Gov.

    Shame on Tamil Nadu Gov. Send Tamil Nadu CM to Thailand and remove his sun glass to see how they respect Hindu.

    Rajandran Thaiman

  9. Dahyabhai said

    It is strange that Indian Government is scared of unfair criticism from minority non-Hindu community of Islam and Christianity, so much that India will not issue such stamps of ancient Hindu civilization and rich culture.

    Hindu matrubhumi and Hindu Karmabhumi, India disregards its own ancient cultural heritage, just because some Hindus in India got converted to other religions.

    Here is Thailand that honors the Hindu Heritage of Bharat.

  10. Interfaith said

    Wow!! This is great, thanks to Thai government and people.
    Lets hope India and America are next.

    • SANJAYANT sahasrabuddhe. said

      Dear Interfaith,
      India & Indonasia,
      have started it prior to your birth,INDONASIA’S`biggest bank note,has GANESHA.
      INDIA HAS ISSUED 100 +,stamps,
      check it at nearest phil. counter at post office.

    • Only publishing stamp is not a great work. Whether the human values or you can say Hindus values are working or not. I think this is far behind.

      • SANJAYANT sahasrabuddhe. said

        Dr. saahab,
        You are very right,
        but when we hindu’s in India do not follow those values to core,we have wine shops,non. veg. food restaurants by hindus having names of god’s & godess,we eat pakoda on the newspaper with some god or temple under pakoda,till then nothing is of any use,
        I have posted the repllies,only to say do not blame India without knowing what’at home.
        I thank you for the reply,

  11. Yes, indeed, the Thai and the Indonesians, and many other far Eastern countries are not only proud of their Hindu culture and tradition but fearlesslessly, openly express their admiration
    throughout their public life. The larger than life sculpture of a chariot depicting “Krishnarjuna Sanvada” at a busy crossroads in Jakarta, and these stamps and first day covers are a monument to India. All Indians need to be grateful to these countries for preserving its Hindu traditions including the plays and dances based on the epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata in these countries. They put secular India to shame for not respecting their own indigenous culture. Even the majority Muslim Egyptians respect their ancient Egyptian culture with which they do not have any continuity. The self-hatred, and self-effacing attitude of the secularist Indian government is more of a dhimmitude than a reflection of broadminded maturity as it may be claimed.

  12. SANJAYANT sahasrabuddhe said

    I am really shocked to note every reader is talking like CHILD,
    in my second post I have stated we do have stamps,but every person is thanking Thai govt. I do thank too,but those who are talking about India,are not correct,
    I have asked to form the group,
    for such things,but no comment on that.
    Now do you know?
    THAI GOVT. will earn US$ 1Million from hindu’s as this set will be with collectors,Thai Got. gets that cash for paper as MUNAAFAA.
    They are selling our gos,
    and we Hindus are THANKING THAI GOVT.
    those who need details can srnd the mail to me.
    We must talk issues adding value to HINDU’S and not the one like this.

    • Greetings from Fairborn, Ohio. I agree with you and am ready to become a member of the group to preserve and enhance the dignity of our faith of Santan Dharma. True facts must be openly brought to light without criticizing or blaming any individual or a group of people. So let us start in organizing ourselves. Call me any time at 1 917 912 4125 for starting the new group immediately. May God help us in our efforts.

  13. RC Sharma said

    Sadly, India will never issue such stamps.

  14. bhaskara reddi said

    i am thankful to thai people. i wish india can do some thing like this. thanks. bhaskara

  15. VoP said

    It’s good to see Thailand’s gesture. Indonesia has been engulfed by Islam and Philippines by Christianity. I pray for Thailand’s survival with cultural integrity intact.

  16. K P Manilal said

    We feel proud to see the Hindu GODS in the stamps of a foreign country. As a matter of fact the entire discourse in Hinduism takes you to realization of GOD in oneself.To feel one with all living and non living entity is the essence.The treatment put on the so called low caste people by the upper caste people in India is very cruel.Till you uplift those people you can not keep the society together. The representatives of the Semitic religions pour heavy financial aid to those downtrodden low caste people, thereby they acquire the social status which they crave intensely. Successive govts in India have played in to the hands of the agents of the Semitic religions because in a democracy numbers count.The organized Semitic religions who has got a clear political agenda in their design make use of the democratic set up very efficiently and the Hindus are a divided lot. Until and otherwise Hindus start thinking in political lines in a so called democratic India Hindus will be always at the receiving end.

  17. Mike said

    Hello and Namaskaram

    I value true Hinduism and I will go far as to say that if we have a diminishing population of Hindus in Asia, we will all suffer around the world. India does not make it easy for its Hindus. In fact India (as represented by the elected Government of India and the states) does everything possible to keep its Hindus down.

    The way things are going in India I would say that a time will come when its Hindus would ask for an independent state as a minority in India. A little like what Pakistan did for its Moslems (except that more Moslems stayed in India and grew). I think a diminishing, peace loving (true Hindu) population in India would hurt the world badly – in fact if you go back the last two thousand years you will see this is already in motion. By Hindus I include the Buddhists and the Jains and such without meaning any disrespect to the brothers and sisters.

    Hari Ohm.May Satyam, Santi and Prema live on – but I do not see it having a chance without the true hindus in numbers.

  18. To All Hindu Organizations & All Hindus:

    Raise the demand of “referendum” to decide on the religious nature of the country. With more than 83% of Hindus, why isn’t India a Hindu country?

    Let people decide!

    Ashutosh Shrivastav
    Houston, TX

  19. Jagannath Rao said

    Thanks for Thailand Government and their freindly people….


  20. […] hinduexistence.wordpress.comTHAILAND, December 17, 2009: The Government of Thailand released remarkable new edition of stamps […]

  21. Alphanso said

    WOW! This is so beautiful a gesture to all Hindus by the Thai government! Hope India is learning how much Hinduism is appreciated abroad! This makes me proud to be a Hindu.
    OM Shanti.

  22. Nishkakrishna said

    Amazed at how little Indians know.
    Hindu culture does not just belong to India but belongs to large parts of southeast Asia as well.
    Thailand is not showing respect to India but to their own heritage. They are not ashamed of their cultural origin of Hindutva.

  23. Koh Samui said

    Great to see the new stamps. This is only possible in Thailand due to their buddhist culture and their philathrophic view to all religions. As I am living in this beautiful country, I will pass by the next days at a post office and will look out for these stamps.

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