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Why Congress in India Glorifying Anti-Hindu Painter M.F. Husain?

Posted by hinduexistence on February 27, 2010

Congress Government Glorifying  Anti-Hindu Painter M.F.  Husain

Narain Kataria in New York ( NK is the President of Indian American Intellectual Forum, IAIF NY )

The other day I came across “India Perspectives” issue of September-October 2009,  a monthly magazine published by Ministry of External Affairs  in New Delhi.  This magazine proclaims “to continue its tradition of providing intellectually stimulating and attractive contents to its readers.”

But to my dismay and disillusionment, I was shocked to see a four page review of an e-book on Maqbool Fida Husain >> who has gained ignominy and notoriety in India for painting vulgar and obscene images of Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

It is a well known fact that Mr. Husain is a notoriously obnoxious person who has made it his hobby to denigrate Hindu Gods and Goddesses by painting them in loutish and uncouth manner. A couple of years ago he had made a nude portrait of Bharat Mata for which he was widely condemned by Indian Parliament. He is a pervert.  He has insulted Indian womanhood several times.

Instinctively, he is endowed with a fiendish mind which impels him to indulge in despicable activities calculated to cause torment and agony to Hindu people. His grotesque and insidious actions have created communal tension in India and deeply hurt Hindu sentiments. Under the guise of “Art” , Mr. Husain has offended the sensibilities of one billion Hindus. He has mistaken Hindus’  tolerance for their weakness. That is the reason he has been deliberately and maliciously demonizing Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

Husain is facing hundreds of police complaints in India.  Courts have issued summons and arrest warrants against Husain in various cities like Indore and Delhi since mid-March 2006, for creating communal discord. According to the Police, this is why M. F. Husain has been absconding to UK.  and Dubai (den of Dawoo Ibrahim’s D Company).  As a matter of fact, he is a fugitive from justice.

According to Hindu Janjagruti Samiti, more than 28,000 people have signed a petition condemning Husain for his sinister attempts to vilify Hindus.

Police in India’s financial capital Mumbai (Bombay) had begun legal proceedings to seize the property belonging to Mr Husain about 4 years ago.

From the name, M.F. Husain appears to be  a Muslim by faith.  In that case, it is not understood as to what on earth prompts him to choose only Hindu Gods and Goddesses for such a disgraceful and ridiculous portrayal.

We should also note here that the Congress Government in India derives its legitimacy and sustenance from Hindus who form 83% of the total population.  Hence, it is unbecoming on the part of Ministry of External Affairs to promote a criminal who has been condemned by Parliament.  It amounts to aiding and abetting this delinquent  in his slanderous activities against Hindus.

Dear friends, if you have time and your blood boils, you can register your protest by calling Joint Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs at 011-91-11-23389471, 23388873 or e-mail them at

The writer may be contacted at

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What is the fate of Hindu, Sikh, Minorities in Pakistan ? Abduction, Ransom, Rape, Murder, Annihilation ??

Posted by hinduexistence on February 26, 2010

Hindus feel the heat in Pakistan : BBC

Hindu Minority report from BBC

Pakistan is home to some 2.5 million Hindus officially (unofficial number is more than Double) , 95% of them living in the southern Sindh province.

Most are poor, low-caste peasants.

However there are also some successful upper caste businessmen. In Sindh, they are a hot commodity for bandits.

They lack the protection afforded to local tribal Muslims.

Whole tribes often go to war with one another in rural Sindh over any slight to their members.

That cushion is not available to the Hindu minority.

Protection money

In recent years kidnapping for ransom and armed robberies have multiplied in the area and Hindus have increasingly been the focus of attacks.

Hindus have to pay thousands of pounds to avoid kidnapping

Many pay protection money regularly to local gangs or influential figures. But in spite of this they are still targeted.

Santosh Kumar, a rice trader from Larkana town in upper Sindh, and his two brothers were kidnapped in separate incidents in 2006. They were later released after paying a huge ransom.

Another wealthy trader from the nearby city of Sukkur in Sindh, Sundeep Kumar, was kidnapped in 2005.

He was released after paying a ransom of over a million rupees ($16,000), according to local sources.

The ransom can sometimes go up to five times that amount.

But not all Hindus are as rich as Sundeep Kumar.

Last August, a youth, Ramesh Lal, was kidnapped. His relatives could not afford the ransom, and his body was later found at a police check post.

In the last three years at least five Hindu traders have been killed after being kidnapped or offering resistance.

“Powerful oppress the weak”

Ramesh Lal, a Hindu MP in Pakistan’s parliament says, “The Hindus are not as rich as portrayed.”

“Often the kidnappers ask a huge amount that the families cannot pay. As a result the hostages are killed.”

Even Hindu women and children are not spared by the kidnappers

The President of the Hindu council in Sukkur district, Mukhi Aishwar Lal says, “the powerful always oppress weaker communities… Hindus are weak so they are targeted.”

He relates how a few years back a Hindu family travelling by local bus were kidnapped by local bandits, while rest of the passengers were allowed to go.

Around that time some foreigners were also kidnapped in the same area. The police secured their release without any payment, but the Hindus were released after a huge ransom was doled out.

Such incidents increase the feeling among Hindus that they have no say in power and authority in the country.

Political apartheid

In Pakistan’s political system, the minorities, such as Hindus, Christians and Sikhs, remain outcasts despite represented in every major political party.

After Gen Pervez Musharraf seized power in 1999, he scrapped the controversial separate electorate system introduced former dictator Gen Zia-ul-Haq in 1980s.

Under the separate electorate system, non-Muslims could only vote for candidates of their own religion. Seats were reserved for minorities in the national and provincial assemblies.

Critics said Muslim candidates no longer had any incentive to pay attention to the aspirations of the minorities.

Gen Musharraf hoped to reverse that by the simple step of abolishing the system. But that appears to have failed.

Sudham Chand, a Hindu community leader who led a local campaign to scrap the separate electorate system was killed in broad daylight. His murder conveyed many a message.

The killers were not arrested. His brother later migrated to India.

Ramesh Lal, a member of the National Assembly, says that the restoration of the conventional electoral system is of little use if the minorities have no security.

And still, he complains, no one asks the minorities what problems  Pakistani Sindhi Hindu rape murhey are suffering.

Pakistan Hindu Post PHP reports :

Talibanised Pakistan – Real threat to Minorities & Womens

Talibanised Pakistan poses difficulties for  Minorities and women
(From May 2009 Archive).

With the strengthening of fundamentalist forces in Pakistan, women from minority communities, particularly Dalit Hindus face an uncertain future in the country. Discriminatory laws and the government’s failure to take action against societal forces hostile to minorities have fostered intolerance, says journalist Lys Anzia.

As violence continues between 4,000 Taliban splinter groups and Islamabad soldiers, Christian minority refugees, global rescue agencies and Pakistan’s own army leaders nervously wait to see who, in the end, will end up controlling the region. Some Christian women and their families will be forced to stay behind, as they have been unable to leave due to the expense of travel.

Minority girl from Sindh Province/ Photo credit: Alysha/ WNN

“Christian, Hindu and Sikh families have been forced to flee because the Taliban imposed on them jizia [a tax levied on non-Muslims living under Islamic rule],” said Catholic Archbishop, Lawrence John Saldanha, in a letter released by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India.

“Now minority communities in the province are forced to endure unemployment, intimidation and migration,” continued the Archbishop’s message.

Pakistan’s religious minorities

Minority religions and sectarian groups in Pakistan come from a vast collection of religious diversity, which includes Christians, Buddhists, Ahmadis, Zikris, Hindus, Kalasha, Parsis, Sikhs and Shia Muslim sects, including Ismailis and Bohras. Ethnic regional groups come from five different communities, including the Baloch, Huhajir, Punjabis, Pushtuns and Sindhis.

Although 25% of religious minority women are not considered disadvantaged, Hindu minority women who live on the bottom of society face many untold limitations.

A policy of “living invisibly” with family members is often the only answer for protection for many minority Hindus families who suffer under the great specter of poverty in Pakistan.

The most recent Pakistan 1998 census shows minority totals in the country to number somewhere between 11 to 13 million. Ahmadis, Christians and Hindus claim to have a population of four million each.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sikhs asked to pay Jizya to live in Pakistan

Posted by Krishna Kumar at 2:35 PM

Courtesy : Pakistan Hindu Post, BBC, YouTube, Times Now & Others.

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Jammu shuts against persecution, abduction, killing of Sikhs and Hindus in Pak, severe protests everywhere.

Posted by hinduexistence on February 25, 2010

Jammu observes bandh over beheading of Sikhs in Pakistan

Jammu, Feb 23 (PTI)
Tuesday, February 23, 201

Amid burning of tyres and protests by the Sikh community, a bandh was being observed here on Tuesday, in protest against the beheading of two Sikhs by Taliban in Pakistan’s restive tribal belts.

Members of Sikh community shouts slogans during their Jammu bandh  called to protest against the attack on Sikh community in Pakistan, on  Tuesday.PTIThe call for the bandh was given by Jammu and Kashmir Sikh United Front (JKSUF) and supported by BJP, VHP, JKNPP, Jammu Bar Association, Chamber of Commerce and Industry besides social organisations.

Sikh protestors, led by Convenor of JKSUF Sudershan Singh Wazir, blocked the Jammu-Srinagar national highway for over four hours in Gangyal and Jammu areas, burnt tyres at Digiana, Camp and other places on highway and resorted to anti-Taliban slogans and demonstrations in the city.

Shops and business establishments remained closed in maximum places of the city and private vehicles were partially off the roads.

As per reports, the bandh was also observed in Poonch, Reasi and R S Pura districts. There was no reports of any untoward incident during the bandh, a police spokesman said.

“We condemned the attack on Sikhs in Pakistan. The beheading incidents are brutal. Sikhs are unsafe in the area and Pakistan Government has failed to provide them security,” Wazir told reporters here.

Two Sikhs who were kidnapped for ransom were found beheaded by the Pakistani Taliban in that country’s restive tribal belts of Khyber Agency and Aurakzai Agency on Sunday. Some more members of the minority community are still in the custody of the rebels.

Opposition PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti today condemned the beheading incident and asked the Pakistan government to provide security to the minority Sikhs in that country.
“It is a heinous crime and all of us are condemning this incident,” she told reporters in the Assembly.

Member of the Legislative Council, Bashir Ahmed Magrey too condemned the incident, saying Pakistan should provide security to the minority.

Delhi BJP protests beheading of two Sikhs in Pakistan Special Correspondent

Submit a memorandum at Pakistan High Commission

Photo: R. V. Moorthy

Demanding security: BJP activists shouting slogans in the Capital of India, Delhi on Monday against killing of Sikhs in Pakistan. NEW DELHI: The Delhi BJP staged a demonstration near the Pakistan High Commission here on Monday to protest against the brutal murder of two Sikhs by the Taliban in Pakistan.

The protesters, led by Delhi BJP president O. P. Kohli, later submitted a memorandum at the High Commission demanding that the Pakistan Government take immediate steps to provide security to the minority community.

Agitated over the deaths in Pakistan, the protesters – who also included Leader of Opposition in Dellhi Assembly V. K. Malhotra, Delhi BJP vice-president Nand Kishore Garg, general secretary R. P. Singh and president of Sikh Cell Jaspal Singh — assembled near Teen Murti and raised slogans against the atrocities being committed on the minorities in Pakistan. Carrying banners and placards on which slogans like “Stop atrocities on Sikhs”, “Provide security to minorities” and “Punish the barbaric Taliban”, the protesters then walked some distance before the Delhi Police stopped by erecting a barricade near Nehru Planetarium.

Addressing the protesters, Prof. Kohli said it was disturbing that the minorities were attacked every now and then in Pakistan.

“They are forced to convert and the Pakistan Government is helpless. Until the terrorist activities of the Taliban are not curbed, relations between the two countries will not become normal,” he said. The Delhi BJP president also questioned the “meaning” of Secretary level talks between the two countries in an atmosphere in which members of the Sikh community were being beheaded in Pakistan.

In the memorandum, the BJP has also noted that because some of the Sikhs were still being held captive by the Taliban and efforts should be made to provide security to all the minorities in Pakistan. They also stated that Jazia tax was imposed on Sikhs last year because of which many members of the minority community were forced to migrate to other cities.

Stating that it was “a matter of regret that the Pakistan Government has failed to provide to the minority community living in Pakistan adequate security”, the memorandum stated that such a situation stands in the way of normalising relations between the two countries.

In Kolkata over 100 Sikh and Hindus jammed Rashbehari xing and torched the effigies of  Talibans and Pak administrators in protest of recent beheading of two Sikh buisenessmen and abduction of a  Hindu IT professional. They cautioned the authorities any negligence found to penalize the offenders may cause severe retaliation over the mute supporters of Taliban and Islamic Fundamentalists.

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Now, a Hindu kidnapped for ransom in Pak. No Rights of Minorities in Pakistan.

Posted by hinduexistence on February 25, 2010

Awaiting Hindu abducted in Pak may face a slain.

Peshawar: Days after the beheading of two abducted Sikhs by Taliban in the restive tribal belt, a Pakistani Hindu man has been reportedly kidnapped from here and his abductors have demanded Rs 10 million for his release.

Robin Singh, a computer engineer, was kidnapped by unknown persons from a market on University Road last Friday, a local politician said on Tuesday. He was kidnapped while going to Nowshera for some work.

The kidnappers have demanded Rs 10 million from Singh’s relatives, said Sahib Singh, a member of the district assembly in Peshawar.

Close on the heels of the killing of two abducted Sikhs by Taliban [ Images ] in the restive tribal belt, the case of kidnapping of a Pakistani Hindu has come to light as latest.

The victim, Robin Singh, was abducted by unknown persons from a market on the University Road in Peshawar in broad daylight on last Friday, an official statement said.

President Asif Ali Zardari [ Images ] condemned the kidnapping of the Hindu man and asked authorities to take steps for his recovery.

The incident comes to light days after the recovery of the beheaded bodies of two abducted Sikhs — Mahal Singh and Jaspal Singh — in Pakistan’s tribal belt.

Another two to four Sikhs are still being held by the Taliban.

The kidnapping and killing of the Sikhs has been condemned by leaders of Pakistan’s minority Sikh community.

India Govt condemns abduction of a Hindu living in Pakistan.

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: The government on Wednesday strongly condemned the abduction of a Hindu man by some unidentified persons in Pakistan’s Peshawar city.

Issuing a statement in the Parliament, External Affairs Minister SM Krishna informed the lawmakers that the government of Pakistan has assured to take stringent action against those who were responsible for the reported abduction of a Hindu man living in Pakistan.

“The President of Pakistan has strongly condemned the abduction of a Hindu man by some unknown persons and the recent beheading of two members of the Sikh community in the country’s tribal belt. The Pakistani establishment has assured full safety of Hindus living in the country and promised to take necessary action to prevent the recurrence of such incidents in future,” Krishna said minutes before the start of Rail Budget presentation in the House.

The reaction from the government came a day after Robin Singh, a computer engineer, was kidnapped by some unknown persons from a market in Peshawar city while he was on his way to Nowshera for some work.

Singh’s abductors later demanded Rs 10 million for his release.

The incident came to light days after the recovery of the beheaded bodies of two abducted Sikhs — Mahal Singh and Jaspal Singh — in Pakistan’s tribal belt.

Robin Singh’s brother Rajan Singh has registered a case at West Cantonment police station.

However, no arrest has been made so far in this regard.

Meanwhile, Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has also condemned the kidnapping of Robin Singh and directed the authorities to take steps for his safe recovery.

Another two to four Sikhs are still being held by the Taliban. The kidnapping and killing of the Sikhs has been condemned by leaders of Pakistan’s minority Sikh community.

BJP, RSS condemn Sikh beheading

23/02/2010 13:33:01  PNS | New Delhi

New Delhi: BJP and the RSS have condemned the beheading of two Sikhs by Taliban in Pakistan and asked the Government to give utmost priority to the protection of Hindu community in the neighbouring country. A delegation of MPs belonging to BJP, Shiromani Akali Dal, Indian National Lok Dal and Bahujan Samaj Party also called on the Prime Minister requesting him to take up the matter with Pakistan in the forthcoming foreign secretary-level meeting on February 25.

“I demand that the Union Government, which is taking initiative to reopen dialogue with Pakistan, must give utmost priority to the protection of Sikhs and Hindus living in that country and put necessary pressure on the Pakistan Government to ensure safe release of the kidnapped Sikh youths from the Islamists,” RSS general secretary Suresh Joshi said.

Declare war against Pakistan – Togadia
23/02/2010 00:43:59  VHP Press Release

Strongly condemning the brutal beheading of 2 Sikhs & abducting of others, Dr Pravin Togadia, International Secretary General of VHP said, “Beheading Sikhs in kabaili areas of Peshawar of Pakistan is a part of Pakistan’s continued Jehad against Bharat supported by all Muslim countries & anyone who has any roots in Bharat be it Sikhs of Sanatan Dharm practitioners are their targets. Muslim Invaders forced Islam & if not converted then Jazia on Bharat when they ruled Bharat & even now they have been forcing Islam & if not converted then Jazia on the Sikhs & Sanatanis in Pakistan.

This is absolutely unacceptable & the way they do in Pakistan & even in Bharat through Sharia, if Bharat or even Punjab alone decides to apply an eye-for-an eye rule, then it would be difficult for many. But Bharat will not do it as Bharat believes in democratic process of justice, however politically affected it is. This is exactly what Pakistan KNOWS. Therefore Pakistan keeps on doing such Ethnic Cleansing not only in Pakistan but even sponsors such heinous activities in Kashmir, Assam & now thru Jehadi attacks even in places like Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur & many more that we all have seen.

Our government’s vote bank begging mentality makes people in Bharat, Sikhs & Sanatanis in Pakistan, Bangla Desh, Malaysia, Indonesia extremely unsafe. Pakistan has got emboldened seeing that even after the war like Jehadi attack on Mumbai & now the recent attack on Pune, Bharat Government not just bends but crawls for talks with Pakistan terming it diplomatic effort. Pakistan blaming such Jehadi attacks on Sikhs & sanatanis on Taliban is just another game by Pakistan to dramatize to the world a ‘me too victim’ theory. The world intentionally may believe in it but even Bharat government giving in to such dramas is not just foolish but also a vote bank related help to Jehad!”

Demanding immediate stoppage of all talks with Pakistan until the killers of the Sikhs in Pakistan are brought to justice not in Pakistan but in  Bharat or in the international courts, Dr Togadia reminded Punjab of the bravery of Shri Guru Gobind Singh ji, Guru Teg Bahadur Sing ji & even Bhagat Singh ji. Dr Togadia said, “There is a glorious history as to how Punjab led Bharat in the war against cruel Islam despite extreme brutalities on Sikhs by the Muslim rulers.

Even at the time of partition, despite the wide losses, Sikhs & Sanatanis together fought against Islam with so much courage. Even in the Indian Army, there are glorious officers from Punjab who finally led Bharat to the victory in the wars against Pakistan & China. Today, when Pakistan is misusing the vulnerability of 10,000 Sikh & some Sanatanis in Peshawar to implement its Ethnic Cleansing Jehad due to our government’s vote bank politics, it is time that we all together stand up against such Jehadi acts of BEHEADING SIKHS & THROWING THEIR HEADS IN THE GURUDWARAS!

This is the worst ever humiliation of the Sikhs, Sanatanis & Bharat; the government must stop all talks with Pakistan, immediately refrain from any cultural / sports / social / trade / political relations with Pakistan & declare war against Pakistan for this & we as a united society should stand up democratically against such Jehadi mentality.”

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Sanskrit University to celebrate 100 years of existence

Posted by hinduexistence on February 25, 2010

Alive Sanskrit Culture in Kerala.

An erstwhile Sanskrit college, which was started by a uncommon and unbiased Christian teacher in protestant nature  in 1909, will be celebrating its 100 years of existence on February 21.

The Sahitya Deepika Sanskrit college at Pavaratty was started by P.T. Kuriyakose when it was taboo for non Brahmins to learn Sanskrit. In 1979, it was upgraded as a deemed University under the HRD Ministry and is now known as Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan Deemed University, Guruvayur Campus.

General Convener of the centenary celebration committee, P.G. Sreenivasan told reporters here that the three-day celebrations would be held at Pavaratty and the deemed University campus at nearby Puranattukara.

Despite opposition from various sections including the Church, Kuriakose developed the college to a full-fledged educational institution of repute and got it affiliated to the Madras University, he said.

The three-day long centenary celebrations of the Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, formerly Pavaratty Sahitya Deepika Sanskrit College, founded by late P T Kuriakose Master in 1909, would begin here on February 21.

In a statement here, Sanskrit Sansthan protection committee President Thomas Pavaratty said the union government had granted Rs 3 lakh for the purpose.

Kuriakose Master had donated the College and the campus together with buildings costing crores of rupees to the union government to establish as a full-fledged Sanskrit learning center. The college was affiliated to the Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan as its sixth centre in 1979.

Though the Sahitya Deepika Sanskrit College began on a small scale, it was later affiliated to the Madras University. Master had fostered the college facing opposition from all corners including the Church as it was a taboo then for non-Brahmins to learn Sanskrit and read Sanskrit literature.

Sanskrit scholars and writers who were former student of the college would offer floral tributes at the tomb of the Master at the Pavaratty St Joseph’s shrine on February 23, the 25th death anniversary of the Master, marking the conclusion of the centenary celebration, the statement said.

The celebrations would be held at the campuses of the Sansthan at Pavaratty and Puranattukara, now under the Union Ministry of Human Resources Development.  nPTI.

Srimantha Arya ( sent this interesting piece of Sanskrit trend of culture in the land of another communist.

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Nepal valley bandh throws life out of gear in demand of the revival of Hindu State (Rashtra) in Nepal.

Posted by hinduexistence on February 23, 2010

Hindu Existence Flash : It is now reported that the cadres of Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal (RPP-N) have started a  sit-in protest  at  at Singha Durbar Durbar in Kathmandu Tuesday, February 23, 2010, demanding that Nepal be declared a Hindu state, referendum on some key issues to be incorporated in the new constitution including constitutional monarchy and federalism.

1. 2.

Police personnel stand guard as cadres of Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal (RPP-N) protest demanding that Nepal be declared a Hindu state, referendum on some key issues to be incorporated in the new constitution including constitutional monarchy and federalism during the Sit-in-protest at Singha Durbar Durbar in Kathmandu Tuesday, February 23, 2010. Pic. 1

Total Strike in Kathmandu on 22.02.2010 in demand of a Hindu Rashtra again in Nepal. Pic. 2 (Thanks to Navesh Chitrakar)

Valley bandh throws life out of gear

Last Updated : 2010-02-22 1:35 PM||Himalayan News Service

KATHMANDU: A bandh called by the Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal (RPP-N), demanding re-declaring Nepal as a Hindu state, referendums on federalism and constitutional monarchy, affected normal life in the capital city today.

Owing to the bandh,most of the markets, educational institutions, public transport and industries remained closed in the Valley .

Kamal Thapa, president, RPP-N said, “The reinstated parliament had no mandate to decide on the key issues such as monarchy, federalism and secular state since it was not an elected body.”

“It is a must for the issues to be presented to the people for decision,” Thapa added.

Thapa said the party would organise a Singha Durbar gherao programme tomorrow.

Pic. Nepalis walk on a deserted Kathmandu street. (AFP). The RPP-N claimed that the bandh was successful. “The enormous support of valley dwellers has indicated that the people support our demand. We will announce our future programme of protest after the Singha Durbar gherao tomorrow,” he added.

Security forces were heavily deployed in the valley as a precaution to violence.

However, the protesters vandalised more than two dozen vehicles on the charge of defying the call. “We were peacefully demonstrating, which is the right of every citizen. When the police attempted to suppress our agitation, a clash followed,” said Mohan Shrestha, chief of the publicity department of the party.

According to Shrestha, the police detained 633 protesters, including former minister and party general secretary Tanka Dhakal, deputy general secretary Prahlad Shah, central committee members Tara Luitel, Kishore Lindgen and Shyam Ghimire.

Police, however, maintained only 285 agitators were detained during the day and were released in the evening. Shrestha claimed that his party cadres vandalised 29 vehicles including two of police in Balkhu, Koteshwor, Satdobato, Kalanki, Gongabu accusing them of defying the bandh programme.

Reuters Reports from KATHMANDU :[..]

Pro-monarchy strike in Nepal in favour of a Hindu State.

[Kathmandu, Feb. 22 (Reuters): Shops closed and vehicles stayed off the roads in Kathmandu today in response to a strike called by a party supporting Nepal’s deposed king, the first closure by the royalists since the monarchy was abolished.

A special constituent assembly dominated by the Maoist former rebels abolished the 239-year-old monarchy in 2008, turning the majority-Hindu nation into a secular republic and ending a decade-long civil war that caused more than 13,000 deaths.

The Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal that called the strike is demanding a plebiscite on whether the monarchy should be reinstated and whether Nepal should again become a Hindu nation.

“People should be allowed to make a choice through a referendum,” said Kamal Thapa, the party chief. Analysts said the royalists were re-asserting themselves.

“They are exploiting the disarray in politics and people’s disillusionment with the current rulers,” said Kunda Dixit, editor of the weekly Nepali Times.

“Getting rid of a Hindu monarchy and bringing in a secular republic has not improved the people’s lives,” Dixit added.

Today, hundreds of riot police stood guard at deserted streets but no major incident of violence was reported. The royalists also plan to block entry tomorrow to the Singha Durbar office complex, which houses the Prime Minister’s office.]

Reports came to the desk of Hindu Existence (HE) that the strike also paralysed the normal civic life everywhere in three districts of  Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur and some places of other districts also. Spokesmen of RPP-N from Kathmandu conveyed HE desk that agitation for monarchy-Hindu Rashtra-federalism referendum will not be stopped until the goal is reached. They said the media propagated itself for the maoist-anarchist, “but the press is reluctant to highlight the people’s agitation in favour of HinduRashtra and ancient Hindu monarchy in Nepal”. One of the RPP-N spokesmen reiterated that “the common people Nepal has now disillusioned about the Maoist regime in Nepal”.

It is now reported that the cadres of Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal (RPP-N) have started a  sit-in protest  at  at Singha Durbar Durbar in Kathmandu Tuesday, February 23, 2010, demanding that Nepal be declared a Hindu state, referendum on some key issues to be incorporated in the new constitution including constitutional monarchy and federalism.

Courtesy : The Himalayan Times, The Telegraph Kolkata, Reuters, AFP & Agencies.

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Bole so Nihal, Sat Sree Akal…Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa::Make it fatal to the Islamists in Punjab.

Posted by hinduexistence on February 22, 2010

A large number of Sikhs have migrated from Orakzai after being threatened by Hakimullah Mehsud led militants. —AP/File Photo

Take an oath with this picture to finish the enemies of Panth. Enough is Enough. Where is the Swords of the Gurus ? We wear the Kadas. Not the bangles.

Beheaded body of Sikh local found in Orakzai in Pakistan

Sun, 21 Feb, 2010 | Rabi-ul-Awwal 6, 1431

KHYBER AGENCY: The beheaded body of a Sikh resident of Khyber was found in Orakzai Agency on Sunday.

Three Sikh residents of the area were kidnapped by militants from Tirah Valley, in the tribal area of Khyber Agency, locals told DawnNews.

A letter, found with the body, warned his relatives and other Sikh locals against disclosing the case to the media. It said the minority faced threats of suicide attacks if the details of the beheading and kidnapping were revealed to the media or security forces.

The deceased Jaspal Singh was kidnapped by the suspected militants along with two others and left beheaded in Orakzai.

Two other companions of Jaspal Sing, Gorwandar Singh and Srujeet Singh are still being ( pic. 1 above ^ Mugals & Talibans are same^) held captive by the militants.

The body of Jaspal Singh was brought to Peshawar where his last rituals will be held at Mohallah Jogan Shah in Dabgari area.

While no group has claimed responsibility for the abduction and consequent murder, sources say the Orakzai based militants are believed to be involved in the incident.

Militants in Orakzai and Tirah Valley have been charging the non-Muslim residents Jazai or Islamic Tax on the pretext of providing security to them and their business in the area.

A large number of Sikhs have migrated from Orakzai after being threatened by Hakimullah Mehsud led militants. —DawnNews             ( pic. 2 right > Taliban Muslims want heads of Sikhs and Hindus >>)

Pakistani Taliban behead 2 Sikhs

Feb 21 2010, 11.04pm IST|| The Times of India
PESHAWAR/ISLAMABAD: Two Sikhs who were kidnapped over a month back have been beheaded by the Pakistani Taliban in the country’s restive tribal belt in a brutal act by the militants. Some more members of the minority community are still in the custody of the rebels.The body of Jaspal Singh was found in the Khyber tribal region, located a short distance from the provincial capital of Peshawar, while the body of Mahal Singh was found in the Aurakzai Agency, sources said on Sunday night.

There was confusion about the total number of Sikhs who were kidnapped for ransom from the Bara area of Khyber Agency by the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan. A source said four Sikhs were abducted while another report said the total number of kidnapped persons was six.

( <<pic. 3 left < Oyee Sacchhe Bande ! Hindus and Sikhs in India and International community !! Do something for Sikhs & Hindus thrown in Islamic fire in Pakistan )

The Sikhs were kidnapped 34 days ago and the Taliban had demanded Rs 30 million as ransom for their release. Two of the kidnapped Sikhs were beheaded after the expiry of the deadline for the payment of the ransom, sources said.

Gurvinder Singh and Gurjit Singh are still in the custody of the militants, sources said.

The kidnapping occurred in an area where there the government has virtually no control and the militants are in a dominant position, sources said.

A sizeable number of Sikhs lived in the tribal belt, particularly Aurakzai Agency, till the Taliban imposed ‘jiziya’ or religious tax on them last year. Most members of the community then fled to cities across Pakistan.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Taliban kill 2 Sikhs, send heads to Pak gurdwara

PESHAWAR/NEW DELHI: The Taliban has reportedly beheaded two Sikhs in Pakistan’s lawless tribal region bordering Afghanistan and sent the heads to a gurdwara.

Jaspal Singh and Mahan Singh, both businessmen, were kidnapped from Tira Valley, in Khyber agency, and Darra Adamkheil, in Orakzai agency, on January 19 and held for ransom. Sources in the area told TOI on Sunday that they were killed because they were paying `protection’ money to a rival faction.

However, according to security sources in New Delhi, Jaspal and Mahan were reportedly told to convert to Islam or face death. When they refused, their heads were chopped off and sent to the Bhai Joga Singh gurdwara in Peshawar.

The Indian government has taken serious note of this and is in touch with the high commission in Islamabad. “This incident is shocking. We are looking into it,” a source said.

The miniscule Sikh community in NWFP and Afghanistan has been under pressure from the Taliban to embrace Islam, official sources said. The Taliban, during their reign in Afghanistan, had imposed jiziya — a religious tax — on all minorities, mostly Hindus and Sikhs. They were made to wear a piece of yellow cloth on their breast pocket to identify themselves.

Sikh killings may turn public mood against talks

Seema Guha / DNA ||Monday, February 22, 2010 0:17 IST

New Delhi: The shocking news of beheading of two Sikhs in the North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) of Pakistan — just four days ahead of a crucial meeting of the India-Pakistan foreign secretary meet — is likely to create much public animosity and make prime minister Manmohan Singh’s hopes of engagement more difficult.

Though details of these murders are awaited, public mood in India is likely to be negative. Officials of the ministry of external affairs have said they need to get the full picture from the high commission in Islamabad.

The Sikh families live in constant danger in the remote areas of the NWFP — a Taliban stronghold. They have been harassed and a special religious tax levied on them. Many families have already left for other cities in Pakistan. The latest killings are likely to come up for discussion when the parliament assembles for the budget session on Monday.

The government of Pakistan cannot be blamed for this. It’s a handiwork of those opposed to India-Pakistan dialogue. It’s probably aimed at spoiling the atmosphere. The Taliban is known for its opposition to India.

“The killings could be just its way of sending a message to New Delhi that you may talk to the civilian government of Pakistan but cannot protect Sikh people living in that country,” a senior official said.

Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!!

Dr. Monmohan Singh should be ashamed !! No talks now with Pakistan, until the Hindus and Sikhs are safe in Pakistan !!!

Hindu Existence Family expresses  its strong protest over the persecution of Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan and conveys its deep condolence to the bereaved Hindu-Sikh families.

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250 Indian Sikh pilgrims arrives in Pakistan::500s are likely to come.

Posted by hinduexistence on February 19, 2010

153 Indian Sikh pilgrims arrives in Pakistan

Updated at: 2115 PST, Thursday, February 18, 2010||The International News Pakistan.

LAHORE: A delegation of 153 Indian Sikh Yatrees arrived here on Thursday to take part in a religious festival to be held at Nankhana Sahib.

The Sikh pilgrims will stay in Pakistan for a week before returning to India on Feb 25.

On Feb 21, they will proceed to Nankhana Sahib, where they will participate in Saka festival.

Speaking to media at the Lahore Railway Station, Yatrees’ head Jagir Singh said that tension between Pakistan and India should end.

The Hindu Reports (see link): 250 Indian Sikhs arrive in Lahore

PTI||LAHORE, February 19, 2010 : About 250 Indian Sikh pilgrims arrived here on Thursday via the Wagah border to attend religious ceremonies in memory of their martyrs at Nankana Sahib, birth place of the religion’s founder, Guru Nanak, here.

Officials of the Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB), which maintains the shrines of Pakistan’s minority communities, and the Pakistan Sikh Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee greeted the pilgrims at the Wagah border.

The Daily Times Reports : 500 Sikh yatrees arrive today

LAHORE||February 19, 2010

About 500 Sikh yatrees from India are expected to arrive at the Wagah Railway Station by a special train on Thursday for the observance of the Shahidi Saka Sri at the Nankana Sahib. Evacuee Trust Property Board Chairman Asif Hashmi, members of the Pakistan Sikh Gurdwara Parbandak Committee and other officials will receive the yatrees on arrival. Official sources told APP that during their seven-day stay in Pakistan, they would participate in religious rituals at Gurdwara Janamsthan Nankana Sahib besides visiting Sucha Sauda in Farooqabad, Panja Sahib at Hassanabad and Dera Sahiba in Lahore. The ETPB has made special arrangements to provide free of cost lodging and boarding facilities for the yatrees. app

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Beginning of a New era for the Hindu Mass Movement in Eastern India

Posted by hinduexistence on February 18, 2010

Hindu Samhati’s Second Anniversary Celebrations observed in a grand success.

by Bhupendra Bharati

In its grand success of the 2nd anniversary of Hindu Samhati at Shraddhananda Park in Kolkata, a strong 12 thousand Samhati supporters, activists and sympathizers participated in this mega event very with full enthusiasm and gusto. Hindu saints, prominent leaders, human rights activists from the different corners of India and abroad adorned the august dais to support and promote the rising force of Hindu Samhati, struggling for liberation of Hindu mass from the clutches of Islamic Jihadi force and pseudo-secular anti-Hindu political parties. The Hindus under the banner of Hindu Samhati strongly opposed the 10% Muslim minority reservation on religious basis and the heinous planning of Islamic encroachment upon Hindu life in Bengal in all respect.

The deprived Hindu masses came from all corners of Bengal, for the occasion to get a new energy from this spirited gathering for starting a new struggle for a new Hindu life with dignity, security and organizational advancement. Though it is a success to some extent, Hindus have to enter into a tough struggle to obtain Hindu freedom or salvation, as most of the speakers and dignitaries opined from the dais.

The program commenced with chanting Aum thrice, lighting of the traditional lamp and offering flowers to Bharat Mata and Swami Sharaddhananda, it made a spectacular show where Swami Pradiptanada of Bharat Sevashram Sangha, Swami Samjuktananda of Fiji Sevasharam, Swami Tejasananda of Bardhaman Tapeswari Kalika Ashram, Swami Uttamananda of Sanatan Dharma Prachar Ashram, Srimad Bandhu Gaurab Brahmachari Maharaj of Prabhu Jagabandhu Ashram, Swami Punnayalokananda of Bagula Ramakrishna Ashram, Br. Sunil of Manab Seva Mission sat beside Dr. Babu Suseelan of United Hindu Front of USA, New York, Pramod Mutalik of Sri Ram Sena, Sailendra Jain of Hindusthan Nirman Dal, Delhi, Vinod Jadav of Gau Raksha Samity, Bihar, Sunil Deodhar of International Human Rights Forum, Mumbai, Pandit Madhusudan Shastri & Ananda Arya of Arya Pratinidhi Sabha, W. Bengal and none other than Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh, the President of Hindu Samhati. The meeting was presided  by Professor Haradhan Bhattacahrya. Chittaranjan Dey Gen. Secy. of Hindu Samhati performed as rapporteur of the occasion.

Total silence was observed for a full minute by passing a condolence resolution for the victims of terrorist blast caused by Muslim activists in Pune on 13th February, 2010, sad demise of military personnel in Jammu & Kashmir due to avalanche, many a departed family members of Hindu Samhati workers, and the sad demise of Anima Ghosh, the aged mother of Tapan Ghosh. Amal Bose vice President of Hindu Samhati read the proposal of condolence. In his speech Salinedra Jain compared Late Anima Ghosh as Mata Jeejabai as she inspired Tapan Ghosh till her last moment. And Mr. Ghosh appears as a Shivaji to fight against all anti-Hindu force in Eastern India.

In his maiden speech Swami Pradiptananda urged a new Hindu revolt in the east with a combination of the sacrifice of the Saints with the valor of the warrior spirit of the new generation Hindus. A mourning robe clad Tapan Ghosh emphatically stated that the political powers are only to exploit the Hindu society. Hindus now should not be mere onlookers. The struggle of Hindu Samhati will not be stopped anyway as huge support from the Hindu Society always comes from various corners. He read an inspirational message of Narain Kataria, President, Indian American Intellectual Forum, New York in the beginning of his speech. Dr. Babu Suseelan expressed his every support for Hindu Samhati from USA. He said Hindus all over the world will exist if the Hindus of India are strong and organized. Pramod Mutalik of Sri Ram Sena inspired the twelve thousand plus strong audience by telling the next struggle of Hindus will be vehement and it will not be unarmed as the Hindus of India are always facing torture by arms and ammunitions. The function was ended with the enthusiastic chorus of VANDE MATARAM in full. Upanada Brahamachari  efficiently conducted the dais for the successful progress of the meeting. Prokash Das of Samhati Sambad, the Bengali monthly organ of Hindu Samhati passed the vote of thanks to every concerned.

This rally surely ushered a new sunrise on the horizon of the Hindus’ collective life in the Eastern part of India to wipe out the mismanagement of the Hindu Organizations so far unsuccessful to build up a re-awakening of the Bengali Hindu mass.

writer can be contacted at


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Hindus demand immediate ban on Cow Slaughter : Cow is Mother Goddess as per Hindu believe.

Posted by hinduexistence on February 13, 2010

Shops closed in Shimla to protest cow slaughter

Indo-Asian News Service || Shimla, February 13, 2010

Normal life was hit in the Himachal Pradesh capital on Saturday as private business establishments adhered to the shutdown call by various Hindu organisations and remained closed to protest the slaughter of a cow near Shimla.

Eyewitnesses said activists of the Bajrang Dal and other organisations staged a demonstration in the city and forced the shopkeepers to close their shops. However, there was no report of any untoward incident.

The Hindu organisations have called for a shutdown from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Violent protests erupted Friday in villages of Shimla district over the slaughter. A mosque and a few shops that were open were attacked at Nerwa, some 120 km from here.

Superintendent of Police R.M. Sharma told IANS that the situation in Shimla was under control.

“We have deployed more than 200 (extra) police personnel in Shimla to monitor the situation. Law and order will be maintained,” he said.

In the villages, however, life returned to normal on Saturday.


Himachal villages calm after protests over cow slaughter

Shimla, Feb 13 – Normalcy returned to the villages of Himachal Pradesh’s Shimla district Saturday after violent protests over the slaughter of a cow, police said.

‘The situation is under control today (Saturday) in almost all the villages where violent protests erupted over the cow slaughter. Additional forces have been deployed there to monitor the situation,’ Superintendent of Police R.M. Sharma told IANS.

A mosque and a few shops were attacked Friday afternoon.

Around 4,000 people from various villages gathered at Nerwa, some 120 km from state capital Shimla, Friday to lodge their protest over the cow slaughtered by a member of a minority community Thursday.

The protesters later turned violent and damaged a madrassa at Kothar village near Nerwa, breaking its windowpanes and setting furniture on fire. A mosque at Nerwa was also attacked and a motorcycle set afire.

The shops were closed as a mark of protest and the mob also attacked and damaged some shops that were open.

Meanwhile, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and other Hindu organisations Saturday called for a shutdown in Shimla from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

‘We have deployed more than 200 police personnel in Shimla to monitor the situation. Nobody will be allowed to disturb law and order,’ Sharma said.


Compilation : Upananda Brahmachari

Courtesy: IANS, Hindustan Times  & Other Agencies.

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Over 50L take ‘Shahi snan’ at Maha Kumbh

Posted by hinduexistence on February 13, 2010

”Shahi snan” grips Maha Kumbh in festival fervour

Over 50L take ‘Shahi snan’ at Maha Kumbh||Updated on Saturday, February 13, 2010, 00:28 IST

Haridwar: Over 50 lakh devotees along with sages and ash-smeared Naga sadhus, took a holy dip in the Ganga here on occasion of the first ‘shahi snan’ of the Kumbh on Mahashivratri today, a day also marked by the grand procession of the ‘akharas’ or religious orders.

“About 55 lakh people had taken the bath in the Ganges today,” chief mela officer Anand Bardhan said.

The city, abuzz with activities as devotees started thronging the ghats since late Thursday night, was in a festive mood as the akharas marched chanting slogans like ‘Bum bum bhole’, ‘Har har mahadev’ and bands played loud music.

The procession of the akharas, which witnessed thousands of Naga sadhus displaying their acrobatic and martial skills, added colour to the Kumbh Mela which started on January 14.

The procession, which marks the day when Lord Shiva married Parvati, saw the sadhus passing through the narrow lanes of the otherwise quite and calm city, atop their decorated vans amid reverberating music of the bands to which hundreds of their followers danced.

The procession was led by Gyan Das, president of the Akhara Association consisting of 13 orders. Following him were ‘Juna Akhara’ Nagas and the sants including some well-known ones like ‘Pilot Baba’ and ‘Soham Baba’.

A small group of foreigners, including men and women of varied age-groups, were also members of the Juna Akhada and they too participated in the royal bath.

The Shai Snan went on till 5.30 p.m., after which other devotees were allowed to take a dip in the river.

A number of ministers and politicians too bathed on the occasion.

Prominent among them were Arunanchal Pradesh Home Minister Tako Dabi, Jammu and Kashmir Deputy Chief Minister Tara Chand, Assam’s former chief minister Prafulla Kumar Mahanta.

A thrilled Dabi later told reporters, “It’s just amazing… It appears the Maha Kumbh has transformed the holy city of Haridwar into a small world.”

Airing similar sentiments, Assam’s former chief minister Prafulla Kumar Mahanta told reporters, “Such an event immensely helps revive the traditional values that are fading away with the passage of time.”

Thousands of people lined up along the lanes while many were seen atop houses to have a glimpse of the procession. While some touched the streets as the sadhus passed them, others threw flowers at them.

Among the followers were many foreigners in saffron robes holding on to the flags, banners and silver ”chanvar” (holy poles).
– PTI & Agencies inputs

For a sensational online visit to Purna Kumbha 2010 at Haridwar click here.


Sea of pilgrims at Maha Kumbh for Mahashivratri bath

Indo-Asian News Service ||Haridwar, February 12, 2010|| Braving the dark of the pre-dawn hours, the chill in the air and the ice cold water of the Ganga, thousands of devotees ecstatically shouting “Bom Bom Bhole” started bathing in the holiest river of the Hindus on the occasion of Mahashivratri on Friday, one of the biggest days of the ongoing Maha Kumbh Mela in Haridwar.

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva married Goddess Parvati on Mahashivratri. It is one of the focal days of the Maha Kumbh Mela, the once-in-12-years festival that promises to become the world’s largest religious gathering this time.

The much-awaited and one of the most popular events during the Maha Kumbh – the first Shahi Snan (Royal Bath of sadhus) – will take place after 11 am amidst heavy security.

During the Shahi Snan, sadhus of various sects march along the banks of the Ganga, and then plunge into the waters – a symbol that they have dedicated themselves to the holy river. Of the 13 Akharas, according to Mela officials, seven will participate in Friday’s Shahi Snan.

With the Mela authorities not allowing lay devotees to bathe after 8 am, the pilgrims started on their holy dips soon after midnight.

“Devotees in large numbers preferred to take the holy dip just after midnight simply because they knew we have imposed restrictions on their bathing for the mega event of Shahi Snan,” Anand Vardhan, officer in charge of the Mela said.

“In view of the Shahi Snan, the regular devotees will be allowed to bathe along the ghats only till 8 am. Then the ghats would be cleaned and would be made ready for the Shahi Snan that will start at around 11 am and will witness participation of only sadhus, including the ash-smeared, bare-bodied Naga sadhus. It will continue till 4.30-5 pm. After 5 pm, the other devotees will be allowed to bathe in the holy river again,” he added.

Men, women and children, able and infirm, all went to the river in serpentine queues through the night to pray and bathe.

“I came here at around 11 pm on Thursday and straightway came to Har-Ki-Pauri Ghat…And as the day changed, I took the holy dip,” polio-hit Mithlesh Kumar said.

“Initially, taking into account my physical disabilities, my parents and even other relatives advised me not to go to the Maha Kumbh due to the heavy rush. But, when I told them I don’t want to miss the religious event that will come again only after 12 years, they were convinced and granted me permission,” Kumar, 32, a resident of Kankerbagh colony in Patna said.

Another devotee Prabal Sarkar, a resident of Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh, said: “Mahashivratri holds a special significance as it is believed that by taking the holy dip in the river, we can appease gods, particularly Lord Shiva.”

While the youth jumped into the river for the holy dip, women and the elderly sat on the stairs along the banks, where they poured water over themselves with the traditional copper vessels called lotas.
To hold the Shahi Snan successfully, a massive security cover has been thrown up, spread across 130 sq km spanning Haridwar, Dehradun, Pauri and Tehri Garhwal districts.

According to Mela authorities, nearly 9,000 security personnel are guarding the Mela area and other sensitive points in Haridwar.

“Security forces would take positions at all strategic points and keep vigil on suspicious elements. It’s one of the world’s most important religious gatherings. We are not going to take any chance,” Deputy Inspector General (Kumbh Mela) Alok Sharma told IANS.

The Maha Kumbh Mela that began Jan 14 will end April 28 after the Baisakhi Shahi Snan April 14.

According to Hindu mythology, Haridwar is one of the four places where a drop of the nectar of immortality or ‘amrit’ fell from the pitcher or ‘kumbh’ when Garuda, the divine bird of Lord Vishnu, was spiriting it away from the demons after a pitched battle.

Since then, Haridwar, along with Allahabad, Nashik and Ujjain – the other three places – have been celebrating the Kumbh Mela.

Compilation : Upananda Brahmachari.

Send us Fresh Photos from Haridwar Purna Kumbha, 2010 at or or will publish them as possible with due acknowledgements.Hari Aum ! Namah Shivay !! Hara Hara Gange !!!  ………. upananda brahmachari.

Response 1. Hari Aum !! Namaskaram !! Dr. S. Kalyanaraman.  Click here to see more.

Courtesy : PTI, IANS, Hindusthan Times, Anandabazar, ZeeNews, Bartaman, Indian Express, other Agencies.

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Hindus win battle for funeral pyre according to Hindu cremation rituals

Posted by hinduexistence on February 12, 2010

Hindu grandfather wins ‘human right’ to be cremated on open-air funeral pyre

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Fundamentalist Muslim goons murdered four Hindu Actvists at Sonakhali . Justice delayed in the Indian Judiciary.

Posted by hinduexistence on February 12, 2010

Four Hindu Activists were brutally killed by the Fundamental Muslim Perpetrators.

The reminiscence of Sonakhali Martyrs are still alive in the public.

Sonakhali, 10th Feb 2010 || At a black dusk on 10.02.2001, four swayamsevaks of RSS were martyred by the fundamentalist Muslim goons at Sonakhali under Basanti Police Station,South 24 Pgs in West Bengal. All the four martyrs were unarmed and in the busiest hours of a preparation of their annual feast just next day. As a repercussion the retaliating Hindu public the danes and habitation of the Muslim culprits were razed to grounds and all the Muslim supporters of that heinous anti-Hindu activities were evacuated form that place in a shape of strong Hindu reaction, later renowned as ‘Sonakhali Line’.
For the last two years Hindu Samhati has been organising the Sonakhali Martyr Day, when the State RSS abandoned this programme from their annual agenda since 2008. As a result no RSS office bearer visited Sonakhali Shaheed Mandir to pay homage to the Martyrs this year also.


As before the local organisers and supporters of Hindu Samhati organised two separate programmes this year, one in 2 No. Sonakhali and another in Pitchakhali Primary School near the Smriti Mandir of martyr Avijit Sarder, Patitpaban Naskar, Sujit Naskar and Anadi Nasker. This year the portrait of Biswanath Mondal of Noniakhali was also placed along with four others as it is now believed that Biswanath was also murdered in the eraly of 2005 by the Muslim mudarers, who lifted Biswanath from his house in the disguise of police men. In  the Shaheed Smriti Mandir , the martyr relics and plaques were decorated beautifully with the flower petals and wreaths.  Upananda Brahmachari, Vice-President of Hindu Samhati and all others offered flowers in the “Smriti Vedi” and mourned one minute with a silence and pang.

In the morning a cloth distribution was held to the poor and tribal people of the area of 2 No. Sonakhali the attendee of the function stood for one minute silently to honour the martyrs at the starting if the function. Sri Bholanath Ghorami, a ninety plus headman of the village presided over the meeting and inspired the present generation. In his short speech Upananda Brahmachari mentioned that the martyrs were genuine social workers of this locality, so it is our duty to perform Seva Karyas (Social Works) in every possible way in the development process of the Hindu society. Ninety (90) salwar-kurtas were distributed to the teenager mainly engaged in studies, profession or house-holds.

In the morning a blood donation camp was also held in Pitchakahali Primary School, where 30 persons including one woman donated their blood in their support-sign in favour of the sacrifice of the martyrs of the Hindu society. In the afternoon, a public meeting was also held in the school ground. Bikarna Naskar, Hindu Smahati leader of the locality and also a witness and wounded of the Sonakhali indecent addressed the audience to arise again against the Muslim perpetrators now designing a new aggression of the uprooted criminals.

Upananda Brahmachari, the main speaker of the function said, nothing can substitute the premature demise and permanent absence of the martyrs in the bereaved families, but the whole Hindu society should share the grave situations of the society for a stringent  retaliation and strong revenge. Brahmachari told the audience to have a patience in the process of the judiciary but categorically stated that this patience cannot be mis-judged with the inaction of the Hindu Society. No body will be spared if the Muslim criminals are not punished properly under law. As the brave Hindu villagers drove away the anti-social Muslims from the locality unitedly and fought a long battle with the politically motivated communal Muslims, it was generated as a new “SONAKHALI LINE” to inspire many Hindu hardliners. Hindu Samhati also admires this line of active Hindu retaliation…, Brahamachari elucidated the matters to the spellbound audience. Sri Dinabandhu Ghorami, a strong Hindu leader of Canning area presided over the meeting and told that the Muslims should not forget the resistence and valour of Hindu people of Sonakhali, where the Muslim anti-socials were defeated clearly. Hindu Samhati workers are ready to fight again to ensure the unfinished work of the heavenly martyrs.

It was a grimmest situation of the day when the the Hindu Samhati team lead by Brahmachari were visiting the houses of the martyrs for sharing the tears and sorrow of the bereaved parents and families of the heavenly martyrs. All the near relations of the martyrs broken down in such a way that the heinous activities of murder just took place two days before. The portrait of the martyrs were decorated with garlands and fruits and sweets were offered to the martyrs as they liked much in the houses of the martyrs. The Hindu Samhati members consoled the bereaved families and expressed possible support to the unfinished struggle of the martyrs of Sonakahli. The family members demanded an early disposal of the pending cases. The parents of Biswanath Mondal of Nuniakhali also met Upanandaji with an request to take care of the pending case of Biswanath. Upanandaji assured them all that the related matters have already been taken seriously and Hindu Samhati will pursue the matters in right forums. Many of the villagers and family members of martyr families inquired the absence of Tapan Kumar Ghosh, the President of Hindu Samati, and the then Vibhag Pracharak of RSS, who could not attend the programme this year due to the sad demise of his aged mother just on 9th February.


Report : Sambuddha Gupta. Courtesy : Hindu Samhati.

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A sharp New Age Hindutva surfaced in India.

Posted by hinduexistence on February 6, 2010

A poster published in the event of Mega Hindu Rally on 14th February, 2010.

A sharp New Age Hindutva surfaced in India disgracing all organizational inertia and opportunist hegemony.

by Bhupendra Bharati.

Through internet I came to know that one Hindu organization named ” HINDU SAMHATI” is going to hold a big Hindu rally in Kolkata (The Capital center of Eastern India) for celebrating its 2nd foundation anniversary befittingly.

From United Kingdom it is difficult to assess the potency and prospect gained from such rally or the consolidation of Hindu Unity for the next struggle due for Hindu Existence highly questioned in different parts of the world now a days.

For a detailed information of this organization ” HINDU SAMHATI”,  I searched a lot in the Google and other servers and got several interesting threads which can link up various new endevours for boosting up the current Hindu movements in different parts of India, which can be termed as NEW AGE HINDUTVA for a good understanding. With in a very short timings, the trend of  accepting challenges before the common Hindu people as generated by these NEW AGE HINDUTVA  GROUPS are catering new hopes and supports to the struggling Hindus against Muslims, Chiristian, Anti-Hindu Politics and obviously against the dilemma of  conventional Hindu Organisations deep-seated in ‘innovative inertia’.

Any one  must get  a strong inspiration from the announcement for the Big Hindu Rally (Hindu Samhati’s 2nd Anniversary Mega-Event) as published in the website of Hindu Samhati at . It follows as below :

Friday, January 29, 2010

Major Hindu Event in Eastern India by SAMHATI

Hindu Samhati’s 2nd Anniversary Mega Event

14th February, 2010 – 1 PM

Shraddhananda Park, Kolkata, India

A Huge Public Meeting on the Foundation Day

of Hindu Samhati.


Through the sincere support and blessings of the Hindu people Hindu Samahti completes 2 years of its existence. In every direction the workers and supporters of Hindu Samhati are essaying to save the land of West Bengal from the ruthless encroachment of the enemy. Today the Hindu Faith, the honour of Hindu Women, Hindu land and property, security of economy and existence are under a relentless threat from anti India and anti Hindu forces. These diabolical forces want to uproot the Hindu from the land of West Bengal with the active assistance of the political parties and administrative machinery. The backdrop for the creation of a new Pakistan is being readied as Hindus become a minority in block after block. Already 3 Districts and 62 blocks have become Hindu minority. A few others are on the way. After oppressing the Hindus in the Hindu minority areas the thrust is on the Hindu majority areas. Through forcible occupation of land, construction of new masjids, madrassahs and graveyards a nefarious scheme is unfolding to drive out the Hindus from these areas and turn them into a minority. Hindu women are being snatched away from Hindu society be every hook and crook. A ‘green’ blueprint has been created to takeover Hindu trade and economy. Caught in this ‘chakravyuha’ of Muslim aggression, political assistance and administrative apathy the rural Hindu has become a helpless onlooker of his own demise. The need of the hour is protest, resistance and an urgent resolution of this situation.

Let us come and meet in thousands for the 2nd anniversary of the foundation of Hindu Samhati, to vow for Hindu resistance and make this meet a grand success.


Date: 14th February, 2010 at 1 PM

Venue: Shraddhananda Park, Kolkata

With the Blessings of Reverend Swami Pradiptanandaji Maharaj, Bharat Sevashram Sangh

President: Shri Tapan Kumar Ghosh, Hindu Samhati.

Chief Guest : Pramod Mutalik, President, Sri Rama Sena, Karnataka.

Special Guest: Sunil Deodhar, International Human Rights Manch, Mumbai.

Speakers: Dr. Babu Suseelan, United Hindu Front, USA; Sailendra Jain, Hindu Nirman Dal,New Delhi;

Vinod Yadav, Go Raksha Andolan, Bihar.

Posted by Hindu Samhati at 5:16 AM

From the above  it is evident that this NEW AGE HINDUTVA  GROUP have accepted the direct challenges of anti Hindu forces in the shape of  i) Torture upon Hindus by Muslims,Christians and Political Parties, ii) Grabbing of Hindu Lands, iii) Snatching of Hindu girls from Hindu society, iv) Aggression of Islamic Banking into Indian economy to defuse the Hindu supremacy and v) Procuring cow progeny from Hindu society for slaughtering. If these addressed problems of the Hindu Society can be solved by these NEW AGE HINDUTVA  GROUP, it is a high chance to restore the dynamism again into the Hindutva movement in India.

From the list of dignitaries for the occasion, one can easily understand that these NEW AGE HINDUTVA  GROUPS confirms their winning settlement in the battle-field of Hindutva against the antagonist forces of Islam, Christianity and political appeasements. Accordingly, Swami Pradiptananda ( The top cyclonic Hindu Monk of Eastern India struggling hard to rescue the tortured Hindu minorities in Beldanga and Murshidabad), Promod Mutalik ( The firebrand Hindu Leader stopped nefarious pubs(wine-bar) in Bangalore and Mangalore against spoiling Hindu girls & the Indian culture and charged with morale policing), Tapan Kumar Ghosh ( A Bengali Hindu leader in true sense with immense capability and consistency for a  Hindu re-awakening in Eastern Zone) and other dynamic Hindus leaders from the heartland India in Delhi, UP, Bihar and other provinces. It is a very remarkable aspect of this Hindu Congregation that some prominent Hindu Activist like Babu Suseelan from abroad (USA) reaches India to convey the international solidarity to Hindu Smhati in their 2ND ANNIVERSARY day celebration. Hindu Human Rights Activist like Sunil Deodhar from Mumbai will surely raise the question of on-growing humiliation and persecution upon  Bengali Hindus, in this occasion.

This is a new hope for the Bengali Hindus that two rising Hindu leaders like Swami Pradiptanandaji and Tapan Ghosh can bridge the gap of new generation Hindu minds which feel the absence of a dynamic Hindu Saviours like Swami Pranavananda, Shyma Prasad Mookherjee, Juctice Manmathanath  Mookherjee, N.C. Chattopadhya and a few others . This re-awakening of the New age Hindutva  admits  the chance of  re-union of the saffron robe of the Hindu Monks and the glazing swords of a Hindu Commander to save the thresh-hold Bengali Hindus  going into a peril.

I took the chance to converse a while with Tapan Ghosh, President of Hindu Samhati, but his cell was always busy or out of reach. Perhaps he was on another line or he was on tour in a remote place under the network of New Age Hindutva. Fortunately, I talked to Upananda Brahmachari, one of the Vice Presidents of Hindu Samhati, who confirmed the huge Hindu rally with thousands of Samhati activists and common Hindu supporters, who will pass a resolution on that day to throw out all the anti-Hindu forces from the soil of West Bengal to save the Hindu dignity, Hindu land, Hindu women, Hindu economy and Hindu sentiment (ban on cow-slaughter) from the grip of  anti-Hindu conspiracy. Brhamachari said that no persecutor shall be spared anyway anymore. Hindus will not tolerate any torture upon Hindu society. It is the duty of the Hindus to protect unitedly their Swadharma without any fear.

Pictures from the album of Hindu Samhati : 1st ANNIVERSARY, 14th Feb 2009. Picture : Prokash Das.

Actually the New Age Hindutva shapes in a spontaneous basis as it is seen in Amarnath  Shrine Movement in J&K, Swami Laxmanananda Murder in Orrissa, Malegaon Blast Case in Maharashtra, in the movements of Sri Rama Sene of Promod Mutalik or in the movement of Hindu Makkal Katchi of Arjun Sampat and obviously the Hindu Janajagruti Samity in Maharashtra. No big Hindu organisations or any political party do not claim the credit of these movements of  Hindus as spreaded in the course of Hindu spontaneity and splendor. Hindus find new generation Hindu leaders to sharpen their weapons to fight unto last. This is the story of surfacing a New Age Hindutva in India. We should salute the rising sun of  HINDU SAMHATI in the east within this New Age Hindutva.

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Red Alert Nepal. The Secularist, Maoists, Muslims and Christians are united to end up the Hindus in Nepal.

Posted by hinduexistence on February 4, 2010

1 million Hindus converted to Christianity after Nepal declared Secular: Kamal Thapa

The Chairman of the Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal Mr. Kamal Thapa has dubbed the High Level Political Mechanism-HLPM as an alliance between those who were the victims of Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal and Nepal’s southern neighbor, India.

Very interesting observation indeed!

“The HLPM has been strategically structured to derail the current government and extend the tenure of the Constituent Assembly for sure”, also said Thapa who is taken as the lone crusader of the revival of the now sidelined Nepal Monarchy.

The uninterrupted loyalty factor.

He said, “This conspiracy would lead the country to a bloody civil war and eventually split of the country.”

“There is also the threat of direct foreign interference if we fail to manage the country properly”, said Thapa while addressing his cadres in Kalaiya of Bara district, February 2, 2010.

Thapa also told the Madhesi population that referendum was needed to decide the fate of Hindu State, Constitutional Monarchy and Federalism.

“How can few political parties hold closed door meet and decide all of a sudden that the country has become a secular one”, Thapa questioned.

Sounds logical!

“After the country was declared a Secular Republic, some 1 Million plus Hindus have already been converted to Christianity”, Thapa said adding, “In fifty years time, Nepal will have completely lost its Hindu identity.”

2010-02-03 07:47:29

The Catholic Churches are proactive in Nepal.

Comments :

Nepal was the only Hindu Rashtra in the World. But the Maoists wiped the Hindu identity from Nepal with the connivance of the Muslims and Christians to make the State of their own. There are 53 Muslim countries in this world and 42 Christian countries in that series, but there is no Hindu State for nearing a 100 crores Hindus in this World. The Christians have a subtle plan to double the conversion of Hindus in Nepal. And the Muslims have the plan to run Jihadi activities to frighten the Hindus of Nepal. Some months ago a Muslim Female Minister of Nepal slapped a senior administrative officer publicly for a trifling matter without any redressal. In Arab or Vatican Hindus have no rights. But they get every right to destroy Hinduism in Nepal and India. This should be stopped at any cost. Hindus of the World unite to fight the Islamic and Christian Communalism. Never may we place a mosque or church above PASHUPATINATH. Jai Nepal Hindu Rashtra.  

Commented by Upananda Brahmachari – February 3, 2010 @ 5:06 PM

Hinduism is the most tolerant religion that is why it ends up being bullied every-time. It is not only the Christians but Muslims take most advantage of secularism too. Western countries are also waking up up to the other threat of secularism. Time and again they highlight this on TV. Western countries however have the means and preparedness to undo the damage anytime. For Nepal this change would be irreversible. It is such a sad news that those Hindus who are illiterate and simple minded are easily tricked by words of the missionaries. All of these people convert to get a better life and think that somehow being christian means more money. They fail to see that Christianity is a sexist religion. Females cannot be priest of pope Their God is always HIM. Their religion is intolerant. Hinduism is the only religion which honour womanhood. We pray to goddesses and attribute love, wealth, wisdom to womanhood. It is such a shame. It is also a shame that Indians are into bullying Nepal. disregarding the greater interest of Hinduism. We hindus never got united for this purpose like the Christians and the Muslims do. Such a shame!. Hope monarchy is restored in Nepal. A massive wave of Hindus in India and Nepal for a Hindu Nepal would be a pride for all Hindus world over. India should help us in this regard. Those SSBs who torture and occupy our lands are also fellow Hindu brothers. This was never the Hindu way. Let us all unite to preserve our identity before it is too late.

Commented by Raj Shrestha – February 4, 2010 @ 12:39 AM

In reply to A.S.Mathew’s comment,I would like to say that the statement made by Mathew is nothing but a blatant lie. Jesus or the Christianity is never be, “abundant life to anybody without a penny”. Everybody knows that the budget of 1000 million dollars to convert this Indian sub-continent into Christianity in next two years, as much as possible. Everybody knows the lavish life and debauchery of Christian Nun and Fathers. Are they the preachers of Jesus or Humanity? The Christian Networks are exploiting the poverty and illiteracy of the innocent people. Actually they are nearest to the Church but farthest from the God. Beware this kind of lairs like Mr. A.S.Mathew, who are the agents of Christian Colonial System. They should be ousted from Nepal immediately.

Commented by Pankaj Srestha – February 4, 2010 @ 2:07 AM

Those people who are perplexed and alarmed by the number of people following Christianity has to understand that, it is not changing to an alien religion, but those people found somebody who is living to follow; his name is JESUS CHRIST. He can and will give joy and abundant life to anybody without a penny. It is a reality and millions are following Him around the world, from all religious background.

Commented by A.S.Mathew – February 3, 2010 @ 5:23 PM

White people invented secularism to rule the world through capitalism. They have succeeded to a great extent. They now rule both through christianity and capitalism. The solution for Nepal is very simple. Communism( Vedic  Equality  in a new synthesis of Dialectical Materialism*) +Hindu Monarchy. I would urge all nationalists to unite in this regard and dont be foolhardy. Otherwise we would live to regret it forever.
[*interpretation by the blogger.]
Commented by Raj Shrestha – February 4, 2010 @ 1:21 AM

Wine Mandela ‘s (Nelson Mandela’s ex. wife) grand mother told her, when she was a child, ” Whites came to our country with bible in hand, but we had land , and they converted us to Christianity and gave us too bible. Now we have bible but no land”. Nepalese who converted to Christianity in the grid of money or fooled by some bastards that, will get rid of problems, illness etc. Now, after converting are they not falling ill ? They do not have problems? They do not die?

Commented by Kale babu – February 3, 2010 @ 7:53 AM

Only uneducated and stupid’s can change their belief. I have seen in rural Nepal, the so called new Christian bastards convince the uneducated villagers as ” If you become Christian, all the problems like poverty, disease will be vanished” and give money as well. If this is the case why in Africa, where majority of population is Christian so much of poverty and disease exists? Study the condition of Christians in Muslim world. If Christianity is the solution why In American continent and Europe there are so many problems? From which country HIV ADIS started, and where are the majority of population is effected? Where shooting in the schools and colleges happens almost every day? Is Christianity solution? Yes they are rich but are they happy? Did Hindu religion prohibited any Muslims, Buddhists or Christian to go to prayers to their mosque or Temple or Church? Did this religion prohibited other religions? Broken family, divorce , violence are the main features of Christian world. Those people, who were born as Hindus could not understand this most liberal religion, and now what the hell will they understand about Christianity?

Commented by Gorkhali – February 3, 2010 @ 4:12 AM

एकदमै ठूलो सङ्ख्या हिन्दू र अरू धर्मावलम्बीहरूले समेत हिन्दू धर्म राष्ट्रका बारेमा कहिल्यै आपत्ति नजनाएको सन्दर्भमा कसको निर्देशनमा यो देशलाई हिन्दू राज्यबाट अलग गरेर धर्मनिरपेक्षमा परिणत गरियो?

Commented by … – February 3, 2010 @ 3:53 AM

The Hindus will worry only when everything is gone. No point fighting for the religion which has gutless followers. Even if these mad Girija + Sujata one day sell Pashupati mandir, these Hindu followers will keep quiet. Now that our country is a secular, cow killing will be allowed by Supreme court on name of non-discrimination, if some one goes to the court. Our grand children will be telling this story to their grandchildren………… long time back there was a country named Nepal, where a king ruled and his people were Hindus ( grand children- what is Hindu ? )

Commented by lal babu – February 2, 2010 @ 11:17 PM

Kamal Thapa is 100% right about the conversion of Hindus to Christianity. Last year on the day of Shivaratri some people were distributing the paper about the Bible and Jesus( convincing people) in Gaushala on the way to Pashupatinath. I was really shocked and got amazed to see the tolerance of the Hindus. Just imagine this things happening during Christmas in front of any Church in USA or UK. Anyone will be killed if u go and say about Gita near to any Mosque in any Islamist country. Just shame on us…

Commented by Manish – February 2, 2010 @ 11:01 PM

Source : Telegraph Nepal

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