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Hindu, Sikh, Jew & others took part in the 10th anniversary of 9/11 at New work.

Posted by hinduexistence on September 17, 2011

9/11 after a decade.

All are united against Gr. 0 mosque and Sharia law in civil society.

“They want to fly Islamic Flag in White House, they want to plant Islamic Flag at 10 Downing Street. Why they want to do that?…. Why these Musalmans want to destroy our Country (US)??” – Narain Kataria, President, Indian-American Intellectuals Forum.

Narain Kataria from New York (exclusive for Hindu Existence) ::

Tenth anniversary of 9/11 bomb attack on the World Trade Center  was  enthusiastically organized in New York by American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) led by Pamela Geller, and Stop Islamization  of  America (ISOA) led by Robert Spencer. 

Along with other dignitaries and priests, Professor M.G. Prasad who is well versed in Hindu scriptures and Bhupinder Singh Bhurji ji, Chairman and CEO of Namdhari Sikh Foundation represented Hindu and Sikh Americans at the rally. 


The dignitaries and the guest speakers unanimously resolute not to allow any erection of a symbol of Islam as a mosque at ground zero and put a ban on Sharia law in civil society which is the source of all causes of destruction, humiliation and annihilation for the human beings.

Three Indian American groups took part in the Rally viz. Indian American Intellectuals Forum, Hindu Human Rights Watch and Namdhari Sikh Foundation.

3 Responses to “Hindu, Sikh, Jew & others took part in the 10th anniversary of 9/11 at New work.”

  1. Terror Plot Against New York Synagogues Thwarted:
    SWC Urges Jewish Institutions to Tighten Security; Urges Muslim Leaders to Use Friday Sermons to Condemn Would-Be Homegrown Jihadist Terrorists

    The Simon Wiesenthal Center praised the FBI for interdicting four would-be American-born, Islamist terrorists as they planted what they thought were C-4 explosives at one Bronx, New York synagogue and planned to target a second one on Wednesday night, May 20, 2009.

    “As we have said many times before, the future of terrorism will not only be characterized by 9/11-style attacks but would also emanate from homegrown cells, spread out in cities across America who would seek to deprive us of the normalcy of a free society,” said Rabbis Marvin Hier and Abraham Cooper, founder and dean and associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, a leading Jewish Human Rights group.

    “We urge all Jewish institutions, in coordination with their local law enforcement agencies to tighten the security of all communal facilities,” they added.

    “The targeting of any house of prayer in the United States is a threat to all religious groups and all religious leaders have an obligation to speak out publicly against this planned outrage. We further urge Muslim leaders to use their Friday sermons to explicitly and specifically condemn those who promote such terror in the name of Islam.”

    Last week, the Wiesenthal Center released its 2009 report on Digital Terrorism and Hate. “The Internet is rife with extremist websites denegrating Judaism and Christianity and with detailed manuals as to how to prepare and carry out terrorist attacks,” Rabbi Cooper added.

    SWC officials will convene a press conference, at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles. For more information, please contact the Public Relations Department, 310.553.9036.

  2. Ramesh Israni said


    This needs to be widely circulated. Every real Hindu will warmly welcome this site, Hindi version of the same would attract en mass interest & awakening.



  3. Anakar Nayak said

    Support to 20% Muslim is just to support 90% terrorism.Stop support Muslim so that you can stop Terrorism.

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