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Sachin is not Lord Vishnu! Naked Poonam Pandey has nothing to do with Vishnu Picture. Remove pictures below from web. Underlying Communal tension in West Bengal.

Posted by hinduexistence on March 20, 2012

Objectionable pictures removed apropos the appeal of Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal to the media & all concerned to keep and maintain the peace in West Bengal and every where.

Communal Tension over ‘Lord Vishnu-naked Poonam Pandey-Pak Cricketer‘ picture in West Bengal.

HE News Desk | New Delhi | 2oth March, 2012 :: These photos above as Picture  One as an Pak Cricketer  bowed to Cricket Lord Sachin Tendulkar as depicted in the shape of Lord Vishnu (published in and in the Picture Two, the same cricketer bowed down to an one-eyed Muhammad (as sent by a friend from Kolkata), BOTH ARE OBJECTIONABLE TO US. It is learnt that the Muslims in West Bengal has started protesting in the streets in North 24 Pgs (Barrakpur, Kamarhati), Howrah (Domjur, Bankra, Bagnan, Tikiapara, Pilkhana ) and Kolkata (Raja Bazar, Park Circus) . The Chief Minister of WB, Miss. Mamta Banerjee appealed everybody to cool down. As the Picture One with Tendulkar-Vishnu item was published in The Telegraph, Kolkata Edition in t2 under ‘twitpic of the day’ (page 2 dated 19-3-12), the Muslims are agitating in many places. The naked Poonam Pandey irked in twitter with her morphed nude picture with Sachin Tendulkar!

Poonam wrote in Twitter that :  “TweetHrts & all my Fans round d World i do appreciate ur Love towards me but such edited pix really hurt me as for me Cricket is a RELIGION”.

Referring to similar morphs in past, Poonam further elaborated on tweet, “Had Seen Few Pix Photoshoped oh RaOne ,then also Singham ect. but never thot someone wud make a pic of mine like this . Crzy people lol”.

Perhaps, this is the first instance when Poonam has refuted against the morph image and wants to stay away from any such unwanted controversies which could hurt one’s sentiments.

Poonam Pandey’s tweet:

Had Seen Few Pix Photoshoped oh RaOne ,Then also Singham ect. but never thot someone wud make a pic of mine like this . Crzy people lol.

TweetHrts & all my Fans round d World i do appreciate ur Love towards me but such edited pix really hurt me as for me Cricket is a RELIGION.

We got another tension at Anadabazar – Telegraph Office at Kolkata with big turmoil. We noticed in the internet that : 

rahulstweet 1 hour 10 mins ago Twitter

Major ruckus at ABP, Kolkata now with cops, protesters after Telegraph carried Poonam Pandey tweet and pix

One Sonniyya Singh wrote in the face-book for  Picture Two above: “Lol, How Muslims react now. They are always one-eyed. They try to protect own religion and hurt others.”

We would like to request the authorities concerned to remove both the picture from the web. Nothing to think that Hindus have no religious sentiment. Depiction of Sachin Tendulkar as Lord Vishnu with a morphed nude picture of a Model Girl is highly objectionable to any Hindu.

VHP, BAJRANG DAL, RSS, Hindu Jana Jagruti Samity, Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena, Hindu Samhati, Rashtriyee Go Raksha Sena, Sri Ram Sene, Hindustan Nirman Dal must start retaliation until the filthy picturization is removed from the web.

Should we forget that Hindus have a little sentiment at least!!

Mamata appeals to maintain communal harmony in West Bengal.

Irritated Mamata Banerjee (Chief Minister, West Bengal) appeals to Muslim Imams and her minority Muslim brothers… Inshallah No Danga(Communal Riot)…….. 

Mamata agrees that some Muslims are trying to make a big riot in different places in West Bengal due to an undue picture published in an English daily in Kolkata. 

Islamists protesting against Taslima Nasrin in Kolkata. 21-11-2007.

In the first and second weeks of Feb, 2009, Kolkata saw another Islamic hooliganism@ protest over a republication of an article “Why should I respect these oppressive religions?” by Johann Hari in Statesman, Kolkata in Edition its   5th Feb 2009 issue. The infamous Nurar R Barkati of Tipu Sultan Mosque and Idrish Ali of  Muslim Minority forum (Now in the ruling polictical party  of  Trinmool Congress in WB) led the Muslim felons to jeopardized civil life and ransacked the Statesman House then.

Islamists protesting against Statesman in Kolkata. 08-02-2009.

Mamata Banerjee knows it well the causes and sources of present Muslim communalism in Bengal.  She knows also her lapses and compulsion for surrender to the Bengal Islamist.

Muslims offer funeral prayers for Osama bin Laden in Kolkata May 6, 2011.

But her statements are nothing but pretension, otherwise she wants to instill terror in the minds of Hindu peace loving people in Bengal under a camouflage of up-growing Islamic fundamentalism in the state. If it is not, why not Mamata does  arrest any single Muslim rowdy for the present turmoil caused by Muslims only ?

Pak cricketer picture Protest at Park Circus 20-03-12

Related News:  Protests in Park Circus in Kolkata blocks traffic for six hours.

Poonam image flares tensions in Kolkata.


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Swami GS Sanand (Prof GD Agrawal) shifted to AIIMS, Delhi after condition worsens critically. GOI is not concerned over a ‘Swami’s health’ and ‘Save Ganga Movement’.

Posted by hinduexistence on March 20, 2012

Fasting Ganga activist referred to AIIMS

Varanasi:19 Mar 2012:Post Jagran In:  Noted environmentalist G D Agrawal, now renowned as Swami Gyan Swarup Sanand ( disciple of Swami Avimukteshwaraanandah Saraswatee of Jyotirmath, Badarikashram, Himalaya), who is on “fast-unto-death” to press for cleaning up of river Ganga, was on Monday referred from BHU to AIIMS in New Delhi after his health deteriorated further. Read details…..

Swami Sanand admitted to ICU after health worsens

TNN | Mar 19, 2012 | TOI

VARANASI: The district administration shifted scientist-turned-seer Swami Gyan Swarup Sanand to the ICU of SSL Hospital of Banaras Hindu University (BHU) from the emergency ward of SPG Divisional Hospital despite his protest on Sunday afternoon. On Sunday, Swami Sanand’s fastunto-death stir entered in its 10th day. He had already stopped taking food a month back, and also gave up consuming water 10 days back. As a precaution, the district administration had admitted him to the SPG Hospital where he was given intravenous drugs to save his life.

During his stay at SPG Hospital, Union minister Sriprakash Jaiswal had met him as prime minister’s messenger while Union environment minister Jayanti Natrajan had also sent him a letter through district administration. But the seer remained rigid on his stand that until the central government does something meaningful to ensure ‘aviral’ (undisrupted) and ‘nirmal’ (clean) flow of Ganga, he would continue his ‘tapasya’. As he failed to get any desired reply from the Central government, he stopped taking intravenous drugs from Saturday evening.  Read details…..

Swami Gyan Swaroop (Prof GD Agrawal) removes saline drip, continues his fast….

Swami Sanand removes saline drip

TNN | Mar 17, 2012 | TOI

VARANASI: After failing to get a positive response from the Central government, Swami Gyan Swarup Sanand (noted environmentalist Prof GD Agrawal), who has been on ‘nirjal’ fast unto death stir for Ganga for the past nine days, removed saline drip on Saturday. He made it clear that his ‘tapasya’ (austerity) for the Ganga would continue till any clear cut decision was not taken by the government.

After going without food for a month at Haridwar, Swami Sanand left water here on March 9 to press the Central government for doing something meaningful to ensure undisrupted (Aviral) and clean (nirmal) flow of the Ganga. As a precautionary measure, the district administration admitted him to the Shiv Prasad Gupta Hospital. Union minister Sriprakash Jaiswal met Swami as a messenger of the Prime Minister, who is the chairman of the National Ganga River Basin Authority (NGRBA). But, the meeting failed to reach any decision and deadlock continued. Swami had also warned that he would remove the saline drip on March 17 if government did not respond positively by 5pm. Read details…..

Swami Gyan Swaroop Sanand to be taken to Delhi (Now already admitted in AIIMS, New Delhi)…

A new rishi to save the Ganga

Determined to sacrifice his life for the Ganga

Swami Sanand (Prof.GD Agrawal), after removing his intravenous line in an earlier fasting in Save Ganga Cause. File Photo. N Geo C.

Environmentalist Prof. GD Agrawal now Swami Gyan Swarup Sanand , who left taking even water from Friday the 9th March 2012, is determined to sacrifice his life for the River Ganga (गंगा) . He refused the requests and arguments of local administrative officials regarding a rethink on his decision. “It is not the question of my life, but it is a matter of pain and suffering of Mother Ganga,” he said, putting aside the request for stopping the fast.

Swami Sanand, who had stopped taking food and was just living on water for a month (from February 8 to March 8), left even water on Friday. He lost some weight on Saturday. According to the records of his medical check up, he lost around 1/2kg body weight in the past 24 hours. A  medical team led by additional chief medical officer RP Tiwari examined his health on Saturday afternoon. His blood pressure was 142/72 while his pulse rate was 82 and weight was 49.5kg. Local administrative and police officials, including the additional district magistrate Ram Yagya Mishra and SP  MS Chauhan, met him and requested him to stop his fast unto death.
“In case of his (Swami Sanand) death, another devotee will take over and
the sequence will continue till the goal is achieved,” said Swami Avimukteshwaranand Saraswati, the coordinator of Ganga Sewa Abhiyanam
and disciple of Shankaracharya of Jyotish and Dwarka Sharda Peeth Swami
Swarupanand Saraswati. He forwarded a letter to the Prime Minister through local administration on Saturday, requesting immediate intervention.
According to him, an open letter to the PM was already sent on January 3, 2012 drawing his attention to main concerns. Due respect, importance and
status of a national symbol was not being accorded to the Ganga in spite of her being designated as the National River. The major concerns include unsatisfactory and ineffective functioning of the National Ganga River Basin Authority, continuing construction work on dams/barrages/tunnels which would totally destroy the natural flow regimes and quality of the river water, nod to a new 300MW hydel project, total failure of regulatory agencies in controlling discharge of urban and industrial wastes into the Ganga and complete lack of sensitivity of the government on these issue. Read more…..

Swami Gyan Swarup Sanand (Dr. GD Agrawal): Fast unto Death for River Ganga – Part 1. An Unfinished Story……..

Related News: 

Dying for the Ganges: A Scientist Turned Swami Risks All

Dan Morrison reports in National Geographic News Correspondent  in Water Currents onMarch 16, 2012.

Three activists resign from PM-led Ganga authority : report in DNA.

NGRBA (National Ganga River Basin Authority) falling prey to internal differences?: analysis in TOI.

Govindacharya backs Swami Sanand on Ganga Cause : report in Daily Pioneer.

Will this Swami also Die in Vain?


Courtesy: TNN | TOI | National Geographic Channel | Daily Pioneer | DNA | Tehelka | Star News.

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