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Mohammad is more important than Lord Krishna to Indian Postal Department. Oh Indian Hindus, how much to be thrown out?

Posted by hinduexistence on April 22, 2012

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SOME ANTI HINDU AGENCIES OR EVEN GOVT. MOLES PERHAPS CRUSHED OUR “”HINDU EXISTENCE”” blog-site not to view it in INDIA after my latest post “Mohammad is more important than Lord Krishna to Indian Postal Department. Oh Indian Hindus, how much to be thrown out?””

Indian Postal Department has 4 secular; 4 Muslim; 2 Christian; 2 Hindu; 1 Jain; 1 Buddhist and 1 Sikh holidays. Truly Secular!
Step 1. Open (copy it and save it in a secure place).
Step 2. Put address into the relevant box at the last of the opening page of ninjacloak…
Step 3. Watch, like and comment as usual. 

Indian Postal Department has 4 secular; 4 Muslim; 2 Christian; 2 Hindu; 1 Jain; 1 Buddhist and 1 Sikh holidays. Truly Secular!

Check the holiday list here…. INDIA POST.

Though debatable; the criminality of Islam and Mohammad is beyond question to most of the sufferers and the victims of Islam world-wide. But, the Govt. of India in Postal Department woos to glorify Islam by sanctioning four holidays in Islamic connection. When India Post rejected to consider Janmashtami as a holiday, being the birth of Lord Krishna (obviously the most adorned divine icon), the birth day of Hazarat Mohammad, the propagator Arab Nationalism world-wide in a barbaric war cry, has been included as a holiday in their holiday list as a Govt. policy to appease the Islamic vote bank of India.

Again, hundreds of verdicts and rulings  of Hon’ble Courts and the Supreme Court  also virtually nullified the Cow Slaughter in India. But the communal Govt. of India allows four Muslim Holidays including Bakar Eid (Idd ul Zuha). Bakar Eid in India is synonymous as a ruthless Cow Slaughter day in a targeted way. But, Govt. of India is doing a gross UNCONSTITUTIONAL THING by allowing BAKAR EID as a NATIONAL HOLIDAY. This should be changed immediately. Otherwise we should  challenge it. ~ Upananda Brahmachari.

 In each and every consideration the pseudo secularist lobby and the Islamists hidden everywhere are trying Hindus to put behind. Oh , Hindus! Arise, Awake and Stop Not, till the Goal is reached. You have to conquer your lost position in this critical juncture. Let us start a new struggle for Hindu Existence.  


11 Responses to “Mohammad is more important than Lord Krishna to Indian Postal Department. Oh Indian Hindus, how much to be thrown out?”

  1. यह स्थिति अन्य स्थानों पर नहीं है क्या..

  2. madhu said

    Interesting indeed. India is a fascinating country.

  3. Jagannathpoojary said

    Thank u sir for your excellent cover up of the Hindu News.
    We want such thirty sites in every States and UTs in India.

    Jagannath Poojary

  4. Asif said

    Of course Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is important because he is a messenger for all. But I agree your point, We Muslim should not celebrate his birth day or Islamic New year. I have no objection to remove these holiday.

    • Ismail Quadiyani. said

      @ Asif Molla: Muhammad was a barbaric camel man in the desert of Arab. He was illiterate but had a fanatic intelligence. He never considered the Humanity as a Single identity. He divided the Humanity between the Momins (believers) and the Kaffirs (dis-believers). From the beginning he tried to kill all the Kaffirs and never love humanity out of Islamic Umma.

      His dangerous diktat in the name of Most Un-merciful Allah throught Quran is nothing but a Satanic Verses full of hatred, conspiracy and full of curse to Non-Muslims. How can it be a message to all. Quran and Islam is posed as a severe threat to all human beings. It should be resisted everywhere.

      Why do you tell Peace be upon Him to Muhammad only. Please try to say Peace be upon all including all human beings, living and non-living creatures including Quadiyanis.

      • Abdul said

        Quadiyani is one biggest Fithna in the world. They dont know difference between Yellow color banana and Yellow color Latrien (Toilet). How they come to know what is true and what is false. If any thing say about our Allah’s massanger Mohammed Peace be up on him. I will cut heads. Of course Quadiyani’s are not muslims they are Kafirs. Kafirs worship many gods. Allah gives them Hidaya.

        City: Jiddah
        State/Region: Makkah
        Saudi Arabia.

  5. Ravi said

    When we can get a holiday for Ambedkar &Gandhi why not for Lord Krishna. What a Dismal state of Afffairs.

  6. Ashwini said

    So called superpower!which superpower ,allah or America,islamists or christians,cutting penis( due to gonorrhoea or syphilis) or perfect penis holder(akhand lingdhari),desert born barbarians or alltime civilised &prosperous society! Allah &his gangesters are paying Namaaj before america&its allies christians,because they can not suck oil from earth properly without help of these so called superpower!There is no injustice by lord krishna to punish that so called S.P.! No need to involve directly but must be indirectly into ruining these non-hindu culprits to save earth.They will be destroyed by fighting each other for their pseudo-supremacy ,exp. iran,iraq,lebnan,pak,afghanistan,chechnya &everywhere they present .

  7. Tarun said

    Cow & swine eater Nehru who publicly claimed to be a non Hindu, that criminal is the main culprit to establish India as a Muslim that dynasty and congress are trying to destroy the Hindu culture & race from India be fooling our countrymen since so called independence.

  8. anand said

    In this world if people want peace ,finish muslim and christian first…..Bharat (India) is great country because god take Avatar only in India ..i.e Hindustan not in other Muslim or Christian country.

    In puran it is said that there will more population who will be against Lord Krishna….they are Muslim.

    Watch: India will become vishwa Guru (world mentor) of all country till 2020…..this will become true one day.

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