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13 Responses to “How do you believe a Muslim boy friend for your daughter, sister or wife? Hindu Female MLA grabbed by a Muslim Employee after separating herself from her Hindu husband.”

  1. Prashant said

    She has surely destroyed her life. Now no-one can save her.

  2. ROHAN said


  3. love jihad at its best.. now enjoy jail

  4. Manish said

    Love should not be of binding over nation,religion, color, region, age, etc,,,,,,,but this is only applicable who converts to muslim ,,,,,,,,
    why this discrimination is there, law or ethic should one for all………….this most interesting case as an example ,,,,,,,,,this vise versa is not possible

  5. suman k said

    muslim r always attacked hindus by this type activities. So hindus ready for protect frm today end frndship those ruscales who against our religeon,culture,social frm ancient time.

  6. abhay said

    ugly fat filthy women..she should be punished.

  7. rusttam sahil firangi said

    They are enemy of Hindustan. Love jihad will be a serious boomerang for Muslims in near future.

  8. Vicky varshney said

    It is being seen most of the time love marrige is done between Muslim boy & hindu girl. Very less few case is seen for Hindu boy & Muslim girl ( In ratio it can be 20:1). That means they are targeting hindu girls.

    I think we start to aware it ( love jihad) from our family first ( specially women members).

  9. […] Rumi Nath was an standing MLA from the BJP who was trapped in Love-Jihad by a Bangladeshi Muslim Jac…. 33 years old Rumi was married to her husband Rakesh Singh and had a 2 years old daughter from him. She didn’t even arrange a divorce with Rakesh and eloped with Zakir and with the cunning connivance of the Muslim MLA they illegally got married. In India polygamy is banned but this law stands only for the law abiding Hindus. Muslims don’t care of the nation’s laws. They abide by different idiotic Islamic laws. This is the reality of the secular India, in reality the pro-Muslim pseudo-secular India. […]

  10. mrinal singh. said

    I think its going trend to convert to islam,i am surprised ever with total long bloody history of islam,why anybody from non muslim specially hindu, show there faith towards islam,its hurting.

  11. ashwini said

    Islamists are followers of muhammad,who made nine yrs old Aisha lawful(jayiz) by intercoursing with her! That creates a problem ,after nine yrs of a female(mada) ,islamists begin to try to get their virginity & succeed. in their society nofemale can mentain her verginity.It creates new problem to them& they became annoyed& started to see other community&got jealousness,then began traitor-love unlimited.ghazals,shairs,quwalis,songs,nazms &sufism &dargah,maqbaras, made the biggest conversions in “viraat-bharat”. After so many efforts ,they can not get peace of mind,because peace is in hinduism only&only! They do not ready to accept the truth even now that changing their fathers &making aliens their pseudo-forefathers is the biggest mistake

  12. Melanie said

    I am shocked to even read such a story as this. being a female revert myself, what she has done is in no way correct. How can a wife leave not only her husband without divorce but also her child to go commit a sin and then called it marriage. Nikkah in secret is not nikkah, nikkah of married woman to someone else…….so pathetic really.

  13. Vikram Shukla said

    Another case of Love Jihad in which Muslim Romeo destroyed Hindu Family in Meerut

    MEERUT: The murder of a 22-year-old woman, Preeti, in Meerut has led to an ugly drama within the family with members publicly accusing each other. Almost 36 hours after the discovery of the murder, no one has been arrested even as three members of the family and a friend are being questioned by the Nauchandi police.

    “We received a call from the local Lokapriya District Hospital on Friday afternoon about a woman who had died abnormally at Shastri Nagar. We responded to the call and met her mother, Shashi Bala, who claimed Preeti was found dead inside their second floor bathroom, drowned inside a tub. Shashi claimed she was not home when her daughter was killed and alleged that her husband Bhim Singh could be behind the murder. Shashi said Bhim had always wanted a male child and had frequently quarreled with her for bearing two daughters,” said the SO of the police station.

    Shashi’s elder daughter Neha (25) backed her claim but police found contradictions in their statements.

    Police said Bhim Singh, an ONGC engineer posted in Ahmedabad, was visiting Meerut and had to return on January 7 but delayed his departure. His house in Shastri Nagar-II was occupied by Shashi Bala, an inter-college teacher, Neha (25), her husband Sheetal (who works in Delhi) and Preeti, a BCom student. While Neha and Sheetal stayed on the ground floor, Preeti and her parents stayed on the first floor.

    Sources said the murder mystery deepened when Bhim Singh claimed his elder daughter Neha had planned and executed the murder along with her husband and one of her close friends, Saqib, as she wanted the property all for herself. “On being questioned, Neha said she had immediately called Saqib to accompany her and her mother to the hospital. She claimed her husband was not at home at the time and hence she thought it wise to take her best friend along. We are verifying the claims. We hope to get a better picture once we get the postmortem report. We have detained all the family members for questioning. No one has been given a clean chit,” said an investigating officer.

    Sources claim Neha has been changing her statements and has not been able to explain what one of her friends was doing at the residence when the murder took place. The police are trying to find out why Neha was staying with her parents and not her in-laws.

    “Bhim, too, has not been able to explain his movement on Friday. However, we deny media reports that he tried to flee from the hospital immediately after his wife turned on him inside the hospital and accused him of murdering their daughter. He, however, claimed that his daughter was 22 years of age — and it was too long a time for him to hold a grudge against his daughters,” said the officer.

    Sources, though, said Bhim was picked up only late on Friday night after he fled to a relative’s residence located nearby.

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