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Muslims of Uttar Pradesh trying hard to foil over Hindus for establishing an Islamic supremacy.

Posted by hinduexistence on July 11, 2012

Gaziabad under Islamic Flame

Wretched condition of Uttar Pradesh Hindus under Samjwadi Govt led by Akhilesh Singh, Mulla Mulayam Singh and Azam Khan.

Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh : One Hindu killed, 25 injured in communal clash between Hindu & Muslims.

One Hindu killed in Gaziabad. Hindus protested with dead body in Local Police Station.

Ghaziabad: Monday, July 09, 2012 :: At least one person was killed and 25 others injured in a clash which broke out between two communities after a minor road rage incident in Farukh Nagar town near here.

All the injured were admitted to Narendra Mohan hospital and further probe was on, said Superintendent of Police Ghaziabad City, Shiv Shankar Yadav.

Last evening, a biker Viresh Tyagi was returning home when he hit a child in the Farukh Nagar area of Sahibabad. After the incident Viresh also allegedly thrashed some people who entered into argument with him, said inspector and station officer of Sahibabad police station, Ramnath Singh Yadav.

In an alleged act of revenge, today morning, Vipin Tyagi, younger brother of Viresh, was shot dead allegedly by a group of men belonging to another community while he was passing through the area, the SP said.

Following the incident, a group of people gathered in the area and started pelting stones and also opened fired.

In the ensuing clash about 25 persons were injured.

A case was registered in Sahibabad police station and additional police force was deployed to control the situation, Yadav said.

Senior Superintendent of Police Prashant Kumar and District Magistrate Aparna Uapdhaya visited the spot. Report: PTI.

Not only that. After the Kosi Kalan Tragedy (in Mathura District, U.P.), the Muslim perpetrators are finding scope everywhere to harm the Hindus by hook or crook.

It is now reported that one ancient Temple at Paper Mill Colony  at Nishatgunj near Lucknow were destroyed by the anti Hindu force for which hundreds of  Akhil Bhratiya Hindu Mahasabha members protested in Nishatgunj and also demonstrated in front upper house of Uttar Pradesh Assembly (Vidhan Parisad) for a demand to reconstruct the temple very quickly. The temple was demolished by one Arif  Builders with a political support as reports came in.

Briefing to the press, Sri Piyush Kanta Barma expressed the agony of Hindus of Uttar Pradesh under the pro Muslim Akhilesh Singh Govt for the last few months. Sri Barma said that 100 shops were burnt in Kosi Kalan and 2 Hindus were murdered by the Muslim conspirators to fuel the  extinguishing riot situation there.

In Pratapgarh, a Hindu girl was rapped by some Muslim anti socials some days ago.

With a clear help from Samajwadi Circle, the Muslims of Uttar Pradesh are twisting their arms to take some revenge against the Babri demolition most probably. Hindu’s lands are being snatched in many districts for Muslim real estate business as per reports.

The Akhilesh Govt. is pampering the Haj Pilgrimage to appease the Muslim voters for which Muslims take undue advantages with fake and fraud motives for Haj Subsidy.

Only to appease the Muslim communal forces under the dictum of the Azam Khan (Minister for Urban Development, Govt. of UP), the Akhilesh Govt stealthily processing a dead lock for Ram Mandir construction at Ayodhya and imposed  a restriction upon the Shiva Kawar Yatra of Shravan (religious procession) so that the processioners do not carry any traditional lathi (stick) or trishul (small trident) which are the essential symbols Shiva Kawar Yatra.

Reports are also coming in for the renewed arrangements of cow slaughter in the coming event of Bakar-Eid as a morale boosting for the Jihadi Muslims in UP.

Predominantly, Muslims are trying to capture Uttar Pradesh (IS BJP’s recent success in the recent Municipal election telling some new hopes?) with a political privilege. Hindus are thrashed many ways which must fetch a strong Hindu retaliation as the veterans opine.

Courtesy: India TV | PTI | Jagran Post | Agencies.

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”Bharatmata ‘ a ”dayan” ~ Mothrer India is a Witch. Kashmir is not India. Azam Khan: Samajwadi Minister in UP.

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