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Sushil Kumar Shinde, Home Minister of India: The Real Messiah of Muslim Terrorists?

Posted by hinduexistence on October 2, 2013

Shinde: A Real Friend of Muslim Criminals & Terrorists of India. Hatching conspiracy against Hindu youths. 

Don't arrest Muslim Youth. Free them or Jihad.Upananda Brahmachari | New Delhi | 1 Oct 2013:: The recent report of National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) showed that 21% of under-trials in India’s jails were Muslims, with their proportion in jails of Maharashtra (36%) and West Bengal (46%) was higher than their representation in the general population.

And out of this  21 per cent of  under-trial members of the Muslim community finally comprise as only 17.75 per cent of the convicts. This has been  revealed in the analysis of prison data released by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), recently.

This suggests two things. Muslims are the largest community involved in criminal activities in India (as also perceived by the world community). And a large number of arrested Muslims are released by the courts under an un-understandable situation created by Islamic lobby so much influential into an appeasing political atmosphere in India.

The Islamic attitude of criminality or terrorism is nothing new to anybody. The maximum names in the list of FBI Most Wanted Terrorists,  Interpol Red Corner Terrorists or the Most Wanted Terrorists by National Investigative Agency of India, are obviously Muslims. Criminality in Muslims or  Islamic Terrorism have been exposed a biggest threat to the global peace, now a days.

The NYPD (New York Police Department) designated all Mosques in NY  as terrorism organizations, recently.  China has put restrictions upon Islam. The entire non-Muslim world has kept a keen vigil upon expanding Islamic intolerance with a tool of Jihad. In many places renovation of Mosques, Azan from Mosque minerate, use of Burka, Halal methods, Islamic polygamy and uncontrolled child birth etc are being banned or challenged widely and wildly.  A skull capped/long bearded-half mustached men or anybody  with Arabic name are the objects of third degree checking any International airport in America or Europe.  Even Hindu and Sikh persons are some time are being heavily searched there under an ‘Islamist alike’ suspicion.  All such reactions against Islam has been globally set as a general phenomenon. Islam is now termed as an averse effect of  Jihad and the anti-peace process.

But, the shame of Maratha, Sushil Kr Shinde and the most dangerous Home Minister, India has ever seen, is the same person. He is a real friend of Muslim criminals and terrorists of India. So, there is no other option with Shinde, but only to glorify Islam and support the trend of criminal and terrorist activities of Muslim offenders in a very sane way.

Indian Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde, on Monday (30 Sept 2013) asked all chief ministers to ensure that no innocent Muslim is arrested in the name of fighting terror.  In his letter to chief ministers, the home minister said strict and prompt action should be taken against erring police officers when malafide arrests are made of any member of a minority community.

“Some of the minority youth have started feeling that they are deliberately targeted and deprived their basis rights,” he wrote in his letter that was made public.

“Government has to ensure that no innocent person is subjected to undue harassment,” he said.

The home minister said a Muslim person wrongfully arrested should be released immediately and suitably compensated and rehabilitated to join the mainstream. But, what about any Hindu under same situation? Shinde is trying hard to be a most faithful to the Muslims by hitting the Hindus in a very different way. Some months back (Jan 2013) this Shinde accused RSS and BJP for promoting terrorism in India.

Actually, Shinde’s statement for ‘not to detain’ nor ‘to harass Muslim youths’ through an arrest in connection with alleged terror activities are mostly  unconstitutional and communally divisive. Perhaps, this man has forgotten the concept of equal status before law or either he understand himself as a Home Minister of Muslim community.

BJP termed Shinde’s letter to states unconstitutional and communally divisive, asks him to withdraw it.

BJP termed Shinde’s letter to states unconstitutional and communally divisive, asks him to withdraw it.

Has our Home Minister forgotten the oath that he took where he promised to protect citizens without  bias of any particular religion? Then why did he have to say Muslim youths? He could mentioned any malady faced by any person irrespective of religion or faith, in a challenging situation under police or judicial procedure in any charge of terrorism.   The statement of Shinde violates the sanctity of Holy Constitution of India in a gross volume.

Shinde’s  statement is illegal. He is creating rift among the communities. He is unfit to be the Union Home Minister for his communal outlook. He must be tried for treason. While Shinde and their brigade call themselves “Secular”,  then in fact, Congress is the most communal party in India.

If the friends of Tunda, Bhatkal or the supporters of  Jihad, Hafiz Sayed and Dawood Ibrahim start feeling that they are deliberately targeted and deprived their basis rights, what can other do but arrest and assault them for the sake of terrorizing the terrorists. Shinde has no right to put any restriction upon the law enforcement agencies only to appease a Muslim Vote Bank without thinking the big threat of Islamic Jihad in India.

What a dangerous and humiliating approach of this Shinde, the  Messiah of Muslim Criminals and terrorists that he has a less faith upon his own law enforcement agencies and the judiciary too.

I think under this humiliation, the top brass in every law enforcement agencies must take stringent action against the habitual offenders believe in  Quran and must not spare anybody further.

Shinde may be a friend of Muslim terrorist or a big antagonist of so-called ‘Saffron Terrorism’, but the majority people are disgusted with the terrorist activities by the people bearing Arabic names. We don’t know the fate of Shinde’s letter written to all Chief Ministers of Indian States, but the majority people has the right to uproot all terrorists from the soil of Bharat along with their friends, at any cost. Shinde must not forget it.

3 Responses to “Sushil Kumar Shinde, Home Minister of India: The Real Messiah of Muslim Terrorists?”

  1. Vishal Ullal/Surendra ullal. said

    1. Follow our great leaders during independence. Revolt against the evil people. Answer violence with violence, because no amount of your appeasement is going to change in thier attitude. I believe in non-violence and rule of law, but when there is neither how are you going to respond. They will kill any way, so each one of you who are targeted for murder, must give answer the same way. Protecting ones life if more important and just. According to latest report from Bangla Desh a staggering amount of 59 millions hindus are missing, which means eitehr killed or converted by force. Regretfully i wish to state that what Islam has not learned for a thousand years will not learn now. At this juncture, India is as unuque-like as coward and impotent. So protect your life, there are mor chances to live. HINDUS OF BANGLADESH, AWAKE, ARISE AND FIGHT UNTIL YOUR LAST BREATH.

    2. Shinde should go the way of many traitors on scaffold and should meet the Satan, his maker. HINDUS OF MAHARASHTRA, WAKE UP AND SILENT HIM EITHER BY BALLOT OR ANY OTHER MEANS.

  2. reddyrv393 said

    Shinde is obssesed to please Sonia Gandhi who is inimical to Hindus. Hence Shinde , the sycophant is hell bent on repressive measures and outbursts against Hindus which include his saying RSS and BJP are promoting Hindu Terrorism in India.His recent letter to all CMs to ensure that no Muslim is arrested in the name of fighting terror and the Police authorities that arrest the Muslims should be,instead punished. It is also not out of place to mention that he had obliquely supported SHAKEEL AHMED ( CONGRERSS GENL. SECY.,) AND MINISTER FOR MINORITY AFFAIRS IN UNION CABINET, Mr. Khan when they said that they have NOT heard of Indian Mujahideen when the IM activist, Yasin Bhatkal was arrested. As the HM he ought to know that Muslims are the largest community involved in criminal activities.The names in the MOST WANTED TERRORIST list by FBI are those of Muslims. NYork Police Dept.(NYPD) has designated ALL Mosques in New York as Terrorist Organisation Centres. There are 2 ways to counter “Shinde Menace”. One is to throw away the MOST Corrupt, SCAM ridden Congress to defeat and throw it out. fully in the next general elections. Secondly to LEGALLY have the courts punish him since he has acted against the Constitution. Hence action(s) need to be started IMMEDIATELY and file PILs in the courts against SHINDE. He has no place, playing the “religious card”in a plural democratic India. The sooner he is thrown out, the better it would be .

  3. w pro-muslim attitude for vote bank politics , hindus have to take care of themselves.We must hit back to muslims to keep them under control. said

    If Shinde is so keen to protect muslims then he should quit India and try his luck in any political party of Pakistan. Marathis have always been pride of India but Shinde has made them ashamed. It is the people like Shinde who encourage terrorists to do whatever they want because they know they supporters within our establishment. We have to eliminate these traitors along with the terrorists to save our religion and country.

    Shubham Mishra

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