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Temporary Mosque built by Jihadi Muslim youths in Kausarnag Hindu Shrine Site in J&K.

Kousarnag religious dispute: Temporary mosque built by Jihadi Muslim youths in a traditional  Hindu Shrine and performed Namaz.

kousarnag Mosque

Make shift Mosque at Kausarnag Hindu Shrine area in Kashmir valley.

Poonam Atri | HE Media Bureau | Jammu | 12 August 2014:: The trail for traditional Kausarnag  Vishnupadpad Yatra in the 12000 ft (from the sea level)  high Pirpanjal range by the Kashmir Hindus specially Hindu Pandits of the valley on the occasion of Nag Panchmi, has revealed another story of Islamic aggression over a traditional Hindu shrine by the Islamic fanatics.

The scheduled Kausarnag Yatra from 30th July to 3rd August, 2014 this year arranged by All Parties Migrants Coordination Committee (APMCC) was stopped by the Omar Abdullah Govt., withdrawing its earlier permission to the Yatra, due to vehement protest from different Islamic outfits including Hurrityat Conference.

A two days bandh in the Kulgam and Shopian on 1st and 2nd August, stranded the situation in an impossible turn to Yatra so that the absolute Islamic might in the valley cannot be tarnished anyway.

All the Jehadi outfits in the valley objected the Kausarnag Yatra pointing it as a Hindu aggression in Kashmir valley and to violate the environmental purity there. They also compared the situation as the present Israel-Palestine conflict as the Hindu majority of Bharat is trying a demographic change in Kashmir valley of Muslim minority people.

But, there was heinous planning of the Kashmir secessionists to erect a Mosque at Kausarnag Lake area to unfurl the Islamic flag there only to cease the Yatra of Hindus there or ever. Perhaps the pro-Islamist Govt in J&K extended an invisible support or erection of a visible mosque at Kausarnag lake side.

Now, it has been revealed that when the Kashmir Police and administration were fully engaged to stop the Kausarnag Yatra from   both the Kulgam (Kashmir)  or Reasi (Jammu) sides, they helped a team of Islamists to reach at Kausarnag Lake area to erect a temporary Mosque there.

On the revelation in the various internet social sites and also in Hindi Dainik Jagran, it is understood that a group of young Jihads reached Kausarnag within 2nd to 7th August and started a temporary Mosque there to perform Namaz.


An available internet picture shows that a group of 8-10 persons are standing in the make shift Mosque covered by 3-4 feet high wall. The Mosque is decorated with some green banner, picture of a mosque and Islamic flag.  It has been reported two dozens of Muslim youth from Kulgam district participated to build this mosque and performed Namaz after airing the Adhan.

Some Islamic social sites run by Kasmir fanatics described it as a ‘permanent sealing of Kulgam for the Kashmiri Pandits’.

Actually, the Muslim organizations, Hurriyat Conference and National Conference, all are opposing the return and rehabilitation o the Kashmir Hindus and Pandits in the valley as declared by the present Narendra Modi Govt in New Delhi.

All Parties Migrants Coordination Committee (APMCC) and other Kashmir Hindu Organisation have conveyed their anxiety over the present row of rejection of the Kashmir pundits again in the valley by Islamic  fanatics and the establishment of the highy objectionable make shift mosque in the side line of Kausarnag Lake which is claimed as a Hindu traditional shrine for years.

APMCC asked now Syed Ali Geelani (Hurriyat Conference- G) and Omar Abdullah (National Conference), whether this mosque will endanger the environment of the purest lake ever in Kashmir.

The APMCC team is now planning to meet Narendra Modi (PM, India) to hand over all the available documents of the row and to request him to remove the make shift Mosque from Kausarnag lake side.

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3 comments on “Temporary Mosque built by Jihadi Muslim youths in Kausarnag Hindu Shrine Site in J&K.

  1. Lambda Scorpio
    August 13, 2014

    Hindus should remain aware of the Heinous designs of the Roman Catholic born leader’s Congress Party. In the name of Secularism, they are planning to wipe out Hinduism by joining hands with Islamist Jehadists. Communists and others are helping them in this effort.

  2. Samir
    August 13, 2014

    1.It is the conspiracy of that Italian White skinned sinister sonia the Christian Boko Harami bitch, that Gutter born 2 bit bamaid,who would have been blown to smithreens long ago had she even dared 1% in any other country The seculars who are the dogs, who were born due to the Sluts and prostitutes who were used as comfort women and call girls by British, Chinese, Russians, Italians and Comprise mostly of Christians and Congi bastards and the evil anti national bastards and sluts called Coomunists. OCCUPY 10 JANPATH AND 12 TUGLAQ, PUT THIS WHITE SKINNED CHRISTIAN EVIL BITCH ON STREETS AND DESKIN HER WHITE SKIN..TIL SONIA LIVES INDIA WILL DIE AND SO WILL HINDUISM..ISLAMISTS ARE BEING USED BY THIS EVIL VILE GUTTER BORN 2 BIT IMMORAL UNCULTURED UNCOUTH BITCH TO CREATE A SITUATION WHEREBY MODI GOVT CAN BE TRAPPED BY NGO s of SLUTS OF WESTERN CHRISTIANITY, AND CHRISTIANS TO CREATE IRAQ, EGYPT, UKRAINE LIKE SITUATION..HIGH TIME HINDUS OCCUPY THE HOUSES OF THESE CONGI-COMMIES..I CALL ON ALL HINDUS TO ATTACK THE GUTTER DOGS, THE BASTARDS OF CONGI-COMMIES IN THEIR HOUSES..NO HARM IN GETTING IN THEIR HOUSES AND TEARING THE STOMACHS OF THE CONGI-COMMIE BASTARDS RIPPING AND BURNING THEIR CHILDREN ALIVE, BEHEAD 100000 COMMIE CONGI AND THEIR WHORE FAMILIES TILL EVEN ONE IS ALIVE..GET SONIA BEFORE THIS CIA-ISI-OPUS DEI-DRUG MAFIA-HUMAN TRADER SONIA GET HINDUS……REMEMBER THIS GUTTER BITCH IS MORE DANGEROUS THAN KHILJIS, AURANGZEBS, TAIMURS, DALHOUSIES A BILLION TIMES COMBINED…GET SONIA AND HER PIGLETS FAST and throw her TO ITALIAN GUTTERS WHERE SHE BELONGS FOR EVER..SHE HAS NO RIGHT TO A SINGLE BREATH IN INDIA THIS CHRISTO FASCIST BOKO HARAMI IS FILTHYING INDIAN AIR AND TRYING A COUP WITH HELP OF HER WESTERN BEDMATES..THEY HAVE TRIED KILING MODIJI AS REPORTED (INDIA FACTS) that it was MODIJIs Aircraft which was supposed to pass Ukraine Airspace at that time but was delayed by 22 mins. Who acrashed Morarji DESAI’s plane?? Who gave the VVIP passes to Afzal Guru and company that they crossed 3 layers of security unchecked, and why was sonia absent that day from Parliament?? The Congi-Commies-Christians are using Islamists as cannon fodder just like ISIL is just a CIA plant against Maliki.Muslims are idiots being used as cannon fodder By Vatican-CIA-Opus Dei-Human Trading sonia mafia..BETTER GET SONIA FAST HINDUS.

    2. The ISI-Italian-CIA agenda of sinister sonia Congress (ISIL) and Communist Boko Haramis as exposed by Adityanathji in Lok Sabha

    Hindu organizations and Saints would do well to come under one umbrella, create a Hindu Khalsa, ready to kill and die. Italian and battalion being chief enemies, create a HINDRAF, a LTTE in next few years so that vermins like Commies and sonia will nnever dare set foot on Bharat again

  3. jagannathan
    December 3, 2014

    Was there any action taken on temp. Mosque? Why disturbing Hindus and Hindu temples always. Why there is no support from Hindus to help Hendus? I strongly belive all Indians are Hindus. Some adopted foreign gods and following them. I can not understand why they are doing injustices to their root religion. All fault with us, Hindus, we were quite for many years together allowing our own people to adopt foreign gods and through them their followers are increasing. And now troubling us a lot.

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