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Muslim Bangladeshis are dangerous for Indian demography

Posted by hinduexistence on August 4, 2010

Is there any district town in India, where there is no Bangaladeshi Muslim Infiltrator encroaching the scope of common Hindus ? -File Photo.

ATS arrests 28 Muslim Bangladeshis in Nagpur

The Hindu Existence Staff Reporter||Wednesday, Aug 04, 2010

MUMBAI:  Now the Muslim Infiltrators from Bangladesh invaded the core areas of Central India. The Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) arrested 28 Bangladeshi immigrants, working as labourers in Nagpur, on Tuesday for illegally staying in the city. They were remanded to custody till August 5. “Due to terror threat, we keep a close watch on immigrants from Bangladesh. They come here to work as cheap labour, but some have ulterior motives as well,” inspector Purushottam Chaudhary told The Hindu.

They have been charged under the Foreigners’ Act for entering the country without valid documents.

Experts say that Muslim Bangladeshis are dangerous for Indian demography. By this method of silent Jihad Bangladeshi Muslims are capturing the Indian economy, populace, political power by out numbering the Hindus in border districts of Assam, West Bengal, Rajasthan and Gujrat. Even now they entered the heart land of Capital City of Delhi and Cosmopolitan Cities like Mumbai, Chennai and elsewhere. The political parties in India except BJP treat these Muslim intruders as valuable vote bank for their political gain.

As per reports of the Interior Ministry of India, these Muslim Bangladeshis are figured not less than 5 Crores. Many a times these Muslim infiltrators act as operator of Jihadi and subversive activities in India.

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Hinduism Summit at Chicago

Posted by hinduexistence on June 4, 2010

Updated on 9th June, 2010

Hinduism Summit at Greater Chicago held successfully

Passionate speeches, a rapt audience, reverberations of an auspicious conch, the sound of ancient Sanskrit verses, a unique idol of Lord Ganesh on display and an exhibition of objects attacked by ghosts were just some of the highlights of the second Hinduism Summit held in Chicago on Nija Vaishakh Krushna Ashtami 5112 (5 June 2010) ! The Summit was held by the Forum for Hindu Awakening (FHA) and the Lake County Hindu Temple. Around 100 attendees in person and 200 attendees online took the benefit of this event. Read Full Report Here.

Hindu Existence Group wish a Grand Spiritual and Social Success of Chicago Hindu Dharma Summit by FHA.

>>Click here for Programme Details

The Hinduism Summit aims to promote an understanding about the unique science behind Hinduism concepts and practices, and provide practical guidance on living Hinduism. The Hinduism Summit aims also to unite everyone interested in Hinduism, to preserve it in the face of denigration and misconceptions about Hinduism today.


Special attraction of Summit

* Exhibition of visual posters on sattvik living and unique science underlying Hinduism

* Treasure of books on topics of spiritual practice (sadhana), Dharma, sattvik pictures of deities and sattvik products for worship and spiritual practice

For more information, please call our toll free number

+1 877 303 3342

Language: English

Total seats available: 150 Total already booked: 73 Seats remaining: 77 (as on 06/03/2010)
Where and When:
Date: Saturday, 5 June 2010 ||Time: 2.30 PM – 6.00 PM [Central Daylight Time – UTC/ GMT -5 hours]||
Hindu Temple Of Lake County||20444 W. Peterson Road||
Grayslake, IL 60030.
Posted by Upananda Brahmachari.

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Practice of Sanatan Hindu Dharma and Sanskrit Language, the Basic Foundation of Hindu Identity

Posted by hinduexistence on May 14, 2010

Hindu identity: Interview with Dr Subramanian Swamy

12/05/2010 21:25:09

“Indian does not mean just holding an Indian Passport”

Dr. Subramanian Swamy is an outstanding intellectual, a well known Economist, a Visiting Professor at Harvard University, an acknowledged China expert and a relentless fighter for freedom and human rights.  He was a Member of Indian Parliament for 5 times, was the Cabinet Minister for Commerce, Law & Justice, was a Member of Planning Commission, was the Cabinet-Ministerial ranked Chairman of the Commission on Labour Standards and International Trade.

Haindava Keralam (HK) caught up with him at Tirur where was addressing a protest meeting for the installation of a statue of Ezhuthachan at Tirur. The local fundamentalist oppose this saying it amounts to idol worship in a Muslim majority area.

You are a Internationally renowned Economist from Harvard and was a Professor of Economics in IIT – What made you to take up politics ?

A: I went to address Jana Sangh Parliamentary Party meeting to advocate the economic feasibility of the atom bomb as also to espouse my Swadeshi Plan. Mrs. Gandhi and the pro-Soviet Communists intellectuals like KN Raj and Amartya Sen saw this as a dangerous development for them, so they got me dismissed from my post of Professor of Economics at IIT Delhi. I was later re-instated 22 years later but I was Commerce Minister then and so had to resign from the post. I had to choose when I was dismissed whether to live in India without a job or return to Harvard in USA for a job. I chose the first and thus entered politics to fight pro-Soviet socialism. I succeeded in 1991 as Union Minister to get rid of Soviet socialism and help Narasimha Rao bring in economic reform.

What all are the Internal threats faced by our Nation now?

A: Our main internal threat is a lack of identity. We should make everyone accept that being Indian does not mean just holding an Indian Passport. Indians should also accept that we are either Hindus or descendents of Hindus which Indian Muslims and Christians are. Hence India is Hindustan. All other threats come from the lack of identity. We should foster development Sanskrit as our national language since every Indian language has a large number of Sanskrit words.

Hindus are increasingly becoming religious and attend Hindu Temples, Festivals and spiritual camps. How can we politicize Hindus and make them strong nationalists?

A: By being sincere, and credibly promise that if elected to office, not to betray the people by trying to implement the election commitments.

Can you elaborate on your association with Sangh Pariwar on various National Issues? Your take on the Ram Sethu and Ayodhya issue.

A: Although I am not a formal member of RSS I have worked very closely with RSS, especially with the good wishes of Guruji, Madhav Rao Mulay, Nanaji Deshmukh, Dattopant Thengadi, and recently Sudharshanji. From the very beginning I believed Hindutva is the only cement with which we can build a modern strong India. Even when I was campaigning against Vajpayee I worked for re-opening of Kailash & Manasarovar, making the Session Judge Pande, who ordered the locks of the former Babri masjid to be opened to allow puja inside, as High Court judge, and also worked to finding a solution as Law Minister to the Ram temple issue. So Ram Setu etc is just contunuation of same thinking.

You are also an expert in Indo- China relations and Indo- Israel relations – Can you please elaborate on both according to current scenario?

A: China is our neighbour, and Israel is our tested friend in times of need. Hence, we have to befriend both. China has to be managed without sacrificing our national interests, and not as Nehru foolishly did. Israel only needs our love and commitment that we will never let the Arabs over-run it. It is a land of 6 m illion Jews surrounded by 125 million Muslims.

Indian Diplomatic Training school in Missouri is in the hands of phony secularists. How we can we influence, revise or modify our Diplomatic Training schools?

A: Ask BJP to raise a storm in Parliament over this issue.

Whether you think Hindu organisations are not effectively using our Judiciary to protect Dharma? If yes – What is your advice

A: Obviously not,  because they have not fought, or fought and won, for any of the Hindu causes in court. That is why with the concurrence of RSS and VHP leaders, the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha has set up a legal cell— under my convenorship.

Nationalists in Kerala are grateful for your timely intervention to nip Islamic Banking from its bud itself in Kerala, What Is your advice to Kerala Hindu Society on dealing with such Anti National practices aimed at Minority appeasement?

A: Kerala Hindu society should be aggressive and united as in the Devasom Board issue, and be non-aligned between Communists and Congress. Which means in elections, united Hindus can align with either for seats adjustments.

Recently there was a report that few Islamic leaders of Jamaat e Islami and other Islamic organisations on meeting Naro Naramain Meena, Minister of State for Finance in New Delhi to discuss the feasibility of Interest Free Islamic Banking in India. Though once failed in Kerala, did you think that Islamists will keep on pressurising the Government for Islamic Banking in India? If so how can we counter it.

A: Of course they will keep pressurising. That is what Mohammed said to Muslims about their role in Darul Harab which what India is today. But the laws are clear and these cannot be easily changed.

You had waged a one man war against Sonia Maino – Many are not certain why Sonia Maino decided to sacrifice Prime Ministership – Is there any legal obstacle for Sonia to become Prime Minister?

A: See my website under “Know Your Sonia”

In 2004 there was a bar in Section 5 of the Citizenship Act which I used to persuade the President not to invite her to form the government. But before demitting office the BJP government as their last act amended it out as part of the Bill for Overseas Indians! If there is a next time I will first have to argue the illegality of that amendment, which I can successfully.

Being a Former Law Minister, Have you ever thought of introducing common civil code and scrapping Article 370 ?

A: I did and prepared the papers, but our government fell in 1991. When Jayalalitha proposed my name for Minister in Vajpayee’s government I was planning to complete the process, but Vajpayee refused to induct me so it remains incomplete.

How could Hindu Organizations be more politically active and undertake result oriented action strategies?

A: Of course they must. That is why the HDAS has also formed a Hindu Parliamentary Forum and asked me to help form it. Hindu organisations must strive to build a Hindu vote bank which will make every party try to appease Hindus.

Do you think that there is a strong anti-Hindu lobby at work in Indian Media ?

A: It’s more a pro-careerist selfish lobby which is afraid of an anti-Hindu government. This lobby will change its tune if a pro-Hindu govt comes to power.

Why Hindu organizations not interested in starting a national media and television station?

A: Send Rs 10 crores per year to me for three years. I will return it over five years. If you cannot arrange it, then you have answered your own question.

Your message to HK readers

A: Propagate our identity, learn Sanskrit and be ready to fight back.

Posted by Upananda Brahmachari.
Courtesy : Haindava Keralam || Dr. Kalyanraman.

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Understanding Hindu Sentiments in a Right Way.

Posted by hinduexistence on May 11, 2010

The follies of Hindu denial

By Vamsee Juluri
professor, University of San Francisco
May 5, 2010|| The Washington Post.
I wonder if the followers of any other faith in America have to live with the absurdity of hearing constantly that their religion does not exist. Add to that an irony: you see images from the religion that supposedly does not exist showing up everywhere, as ornaments, as New Age paraphernalia, and, insultingly, even on toilet seats. Worse, there’s an exception to the general denial of your religion: when it does get talked about, it is only to get blamed as the sole cause of every evil in the land of your birth.
That is how it feels as a Hindu in America today, and that is the right context to see the debate between Dr. Aseem Shukla and Dr. Deepak Chopra.
The issue is not whether Hindus “own” Yoga as much as the growing denial of Hinduism in American media and intellectual culture. This denial exists in many forms; in bookstores, where we find shelves for Islam and Christianity but not for Hinduism, in academic writing, where the word Hindu is quote-marked into high degrees of concerned irony to imply that it is nothing more than a fabrication of fascist fundamentalists, and of course, in the booming new age culture of America where “Namastes” are heard but never the word “Hindu.”
This, like many Hindus, I believe in the plurality of Hinduism and its basic belief that all faiths lead to God. But as an academic who studies the causes and consequences of media misrepresentation, I feel that there is a growing culture of Hindu denial. Curiously, this culture has found its sustenance from opposite ends of the American political-intellectual spectrum. Religious conservatives condemn Hinduism as paganism, much as the first colonizers did when they set forth to save us. But what is new is that enlightened New Age liberals, American and South Asian, shun its mention as if every person who identifies as Hindu is a fundamentalist.
The reasons for this response lie partly in recent Indian politics. For many Hindus, identifying as such was once unimportant and perhaps even un-Hindu. I grew up in India in the 1970s in a devout family and being Hindu was not a subject of conscious discussion. That began to change in the late 1980s. Hindu identity became important in daily life (in large part because of television) and in politics (it was a time of identity politics in general and religious identity, just like caste and regional or linguistic identity, entered the political mainstream).
The ideas of Hindu nationalism spread through the Hindu middle-class imagination in India and abroad by the 1990s, and so did opposition to it. On American campuses too, students were often divided, calling themselves either “Hindu” student groups or “South Asian” groups. This polarization has become so widespread now that any debate about Hinduism turns into a single-issue fight about fundamentalism.
What these debates often forget is the American context. America sees the world sharply in terms of religious identity (unlike in India where other identities also matter). It saw more Hinduness in Indian immigrants than even we ever did, and not always kindly.
Over the decades Hollywood and Washington had made Hindus synonymous in the American mind with Indiana Jones-style depravity. Hindu children faced this contempt in school, and in time took it upon themselves as Hindu Americans to set things right, the civil way at that. Unfortunately, they now face a misplaced backlash against fundamentalism that dismisses even legitimate efforts to address concerns about Hinduism as a misrepresented faith in America.
Many great Hindu spiritual leaders have, in the best spirit of their faith, rarely enjoined the use of the term “Hindu.” However, we must also not unwittingly de-Hinduize them. It has become fashionable to “borrow” from one of Hinduism’s many traditions and then disavow it altogether, as if Hinduism only refers to the residue of undesirable stuff that got added onto some pristine preexisting spiritual condition like the practice of Yoga. If one does not like Hindu politicization, commercialism, or superstition, by all means one may and indeed one must reject those specifically, for these are all undesirable features that can sully any faith. But it is neither accurate nor ethical to speak of Hinduism as a reality only when criticizing it while denying its existence altogether when enjoying or exploiting, as the case may be, its gifts of wisdom to the world.
Vamsee Juluri is Professor of Media Studies at the University of San Francisco and the author of three books, “Becoming a Global Audience: Longing and Belonging in Indian Music Television” (Peter Lang, 2003), “The Mythologist: A Novel” (Penguin India, 2010) and “The Ideals of Indian Cinema” (Penguin India, 2011). He has written previously about Hindus and Hinduism in America for Hinduism Today and the Huffington Post.
Courtesy : The Washington Post.

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49 Million Hindus Missing From Bangladesh Census due to Islamic atrocities :: Vanishing Hindu and other India root minorities from Indian subcontinent.

Posted by hinduexistence on May 3, 2010

Indian Subcontinent’s Vanishing Hindu and Other Minorities :Empire’s Last Casualty

~ by Upananda Brahmachari

Dr. Sachi Ghosh Dastidar’s book  Empire’s Last Casualty: Indian Subcontinent’s Vanishing Hindu and Other Minorities a study of effects of religious communalism on a pluralistic, tolerant, multi-religious society. It focuses on the loss of indigenous, Hindu population from die land of their ancestors; and on changes brought about since a multi-religious progressive region of Colonial British India was partitioned in 1947, and its effects on Hindu and nun-Muslim (Buddhist and Christian) minorities, on pluralism and on indigenous cultures.


After Britain’s Muslim-Hindu partition of Bengal Province Past Bengal became Muslim-majority East Pakistan, a part of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, unleashing regular, merciless anti-Hindu pogroms by intolerant Islamists. West Bengal remained in India, with Muslim minority and ever-growing massive Bengali Hindu refugee who turned towards left extremism.


Following a 1971 war of independence against West Pakistan, Bangladesh gained independence, creating the second largest Muslim-majority nation. That war was concurrently anti-Hindu anti-Bengali genocide by Islamic Republic’s army and its Bengali and Urdu speaking Islamist allies.


The book documents the decade-wise “missing” Hindus from Bangladesh Census: over 49 million; larger than 163 of 189 nations listed in World Bank’s April 2003 World Development indicators database-and over 3.1 million (larger than 75 of 189 nations) Hindus lost their lives through the process of Islamization.


Documenting three million-plus lost lives have been painful and difficult; especially when Hindus cremate their dead. Additionally rivers of the world’s largest delta washed away signs of mass murder leaving no clue. All attempts have been made to justify the data presented in the book, hardly-known to the world and rarely discussed in Bengal itself.


A further studies in Dr. Sabyasachi Ghosh-Dastidar’s present book reveals the truth about the vanishing Hindus from the Indian subcontinent in the connotation of prevailing perspective in the following ways.


Genocide and persecution


Only a few centuries ago, Hindu religion and culture used to reverberate from Afghanistan to Indonesia. Indian sub-continent including the present day India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan and even Zabol in Iran was Hindu land, and had no Muslim presence till Muhammad bin Qasim’s Arab army attacked Sindh in 711. After repeated invasions, Hindus lost the present day Afghanistan to Muslims in 987. And the areas now known as Pakistan and Bangladesh were lost to Muslims in 1947.

Pakistan comprised of two segments: East Pakistan and West Pakistan. In 1971, East Pakistan became Bangladesh, a separate country. Both Pakistan and Bangladesh have been declared as Islamic republics.

Hindus have always been threatened and discriminated against in Pakistan and Bangladesh on religious grounds. Though in 1947, Hindus accounted for 24 per cent of the present day Pakistan’s population, now the numbers less than two per cent. Situation is equally grave in Bangladesh where Hindus numbered 31 per cent in 1947, but now number nine per cent. Most of the Hindus / Sikhs have either been driven out, or have been killed or forcibly converted in Pakistan and Bangladesh. However, in India, the present percentage of Muslim population is much higher than that was in 1947.

Pakistan and Bangladesh have never explained what they have done to their Hindu population.

Hindus suffer constant threats to their lives, security and property in Pak-Bangla lands. Many Hindu temples have been desecrated and destroyed in Pakistan and Bangladesh. There are regular reports of illegal encroachments on Hindu temples and lands, looting of Hindu property, discrimination, persecution, molestation and abduction of Hindu girls both in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

During 1970 and 1971, Hindus in East Pakistan (present Bangladesh) underwent massive massacres by the Pakistani army and its collaborators. Over two million Hindus are reported to have been killed in East Pakistan during 1970 and 1971 leading to Indo-Pak war in 1971. Besides, countless Hindu women were dishonoured and kidnapped during this period.

As per Dr. Sabyasachi Ghosh-Dastidar’s book, Empire’s last casualty: Indian subcontinent’s vanishing Hindu and other minorities, over three million Hindus have been killed in the process of Islamisation in the area now known as Bangladesh (formerly East Pakistan) since India was Partitioned in 1947. This loss of three million lives remain suppressed from the world.

Even now, Hindus are facing genocide, terror, persecution, dishonour and atrocities in Bangladesh every day. And there is selective killing of Hindu judges, professionals, teachers, lawyers and civil servants in Bangladesh to smash Hindu resistance.

Human rights organisations like Amnesty International are silent spectators of this blatant ethnic cleansing of millions of Hindus.

Forcible conversions and marriages


The alarming trend of Muslims kidnapping young Hindu girls and forcibly marrying them to Muslims is tormenting Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Though Pak-Bangla media may occasionally report such atrocities, main stream media in India remains silent in this regard. To illustrate the dismal situation, just one such example is given here. It was reported in Pakistan’s premier English daily ‘The Dawn’ dated November 3, 2005 that 19 Hindu girls mostly from Punjab Colony, Karachi were missing from their homes. Relatives of these girls believed that they had been kidnapped and were being forced to change their religion, the press release added.

Columnist Irfan Husain’s write up entitled “Conversion Losses” published in The Dawn dated December 3, 2005 relates the tragedy of Hindu parents in Karachi whose three young daughters Reena, Usha and Rima of marriageable age vanished in October, 2005. In a few days, the shocked parents received a courier package containing three identical affidavits from their daughters stating that they had converted to Islam and, therefore, could not live with their Hindu parents. And father of the girls just wailed, “We just sit and stare at each other. For us, life is over.”

And this hopeless situation can be the fate of any Hindu parent in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Kidnappings and killings


Even during the last few months, thousands of Hindus have been forced to flee Pakistan, and take shelter in India.

Increasing incidents of kidnappings, robberies and forcible conversion have rattled Hindu community in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Those unable to pay the ransom are just killed. Hindu film maker Satish Anand’s kidnapping in Karachi and recent release after payment of a huge ransom is just one of such countless examples.

In April, 2009 Sikhs in Karzai in Pakistan were targeted to pay fifty million rupees as Jazia, the tax levied on non-Muslims. As the victims could not pay the said Jazia, their houses were looted and destroyed.

Discrimination and dispossession


Discrimination against Hindus is a fact of life as also a fact of law in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

As per Constitution of Pakistan, only a Muslim can be the President or Prime Minister of Pakistan. As per Bangladeshi Constitution too, only a Muslim can be the head of the state.

The Vested Property Act was passed in 1965 as “Enemy Property Act” in Pakistan. This law legitimised confiscation of Hindu property. After emergence of Bangladesh in 1971, this Act was renamed as the Vested Property Act in Bangladesh, and the state was made the owner of the Hindus’ property. This Act has legitimised the forfeiture of millions of acres of ancestral Hindu lands. And Hindu lands and properties are being taken over by the government (under the Vested Property Act) to be distributed among Muslims.

Way out


In 1950, Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan signed an agreement called the Nehru Liaqat Pact under which both the governments undertook to protect life, liberty, religion and safety of the minorities in each other’s country.

But the government in India is doing nothing in the ongoing genocide and deprivation of Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

It is the Indian government’s legal and moral duty to ensure that as per the Nehru-Liaqat Pact of 1950, and as per the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Pakistan and Bangladesh treat their minorities in a human manner. India must also ask Bangladesh to repeal the Vested Properties Act, and restore the lands and properties of Hindus to Hindus.

The United Nations Commission on Human Rights must also be approached to redeem the situation. Denial of human rights to Hindus violates UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948.

In Pakistan and Bangladesh, Hindus have only the right to suffer and right to silence. Shockingly, the tragedy of Hindus of Pakistan and Bangladesh remains untold by Indian main stream media.

India’s callous inaction regarding the pathetic plight of Pak-Bangla Hindus is disgusting. Killing of Hindus in Pakistan, in Bangladesh or even in India is not taken seriously by main stream media, by government or by various political parties or by human rights industry in India.

Is it because for some sections in India, only the terrorists, anti-nationals and Pak-Bangla infiltrators are entitled to fundamental and human rights?

Will India ever act to save Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh ?

This is an unfinished story to finish the Hindu race by Islamist Jihasdists in Pakistan and Bangladesh. The Hindu-Buddhist race in the Indian sub-continent is decaying after facing the barbaric onslaught of Islam.

Publisher: Firma KLM Publishers, Kolkata (Calcutta), India
Price: $ 29 (Please call 609-448-7225 to procure a copy, or Muktadhara Booksellers of New York at 718-565-7258; or check Internet.)

Input : [ ISBN: 81-7102-151- 4 ] and Helpless Hindus of Pakistan and Bangladesh

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Hindus for Israel, then Israel for Hindus. Hindu-Jewish unity is must to check the danger of Islam. International Hindu community should demand Hindu Home Land in India just now.

Posted by hinduexistence on April 28, 2010


Hindu Existence Special Correspondent  in New York

More than 2500 people, braving inclement weather and driving rain assembled in front of the Israeli Consulate in the heart of the city of New York on Sunday, April 25th and whole-heartedly supported Israel’s right to exist and to determine its own fate.

More than 50 organizations representing Jewish, Christian, Hindu and Sikh faiths took part in the Rally.  A formidable contingent of Hindus and Sikhs led by Narain Kataria and Arish Sahani, President and Vice President of Indian American Intellectuals Forum, Satya Dosapati and Nand Lal Ramsinghani of the Hindu Human Rights Watch and Bhupinder Singh Bhurji, Chairman, Namdhari Sikh Foundation, USA, participated in the Rally.  The chief organizer of the event was Beth Gilinsky, Political Strategist, Action Alliance.

The supporters carried playcards saying that since 9/11/2001 attack on the World Trade Center, the followers of ISLAM the so called “religion of peace” have carried out 15,101 deadly terrorist attacks and killed more than 75,000 people.

[In his brief speech, which he delivered with electric effect, Mr. Kataria touched the deepest cord in the psyche of the audience.  Mr. Kataria was widely cheered five times by the strong crowd.  First when Kataria greeted the energetic audience with “Brothers and Sisters Shalom”; second when he said we Hindus understand and appreciate your persecution and pain because we Hindus have suffered unprecedented brutalities and savageries at the hands of Radical Islam for the last 1400 years hence we both are natural allies; third when he said that Israel is the frontier of the free world – if we lose Israel we lose the free world; fourth when he poignantly described the ethnic cleansing of Hindus from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Kashmir; and fifth when he said that Islamists are not just claiming Jerusalem but they are also claiming Kashmir, Chechnya, Philippines, Sudan, Nigeria, Londonistan, Parts of France, Spain, Belgium, Holland and several other countries] – writeup by Nagendra Rao.

Narain Kataria’s Speech:

Brothers and Sisters:  Shalom:

I feel privileged and honored for your giving me an opportunity to speak before you.  I am really thankful to the organizers of this Rally.  I am living in this country for the last 40 years.  America has given me freedom of religion and liberty of expression.  Unlike Islamic nations, the American government does not force its citizen to accept Islam or say they would be killed or driven out of that country if they do not.

Dear friends like many Jewish people I am also the victim of Islamic Jihad. I am the survivor of the Partition of India that took place in 1947.  I was 17 years old when Islamists forced Hindus to divide British India into two parts in 1947 – Hindu India and Islamic Pakistan.

I was living in that part of India which is now called Pakistan .  Since I was a Hindu, my life was made miserable by Islamic police and Islamic militia.  I was hounded out by Radical Islamists.  Many of my friends and colleagues were singled out, chased and brutally killed.  Thousands of Hindu and Sikh girls were gang raped by fanatic Islamists.  More than 10 million Hindus and Sikhs were driven out of the region that is now called Pakistan .

In 1947, there were 23% Hindus living there in Pakistan.  Today the Hindu population in Pakistan has been reduced to 1% in just 60 years.  All the others have been ethnically cleansed.

The same thing happened in Bangladesh .  The Hindu population has been reduced from 35% in 1947 to 9% in 2010.  More than 400,000 Hindus were driven out in 1989 from Indian ruled Kashmir .  These Hindus are living as refugees in their own country.

Today we Hindus are here to express our sympathy and support to Israelis who are surrounded by militant and fanatic Islamic nations armed with deadly weapons. Islamic nations want to wipe out Israel from the world map. Let me tell you, Israel is the frontier of the free World.  Once we lose Israel , we lose the free world.  I repeat, once we lose Israel, we lose the free world.

The cowardly and politically correct media and its apologists have no idea as to what they are dealing with.  It is not just Jerusalem the Islamists are claiming; they are claiming Kashmir, Chechnya, Philippines, Sudan, Nigeria, Londonistan, Parts of France, Spain, Belgium, Holland and several other countries – and eventually the whole world.  They want all of us to surrender.  They want to subjugate all of us.  They want to plant the Islamic flag in London, They want to plant the Islamic flag at in Washington.  They have openly stated that they want to establish the supremacy of Allah all over  the USA, in India, in Israel and everywhere else.  Dear Brothers and Sisters, we have to resolutely and unitedly face this menace of terrorism.

We both – Hindus and Israelis – are the oldest surviving civilizations.  We both have been the victims of Islamic terrorism for more than a thousand year.  Hence, we both are the natural allies.

At the moment Israeli is under attack by radical Islamists.  Israel is the only democratic country in the Middle East .  It has every right to exist.  We fully support Israel’s right to exist as a free nation within its rightful borders.



Bhupinder Singh Bhuri’s speech:

I am very thankful to the organizers of this Rally for giving me an opportunity to speak before all of you.

I express my thanks to America because America has given us full freedom to follow our religion and liberty of thought.  America has gives us the freedom to pursue any profession we want.

At the moment, Israeli is under attack from all directions.  We have come here to express our  sympathy with our Israeli brothers and sisters.  Like the Jewish people, we Sikhs were the victims of Islamic terrorism for the last 500 years.  Hence, we understand and appreciate your pain, insecurity and anguish.  We have assembled here to awaken and educate American citizens about the menace of terrorism.

Radical Islam wants to dominate entire world.  They want everyone to surrender.  Islam – radical or otherwise.  They want to put the Islamic flag on White House.  They want to put the Islamic flag on 10 Downing Street in U.K.  They want to destroy Israel.  In this struggle for survival, we are with our Israeli brothers and Sisters.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, a couple of months ago thousands of our Sikh brothers were asked to pay special tax by the Taliban in Pakistan.  When they refused to pay the special tax, their houses were burnt and their businesses destroyed.  According to a report in the Times of India, as a result of torture by the Taliban, more than 5000 Hindus and Sikhs have fled Pakistan.

We Sikhs are a very peaceful  and law abiding people because of our religious teachings.   However, I would like to inform you that we Sikhs cannot and do not take injustice or cruelty lying down.  For the last five hundred years, we Sikhs have fought to protect India from the rapacious invaders who attacked India from Afghanistan.  These attackers looted, raped, and murdered thousands of innocent mean, women and children.  But we Sikhs never submitted to the injustice and cruelty!

What America is doing now in Afghanistan, we Sikhs had done 200 years ago and we had taught a befitting lesson to the terrorists from Afghanistan during the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the Lion of Punjab.  We Sikhs organized our armies then under his leadership and pushed all the Islamic invaders back to Afghanistan.  Under our Commander, the great General Hari Singh Nalva we attacked Afghanistan and defeated them and destroyed their morale.  We built a very powerful human wall on the western  front of India and insulated India from foreign attacks for ever.

One other incident I would like to tell you from the recent History of India.  In 1971, the Indian Army under the leadership of the valiant Sikh Lt. General Jagjit Singh Arora fought against the Pakistani army, defeated them, arrested over 90,000 soldiers and several generals,  and freed Bangladesh.  To date this has been the largest surrender of a singly army corps anywhere in the world.

My fellow Americans ye can learn many things from Sikh history.

Hindu Existence appeals : From the prevailing persecution of Islam and others, the Jews have established their own state of Israel out of a struggle for existence. Islam want to destroy Israel at any cost. From 712 A.D. to 1757, the Islamic invaders and their descendants tried their war best to finish Hinduism from Bharatvarsha (India). Their present legacy in Indian polity is still active to run down Hindu system in India even after a separation of  Hindu Mother land at the cost of Pakistan. The Mullahs in India still want a complete Pak-land in India by the way of Jihad. The problems of Hindus and Jews are same in facing  the onslaught of  aggressive and devastating Islam to these two ethnic groups, the Hindus in India and the Jews in Israel.

By the grace of Almighty Jews have earned their home land in Israel. Hindus in every corner of this world support it. But a home land for more than 828 million to 965 million Hindus of world is still un-achieved. It is Bharatvarsha. It is India. Hindus should declare India as a Hindu state. Hindus should fight for a Hindu Nation in India right now. The Islamic and the secular conspirators should be thrown out from the Himalaya. The Islamic aggression in India and Israel must be stopped at any cost. Hindus and the Israel must come together for their survival.

Hindus stand for Israel. Israel stands for Hindus. Hindu-Jews unity is a must to check the danger of Islam.

International Hindu and Jew Communities are requested to contact to propagate, help and support this cause in the addresses below :

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Two Important Works on Hinduism

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Encyclopedia of Hinduism Launched

DELHI, INDIA: The much awaited Encyclopedia of Hinduism is finally out. After the deep research conducted by about 2000 eminent scholars for about 20 years, it came in 6,600 multi-color pages divided into 11 volumes. It is jointly published by India Heritage Research Foundation and Rupa & Co. and is first of its kind on Hinduism.

The first preview of this compilation was organized at the Vivekananda International Centre in New Delhi on March 25 in the presence of eminent scholars, bureaucrats, educationists and leading personalities of the country including former Deputy Prime Minister Shri LK Advani, former Union HRD Minister Dr Murli Manohar Joshi, Shri Arif Mohammad Khan, former Governor of J&K Shri Jagmohan and many others.

Three volumes of the Encyclopedia are ready and eight others will be ready within a few weeks. It is a comprehensive compilation of the vast ocean of knowledge, history and experience that constitutes Indian culture. The content has been divided into different sections like art, Hinduism in global context, history, historiography and geography, language and literature, philosophy, polity, religion and spirituality, science, special institutions and movements, spiritual disciplines, scholarship in Hindu studies and women in studies.

Talking to Organiser, Sadhvi Bhagwati, secretary of the India Heritage Research Foundation and a disciple of Swami Chidanand Muni Saraswati who has been instrumental behind the publication of the compilation, said the Encyclopedia answers the questions people are often confronted with, like: What is Hinduism? Who is a Hindu?, etc. The historical details of Hinduism have been explained in various articles written by eminent scholars. More than 2,000 scholars have contributed in this publication.

Review of Encyclopedia of Hinduism

In March/April of 2010, on the holy banks of the Ganga in Rishikesh & Haridwar there is the greatest spiritual fair in the world, the Maha Kumbha Mela. Taking place every twelve years, the Kumbha regularly draws crowds of more than fifty million pilgrims from across the world. It is a time when the spiritual masters of all the different traditions and lineages come together to bestow their darshan and wisdom upon the masses. The Kumbha of 2010 will also mark a historic event – the release of the long awaited Encyclopedia of Hinduism, compiled by India Heritage Research Foundation. H.H. the Dalai Lama, H.H. Sri Shankaracharaya of Kanchi Peeth, Swami Jayendra Saraswati, Swami Ramdev, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Sant Shri Rameshbhai Oza, Sant Shri Morari Bapu and many more revered saints have already confirmed their presence at this auspicious event.

Celebration in honor of the upcoming and long awaited Encyclopedia of Hinduism was held at Cedar Gardens Banquets in Hamilton, NJ on October 10, 2009. The function was blessed by the presence of the founder of IHRF and inspirer of Encyclopedia of Hinduism, H.H. Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji. He is the president and spiritual head of Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Rishikesh, India

The Encyclopedia of Hinduism has aptly been termed, “The Project of the Third Millennium.” Under the divine vision and guidance of India’s leading saint, H.H. Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji, the Encyclopedia will mark the first time in history that the vast panorama of Indian culture is encapsulated in one complete work.

India’s cultural heritage is multistranded and complex, forming an intricate tapestry of wisdom, insight and tradition. The timeless truths are available and beneficial to people of all religions, all faiths and all walks of life. Hinduism is not a dogma, but rather a way of life that brings depth, richness, integrity, understanding and meaning to our daily lives.

To encapsulate an entire cosmos in a literary portfolio is an enormous task. Nevertheless, under the divine inspiration of H.H. Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji, the India Heritage Research Foundation has undertaken the divine and momentous challenge of publishing the first, complete, authentic multi-volume Encyclopedia of Hinduism. This project will provide the first thorough and comprehensive compilation, integrating the vast ocean of knowledge, history and experience that is Indian culture.

Despite the influence of Hinduism across the globe, this spiritual tradition is widely misunderstood in the West. It has become imperative to provide an authentic, objective, scholarly, standardized and comprehensive source of reference and information.

The Encyclopedia will provide a better understanding of Hindu traditions, deepen inter-cultural dialogue and serve as a standard reference for students, teachers, seekers and anyone interested in the world’s oldest living tradition. The Encyclopedia will include approximately 7000 articles, ranging in length from 250 to over 5000 words, covering the depth and breadth of Hindu culture, tradition and civilization. The articles span twelve main subject areas: art, Hinduism in global context, history, historiography and geography, language and literature, philosophy, polity, religion and spirituality, sciences, social institutions and movements, spiritual disciplines, scholarship in Hindu studies and role of Hindu women.

The Encyclopedia has been prepared by over 1000 scholars all across the globe. Headquarters for EH were located at the University of South Carolina, Columbia where all articles from all satellite offices around the world were sent for approval and editing. Final operations of editing and review shifted to India in 2003. Under the guidance of Chief Editor Dr. K.L. Seshagiri Rao and Executive Editor Dr. Kapil Kapoor and Executive Editors in USA and India, the work is nearly complete. The articles have all been written and received by the Encyclopedia offices across the world and are now in the final stage of proofreading by Rupa & Co. publishers and the executive editorial team in Delhi.

The manuscript work is nearly complete, including the selection and matching of illustrations to articles.

Highlights of EH

First comprehensive Encyclopedia of Hinduism in history. Extensively researched & documented. Authentic, authoritative & illuminating. 12 main subject areas, 11 Volumes. 7500 original entries.Approx. 6 million words.Thousands of Illustrations. Cross referenced. Complete Index & Glossary.A product of the cooperative research of more than 1000 international scholars of Hinduism.


For another great effort on Hindu Encyclopedia click here.>>

Hindu American Foundation (HAF) Issues reports on Hindu Rights around globe including Bangladesh & Pakistan

The Foundation’s sixth annual Hindu Human Rights Report details violations against Hindus in areas where they are minority – namely in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Fiji, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Trinidad and Tobago, in addition to Pakistan and the Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir.  It also includes a Hotspots of Trouble section which includes coverage on Afghanistan, Australia and Saudi Arabia. The report provides detailed accounts of human rights violations are in the areas of violence against women, murder, ethnic cleansing, temple destruction, socio-political ostracization, disenfranchisement, discrimination and forced conversions.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, March 30, 2010: The annual Hindu human rights report was released by the Hindu American Foundation (HAF) earlier today.

The 194 page report, now in its sixth year, entitled “Hindus in South Asia and the Diaspora, A Survey of Human Rights 2009,” is the only such report released internationally. Censuring eleven countries for either targeting Hindus to further religious and political agendas or failing to ensure equal rights and protections, the report is widely read by government officials and lawmakers here and earned spirited responses and denials from the American embassies of several countries indicted in the past.

“This annual report documents human rights violations of Hindus throughout South Asia and in countries that do not share values of democracy, pluralism and freedom,” said U.S. Congressman Ed Royce (R-CA) after reviewing the Foundation’s report. “By spotlighting which nations do not live up to these standards, nonprofit organizations like HAF stand up for the basic dignity and human rights for all people of faith and for free thought.”

“Our effort started with the belief that Hindu minorities were silent and unknown victims in Bangladesh, Pakistan and elsewhere, and documenting their realities has grown into a full time endeavor,” said Ramesh Rao, Ph.D., the Foundation’s human rights researcher and coordinator.”This year, the arrival of thousands of Hindu refugees from Bhutan brings a human face to the issues too many encounter simply because of their ethnicity and Hindu faith.”

Islamic Republic of Pakistan

In 1947, Hindus were approximately 25% of the population of Pakistan. Now, Hindus constitute less than 1.6% of the population. Pakistan officially and routinely discriminates against non-Muslims through a variety of discriminatory laws, such as blasphemy laws. On March 24, 2005, Pakistan restored the discriminatory practice of mandating the inclusion of religious identity of individuals in all new passports.
  • School textbooks continue to promote Islam and hatred and intolerance towards non-Muslims, including Hindus.
  • Islamists continue to extend their influence throughout the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), and other parts of the North West Frontier Province (NWFP).
  • Recurring reports point to an alarming trend of Hindu girls being kidnapped, raped, held in madrassas (Islamic seminaries) and forcibly converted to Islam.
  • Poor Hindus continue to be subjected to inhumane conditions through the bonded labor system.
HAF Recommendations
  1. Pakistan should remove all blasphemy laws.  Those imprisoned under blasphemy laws should get their day in court within a period of two weeks.  Long imprisonments without court appraisal constitute human rights abuse.
  2. Pakistan should reverse the 2005 decision mandating religious identification in passports.
  3. Pakistan should set up a Human Rights Commission and a National Minorities Commission to monitor the human rights condition and to enable minorities to enjoy the rights provided to the majority population.
  4. Pakistan should reform its education system in order to remove inaccuracies about other religions and promote tolerance and pluralism.
  5. The United States should demand that Pakistan stop supporting and financing all Islamic militant groups operating in the subcontinent.  The United States must end all military assistance to Pakistan.
  6. The United States should continue dialogue with Pakistan on the issues of human rights and religious freedom and dispatch a fact-finding committee organized by the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) to Pakistan.

Also see : >> Plight of Hindus in Pakistan & Bangladesh

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Hindu Temples are under attack in Pakistan by fundamental Muslims. Hundreds of temples have been destroyed in Pakistan in last five years very silently.

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Land grabbers target Hindu temples in Pak

Input from Kshitiz Singhal and Sumon K Chakrabarti, CNN-IBN || Posted on Apr 01, 2010 at 18:49

New Delhi: Again the fundamentalists in Pak tried to demoralize Hindu Minorities by snatching their religious rights upon the nose of the tall talking of Minority Protection given by thre Pakistan Government.  After reports on gurdwara land being sold off to the army at throwaway prices, land grabbers in Pakistan are targeting Hindu temple properties. A Krishna temple was tried to demolish completely and 20 acres surrounding it was encroached illegally by Bashir Khaskheli, leader of a radical organisation, Jeay Sindh. By this time of present Govt. it could not be possible to ensure to protect the minority Temple and churches in Pakistan under the threat perceptions by the majority communities. Hundreds of temples have been destroyed in Pakistan in last five years very silently.

The owners of the land, Padma Puri, who also heads Karachi Panjrapor Welfare Association, was attacked when she resisted the building of boundary walls around the temple and acid was thrown on her body. Padma Puri said, “Some men with masks had acid thrown at me, my body got burnt.”

Padmapuri along with her husband Maharaj Kishan Chand are now fighting a lonely battle and even the Minister of Minority Affairs, Mohan Lal, in Sindh cannot provide them justice.

Maharaj Kishan Chand said, “We are Hindus and injustice is being meted out to us.”

CNN-IBN has documents which show that repeated requests made to the Pakistan Evacuee Trust Property Board has fallen on deaf ears.

In December 2009, CNN-IBN was the first to report on how Pakistan is selling off acres and acres of land that belongs to the country’s minority Sikh community, worth millions, at a throwaway price to the Pakistani army.

Even in the past, many temple lands were grabbed illegally and several attempts made to take the temple’s property back from the land grabbers have met with no success. Most ministers in Pakistan, including Hindu Ministers have refused to help in reclaiming the such land though all this is in clear violation of Pakistan’s own regulations of not putting up for sale the property of any religious place inside the country.

  • After publishing the news in CNN-IBN channel in India, various authorities and forums in Pakistan have started their play to sideline the issue in favour of the persecutors to achieve their goals. But everybody knows that there were 1500 big Hindu-Buddhists-Jain-Sikh-Ravidasa temples and shrines before partition of India in 1947. But now the numbers of Temples-Shrines came down to 300 at best as per the available record so far.
  • ( Important Reading : Hindu Temples-What happened to Them by Sita Ram Goel and Others. Volume-I and Volume-II)
  • Desecration of Hindu Temple in Karachi: Stop It. NOW!
  • There are/were  four important temples in Karachi specifically dedicated to Lord Krishna, Vishnu or Narayana. They are :Laxmi Narain Temple At Native Jetty Bridge, Queens Road Karachi. This temple is constructed on land facing the sea under the Native Jetty Bridge. It was constructed about 200 years back. In this temple, Festival of Raksha Bandhan (NarialPuja), Ganesh Chaturthee, i.e. Birthday of Shri Ganesh Deva and every Chand night is celebrated. It is a sacred place for performing death rituals of Karni (11th day rituals) and offering Shiradh of Pitras and for putting final Garba Murtis in sea water on the day of Nao-Ratree & Ganesh Chaturithi.
  • Swami Narayan Temple Opposite Kmc M.A Jinnah Road Karachi.
    It is a big Temple estate, surrounded by residential houses. It is an old temple building, which dates back to more than 150 years. In this temple, celebration of Swami Narain Jayanti, Sri Ram Navmi, Janam Ashtmi, Dasshera, Diwali and mostly all the religious festivals are celebrated by Hindus, within these premises, there is a temple of Guru Nanak where in every Chand Raat and the birthday of Guru Nanak, Wasakhee, days are also celebrated by Hindus.
  • Varun God (Radha Krishna – Sita Ram) Temple At Manora Cantt
    The temple is situated on seashore of Manora cantt. This temple is about 160 years old and designed perfectly as per Hindu Architecture. The temple is carved from a blackish marble. Apart of Varun Devta temple there is small temple of Shiv Shanker & statues of Hanuman & Sri Ganesh Mahraj are still in good condition. Sindhi Hindu Businessmen built this temple & renovated from time to time. After partition the temple was abandoned & illegally occupied by land grabbers.
  • Krishna Mandir- Frere town Clifton Karachi, which is believed to be destroyed completely. Any one could send any picture of this Temple? It is impossible now. But the media tried to misled the issue otherwise including PHP. Those who want to clarify the land grabbing of  Swami Narayan Temple Opposite Kmc M.A Jinnah Road Karachi, please say something about the non-existence of Krishna Mandir- Frere town Clifton Karachi.

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Four-day Hindu Congress in Fiji.

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Sangam starts four-day Hindu Congress

SUVA, FIJI||Saturday, April 03, 2010

SOUTH Indians jam-packed the the National Stadium in Suva yesterday to attend the inaugural 84th convention of one of the biggest Hindu religious and charitable organizations in the country.

The ‘Then India Sanmarga Ikya Sangam (TISI Sangam) started its four-day convention with cultural dance items and the opening of the Sangam soccer tournament yesterday.

TISI Sangam Convention chairman Sadasivan Naicker said an estimated 12,000 members attended, which included those from the Western Division and outside of Suva.

Mr Naicker said they also had members from Australia and New Zealand present, including the Indian High Commissioner Professor Prabhakara Jha as chief guest.

Addressing the crowd in his opening speech, Mr Naicker said Sangam had become a household name for the South Indians in Fiji.

He said the Sangam aimed to render valuable services to the community in various fields of education and cultural activities.

“The lifespan of a human being is very short, we should therefore have a legacy behind us, let us not follow where the path may lead, but let’s make our own path and leave a trail instead, he said.

Mr Naicker said one such legacy whose footprints were still imprinted in the history of Sangam was their patron saint Sadhu Kuppuswamy, better known as the father of Sangam.

Mr Naicker said he hoped the convention would bring together all Sangam members in a stronger bond of fellowship and advised members learnt more about their rich cultural heritage and language.

The Sangam runs a number of schools around the country and also has an institution for student nurses.

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Malaysia sets up academy for Hindu priests, Move to increase the own number of holy men from Malaysia

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Malaysia’s 3,000 Hindu temples nationwide presently use 350 priests from India- AFP

Malaysia sets up academy for Hindu priests

(AFP) – April 5th 2010

KUALA LUMPUR — Malaysia has set up an academy to train Hindu priests in a bid to reduce the number of foreigners working in temples in the Muslim-majority nation, a newspaper reported Monday.

Human resources minister S. Subramaniam’s announcement came after the government rescinded a 2008 immigration ban on Indian priests aimed at cutting the country’s foreign workforce.

“With the academy, the community is also assured of qualified and accredited priests to perform various Hindu ceremonies,” the minister was quoted as saying by the New Straits Times newspaper.

“Prior to the setting up of this academy…there was no standardisation.

“Now, we are regularising every aspect of priest training and priesthood,” added Subramanian, who is also secretary-general of the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC), part of the ruling coalition.

He said the government-funded academy run by the Hindu Priests Association would help train, grade and certify priests for the 3,000 Hindu temples nationwide which presently use 350 priests from India.

Malaysia has launched plans to reduce its total of 1.9 million foreign workers. Indians form the third-largest workforce in Malaysia, with 140,000 workers, most hired by restaurants.

The conservative nation has been beset by religious disputes in recent months with a spate of firebombings against churches and mosques in January, triggered by a dispute over the use of the word “Allah” as a translation for “God” by non-Muslims.

The country also saw unprecedented protests in 2007 alleging ethnic Indians faced discrimination at the hands of Muslim Malays.

The rows have strained relations between Malays and minorities who fear the country is being “Islamised.”

About 60 percent of the nation’s 28 million people are ethnic Malay Muslims while the rest are mostly ethnic Indians and Chinese, who are largely Hindu, Buddhist or Christian.

Move to increase the  own number of holy men from Malaysia

Mon, Apr 05, 2010
The Star/Asia News Network

IPOH, MALAYSIA: An academy has been set up to train and accredit Hindu priests in the country in a move to reduce the number of foreign priests from India.

Human Resources Minister Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam said the Government had been toying with the idea of setting up such an academy for more than 15 years.

“At present, there are people practising locally as temple priests with various types of training which are very confusing.

“With the setting up of an academy, there will be a national body to recognise and accredit the priests,” he said after launching the academy at Jalan Pasar in RPT Jelapang Tambahan here yesterday.

He said at present, there were 350 priests from India serving at various local Hindu temples in the country.

“But there is a need for thousands of priests,” Dr Subramaniam said, admitting however that the local Hindu community might take some time to get used to the idea of having locally trained priests.

Dr Subramaniam said the Hindu Priests Association would be in charge of the syllabus which had been drawn up after consultation with leading institutions in India.

He said under the syllabus, it would take five years to become a full-fledged priest.

“There are five grading, allowing those at each level to perform different functions,” he said, adding that, for example, those who passed Grade One could perform the worship ritual pooja while those with Grade Five could consecrate new temples.

Courtesy : AFP, ANN, Star News.

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“Why peaceful Hindu state Nepal was converted into a secular state,”… Manisha Koirala.

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Manisha unhappy with Hindu Nepal becoming secular state

Updated on Friday, March 26, 2010, 18:38 IST ||Zee News||PTI.

Kathmandu: Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala on Friday expressed here displeasure over converting Nepal into a secular state, saying there was no need to change the status of the Hindu nation.

40-year-old Koirala, the granddaughter of B P Koirala who was Nepal’s first elected primed minister, said the country never had any dispute over the issue of religion.

“I don’t understand why peaceful Hindu state Nepal was converted into a secular state,” she said talking to mediapersons in the capital.

Nepal was converted into a secular state three years ago by the Parliament.

“Nepal never had any dispute over the issue of religion. There was no need to change the status of the Hindu state as there was no problem in it,” she said.

Manisha, a strong supporter of monarchy, said she had great respect for the late Prime Minister G P Koirala, her grandfather’s younger brother, though she had some political differences with him.

He possessed a strong personality and was a dedicated politician, she said, adding he did whatever he thought was right.

Replying to a question on who should be the successor of Koirala, the Nepali-Indian actress said it is not necessary that his successor should come from the Koirala family.

The party’s next general convention will decide who will be the successor, Manisha said.

“There should be cooperation among the leaders of the party not competition, she pointed out.

When asked if she is in race for the party’s leadership, the actress said she has no interest in politics at this moment.

“I want to serve the country from outside politics,” she said, adding “I will work for the benefit of children and orphans in the country”.

She said her grandfather BP Koirala was her ideal in politics.

When asked about the possibility of the revival of monarchy in the country, she avoided a direct answer, saying “I am too small a person to comment on that”.

On her professional work, Manisha said she will work in Nepali film if she is offered a good script.

She warned that the failure to promulgate the new constitution by May 28 will be “disastrous” for the country.

“I wish the constitution will be drafted on time, she said, adding it will be disastrous if it is not completed on time.

When asked about her marriage, the Bollywood star said she has not yet decided on the matter.

However, she underlined that she would like to settle down in her homeland Nepal.


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Ramnavami festival celebrated World-wide.

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Rama Navami celebrated with gaiety and honor

Staff Reporter, The Hindu||Devotees throng temples and offer special  Ram Navmi poojas.

NIZAMABAD: The celestial wedding of Lord Rama and his consort Sita was performed at several Ramalayams across the district in a grand manner on Wednesday.

Devotees thronged the temples and offered special poojas since early morning in connection with the Srirama Navami. Hundreds of devotees attended the celestial wedding at the Sri Raghunatha Ramalayam atop the Khilla Indur here. Rama Navami was celebrated at Ramalayam, Subash Nagar in the town and at the historic Ramalayam temple at Dichpally. Devotees queued up to have the darshan of the Lord God at this temple.

<<Pic. Left . Religious fervour:Devotees at Raghunatha Ramalayam on Khilla witnessing Rama Navami celebrations in Nizamabad in Andhra Pradesh, INDIA on Wednesday.

Ramnavami festival celebrated across India.

Ayodhya/ Srinagar, March 24 (ANI): Devout Hindus in different parts of the country offered prayers in the temples on the occasion of Ram Navami, the birth anniversary of Lord Rama, on Wednesday (March 24).

At Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Rama in Uttar Pradesh, a large number of devotees took a holy dip in the River Saryu and visited temples to offer special prayers on the occasion.

Also hndreds of devotees visited the famous Kanak Bhawan Temple in Ayodhya.

“Hundreds of people visited the temple and sought blessings of Lord Rama. It is believed that if a person seeks the blessings of Lord Rama on this day, he attains salvation,” said Dev Morari Bapu, a priest at the Kanak Bhawan Temple.

In Srinagar, temples were lit with lamps to mark the occasion.

Devotees of all age groups thronged the temples even before the dawn carrying offerings of sweets, flowers and fruits. See Holy Dip in River Saraju in Ayodhya through ANI. Click here.

“We want to follow the teachings of Lord Rama. We want that there should be peace all around. I pray on this day that violence around the world should end and all the disturbances should come to an end,” said A K Raj, a devotee.

In north India, Ramnavami festival also marked the end of the nine days of the Navaratri festival, during which many devotees observe fast to honour the goddess Durga.

According to Hindu legend, Rama was born as an incarnation of Vishnu, the preserver of the universe, to eradicate evil from the earth.

Ram Navami falls on the ninth day of the first fortnight of the Hindu month of Chaitra, which usually falls in the month of March or April. (ANI)

Hindus celebrate Ram Naumi in Fiji.

Thursday, March 25, 2010|| Source: Fiji Times.

YOUNG people in the society have been urged to follow the teachings of Lord Rama so that they can live in a country free of discrimination

Hindus around the country celebrated Ram Naumi yesterday after nine days of prayer and fasting.

Ram Naumi marks the birth of Lord Rama who later ruled as king of Ayodhya in India.

General secretary of the Shri Sanatan Dharm Brahman Purohit Maha Sabha, Kamal Sharma said their message to youths during Ram Naumi this year was to follow the teachings of Lord Rama in their life. Pic. Right >> Somal Raju, 9, performs prayers during the Ram Naumi celebration at the Samabula temple in Fiji yesterday.

Mr Sharma said birth of Lord Rama and his life was about the end of evil and during his time as the ruler of Ayodhya he showed great concern to his people and saw everyone as equal.

“We learn from the Ramayan that he did not discriminate between people of any race of work of life and we believe that people, especially young people should always accept others as their friends. The question of race, religion and work of life should not matter,” he said.

Mr Sharma said youths were the leaders of tomorrow and during the nine days of prayer and teachings they encouraged the youths to refrain from discrimination.

“Ram Naumi is the first celebration in our Sanatan calendar and we want people to celebrate and practice the teachings too,” he said.

Devotees marked the end of Ram Naumi yesterday with prayer and offerings to the deities at their homes and at the temples around the country.

While some celebrated it at noon, others marked the end in the evening.

Hindu Existence wishes a very prosperous and holy Ram Navami to every viewers and supporters of this blog-site.

Hindu Existence demands Ram-Janam Bhoomi Temple immediately in Ayodhya.

Establishment of true Ram Rajya of Hindutva ideals in Bharat, not of the silly Gandhian and fraud concept.

Destruction of Political Ravans-Ten headed demons at any cost, who want Ravan-Rajya in India. End of all corruption and evils supported by Rome, Italy, Arab, China and America.

Declaration of Holidays  in India on Ram Navami and Krishna Janmastami.

Satya Palanam, Prajanuranjan, Lok-hita sadhana, Nari-Matru Suraksha, Gau-Raksha, Samaskriti Raksha, Dharma Raksha by the Rashtra as done by Marjayda Purusottam Raja Sri Ramchandra.

Raja Ram is the Universal King of Hindus. Every Govt. Office, Judicial section must put the picture of His Divine Lordship Pravu Ram.

Hindus start to destroy of all  inner and outer evils of Ravana with the power of Almighty Pravu Ramchandra. Jai Sree Rama.

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Discrimination against ‘scheduled caste’ Hindus continues in Pakistan, Low Caste Hindu Women and Kids Being Sexploited in Pakistan

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Low Caste Hindu Women, Kids Being Sexploited in Pakistan

Source : ||Tuesday,March23,2010

A new study has found that the Hindus belonging to lower castes are unofficially declared as “untouchables” and are given a second-grade-citizen treatment. Their kids are made to clean the school premises and are forced to sit on back benches.

The study also found that Hindu women belonging to scheduled castes were the most vulnerable and considered “sexually available by men” of Muslim-dominated communities. Since the SC Hindus are economically weaker with no social support or political leverage in the community, their young women/ girls were lured into matrimony or abducted and wed through forced conversions.

“The abduction of young scheduled caste women is frequent and often reported in regional newspapers. And they are kidnapped or lured and then used sexually and sometimes abandoned after being kept in custody,” found the study.

According to the study findings, the “untouchable” Hindus were denied barber services and offered food and drink in separate crockery.

The report of the research carried out by the ‘Long Behind Schedule’ on caste-based discrimination in Pakistan, was released at the Karachi Press Club last evening.

“In schools, scheduled caste students are obliged to sit on back seats
, leaving the front seats for students from non-scheduled castes. Though they are not asked to do it on a regular basis, the practice has been in place for so long that it has become a custom. Scheduled caste students are also made to clean the schools,” the Daily Times quoted the study findings as saying.

The study was conducted in two districts of Sindh – Tharparkar and Umerkot – and two district of the Punjab – Rahimyar Khan and Bahawalpur – for one year. Besides, a survey was also conducted on 750 households.

The study was conducted on behalf of the International Solidarity Network (ISDN) and Indian Institute of Dalit Studies (IIDS) in collaboration with the Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research (PILER) and Thardeep Rural Development Programme (TRDP).

An overwhelming majority (79 percent) of the scheduled caste population said in reply to the survey’s questionnaire that they faced discriminatory treatment of one kind or another and the situation is the worst in southern Punjab. And, 69 percent of those surveyed said that their upper caste Hindu and Muslim neighbours either did not invite them to their social gatherings such as weddings, or if invited, they were served food separately.

This attitude was relatively more prevalent in Rahimyar Khan (87 percent) than in Tharparkar (60 percent), found the survey.

Discrimination against ‘scheduled caste’ Hindus continues in Pakistan

Source : ||Monday,March22,2010

ISLAMABAD – Discriminatory attitude of the general public as well as Hindus’ upper caste towards ‘schedule caste’ Hindus is allegedly practised in different parts of the country as issues of separate eating pots in hotels; denial of culling at barbers shops and restricted permission of worship at Hindu temples are major contributory malpractices.

Among the 640 Hindu families including Bheel, Manghwal, Balmeeki, Aaria around, 527 families complained that they had to use separate pots in hotels in their vicinities and around 328 families said that they even could not visit the temple for worship, according to a survey conducted by ‘Scheduled Caste Rights Movement’ (SCRM) Pakistan.

The survey was conducted in different parts of the country – Lahore, Rawalpindi, Rahimyar Khan, Bahawalnager, Multan, Norowal and Bahawalpur – where scheduled caste Hindus are living in large numbers. The Survey was conducted among the members of the upper caste including Thakar and others who simply do not allow the lower caste Hindus to visit and worship in the Hindu temples,” said Chairman of Scheduled Caste Movement Ramesh Jaipal, while talking to TheNation.

Senator Khatu Mal Jeewan, however, said that the discriminatory trend was fast decreasing. “Though still it is somewhere in the rural areas yet the discrimination has very much decreased in the urban areas,” he said.
It is relevant to note here that the term “scheduled castes” emerged in political and constitutional history of Pakistan on November 12, 1957, when the Ministry of Law issued a presidential ordinance to declare certain non-Muslim castes as “scheduled castes.” While the Survey conducted by SCRM showed that children of “scheduled caste” Hindus ‘living in different vicinities are facing discrimination as out of 640 surveyed families 395 families complained of discriminatory attitude while children of around 124 “are not going to school due to different reasons including poverty, less trend of education.”

Among 640 surveyed families, 440 families complained that they had no right of culling from barber’s shop in their cities while 200 families said that they had no problem of culling in their vicinities.

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No Repercussion in India upon Torture, Torching, Killing, Abduction of Hindu-Sikh Minorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

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Hindu-Sikh Minorities in Pakistan: The Vanishing Communities

by: Maloy Krishna Dhar ** on Saturday, March 20th, 2010

I was inspired to write this essay by a Pakistani journalist friend. Later, during a lecture tour in South East Asian countries, where Indian and Chinese origin minorities are also discriminated I noticed that the minorities are palpably anguished. The latest incidents of organized attacks by Bengali Muslims on hill dwelling Chakma tribals in Khagrachari areas firmed up my decision to chronicle a preliminary account of the conditions of the non-Muslim minorities in Pakistan. I had earlier written a piece on the plight of the Pakistani Christians. I have not touched upon the plight of the Shia and Ahmadiya (non-Muslim) communities in Pakistan, which require international attention. Not a single Indian Muslim religious seminary has so far condemned Pakistan for inhuman treatment of the Shia and Ahmadiya communities.

I am indebted to a member of the Pakistan Human Rights Commission and several young Pakistani writers who have boldly portrayed the pitiable condition of the minorities in Pakistan. Their voices are drowned in wilderness. The normal civil society members are also ashamed of these developments. However, I do not want to name them fearing visitations by the ISI goons.

Jinnah had said in his speech to the new nation created, called Pakistan, on August 17, 1947 to assure that his fiefdom, for which he fought relentlessly and even organized the Great Direct Action Pogrom of Calcutta in August 1946, to assure the national minorities, after 3 millions were killed in communal riots and several million escaped to the safety of Hindustan: “You are free; free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques, or to any other place of worship in the State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed-that has nothing to do with the business of the State…We are starting with this fundamental principles that we are all citizens and equal citizens of our State.”

People conversant with Jinnah’s rise as a rabid communal Muslim leader (Jaswant Singh’s white washing aside) know that Jinnah Kathiawadi lived by deceit and died in neglect (recall his Quetta visit, breakdown of his car on way to Karachi and apathetic attitude of the people in power). He was not even a practicing Muslim (a Shia), but pleaded fanatic Muslim causes. He never tried to rescue Muslim politics from the clutches of the maulanas. He was the person who boycotted the 1937 interim governments in the Central Legislative Assembly and Congress led provinces. He fabricated or organized the fabrication of charges against Congress’ ruthless suppression of the Muslims. One after another memorandum was submitted to the Governor General; all bundles of lies. The grand finale of Jinnah’s bunches of lies and prevarication included Calcutta pogrom in collaboration with Suhrawardy government, deceitful refusal to sign the Mountbatten Plan for partition, backing out from original agreement that Mountbatten would be the common Governor General for India and Pakistan and finally throwing a grand inaugural lunch on 16th August, a day of Ramadan (later shifted to dinner).

With such track record of prevarication, fabrication and falsehood Jinnah’s 17th August 1947 speech assuring the minority was then and even now treated as crocodile’s tears. If he were a democrat he would have not chosen the machetes to kill. He could not stop killing of the Hindu and other minorities in Pakistan even after he assumed the gaddi of the Governor General in true Hollywood style. Since Jinnah the Hindu minorities have continued to suffer in Pakistan and now they have become an endangered community. Those interested may read Jinnah of Pakistan by Stanley Wolpert and Mountbatten’s Report on the Last Viceroyalty, edited by Lionel Carter.

For which Pakistan Jinnah had struggled? His idea of Pakistan was limited to the vision of Dr. Iqbal-whole of Punjab, Sind, Balochistan, NWFP, FATA areas and Kashmir. He had no plan for Bengal and Assam and other Muslim majority areas in India. Later the Bangistan theory of Chaudhry Rahmat Ali propelled the Pakistan protagonists to amalgamate Bengal and Assam and create the eastern wing of Pakistan.

However, it must be said to the credit of Jinnah that in the absence of Dr. Iqbal and any other Muslim poet he could trust, he had commissioned a Hindu to write the original national anthem of Pakistan. India and Pakistan have another anomalous situation in common. Iqbal, the progenitor of Pakistan, had composed the national song Sare Jahan se Accha—. It is still used as one of the national songs. Jinnah, on the other hand had summoned Jagannath Azad, son of Lahore-based poet Tilok Chand Mahroom, just three days before the creation of Pakistan, to write the country’s first national anthem. It had stirred up a debate in that country. It is claimed that Jinnah sowed the seed of secularism by inviting Jagannath Azad to write the national anthem. However, Pakistan’s first national anthem composed by a Hindu was discarded by Pakistan in 1950. What a great disrespect to the father of the nation! Some leading Pakistani thinkers correctly said that Pakistan exists on the venom of anti-Hindu elixir.

Demographic distribution of Hindus in Pakistan
Demographic distribution of Hindus in Pakistan (source Wikipedia)

At the time of Partition in 1947, the Hindu population of Pakistan was estimated at approximately a quarter of the total population. For example, the population of Karachi, Pakistan in 1947 was 450,000, of which 51% was Hindu, and 42% was Muslim. By 1951, Karachi’s population had increased to 1.137 million because of the influx of 600,000 Muslim refugees from India. In 1951, the Muslim population of Karachi was 96% and the Hindu population was 2%. In 1998, the Hindu population in all of Pakistan was 1.6%, and the most recent census would certainly be expected to demonstrate consistent dwindling demographic trends and further diminution of Hindu population. ……………………………………………………

Hindu Children do not get admission into schools.

The migrating Pakistani Hindus in India also face various troubles to get long term visa.

Hindus are converted into Islam by force.

Hindu Girls & Women are abducted, molested & raped.

Hindus and Sikhs are forced to pay Jizya Tax by Talibans.

Hindu Employees are beaten to death in the factory complex.

Provocations against Hindus are inserted in the school text books.

Hindu children are forced to pray Namaz & generally called as ‘Kaffir Kutta’ – Infidel Dogs.

Hindu farmers and labours are forced to do their jobs as bonded labours, with very paltry payment.

80% of lands are snatched from the Kaffir Hindus to fortify total Islamisation of Pakistan.

The about 20% population of Hindus in Pak in 1947 came down to 1.6% in 1991.

Hindus in Pakistan are treated as 3rd Class citizens or not the citizen of Pakistan at all.

Ref : Tortured in Pakistan, Hindu migrants want to stay in India , Posted by hinduexistence on October 4, 2009 in (

Read details in

Courtesy : ** Sri Maloy Krishna Dhar was an Top Official in Indian Intelligence Bureau (IB), Govt. of India and an eminent scholar and author on Intelligence and Socio-Political affairs. We are also indebted to Alertpak Blog.

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Returning to Roots. Reconversion into Hinduism from Converted Christians and Muslims.

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Over 2000 reconverted to Hinduism in South Gujarat

Valsad: As many as 2200 members of 384 families belonging to 23 villages in South Gujarat reconverted to Hinduism leaving Christian religion.

The converts mostly poor tribal rural people participated in reconversion ceremony held at Sutharpada near Kaprada of Valsad district in South Gujarat. The event was organized by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad whose national secretary Mohanbhai Joshi was present here.

Rituals to coming back to Hindu Dharma were performed under guidance of Bharuch based Omkaranada Swami. The Vishwa Hindu Parishad presented each reconverted Hindu a photo of Lord Rama, Mala and a copy of Bhagwad Geeta.

The reconverts said they were converted to Christianity by false promises given by Missionary.
Swami Omkaranandji announced his plan to establish an Ashram in this area hit by Christian Missionary. Vishwa Hindu Parishad Gujarat President Dilip Trivedi, Joint Secretary Lalit Suvakiya, Secretary Niral Patel, Ajit Solanki were present in the function among others.

Courtesy : Haindava Keralam.
Posted by : Upananda Brahmachari.

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