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Largest Cattle (Go-dhan) Rescue in India. The violation of ‘cow slaughter’ and ‘animal cruelty’ in Jharkhand and West Bengal.

Posted by hinduexistence on September 1, 2014

Largest Cattle (Go-dhan) Rescue in India in a single day from Bengal-Jharkhand border in recent times.

Cattle at Nirsa, JharkhandJoy Raj | Nrisa-Govindpur(Jhrkhand) | 29 August 2014::  Near about 2000 cattle, in 100 trucks, heading towards Bengal from UP-Bihar-Jharkhand for slaughtering purpose in Bakar Eid  by cattle-smuggling rackets are freed now and the the recovered cattle are  kept in various Go-shalas (cow-shelters) in Jharkhand.  It is suspected that the network for such cow-smuggling rackets are spread in different states along with cow smuggling chain beyond India-Bangladesh Border line in West Bengal.

Activists of Akhil Bharat Goraksha Mission,Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), Bajrang Dal and Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) have checked these cattle loaded trucks at  Barba hat and Tentulia area in Friday morning. Facing stern action and rigid temperament of Goraksha Activists dozens of truck drivers tried to run away along with trucks, but few drivers had to hideaway without cattle or truck. The Go Raksha Activists halted 30 trucks  on their own and informed the Local Police Station at Nirsa, SDO, Dhanbad and SP Dhanbad to seize all the cattle loaded trucks as per norms. Being informed S.D.O. Avishek Srivstava, DSP R.C. Ram, Inspector R.K Roy, Inspector-in-charge Sailendra Singh, reached the spots to control the situation and captured 36 cattle loaded trucks from Barba hat area and 34 trucks crossing Tentulia.

The cattle were illegally transported violating the Transport of Animals Rules, 1978,   the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 and other provisions of IPC. More over  there were no medical certifications and the purchase Challans for most of the cattle loaded in the trucks under seize. An FIR has been lodged under relevant section upon the complaints made by Shri Harendra Lal Arya, coordinator of Akhil Bharat Goraksha Mission, Nirsa Block.

unnamed (5)There was clash between fleeing truck drivers and Go Raksha activists who were trying to stop them. At time of raid the activists quickly informed the situation  to Acharya Yogesh Shastri at the  Headquarter of Akhil Bharat Gorkhsa Mission at Kolkata also to Shri Sudrshan of Punjub Goraksha Dal office to intervene accordingly.  Shri Upananda Brahamachri, Editor,  Hindu Existence and  eminent co-coordinator of cow-protection movement was also informed and requested to take immediate action as the Police personnel and the Local administration were in a hesitating mood to arrest the perpetrator cow-smugglers and butchering associates. Getting information, all of them jumped into action to save the cattle at once.

As a high level intervention was set up in Delhi and a clear direction to SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal) members of Nirsa and Tentulia points came into force, there was no option other than to rescue the cattle heading towards Bangladesh border en route West Bengal for a clear slaughtering purpose. When it was forced to rescue  all the 2000 cattle from the hands of sow-smuggling rackets, a decision was taken to safely shift to all the cattle to nearby Katras and Ganga Goshala.

According to information this is the biggest seizure of cattle from Bengal-Jharkhan Border in a single day.

Actions will be taken within prescribed rules: SDO.

All documents of trucks ,which are seized along with cattle, are being examined. Perpetrators will be prosecuted under appropriate law. At first it looks like case of cattle smuggling , but action will be taken only after after tracing the prove. Every truck related to cattle,is taken in to custody of respective Police Station.-Avishek Srivastava ,SDO.

State BJP condemned cattle-smuggling through Jharkhand, Coordinators informed Maneka Gandhi.

Largest Cattle Resucue in a day at one spot in India _Jharkhand

The Main Stream English Media avoided the News!

BJP State training cell-in-charge, Shri  Ganesh Mishra condemned cattle-smuggling as exposed. He said this is nothing but a heinous crime that Jharkhand state government under Hemant Soren ministry has failed to stop cow smuggling through Jharkhand-West Bengal border. Due concoction with Government, cattle along with coal is begin smuggled under some mafia rackets. He demanded for stern action against cattle smuggling. Central minister Maneka Gandhi (Women and Child Development Minister) was informed about the delay of arrival of Police on spot, as reported. Maneka Gandhi has given instruction to administrative official over telephone. Police and administration normalized the situation only after a high intervention like that. It is gathered from the source the recovered Cattle were collected from different areas of Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Maharastra and Chattisgarh.

BJP leader Mannu Tiwari, Sanjay Singh, Vinay Singh, Kundan Singh, Sudhir Rai, Munna Singh, Bittu Mishra, Safir Khan, Hyder Ali, Akhtar Azad, Dukhu Beg, Amit Jha, Bhola Gorai, Kunal Roy, Santu Banerjee, Yogendra Yadav, Munna Barman, Bibhisan, Durga Goswami, Niraj Singh Patel, P.N. Jha and others along with local Gram Panchayet  members have lead the rescue movement very successfully.

BJP Youth Cell Observer Sanjay Singh thanked every activists participated in this largest cattle rescue drive in recent times to restore the animal protection rights. Shri Singh clearly said that the State BJP and Go-Raksha Activists will not tolerate any violation of Prohibition of Animal Cruelty Act or The Jharkhand Bovine Animal Prohibition of Slaughter Act, 2005.

Few days ago, the activists of Akhil Bharatia Gorakhasha Mission have saved 58 cows from Tikonia More under Kulti Police station (WB) adjacent to Jahrakhad area.

In West Bengal, Kulti Bridge of Burdwan (Jharkhand-West Bengal border) is the entry point of Cattle from North, Western India and Nepal. Another entry point of cattle is Sonakoniya of West Midnapore (Orrissa-West Bengal Border) linked with Orrissa and southern India.  And West Bengal is the vital transit point for its illegal cross border trafficking of cattle into Bangladesh.  BSF in WB-BD border line is not looking seriously to check the cattle smuggling through it porous fencing and promoting lucrative & illegal business. Through Bangladesh Beef of India reaches furthest point of far and middle east.

Post script 1:  As per report, 785 cattle are kept in Ganga Goshala, Katras and 298 Cattle are kept in Bastakhola Goshala. These cattle were mainly recovered from Barbahat. But about 1000 cattle recovered from Tentulia and some portion from Barbahat were distributed in the rural locals for the maintenance for the recovered Go-dhan.

Is West Bengal Police helping the Cow smuggling rackets and  allowing WB as transit point for illegal trafficking of cattle in Bangladesh?

Cattle Rescue at KultiRama Roy  | Kulti (West Bengal) | 31 August 2014:: While Jharkhand and other states taking stringent steps against illegal cow trafficking and cow slaughter, some officers of West Bengal Police [particularly Kulti PS (Burdwan), Ramnagar PS (South 24Pgs), Pandua PS (Hoogly), SP Rural Howrah] are indulging in all nefarious activities and illegalities in connection with illegal cow market, animal cruelty and cow slaughtering. They are behaving in a very crude ill manners with the ‘Cow Saver’ and ‘Animal Lover’ activists and promoting the illegalities of butchers and Cow smuggling rackets.

Today (31-08-2014)  the Officer in Charge of Kulti PS (Burdwan), Mr Dilip Paul ( (Mob. 09830946962 / land line. 0341-251555) threatened the members of Akhil Bharat Go Raksha Mission, Kulti for dire consequences as they rescued some 10 cattle from some cow smugglers and butchers  from Lalbazar area at about 4-30 pm.

The Hindu Go Raksha Activists captured there 10 cattle with 4 butchers led by Md. Ehasan Ali and peacefully halted the situation after intimating the police with a request to send the cattle to nearest Goshala after due recovery. Some 350-400 Hindu activists detained the cattle and the butchers for 1-30 hrs until the police reached the spot. The Hindu activists did not harm to the butchers and didn’t use any abusive language even.

Goraksha activist at Kulti PSBut, when the police reached the spot, the motivated police personnel started pressurize the activist to free the cattle and the butchers on their way. As the activists denied, the police contingent under the leadership of OC, Kulti PS, Mr Dilip Paul ill behaved and dispersed the activist forcefully and used abusive languages taking the name of their mothers and sisters of the activists. It is learnt that Mr Dilip Paul, OC, Kulti PS, threatened the cow lovers that he would give cases against them under non-bailable sections so that they would be arrested and would not be able to rescue any cows so far. He also mentioned that if the Hindu activists may think that Shri Narendra Modi will save them from Delhi, it is an absurd thing as the state of WB is still running by Miss Mamata Banerjee from Kolkata. It is learnt lastly that  the 10 cattle are detained in Police Station without serving any water and fodder for hours.

It is quite  astonishing with such a statement from an OC, Kulti and the aggrieved activists demanded immediate removal of the posting of OC, Kulti as he behaves like a TMC cadre and a pretty friend of cow smugglers and butchers.

It is apprehended that the OC, Kulti is getting some advantages from the Cow Smuggler and Slaughtering racket. The Akhil Bharat Goraksha Dal activists condemned the ant-Hindu and cruel attitude  to cattle by Mr. Dilip Paul.

Post script 2: (i). Some minutes back, Acharya Yogesh Shashtri, Spokesperson of Akhil Bharat Goraksha Mission (who was on spot) told this reporter that the OC, Kulti PS gave away the detained cattle to the butchers in the dark of night and recovered one Cow from a nearby village to hand over to the butcher with a very ‘responsible’ way! (01 Sept 2014 at 2-30 am).

(ii).  Today (04-09-2014) at about 10-40 am Shri Amar Singh, the leader of Akhil Bharat Go Raksha Mission and BJP activist was attacked by a group of butchers when Shri Singh went to Kulti SBI for his personal business.  Shri Singh escaped from the situation anyway and went to the Kulti PS in the afternoon for lodging a complaint accordingly. But, the duty officer denied to take any complaint in the absence of Mr Dilip Paul,  OC, Kulti PS and took the written complaint from Shri Singh without giving any receipt and requested to come in the evening.

After returning home Shri Singh got a call from Kulti PS to see the OC in the evening. At about 7 pm when Sri Singh went to Kulti PS to meet the OC in his chamber, he saw some of the attackers and operators of the cow smuggling lobby were also present in OC’s chamber. Mr. Dilip Paul, Kulti PS, proposed to Shri Singh for a mutual and not to come forward for the Goraksha (Save Cattle) movement in fore front.

As Shri Singh denied any mutual with the perpetrators and attacker on him, the OC threatened him to arrest him in some case very soon. A frustrated Anar Singh returned from the police station with full of anxiety and in a perplexed condition.

When this reporter contacted to Shri Singh over mobile phone, an annoying Singh was not in a mood to speak even, but retaliated over the Local and Burdwan District BJP leadership who are not giving any importance to Goraksha Andolan only to eyeing over some Muslim memberships within BJP.

Muslim Public Prosecutor in Tamluk CJM Court,  acting as if  Defense Counsel to hand over rescued cattle in the hands of Muslim butchers.

Single truck loaded with 58 cattle, NH 6, KolaghatArnab Maity  | Tamluk (West Bengal) | 31 August 2014:: A vicious circle of conspiracy has been unearthed in Tamluk Chief Judicial Magistrate Court Campus.

On 26 Aug 2014, at the time of hearing of case related KTPP Police Station case no. 361/2014, Md. Safiur Ali Khan, the Ld. PP for the case pleaded out of norms acting as if  Defense Counsel to hand over rescued cattle in the hands of Muslim butchers.

The IO (Investigating Officer) report for the case does not reveal any satisfactory documents for the purchase of the recovered cattle or any valid documents or the transportation of 58 cattle very ruthlessly tied in a single vehicle no. WB 25 E 9262. No medical certificates or purchase documents were not recovered and mentioned in the seizure list.

These 58 cattle were rescued by a team consisted by Shri Upananda Brahmachari, Editor Hindu Existence; Shri Sudarshan of Punjub Goraksha Dal and Animal Vigilance Activist of Chennai, animal Welare Board; Shri Amrutesh N P, Ld Advocate of Karnataka High Court, Shri Deodas Shindhe, Ld. Advocate of  Pune Court, Shri Bibhutibhusan Palei, Ld. Advocate of Raourkella Court; Shri Prakash Malogkar of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti amd Acharya Yogesh Shastri of Akhil Bharat Goraksha Mission, on the way of NH 6 near Kolaghat Bridge under KTPP PS (East Medinipur) on 16 Aug 2014.

The cattle are now kept in the custody of Go Karunanidhi Goshala, Keshiyari (West Medinipur) under valid ‘zimmana’ given by the police authority to the petitioner of the case Shri Yogesh Shastri.

From the whole antecedents it is clear that the  cattle in question were transported for a purpose of Slaughter in the event of Bakar Eid and the whole matter is kept in video recording of the rescue operation. Though the Police authority lodged FIR u/s IPC 429 (Mischief by killing or maiming cattle etc…);  Sec. 54 of Transport of Cattle Rules, 1978; Sec. 11 (i), (a), (b) of Prevention of Animal Cruelty Act, 1960; Sec. 20 of WB Cattle Licencing Act, 1984 etc., the PP of the case Md. Safiur Ali Khan shamefully advocated to handover the cattle to the hands of the fake cattle owners.

Medinipur Cattle rescueThe prime accused of the case Md Rafiqul Molla and Md Rezaul Molla are still in jail custody as their bail petitions were rejected by the Hon’ble CJM Court, Tamluk.

All the 58 cattle were being transported in a single vehicle by the perpetrators without fodder, water, medicinal kit in a very dangerous condition violating all the rules cited above. But, a racket in Tamluk Chief Judicial Magistrate Court Campus is involved in a nefarious action to the perpetrators only for a slaughtering purpose as apprehended.

It has been alleged that the conspirators put impediment to argue in favour of the petitioner of the case. Moreover some persons shouted slogans against the petitioner and his advocate Mr. Sukanto Basu. Some identified persons threatened them in the air to quit from the case. As a matter of fact, the petitioner and his advocate are facing a threat perception posed by the cattle smuggler and butcher lobby.

It is also reported that some hooligan type byke rided persons are moving around the Keshiyari Goshala and giving threat to the students of the hostel within the campus of Goshala.

In this circumstances, a heavy police posting is needed in the CJM Court, Tamluk on the next hearing of the case fixed on 6 Sept 2014, under the direct intervention of District Judge or any appropriate authority after making an adequate infrastructure for smooth hearing.

Post script 3: Mr. Sukanto Basu, advocate for the petitioner in this KTPP Police Station case no. 361/2014, is apprehending a created chaos by the perpetrators to make disturbance in hearing fixed on 06-09-2014 and an assaulting situation thereto.

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Kausar Nag Yatra in Kashmir may be Restarted with Central Shield and Facts Finding Team.

Posted by hinduexistence on August 22, 2014

Tug of war between Center and State for restarting Kausar Nag Yatra. Hindus Want to Restore the Dignity of Kausar Nag Hindu Heritage Yatra by the Intervention of Narendra Modi. 

All Party Migrants Coordination Committee (APMCC) and Kashmiri Overseas Association (KOA) want to restart Kousar Nag Yatra and to find the facts whether any Mosque is built in Lake Shrine Site. 

Restore the Dignity of Kausar Nag Hindu Heritage YatraPoonam Atri | HE Media Bureau | Jammu | 20 August 2014:: The Traditional Kousar Nag Yatra row in Kashmir’s Pirpanjal Range again revived as tag-war issue between Central Govt of India and Jammu & Kashmir Govt. in Indian Republic.

Less than three weeks after J&K Govt. withdrawn permission to undertake the historical Kousar Nag Yatra, a group of Kashmiri Pandits on Tuesday reapplied for permission to undertake the pilgrimage with foolproof security to a group of 20 persons from Kulgam to Kousar Nag from September 15 to 17 through south Kashmir’s Kulgam district.

Now, the Central Government has also directed Omar Abdullah Government to grant security and immediate permission to the group of the 20 Kashmiri Pandits desirous of undertaking Kousar Nag yatra, as reports came in.

An international body of the Kashmiri Samaj is also trying to reach Kousar Nag to find the facts whether any temporary Mosque has been built up by the lake side to destroy its nature and Hindu connection.

The All Party Migrants Coordination Committee (APMCC) has again sought permission to undertake yatra. The yatra has been contentious issue in the past after some separatists evoked frivolous grounds to protests against forcing authorities to cancel it.

However, even though the yatra was stopped, but after it, pictures were circulated in the social media, where some people sitting in front of the lake, had hoisted a flag with the religious sermons.

It has been thus made into a religious confrontation. The situation is likely to aggravate further after India called Foreign Secretary level talks with the India expressing its displeasure for meeting the separatists.

The separatists are fumed over this act of the Modi Government, which has shown them (separatists) their real face. They are again likely to evoke religious sentiments in the Valley to oppose the yatra and this rebuff by the Central Government is likely to be used by them to spread propaganda of hatred.

KNM in a HINDU SHRINEEven though the Omar Abdullah had himself supported the Yatra and had blamed separatists for spreading lies on concern over pollution, this time he will be watched for his handling of the situation especially on how he ensures the safe and smooth passage to the yatris.

Even though only handful of KPs will perform yatra, but the sentiments in the Valley are likely to be raised against it. The separatists and also some elements within the political parties are likely to create disturbance and intelligence agencies have already communicated to the Government on this regard.

The Modi Government also by its rebuff to the separatists had signaled that only a handful of people can’t be allowed to have their writ run in the state which is also represented by the Hindus of the Jammu, people of the Ladakh region and also the Kashmiri Pandits.

In the meanwhile, a US based Kashmiri-Americans Forum has decided to  send a fact-finding mission to Kausar Nag in Jammu & Kashmir following reports in Pakistani media about a temporary mosque being constructed at this high-altitude oligotrophic lake located in the Pir Panjal Range.

In a statement, the Kashmiri Overseas Association (KOA) said the fact-finding mission to the lake would be sent in association with All India Kashmir Samaj.

“The KOA and All India Kashmiri Samaj have also constituted a task force of eminent religious scholars and others who will visit the Valley to conduct a fact finding mission on the state of religious freedom of the Kashmiri Pandits, state of temples and shrines,” the statement said.

Earlier the a Students’ Forum of Jammu University moved NHRC against Omar Government over banning Kausar Nag Yatra.

The students of the law department of Jammu University with signatures of more than 200 students in their petition to the Chairperson of National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) have alleged that the state government has curtailed religious freedom of Hindus by denying permission to the Kausar Nag Yatra. It is being submitted that that the State Government of Jammu & Kashmir, under the threats and pressure mounted by the separatists/anti- socials in Kashmir, denied permission to Hindus to perform their traditional religiously significant Kousar Nag Yatra from Kashmir.

In the petition it was also submitted that relevance and historical existence of the Kausar Nag for Hindus can be gauged from the fact the Kousar Nag pilgrim is even mentioned in revered ‘Nil Mat Puran’ which is a 6th century text of Hindus. In fact, Kousar Nag is actually called Kram saras, and it formed by melting of a glacier. As a practice, Hindus hold natural water springs in high reverence, and worship them as gift from God.

Denying permission to perform religious Kousar Nag Yatra in Kashmiri valley, the J&K Govt caused a serious breach of fundamental right of ‘Right to Freedom of Religion’ of Hindus in the state (actually) under Islamist’s control.

Courtesy: Links used above.

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Narendra Modi: Appealing to India’s Hindu heart.

Posted by hinduexistence on April 6, 2014

Appealing to India’s Hindu heart.

Considering the Indian election strategy of Hindu champion and hot favourite Narendra Modi.

Sensing victory: Narendra Modi is on the cusp of presidential power. Photo: Reuters

Sensing victory: Narendra Modi is on the cusp of presidential power. Photo: Reuters

The Sydney Morning Herald | Jason Koutsoukis | April 6, 2014:: In a dusty fairground adjacent to a Doric-style retail emporium on the far outskirts of Delhi, a saffron-coloured crowd of 50,000 roars for its new Hindu champion, Narendra Modi. He is the 63-year-old former chaiwala (tea seller) who is the hot favourite to become India’s next prime minister, and he has just been flown by helicopter to yet another rally in a marathon seduction of the country’s 814 million voters.

Many in this crowd have come down from the high-rise apartment towers that surround the venue. They are the lucky ones counted among India’s 300-million-strong middle class and are Modi’s core constituency.

Many more, who cannot yet afford to live in this neighbourhood, have been bussed in by organisers from Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party, or Indian People’s Party, and are proudly daubed in an array of Modi-for-PM paraphernalia that includes hats, scarves, face masks, T-shirts, flags and garlands.

Fed up with the Indian National Congress that has governed India for a decade – the mega-scams, the bloated welfare schemes and the famously dynastic Gandhi family that has ruled the party for most of the past 70 years – Modi’s supporters believe their country has seen better days.

The growth rate has halved, the budget deficit has doubled, the rupee has fallen to undignified lows – and people are hankering for

someone capable enough to push the faltering economy back on track and lift living standards.

”Bharat Mata ki Jai,” booms Modi from a dais festooned with floral bunting: Hail Mother India. The massive crowd that has been waiting for hours in the heat is at fever pitch.

Since 2001 the pro-business Modi has been chief minister of the north-western coastal province of Gujarat, an industrial powerhouse that has enjoyed strong growth rates and above-average living standards.

A teetotal vegetarian who rises daily at 5am to do yoga and meditate, Modi openly projects a proud brand of Hinduism, a fact underlined by his decision to run for Parliament not in his home state of Gujarat but in Varanasi, the holiest of Hindu sites on the banks of the Ganges River.

Modi's 'Gujarat miracle' of growth has inspired supporters like Sandeep Mudgal.

Modi’s ‘Gujarat miracle’ of growth has inspired supporters like Sandeep Mudgal.

Modi has also never quite shaken off charges that in 2002 he allowed Hindu rioters to attack Muslim neighbourhoods in Gujarat, resulting in the deaths of more than 1000 Muslims. The riots were triggered by a fire aboard a train in the eastern Gujarat district of Godhra that killed 59 Hindu pilgrims and that police blamed on local Muslims.

Modi has consistently refused international demands he apologise for the riots, and insists he did all that he could to stop the violence. And instead of ignoring Congress accusations that he will split the country along sectarian lines if he becomes prime minister, he throws the charges right back at the party and its leadership.

”Madam Sonia [Gandhi] has already divided people on the lines of religion, and attempted to divide those who give their life for mother India,” growled Modi from the dais.

”Congress wants to hear communal words from Modi, so, that they can claim themselves secular.”

In the flesh, Modi projects an easy assurance before the crowd. He mixes humour and Sanskrit aphorisms with an inspiring rhetoric that fuels the crowd’s aspirations for a better future.

Unlike his 43-year-old Congress opponent Rahul Gandhi, the great-grandson of India’s first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru and the grandson of India’s first female prime minister Indira Gandhi, Modi’s campaign relentlessly reminds voters he is one of them.

He is the son of a tea-stall owner born into a low-caste family, and his personal story emphasises a connection with the common man and a deep commitment to traditional Hindu philosophy.

His basic political vision was shaped through his teenage involvement with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, which means National Volunteer Organisation and is commonly referred to as the RSS, a hardline Hindu nationalist movement.

Typical of the Modi supporters in the crowd is 32-year-old Sandeep Mudgal, a mathematics graduate who left his job as a software developer seven years ago to work full-time for the BJP. His focus in this election campaign has been on the 2.3 million registered voters in the local Ghaziabad electorate, where the BJP candidate is former army chief and possible new defence minister V.K. Singh.

”One of the things we’re doing is advertising a toll-free number asking people to call if they want to become campaign volunteers. When people call the number, they get an SMS that directs them to an online registration process. We’ve had 90,000 calls in this [electorate],” Mudgal says.

He explains Modi’s momentum by pointing to his record as chief minister in Gujarat, what he calls the ”Gujarat miracle”.

Supporter Samyogita Tyagi.

Supporter Samyogita Tyagi.

During Modi’s 10 years as chief minister, Gujarat has grown an average of 10per cent a year, and ranks fifth in terms of per capita income, and he slashed red tape to attract manufacturing giants such as Ford, Suzuki and Indian car maker Tata Motors.

”He chases companies, he creates jobs, he encourages prosperity and, most of all, he wants other people to be like him and work hard to lift themselves up,” Mudgal says.

”In Gujarat the water is clean and the electricity runs 24 hours a day. That’s a model for the rest of the country. We’re a big country, but we’re not fulfilling our potential.”

Mudgal admits the Gujarat riots have been a problem for Modi, but he personally believes Modi’s role in allowing Hindus to attack Muslims has been horribly exaggerated. ”Most of the stories you read in the media are not true. Modi was not the bad guy. I’m not anti-Muslim, and neither is he.”

He nevertheless conceded that not many among India’s 138 million Muslims would be thinking about voting for Modi. ”Look, the main thing is, India comes first, everything else comes second.”

Samyogita Tyagi, a 40-year-old engineer who is the mother of two daughters and owns a construction business, says she trusts Modi like a close member of her family. ”That’s how much I think he cares about our country. I admire his leadership qualities, that’s what India needs. He has a vision for one nation, one India, favouring neither caste nor religion.”

Others in the crowd such as retired civil servant Abhishek Singh have no qualms about celebrating Modi’s Hindu nationalist credentials.

”I’m a Hindu nationalist, so why would I be worried if he is? Hindu nationalism means preserving and protecting our wonderful Hindu culture. Modi’s a patriot, he’s a nationalist and he’s ambitious for this nation,” Singh says.

”I think of India as being like Israel. We’re surrounded by countries that are our enemies. We have Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Sri Lanka – we need a strong man who is not afraid to stand up for this country.”

According to research commissioned by The Times of India and conducted by the Association for Democratic Reforms, a survey of 250,000 people throughout the country indicated the No. 1 issue for voters was better job opportunities, perhaps the most significant factor driving Modi’s momentum.

”We see him as someone with a proven record in delivering jobs, in delivering economic growth,” says Shashank, a 32-year-old father of two who works as an IT engineer. ”What India needs most is economic growth, and the model for that is the home state of Gujarat. We need to make the whole of India like Gujarat.”

Narendra Modi: The Real Hindu Heart-throb in this election.

Narendra Modi: The Real Hindu Heart-throb in this election.

The next-most-important issue for voters is drinking water, followed by better roads, better public transport and better supply of electricity. ”Of course, electricity and water are very important,” Shashank says. ”But first we need the economy to get moving, then those things will follow. That’s the Gujarat model.”

Although voting begins on Monday in the north-eastern province of Assam, exactly what Modi will promise is unknown, with the BJP still fussing over its platform and yet to release its manifesto to voters. Media reports suggest he will unveil a ”rainbow development strategy to build a vibrant Brand India”.

Unlikely to put a figure on the number of jobs he expects to create, Modi will promise massive infrastructure development, including bullet trains in 100 cities, new housing for the poor, and an expansion of the world-class Indian Institutes of Technology network. Other items on his list are expected to be plans to invest heavily in health and agriculture development, and reforms to simplify India’s notoriously complex bureaucracy.

With the last day of voting not until May 12, this election campaign still promises a few surprises and, despite the polls and the overweening exuberance of the BJP followers, Indian voters can take unexpected directions. In the 2004 election, the BJP was brimming with similar levels of confidence, but it was reigning Congress Party president Sonia Gandhi who ended up the kingmaker.

Courtesy:The Sydney Morning Herald.

Jason Koutsoukis is Fairfax Media’s new South Asia correspondent.

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As Hindu Dharma is Good, it is Best to Defend Hindutva for the Peace and Prosperity of the Universe.

Posted by hinduexistence on February 27, 2014


~ Maria Wirth.

Hindu Dharma is Good“When Germany is Christian, is India Hindu?” got amazingly good response with thousands of facebook likes. However, some readers felt I made a mistake by not distinguishing between good, tolerant Hinduism, which is a private belief, and bad, intolerant Hindutva, which stands for the ‘communal agenda of an extreme right Hindu party’ that wants to force uniform Hinduism on this vast country, an act which is completely un-Hindu and against the pluralism of India.

Is Hindutva really different from Hindu Dharma and dangerous? Or have those, which coined the term, an interest in making it look like that? No doubt, Hindutva has a bad name in the eyes of many, in spite of the ruling of the Supreme Court in 1995:

“Hindutva is indicative more of the way of life of the Indian people. …Considering Hindutva as hostile, inimical, or intolerant of other faiths, or as communal proceeds from an improper appreciation of its true meaning.”

I would like to explain from a personal angle, why I came to the conclusion that it is indeed ‘an improper appreciation of its true meaning’, when Hindutva is branded as communal and dangerous.

For many years I lived in ‘spiritual India’ without any idea how important the terms ‘’secular’ and ’communal’ were. The people I met were appreciative of India’s great heritage. They gave me tips which texts to read, which sants to meet, which mantras to learn, etc., and I wrote about it for German readers. I used to think that all Indians are genuinely proud of their ancestors, who had stunningly deep insights into what is true about us and the universe and who left a huge legacy of precious ancient texts unparalleled in the world.

However, when I settled in a ‘normal’ environment away from ashrams and pilgrimage places and connected with the English speaking middle class including some foreign wives, I was shocked that several of my new friends with Hindu names were ridiculing Hinduism without knowing much about it. They had not even read the Bhagavad-Gita, but pronounced severe judgment. They gave the impression as if Hinduism was the most depraved and violent of all religions and responsible for all the ills India is facing. The caste system and crude rules of Manusmiti were quoted as proof. Reading newspapers and watching TV, I also discovered an inexplicable, yet clear anti Hindu stand.

My new acquaintances had expected me to join them in denouncing ‘primitive’ Hinduism which I could not do as I knew too much, not only form reading extensively, but also from doing sadhana. They were not amused and declared that I had read the wrong books. They asked me to read the right books, which would give me the ‘correct’ understanding. They obviously did not doubt their own view to be the correct one. However, instead of coming around by reading Romila Thapar and co, I rather got the impression that there was an intention behind the negative portrayal of Hinduism: Christianity and Islam were meant to look good in comparison. My neighbour, a writer with communist leanings, henceforth introduced me to his friends as “the local RSS pracharak”. Many ‘secular’ Indians consider the RSS as Hindu fundamentalists, occasionally equating it even with Islamic terror groups. So no surprise that an elderly lady once retorted, “In this case I am not pleased to meet you.”

What was my ‘fault’? I dared to say that I love Hindu Dharma, as it (its off- springs Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism included) is the only religion that is inclusive and not divisive, whereas Christianity and Islam divide humanity into those who have the ‘true faith’ and those who are wrong and will pay for it eternally in hell, if not already on earth. Standing up for Hindu Dharma (and not only following it in private) indicted me as belonging to the ‘Hindutva brigade’ that is shunned by mainstream media. Of course my stand is neither communal nor dangerous for India. Hindu Dharma is indeed inclusive, and needs to gain strength at the expense of Christianity and Islam, which are exclusive and therefore communal.

No doubt something is seriously wrong about the public discourse on ‘secular’ and ‘communal’ in India. I can’t believe that those media anchors and invited guests don’t know it. Indians are intelligent. So why would they get secular and communal wrong?

Is Hindutva BadSecular means worldly in contrast to sacred or religious, and secularism is a western concept.  State and religion were intertwined since Christianity became state religion in the Roman Empire. The Church declared what is the truth, for example that that Jesus is the only way or that the earth is flat, and everyone had to agree. If scientists disagreed, they were in serious trouble. Not without reason those centuries of Church domination are called ‘dark ages’ and the liberation from her tight embrace is called the era of ‘Enlightenment’. For Christian Europe, it was a great and hard fought achievement to get ‘secular’ states, where the Church could not push anymore her agenda through state laws. Several centuries ago, even the Sunday mass was obligatory in German kingdoms. Nobody was allowed to leave Christianity. The blasphemy laws kept the flock in check. Heresy was punished severely. Jews suffered discrimination and persecution all through history being branded as the killers of Jesus.

After Martin Luther split the Church into Protestants and Catholics, fierce wars were fought over supremacy which destroyed much of central Europe. In 1648, after 30 years of fighting, a compromise was found: the subjects of a region had to follow the religion of their ruler. Only in 1847, a Prussian king introduced a law for ‘negative religious freedom’, which meant, his subjects had the right to leave the Catholic or Protestant Church. Ever since, the Churches are losing sheep from their flock. It points to the fact that Christianity did not grow because its dogmas were convincing. It gained strength because those born in the faith could not leave it. The blasphemy laws propped up Christianity.

India has a completely different story. Sanatana Dharma was never based on unreasonable dogmas and did not need state oppression to keep believers in check. It was not in opposition to science. It was helpful to society as a whole by giving guidelines for an ideal life that acknowledges the invisible, conscious essence in the visible universe. It did not straight jacket people into an unbelievable belief system. It allowed freedom of thought and many parallel streams with different ways to connect to this essence emerged. “Hinduism is a way of life”, is often said. Following Hindu Dharma is actually anideal way of life.

Since I grew up in the Catholic Church and know the narrow mindedness that is indoctrinated into children, I wonder why on earth Indians would prefer dogmatic religions to their ancient, benign Dharma. Don’t they see the real communal danger? Those ‘secular’ friends, who fiercely defend the right of the religious minorities to assert their exclusive identity, don’t seem to realise that both, Christianity and Islam cannot live with others peacefully. Both religions need to dominate. And both are very powerful worldwide, politically and financially. As long as they have not yet the numbers in India, they may downplay the central tenet of exclusiveness in their ideologies. But exist it does.

Secularism has dented the influence of Christianity in the west. But the Church did not give up its goal to make the whole mankind believe in Christ, and focusses now on the huge mass of Hindus. In Islam, the clergy still has a hold on the faithful and in several Muslim countries leaving Islam is punishable by death. As the Quran itself forbids the followers to leave the faith, it is difficult to forego the blasphemy laws.

The Indian secularists seem to fight for the right of Christianity and Islam to be communal and for their followers not to integrate into the Indian society, but to stress their separate identity. And what is this separate identity? It is merely an unverifiable belief that gravely impacts the mind-set. This mind-set not only creates outsiders, but it creates outsiders that are looked down upon. How can educated Indians be blind to the danger and risk having in future more partitions on the basis of unsubstantiated religious beliefs, including the risk of more terrible bloodshed?

Strangely, the dogmatic, exclusive religions are not accused of being divisive, but Hinduism is. Why? Hindus are required to see Brahman, the one Godhead, in everyone, never mind how he connects to his creator. In contrast, the followers of dogmatic religions are not required to respect those who reject their respective ‘true religion’. They are even allowed to hate them. The ease, with which Christians and Muslims killed unbelievers, is frightening. Only 70 years ago six million Jews were murdered in cold blood in gas chambers in Germany. Only a little over 40 years ago, hundred thousands, if not millions, of Hindus were butchered in Bangladesh. There are many more examples. Humanity needs to win over such madness. How? Hindu Dharma has the key: acknowledge that we are all members of one family – coming from the same source with the same blood as it were…

Courtesy: Maria Wirth Blog.

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Attack on Hindus: TN Mutt heads too join stir.

Successful Saffron Bandh against Jihad upon Hindus in Western Tamil Nadu. Join hands to extinct Jihad in southern states in Bharat.

ATTACK ON HINDU MAKKAL KATCHI AND HINDU MUNNANI BY THE ISLAMISTSUpananda Brahmachari, Kumar Chellappan & Aron Patriot | Chennai | April 20, 2013::  Normal life in four western districts of Coimbatore, Nilgiris, Tirupur and Erode in Tamil Nadu came to a standstill on Friday following a dawn-to-dusk hartal (Bandh) called by various Hindu outfits. The strike was in protest against continued attacks on temples and leaders of Hindu organisations by various outfits masquerading as political parties.

What stood out this time was the decision of various Hindu Mutt heads to join the agitation. This is the first time Hindu monks came out openly supporting a hartal. Shops remained closed and public transport came to a grinding halt in all the districts. Pollachi, the agricultural town in Coimbatore saw pelting of stones at buses.

“Since November 2012, we have been seeing attacks on leaders of various Hindu outfits by workers and hired gangs of the Popular Front of India (PFI) and Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), both representing hardline Islamic views,” said RSS spokesman J Sri Ram. He said the last fortnight saw many Hindu households coming under attack by the members and activists of these parties.

Last week saw the house of Arjun Sampath, leader of Hindu Makkal Katchi coming under attack. A petrol bomb was thrown at the residence of Sampath who had a providential escape. “I questioned the action of a SDPI councillor who damaged the portion of a 1000-year-old temple in Coimbatore. The SDPI ward member asked that the temple festival should not be held without the concurrence of the Coimbatore corporation authorities,” said Sampath.

Former Coimbatore MP and BJP leader CP Radhakrishnan said Hindus are selectively assaulted by the Islamic outfits. “A marriage hall where a wedding reception was in progress was attacked by SDPI workers. The police looked the other way when a complaint was filed,” said Radhakrishnan. He disclosed that Coimbatore district alone saw 23 love jehads during the last two years.

“Incidents of teenaged Hindu girls eloping with their boyfriends and get converted to Islam are on the rise in these districts. Though we are trying to counsel the young girls, they are yet to understand the  nuances involved in these inter-faith marriages,” said Swamy Kumara Guruparar of Koumara Mutt. Swamy, an apolitical person, blamed a section of the minorities for the attacks on Hindu leaders and households. “They have unleashed a reign of terror in Tamil Nadu,” he added.


The house of H Raja too came under the attack by some militant organisations. “Muslim Manithaneya Katchi, a political outfit floated by Islamic militants, is an ally of the AIADMK Government. Its leader Jawaharullah is a member of Tamil Nadu Assembly and wield enormous power in southern districts,” said Sampath.

He said the Islamic outfits have been encouraged by the Government’s move to ask the director of the movie Tuppakki to delete certain scenes. “Even the Viswaroopam row ended up with these organisations having the last laugh. The Government itself is helpless in handling these organisations,” he said.

Swamy Marudachala Adikalar of Perur Elayapattam, said the Islamic militancy in the region dates back to the early 70s. “We maintained silence all these years. The time has come to speak out openly since more and more activists and leaders of Hindu organisations are coming under attack,” said the Swamy.

Both Radhakrishnan and Sampath pointed out those colonies with Islamic names are mushrooming all over the textile city. “Billal Nagar and Ahmed Nagar sprang up overnight. The earlier name of these entities was Kruparajan Koil Street. One need not elaborate how they sprang up,” said Sampath.

According to Radhakrishnan, there is lack of coordination between police and intelligence department. “There is no understanding  and cohesion  between them. Isn’t it surprising to note that nobody has been arrested till date for these attacks?” asked Radhakrishnan.

NEWS OF BANDH HIT THE HEADLINES OF NEWS PAPERSHaindava Keralam reports:  In a press meet at Coimbatore, Hindu Munnani State Secretary Muruganandam and District Secretary Subramaniam called for a Bandh on 19th April, 2013 demanding strong action against the continuous attacks made by the Muslims. It is reported that:

On the Tamil new year’s day (14.4.2013), some Muslim miscreants disrupted the public meeting held by the Hindu Munnani at ATC grounds, Nilgiris, Tamilnadu.  The police intervened and expelled the groups. Outraged Muslims brutally attacked the District Secretary Manjunath who was returning home after the meeting. Manjunath, who had several head injuries and miraculously escaped from them, is currently in intensive care at a private hospital in Coimbatore.  Hindu Munnani called for a Bandh on 15th April, 2013 and five Muslims of Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazagham – TMMK  (A dangerous Muslim outfit in political camouflage- Ed. HE.)   namely Riaz (28), Faizal (27), Abdul Rahman (38), Imtiaz (24), pairoz (20) were arrested.  


Attacks on Hindus and Hindu outfits are increasing at Koonoor and Ooty. Kuniyanur Amman temple was ransacked. Manjunath Ooty leader of Hindu Munnani was waylaid and attacked by a gang of bike riding Jihadi youth. Hindu marriages are raided by gangs that disrupt ceremony. 3 Hindu activists who were pasting posters were attacked and one of them is critical. The Hindu Munnani called for a shut down at ooty and shops remained closed and autos and vehicles didn’t run. Situation is tense. Further speaking to reporters State Hindu Munnani leader Muruganandam said Hindus are feeling insecure by increasing Jihadi activity and violence in Ooty-Coimbatore region. Such attacks have increased as seen in Petorl bomb attack on Hindu Makkal Katchi leader Arjun Samptah’s house. 12 Islamists have been arrested but most culprits have been left free. To make the government take action against Jihadi outfits and such attackers of Hindus Hindu Munnani had successfully observed a warning Bandh  in Coimbatore, Ooty and Tirupur, Erode and some other places against both the Political Islamists and  Anti Hindu Political Parties in Tamil Nadu and Deccan.


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Anti ISKCON-HINDU Propaganda & Status of Hindus in present Russia. Moscow’s only ISKCON Temple facing threat to demolish under the sanction of Orthodox Christian Church.

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iskcon russia

Conspiracy to abolish Vedic-Hindu-Buddhist influence from Russia.


by Upananda Brahmachari. 

Atishgah temple in Baku

Atishgah temple in Baku. Evidence of Hindu Past.

The Hare Krishna  Hindu temple of ISKCON in Russia, is scheduled to be demolished by Moscow authorities by 15 January 2013. The ISKCON monks announced that the Hindu temple was facing closure by Russian government, a year after the Christians of the country had sought ban of Bhagvad Gita, though the Russian Court of Tomsk rejected the ban on Gita upon the plea of the Orthdox Church.  The temple destruction has been generated by the protest of Orthodox Church of Russia which hold the status of more than ‘State Religion’.

This Orthodox Church of Russia is not going to demolish religious places of other faiths except the Hindus and obviously ISKCON’s.  As this Hindu group is working hard to fulfill the spiritual vacuum among the materialistic Russian people so disgusted by the meaningless services of Orthodox Church. After attacking the Srimadvagabad Gita’s ISKCON version (‘Gita as it is’ by Prabhupada), the Orthodox Christians are directly hitting ISKCON from their sheltering place. The Church authority is hatching a clear conspiracy against the increasing influence of ‘Hare Krishna Movement’ in Russia.

It is hard to reveal  the real Hindu-Buddhist history of Russia. ISKCON has many branches in Russia having Shri Krishna-Gour Netai Temples in Russia. Ramakrisna Mission has its branch in Moscow. Regular Hindu pujas are conducted there in Ramkrishna Temple.

Azerbaijan’s Baku still carries the Hindu reminiscence of ancient Vedic  Agni Puja in Jwalaji Temple (Hindu Temple). Russian Mongolia has still Buddhist (TantraYana) majority and Hindu-Buddhist amity. Buryatia still maintains its Indian roots in religious practices. But, the Christian conspirators are planning to end the Indian influences in Russian religious practices.

In 2007 a ancient Vishnu Deity was unearthed in an excavation work near Volga region. The Vishnu idol found in Staraya (old) Maina village dates back to VII-X century AD. Staraya Maina village in Ulyanovsk region was a highly populated city 1700 years ago, much older than Kiev, so far believed to be the mother of all Russian cities.

The Hindu Council of Russia [HCR] represents members of the Hindu religion in Russia. The council was created on December 19, 2011, in light of the Bhagavad Gita trial in Russia, by “Hindus from Bharat (India), Bangladesh, Mauritius, Nepal and other countries residing in Russia.” Sadhu Priya Das is the current chairman of  HCR.

The presence of ISKCON,  Ramakrishna Mission, Chinmaya Mission, Ananda Marga, the organizations associated with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Sahaja Yoga, Brahma Kumari, Satya Sai Baba and Osho Rajneesh unequivocally prove the Hindu Existence in Russia.

While ISKCON and Brahma Kumari appear to have a relatively strong followers in Russia, the other organizations in the list have a marginal but significance presence in this country. So far 80 centers of ISKCON and 20 of Brahmakumari’s are nurturing the Hindu and Buddhist Culture in Russia with the other Indian Root Hindu Organizations.

As of December 2005, the Federal Registration Service recorded the number of registered Hindu groups listing Hindu group and Hindu groups with particular orientation on Krishna (78) and Tantric sects with the 20 self realization centers of Brahmakumari’s.

According to the Hindu Forum of Britain, there are 60,000 Hindus in Russia, over 10,000 of whom live in Moscow.

The present protest against Hare Krishna Temple in Moscow has been orchestrated by the Russian Orthodox Church which did not want land given to a temple one Hindu Organisation as considering it as a measure of  “converting Russian Christians to a Hindu way of life”.  With the vehement anti-propaganda of Russian Orthodox Church, Hindus were victimized, threatened, bullied, beaten and subjected to violence one after another in a so called socialist country and a citadel of ‘Glasnost’ and ‘Perestroika’ .

Finally, in November 2005, the Mayor of Moscow canceled the land order and took away the piece of land given for the construction of the Hindu temple.

On November 29, 2005, Archbishop Nikon of the Russian Orthodox Church sent a letter to the mayor of Moscow, describing the Hindu deity Krishna as an ‘evil demon’. The letter continued in that manner, using words such as ‘satanic’. Some days after a representative of  Teresa, the Queen of Christian Conversion in India met the anti Hindu Archbishop Nikon with a confidential mission.

On January 14, 2006, Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone handed over letters expressing concern about the harassment of Russian Hindus by the Moscow Government and the Russian Orthodox Church to the visiting Mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov in London, even as British Parliamentarians led by Ashok Kumar MP, Lord Dholakia and Baroness Flather got ready to host the launch of the Defend Russian Hindus Campaign at the House of Commons on 18 January of the same year.

British Parliamentarians and members of the all faith communities  adopted then a resolution to  Defend Russian Hindus launch at the House of Commons, urging the Moscow Government to stop harassment of minority religions in Russia. Parliamentarians from all three parties will later hand a copy of this resolution to the Russian Ambassador in London.

After that gallons of water have flown in Ganges and Volga, but the Orthodox opposition to Hare Krishna Hindu Temple of ISKCON still remains intact as majority Christians do not tolerate Hindus any way. They want Christian conversion of this world and India in a very scrupulous evangelical way. Actually, Orthodox Christians in Russia haven taken a vow to end up all Hindu activities in Russia in every footsteps by demoralizing Hindu Scriptures and destroying Hindu temples.

Russian President Vladimir Putin came to India in his official visit on 24th Dec, 2012 for a Indo-Russia strategic purpose. He came and flown away after signing some agreements and deals, but the Indian-Russian cultural disruption did not get a chance to heal up properly.

Anyway, huge numbers of Hindus everywhere and the some confused Hindus in Ramakrishna Mission still observe Christian celebrations of year ending and new christian era.  Christian are destroying Hindu Temples in Russia, converting huge numbers of Hindus in Christianity and we are enjoying 25th December…. 1st January. SHAME.

And we foolish Hindus are celebrating various Christian celebration in our own way. What a suicidal measure we are adopting all around. Stop buying cakes for a persecutors’ (Christian) celebration. Donate for a Hindu Cause to Ramakrishna Mission, ISKCON, Bharat Sevashram Sangha, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti,  Hindu Existence… where ever you get a scope to strengthen our Hindu society.


Important update 28/12/2012: Protest Letter Sent by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti to Russian Embassy at Delhi and Mumbai.

ramkrishna vedanta moscow hindu influence in russia


Russia’s only Hindu temple faces threat of demolition.

proposed moscow iskcon templeTNN | Dec 24, 2012 | New Delhi :: The Indian ambassador to Russia has asked the Moscow authorities to give an extension to a temporary temple which is set to expire on December 31, 2012, until they complete the construction of a Vedic cultural centre.
NEW DELHI: A year after Russia sought to ban the Bhagavad Gita, the Iskcon Krishna temple in Moscow is facing closure by the Russian government. By January 15, 2013, Iskcon monks said their Moscow temple, the only Hindu temple in Russia, would be demolished by the city authorities.

As Russian President Vladimir Putin arrives on Monday for a day of talks with the Indian government, the temple issue is likely to figure in the discussions, not least because the issue has been pursued by the foreign ministry.

Indian ambassador to Russia Ajai Malhotra has asked the Moscow authorities to give an extension to a temporary temple which is set to expire on December 31, 2012, until they complete the construction of a Vedic cultural centre. Asked about the proposed demolition, Russian ambassador to India Alexander Kadakin dismissed fears of demolition.

However, Iskcon monk Madanmohan Das said the demolition order has not been revoked, so the temple is due to come down in January, because the authorities said it “violates the urban building code” and has no legal grounds for existence.

In a statement, the temple officials said they feared that even the permanent temple would face the axe. “A source in the Moscow mayor’s office said on condition of anonymity that Mayor Sergey Sobyanin also ordered to axe the permanent temple project, which Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit and previous Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov had included in a joint declaration in 2006 as a symbol of cultural cooperation between the cities. Following the declaration, Indian ambassador Ajai Malhotra laid the cornerstone for the new project earlier this year,” the statement said.

This year, Russia plans to push for land from the Indian government for a Russian orthodox church in Delhi. In 2004, Moscow’s Iskcon temple was demolished and the Iskcon group was offered another plot to build a temple. Reports said the offer was withdrawn after Russian orthodox church members protested against the temple building plans.

Last year’s Bhagavad Gita trial had brought Lok Sabha to its feet and in a rare move, Parliament had collectively asked Russia to prevent the ban. The latest issue of demolition promises to put another wrinkle in the bilateral relations. [Courtesy: TOI]

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Hindus will launch a Great War again to stop Illegal and Brutal Cow Slaughter in Bharat. Be Prepared.

Click here>>Sign this petition : Save Cows in West Bengal.<<Click here.

Gandhi on Cow Protection:

<<Mother cow is in many ways better than the mother who gave us birth. Our mother gives us milk for a couple of years and then expects us to serve her when we grow up. Mother cow expects from us nothing but grass and grain. Our mother often falls ill and expects service from us. Mother cow rarely falls ill. Here is an unbroken record of service which does not end with her death. Our mother, when she dies, means expenses of burial or cremation. Mother cow is as useful dead as when she is alive. We can make use of every part of her body-her flesh, her bones, her intestines, her horns and her skin. Well, I say this not to disparage the mother who gives us birth, but in order to show you the substantial reasons for my worshipping the cow. (H, 15-9-1940, p. 281)

Mother cow is in many ways better than the mother who gave us birth. Our mother gives us milk for a couple of years and then expects us to serve her when we grow up. Mother cow expects from us nothing but grass and grain. Our mother often falls ill and expects service from us. Mother cow rarely falls ill. Here is an unbroken record of service which does not end with her death. Our mother, when she dies, means expenses of burial or cremation. Mother cow is as useful dead as when she is alive. We can make use of every part of her body-her flesh, her bones, her intestines, her horns and her skin. Well, I say this not to disparage the mother who gives us birth, but in order to show you the substantial reasons for my worshipping the cow. (H, 15-9-1940, p. 281)

My ambition is no less than to see the principle of cow protection established throughout the world. But that requires that I should set my own house thoroughly in order first. (YI, 29-1-1925, p. 38)>> Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

Vinoba on Cow Protection:

“Protection of the cow and the bullock is a characteristic of the Indian social philosophy. We are, in this respect, a step ahead of the Western socialism. Western socialism asks for a full and equal protection being given to all men, but there it stops. We in India have gone a step further. We have included the cow as a member in the family. True, we have not followed this principle in practice fully. We merely pay respect to the cow but do not look after it so well as they do in the Western countries. Nevertheless we have deep regard for it and consider it worthy of our care and protection in the same way as the human members of the family. We do not drive out the latter when they grow old. In the same way, though we make full use of the cow and the bullock – take milk, get our fields ploughed, use the dung for manure, and use even their hides after they are dead – we do not kill them. But now we must link up this regard with a scientific attitude. Superstitious respect will not do. We must open good dairy forms, Gosadans, and the wealthy amongst us should come forward to provide for the upkeep of decrepit cattle. S.V.-1160

Some people are under serious misapprehension in regard to the secular character of our State. They think that there is some kind of incompatibility between cow protection and a secular State. There is no incompatibility between the secular character of our State and the protection of the cow. No religion in India says that it is meritorious to kill a cow, and therefore there is no conflict among our different religions about the desirability of the protection of the cow. Therefore I say that there is nothing to prevent the secular State from striving to protect the cow, and our State must do it. S.V.-1161 “ - Vinoba Bhave.


A revealing Film ” THEIR LAST JOURNEY” prepared by Temple Worshippers Society & promoted by Smt. Radha Rajan or ‘Sign of Human brutality on Cow Progeny in India’.



*Help, Support and Donate generously*



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Protest at United Nations HQ at New York over Islamic Persecution Buddhist-Hindu-Christian Minorities in Bangladesh.


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Victory of ‘Tarun Hindu’ (Hindu Youth Force) over Jihadi Islamists in Jharkhand.

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Hindu Warriors – The Picture is only for reference.

Sadhaks of Tarun Hindu visited Keska village…

Fearless Hindu Warriors defeated Jihadi Islamist in Jharkhand.

Archana Das | Dhanbad| 4th July, 2012 :: In the first week of June, 2012 a jihad was committed on the Hindus of the village Keska (Govindpur Tehsil in Dhanbad District in Jharkhand State in Bharat – India) by the Muslims of the nearby village Sahar pura. The women of the village Keska take bath in the village pond. A group of Muslim youths were regularly coming and sitting on the bank of the pond and were taunting and teasing the women in the bathing time. Being informed by the girls a group of young Hindus entreated the Muslim boys not to come to the pond and tease the girls. The Muslims had jihad in their mind. Their motive was to show their own superiority and demean the Hindus. They said Hindus have never been able to protect their sisters and mothers. Muslims have always enjoyed them. We will come and sit here again in the evening. Protect your women if you can. The Muslims came in the evening in a big number prepared with lathis and swords. Hindu boys had no option but to take on them.

One Hindu boy told that I thought that I should rather die than tolerating such insult. I went there thinking that I will be killed. The number of the Hindus were less. They were not prepared nor organised. But they had a drive in their mind. They had a moral courage because they did no wrong to anybody but were defending the modesty of their women folk. They jumped on to them with Jay Shri Ram in their gallant voice.

There was a ruckus, a Muslim boy striked hard with a lathi to the hand of a Hindu boy. The Hindu boy fell on the ground. The Muslim boy was going to finish him to complete his jihad. But another Hindu boy came immediately to rescue the attacked Hindu boy. He snatched the lathi from the Muslim boy and striked back the Muslim boy thrice on his head while shouting Jay Shri Ram. The boy told me that I do not know who gave me that courage and strength at  that time. The muslim boy fell in a pool of blood. Sensing the seriousness of the situation the Muslims intruders left the place carrying the injured with them. When the boy was in Ranchi Medical College, the Muslim perpetrators threatened the Hindus by saying that if the Muslim boy dies, we will finish the Keska village. The Muslim boy died after 7 days, but no Muslim turned out to take revenge. The matter did not end there as the real oppression upon the Hindus started thereafter. The police became paranoiac, fell behind the Hindu boys like rabid dog. The village Keska is now turned deserted as nearly all the Hindu youths compelled to flee for avoiding the police harassments. Seven boys have been arrested amongst whom four boys are minors. The four minor boys have got bail by now. Other three boys are behind the bars. The 10 sadhaks (devout practitioner for self sacrifice) of Tarun Hindu lead by President Dr N M Das visited the village for the second time on 4. 7. 2012 to boost morale into the hearts of the demoralized Hindus. It came to their knowledge that police is trying to extract money from the Hindus for protecting them from Muslims.

Most of the political parties visited the nearby Muslim village and assured them that none of them will be booked for the case. As a result no Muslim has been booked so far. The MP of the region belongs to BJP. He has not done anything for the protection of Hindus  or arresting of the Muslims, the real  perpetrators. In the meeting Dr N M Das said that the incidence is not a sporadic incident, but it is a part of planned jihad. These are the activities they perform in the state of Dar-ul-Harab. These are the ongoing steps for the Dar-ul-Islam. We should fight it out with the skin of our teeth. In the meeting it was decided that a mammoth Hindu rally will be held on 8th July Sunday in the Keska Village to expose the police and the netas (leaders) and to force the police to arrest the Muslims who created the violence at first.

There is no dearth of Hindu oppression in a Hindu majority country. Hindus have to fight out it themselves. Hindu Rashtra is the real solution to all these oppression.

Courtesy: Tarun Hindu.

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Happy Rath Yatra 2012 : Watch Rath Yatra Live Stream : Jai Jagannatha !!

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Happy Rath Yatra 2012……

Puri Rath Yatra 2012


 Now Ended.


Puri Rath Yatra 2012

The famous Hindu festival of Rath Yatra or Chariot Festival is celebrated every year on the 2nd day of Shukla Paksha (waxing cycle of moon) in the month of Asadh, the 3rd month according to the lunar calendar followed in some parts of India. Rath Yatra Puri is the most famous celebration of this festival across the country as the Jagannath puri Temple, based in Puri, is the main epicenter of the festival. Rath Yatra in puri honors the visit of Lord Jagannath and his siblings to the temple of his Aunt Queen Gundicha. So, the caravan stops at the mausima (Aunt) temple for a meal of sweet pan cakes, the favorite cuisine of Lord Jagannath.
Puri Rath Yatra 2012 of Lord Jagannath, who is popularly known as Lord Krishna, is going to be celebrated on June 21. Indian tour operators are holding Rath Jatra Tour for the convenience of millions of devotees seeing to visit Puri this year. Puri Rath Yatra Festival Tour helps them to have an easy and cozy journey and accommodation during the festive season. You can make a choice from the big variety of Rath Yatra Tour packages available in the market. Puri Yatra can fill you with an unfelt sense of spirituality.

 Now Ended.
As many as 20,000 uniformed jawans belonging to regular police, SRP, CRPF, BSF and RAF will protect the 1.5 km long annual Rath Yatra on 15 km long route in Ahmedabad on 21 June, 2012. Four companies of RAF, four companies of CRPF, six companies of BSF, 41 companies of SRP, 10,000 regular cops, 800 officers including IGs and ADG will be on day-long duty of Rath Yatra bandobast. Read details…..
Puri, Jun 21 (PTI) At least two persons, including a woman, died during Lord Jagannath’s car festival here today, official sources said. While a 32-year-old woman identified as K Rabana Amma of Waltier in Andhra Pradesh died on the way to hospital while complaining of chest pain, the district headquarters hospital here received the body of a 65-year-old man as well. “The woman died on way to hospital. She had chest pain. Her death has nothing to do with the festival,”  Read details….

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Resolving a Hindu State in Bharat imbibing the Spirit of Brhamatejas and Khastratejas.

Posted by hinduexistence on June 14, 2012

There will be spiritualisation of all aspects in the Hindu Rashtra ! – Pujya Dr. Pingale.

Ramanthi, Ponda (Goa) : ‘Every thing in the Hindu Rashtra will be spiritualised including aspects like professions, objects including housing, roads and even dust-bins etc.’ Stating thus Pujya Dr. Charudatta Pingale, National Guide for Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, today presented the concept of Hindu Rashtra to the Hindu leaders here.

He further said that if Hindus have a clear concept of Hindu Rashtra then they can get guidance for putting exact efforts in that direction. The rulers in Hindu Rashtra will be abiding by Dharma, they will be sattvik, striving for the welfare of their subjects, selfless and fatherly. They will make every effort to see that their subjects abide by Dharma. People will ask only appropriate and eligible representatives to rule the Nation. The state level decision will be taken by judging its appropriateness and need and not through majority votes. It will have transparency. The concept of the Hindu Rashtra is explained in Sanatan’s Holy text ‘Establishment of Divine Kingdom’ with a subtle combination of Spiritual and Warrior Spirit without compromising with any evil tendencies.

The Hindu Rashtra founded on Dharma, as explained by Pujya Dr. Pingale will be thus

1. Subtle dimension will be included in judicial process. The laws will take care of Hindu interests.
2. Religious conversions will be declared unlawful.
3. Policemen will be such that the subjects will look up to them for support. They will have virtues of devotion unto the Nation and Dharma. There will be no reservations.
4. In the Hindu Rashtra, output of administration will be evaluated and if the output is not up to the mark, the concerned people will be punished. The borders of the Nation will be secure. Stringent laws will be passed to keep infiltrations in check. Separatist policies will be eliminated. The security of the citizens will be given priority.
5. The economy will be based on Kautilya’s economics. The taxes will not fleece the masses. Every decision will be transparent.
6. Indigenous products will be in use. The farmers will produce only those products that are conducive to National progress.
7. Hindu-Nation will encourage globalisation because the basic philosophy of Hinduism is ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’ (‘Whole world is a Family’). An ideal Gurukul system of education will be implemented.
8. Dharmashikshan (Education on Righteousness) will be commenced at the school level itself to make the future generations rich in moral values. The glorious history of ancient Bharat will be rewritten. History that is true, that which will awaken devotion unto the Nation and Kshatratej will be taught in schools. Stress will be given on pride in native language and nurturing Sanskrut language.
9. Names of Deities, Saints, Sages will be given to the public places. ‘Teachers’ Day’ will be on Gurupaurnima, ‘Health Day’ on Dhanwantary Jayanti, ‘Arts Day’ on Mahashivaratri (Dance and music originated from Shiva) and ‘Justice Day’ on Yamadwitiya.
10. The pivotal point of societal well-being will be Dharma; not law. This will make the society ethical, virtuous, patriotic and law-abiding.
11. There will not be any strikes, protests, rallies etc. Ayurveda will receive an official status and will be nurtured. Sattvik food will be promoted.
12. The temple management will be handed over to real devotees. The quality of the festivals and fairs of the Deities will be enhanced so that the devotees will get spiritual benefits.


Upananda Brahmachari, Ed~Hindu Existence, speaking on “Evils of Bangladeshi Muslim Infiltrators and Maoist Terrorism”.

Highlights of Day- 4: Hindu Rashtra Ruprekha : Margadarshan by Pujya Charudatta Pingle, Ganga Raksha : Ashwani Kumar Chrungu (Panun Kashmir), Hindu Rashtra is a Must : Shri Siddhalinga Swamiji, Evils of Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators and the Maoist Terrorism by Upananda Brahmachari and Suresh Rao Ketkar and State level Planning for Hindu Rashtra by Chittaranjan Sural.

One Google group will be formed (as closed group) for the editors, writers, reporters to communicate each other to support goal for the final resolutions of Hindu Rashtra. P Deivamuthu will be in-charge of this group.

An unique exhibition of upon Christian Evangelical Activities, Bangladeshi Infiltration,  Maoist Terrorism, Persecution upon Tamil Hindus attracted the attention of the delegates of Hindu Rashtra Adhiveshan (Hindu Rashtra Summit).


Pictures:  L to R : Attentive hearing, Preparation for next day Exhibition and a Significant Poster in the Exhibition.

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Post Mortem : Mathura (Kosi Kalan) Riot – 01.06.2012….


Riot started for using Mosque water by a Hindu boy. Six dead. Thirty Injured.

Hindu News Agency: Lucknow : 07-06-2012 :: The recent Mathura Riot between Hindu Jats and Muslims caused a serious violence  was not properly  reported in the media. The death toll in the clashes in Kosi Kalan town in Mathura District of Uttar Pradesh, has shot up to six. Over 30  persons were also injured in the clashes, which flared up on Friday, 1st June 2011,  reportedly ‘after a pedestrian used water meant for some religious purpose’, leading to a heated argument followed by the clashes between two communities. It has been reported by our source that  when people were doing ablution (Wadzu)  near the local mosque for Juma Prayer, a Hindu- Jat  boy began using the water ignorantly from water pot from where Namazis were taking water. That Hindu boy had an urgent need to use that water after responding a nature’s call in a nearby off spot. The people snubbed him and beat him seriously.

That Hindu-Jat boy returned to his village and very soon, hundreds came up in lorries and when people were offering prayer in the mosque, they waited upto the completion of the ongoing Namaz and wanted justice for the beaten Hindu boy used Mosque Water ignorantly. The Namazi Mobs heard nothing and started throwing stones on them from the mosque, they also started attacking with lathis and swords. The Hindu Jat people protested and retaliated vehemently and trashed the Talibani Mentality of the hooligans of Kosi Kalan areas. The Riots flared up rapidly in the adjacent places.

As Muslims treat all non Muslims as Kaffirs (kuffār – Infidels) and Kaffirs are of Unholy (Napak) texture, the bastard Namazi Muslims started beating with all intolerance, an innocent boy who used some water from a Mosque source and digged a new  well of  communal tension.

Police said at least two dozen, houses, shops, temporary shops, vehicles were set to fire in the town, about 45 km from here.

The injured have been hospitalised in Mathura, Agra and Faridabad. A posse of PAC personnel and police have been deployed at the troubled areas.

The entire troubled area has been divided into two zones and six sectors, with the SDM and police circle officer as in-charge of each sector, as told by ADG Jagmohan Yadav. . Extra picket has been posted at sensitive spots, Yadav also said.

The police in the state has in the past faced allegations of so-called bias against minorities during Hindu-Muslim riots. Among the four dead, a youth Islamuddin was killed with bullet injury. The riot could be a cause of worry for the newly installed SP government in UP. Amongst  injured there is a Muslim woman also as reports came in.

Bhura and Kallua, the twin victims of the riots, were beaten up by a mob and allegedly thrown into a burning shop while on their way to hospital. Apart from the two 22-year-olds, Sonu, 22, and Salauddin, 24, were among the dead.

A delegation of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind led by its all India secretary Mohammed Ahmed along with another secretary Md. Shafi Madani and Welfare Part of India’s General Secretary Dr. S.Q.R. Ilyas also visited the riot affected areas for providing immediate relief to the affected families and brining normality. They found situation very pathetic at Muslim locality.

The Shahi Imam of Delhi’s Jama Masjid Syed Ahmed Bukhari has accused, Akhilesh Yadav’s led SP government in Uttar Pradesh of taking late action in the Mathura communal riots and said he would rethink on supporting the party in the forthcoming municipal elections and 2014 general polls.

“Neither the Chief Minister (Akhilesh Yadav) nor (SP chief) Mulayam Singh (Yadav) visited the site to see the first hand account of what had happened in the Kosi kalan in Mathura two days ago”

He alleged that alleged that the riots were “pre-planned” and the government was not taking any strong action against the rioters.

“The Muslims voted for the Samajwadi Party in the state assembly elections and now Muslims are at the losing end…their morale is breaking,” he said in Agra while trying to go to Kosi kalan to meet the victims of violence. He however was refused permission to go the riot-hit town.

Bukhari also demanded adequate compensation for the riot victims.

The state government on Wednesday admitted on the floor of the assembly that the recent clash in Mathura was an utter failure on part of the administration and promised that action would be taken against the guilty after an impartial inquiry.

“We vehemently condemned the communal riots, resulting in four deaths and injuries to over 50, besides loss of property in Koshi Kalan area of Mathura district,” parliamentary affairs minister Azam Khan said while replying on an adjournment notice in the House. “We are ashamed of this incident and its occurrence within two months is a great challenge for the government,” he said, adding that it was a matter of grave concern.

The clashes could have been nipped in the bud if the district administration had acted promptly and swiftly, he said. No doubt, officials had been transferred from Mathura, but that was not enough, as deterrent action was needed to be taken against guilty officials in order to discourage the recurrence of such incidents in the future.

For this purpose, he said an impartial inquiry would be conducted to fix the accountability of officials and identify all those responsible for flaring up the clash, he said, while rejecting the opposition’s demand for an inquiry by a sitting high court judge into the incident.

Earlier, members belonging to Congress, RLD and BJP alleged laxity on the part of the district administration in handling the situation. Raising the issue, Hukum singh of BJP said that timely action would have prevented the situaiton.

Thakur Tejpal Singh, RLD MLA from Kosi Kalan, also blamed a former BSP minister Chaudhry Laxami Narain for instigating people and said a minor issue which could have been solved was ignited in order to gain political mileage in the coming local bodies’ elections.

Leader of the Opposition Swami Prasad Maurya said one of those named in the FIR, brother of the former minister, was present in the Vidhan Parishad of which he is a member and apprehended that his name could have been dragged into it as part of a conspiracy.

Earlier, during question hour session, the government today said that it had asked the Centre to increase the BPL quota for the state by permitting the inclusion of more poor families under the scheme.

The Uttar Pradesh government today condemned communal riots in Mathura earlier this month which left four people dead and promised to punish the guilty after an impartial inquiry.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Azam Khan, while replying on an adjournment notice in the state Assembly on communal riot in Kosi Kalan area of Mathura said the incident was not an honour for the government and termed it as a challenge for the new government.

Promising an impartial inquiry, he assured the members that the responsibility of safety to every life and property there would be that of the district administration.

Khan, however, rejected the demand for an inquiry by a sitting high court judge into the incident as demanded by the opposition.

Some officials of the affected area have been transferred to other places to put new officials thereto.

It is significant that the Jat Hindus always retaliate over the Muslim encroachment upon their society frequently which dismantles the theory of Islamic UP by the secularist and Muslim force in Uttar Ptradesh.

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Coming Islamic regimen will stop Ram Janmabhoomi Temple and start forceful cow slaughter in Uttar Pradesh. Hindus will be put in a peril.

Posted by hinduexistence on March 10, 2012

The Win of Mullah Mulayam Singh Yadav and the Fate of UP Hindus.

~ Upananda Brahmachari.

As the majority Hindus in India have no Political Party to whip, rather no political strategy or intention to live in India as Hindu in a Hindu majority state with a political gain, the jugglers in the BJP (Bhartiya Janata Party) presented a very poor show in Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election in 2012 without any urge to go ahead.

Once captured the heart land of India called as Cow-belt with strong Hindu sentiments tagged with Sri Ram Janmabhoomi Movement, from a period of 1991-96, the pseudo Hindu leaders in BJP could not protect their boats this time anywhere in the streams of Ganga, Jamuna or Sarayu. As a matter of fact the deities of Ram Lala in Ram Janmabhoomi Temple in Ayodhya,  Lord Viswanath of Varanashi and Lord Krshna in the Mathura Krshna Janmabhoomi Temple cursed this party for their sin to betray with the Hindus time and again. Both the BJP and its mentor RSS (Rashtriya Swamsevak Sangha) have no intention to make a ‘Hindu Vote Bank’ for the survival of Hindus in India. These organizations are only to run their organization of their organizational sake, not for the fortified future of the Hindus.

BJP has been ousted in Uttar Pradesh, the Hindu heart-land of India.

As a result, the Uttar Pradesh is now ensured as a place of certain Muslim gain with no Ram Janmabhoomi Temple at all. Around 20% Muslim voters (17% as per Govt. stat.) have successfully set a fire brand of 69 Muslim MLAs (largest MLA strength in any Indian State and highest ever in UP) to slap in the faces of 47 BJP MLAs, as and when required in the floor of UP Assembly and to oppose Ram Janmabhoomi Temple in Ayodhya.  But the VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad), BJP, RSS and the Bajrangdal will beat their drums in the deaf ears of reluctant Hindus for their organizational interest and monetary gain. Simply, the Hindus will be put in a peril.

The majority Hindus even do not know that the upsurge of two Muslim political parties namely Peace Party (4 MLAs) and Qaumi Ekta Dal (2 MLAs) in the UP assembly is unprecedented one as there was no reality of any Muslim party in political scenario in Uttar Pradesh so far with an thin existence of Dr Faridi’s ‘Muslim Majlis’ in the late sixties.

In reality, the election equations of  Azam Khan and Mullah Mulayam Yadav or Peace Party or Qaumi Ekta Dal and Samajwadi Party (SP) were frantically squared up by both the Aligarh and Deoband contingents to quash out the Court verdict in favour of Ram Janmabhoomii Temple at Ayodhya.

SIMI-SIO have the largest base in Uttar Pradesh to dictate the Muslim Voters and to influence the political parties.

Congratulating Mulayam Singh Yadav and Muslim Candidates, Maulana Mufti Abul Qasim Nomani of Darul Uloom Deoband said that now when the people of Uttar Pradesh have given a clear mandate to Mulayam and his team he should learn from his previous mistakes and fulfill his promises made in the manifestoe. Maulana said that Muslims have played a very important role in the victory of Mulayam so he should give proper attention to their demands.

Rahat Abrar PRO of Aligarh Muslim University said that this was for the first time when the majority of Muslims gave their support to Mulayam. Now it is the duty of Mulayam Singh to do what he promised for the Muslims before the election.

From reliable source, it has been ascertained that the so called  non-political Muslim organisations and their student wings had played a vital role in this election in UP to promote a Muslim force in the state to ensure the Islamic supremacy in the region to enact a law of Allah. The banned student organization SIMI (Student Islamic Movement in India) and SIO (Student    Islamic Organization) – the Student wing of Jamat-e-Islami-Hind had deployed 2000 ansars (dedicated cadres) in the fray to help the SP and Islamic tie up. From 1977 the SIMI and SIO have been trying hard to change the entity of Hindu Uttar Pradesh to an Islamic hold in various names like Rohilstan, Mughalstan, New Pak Land or anything they like to think better.

The entire anti Hindu force now fully relish the UP verdict in favour Mulayam Yadav’s Samajwadi Party, who will never allow a Ramjanmabhoomi Temple in Ayodhya.  This Mulayam Singh Yadav ordered firing against the Karsevaks in Karsevapuram and in the streets of Ayodhya and the banks of Sarayu in the year 1990 when more than 100 Karsevaks killed, heavily injured and unfound permanently.


It is not a matter whether Mulayam or his son Akhilesh will be sworn in the UP Assembly House as next Chief Minister, but they have assured the Muslim regimen in UP without any hurdle any more.

In a letter to Shahi Imam of Delhi’s Jama Masjid Delhi, Syed Ahmed Bukhari, just after setting  his election strategy and campaign, Mullah Mulaym Yadav promised setting up a commission to “survey the backwardness of Muslims” in Uttar Pradesh and give “exemplary reservation” to the community if his party formed the next government in the state.

Yadav was replying to a letter sent by Bukhari in Dec 2011, written to the former chief minister (1989 to 1991, 1993 to 1995, and 2003 to 2007) utmost urging to include a list of proposals for uplifting the Muslims in the Samajwadi Party manifesto.

Bukhari, in his letter, said that there was discontentment amongst Muslims against SP in the last Lok Sabha elections, and that the party will have to take some strong steps in order to win back the support of Muslims.

The main suggestions in Bukhari’s letter were implementation of the recommendations of the Rangnath Mishra Commission and Sachar Committee, declaration of all Muslims as backward, a survey across the state to assess the backwardness of Muslims, and extending all the benefits to Muslims that other backward classes enjoy.

Bukhari also demanded the immediate release and compensation for Muslims who have been “jailed under the pretext of action against terrorism.” He also urged Yadav to make special provisions for employment of Muslims in security forces of the state, setting up of educational institutes in Muslim areas, budgetary provision for imparting technical education in madarsas as well as establishing government-run Urdu medium primary, middle and high schools on the lines of Maharashtra.

Agreeing that the political, social, educational as well as economic condition of Muslims is “pitiable” in the country, Yadav reiterated that he is in favour of full implementation of the Rangnath Mishra Commission and Sachar Committee’s recommendations.

Accusing the UPA government of cheating Muslims by promising 4.5 per cent reservation for minorities, and not for Muslims alone, Yadav said that he is in favour of reservation for Muslims in education and employment.

Bosom Friends: Mulayam & Bukhari.

He said that soon after forming the government in Uttar Pradesh, his party members will discuss the issue with Muslims, intellectuals as well as legal experts and will give reservation on the lines of reservation given to Muslims in Kerala and Andhra Pradesh.

Meanwhile, in Sitapur, senior SP Azam Khan trained the guns on Congress, asking it to clarify its stand on the Batla House encounter probe. Recounting Congress general secretary Digvijaya Singh’s remark that the encounter was fake, he asked the UPA government to decide who was correct — Singh or Union Home Minister P Chidambaram, who had claimed that the encounter was genuine.

With all these no Ram Mandir in Janmabhoomi-Babri site was a promise and pulsation to woo the Muslim vote bank to crush down all the political opponents to Swamajwadi Supremo Mullah Mulayam Singh Yadav.

Total Islamization of Uttar Pardesh

Actually, 70% of the state’s Muslim electorate, according expert analysis, had voted for Mr Yadav. For this, the two national parties, BJP and Congress, must accept blame. Mayawati said the Congress created the problem with its hard-selling of a special quota for Muslims in jobs and Muslim universities. Hindu voters panicked and moved towards the BJP, which played into their fears that the Congress would promote Muslims at their expense. Meanwhile, Muslims found that the Congress was not a strong enough party to back. So UP Muslims opted for Mr Yadav as the new Maulana Chief Minister in Uttar Pradesh.

The decline of BJP base in Uttar Pradesh and immature Hindu sentiment for building a Hindu Vote Bank in UP or elsewhere in India, will compel us to watch no Ramjanmabhoomi Temple in Ayodhya, forceful cow slaughter in Hindu areas, political supremacy of Muslims in Uttar Pradesh, heavy reservation in services, jobs, business and all other sectors in Uttar Pradesh as a role model of Islamization of future India. Perhaps, this Islamic lead in Uttar Pradesh has been designed for the destiny of rest of India also.  (Though, RSS will still murmur in a dream to capture Pakistan and Bangladesh in the name of an Akhand Bharat. God will never save us for such a lie).

I heard another mockery in the pre-pole days. The Swami Ramdev  Team and Team Anna were also in election operations in disguise  to protect the Uttar Pardesh people from corruption and collaborators vested in the anti-national powers. Would they not be able to do worst than this?

Defensive Hindus will be wiped out by the offensive Muslims in India ­– this is the sermon of this unpleasant parable.

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Delhi High Court ordered to probe on “Shariah for Hind” and its Anti Indian rally on 3rd March.

Posted by hinduexistence on February 22, 2012

News Flash(Updated on 23-02-2012): The web site of SHARIAH FOR HIND project at has been temporarily blocked by the GOI and proceedings are being drawn against its Indian propagators to  hlod its 2nd-3rd March programme in Delhi. We should keep alert to prevent its clone sites if any. ed. HINDU EXISTENCE.

Delhi court asks police to investigate Islamist website.

New Delhi, Feb 22 (IANS), 2012. || THE HINDU.
The Delhi High Court Wednesday sought a status report from the Delhi Police commissioner on a public interest litigation (PIL) seeking a ban on a Islamist website as it allegedly threatened communal harmony in India.……….

A bench of Acting Chief Justice A.K. Sikri and Justice Rajiv Shah Endlaw directed police chief to submit the report on website within a week.

The PIL filed by Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga, president of the Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena, alleged that the website brings constitution of India and its secular feature into disrespect and disrepute.

“Extreme Islamic groups are planning to organise a huge rally in Delhi propagating Islamisation of Indian subcontinent and enforcement of Shariah law all over India and hence this may result into communal clashes and disruption of public peace and order in State of Delhi and other parts of India,” the petition said.

It sought the court’s direction for the central and Delhi government to conduct detailed inquiry into the claims of Shariah4hind that a public rally shall be organized in Delhi March 3.

Appearing for Bagga, advocate Vikas Padora also sought the central and state governments be directed to include the group into the list of banned organisations, “as the group works against the integrity and sovereignty of India”.

Police asked to examine plea against website promoting shariat.

New Delhi, Feb 22 (PTI) The city police commissioner was today asked by the Delhi High Court to examine a plea, made to it to ban a website for allegedly encouraging communal hatred between the Hindus and the Muslims, and apprise it of his findings within a week.

A division bench of Acting Chief Justice A K Sikri and Justice Rajiv Sahai Endlaw asked the police chief to treat the contents of the plea to the court as a complaint and verify the website and file his report.

In a petition, filed through advocate Vikas Padora, Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga, president of an organisation called Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena, alleged the website violates the secular feature of Indian Constitution.

According to the petition, two USA-based persons named Anjem Choudhary and Omar Muhammed Bakri have recently launched the organisation Shariah for India and also launched the website with an object to campaign for enforcement of Shariat Law all over India.

The plea said the website”s objectives, if met, would would result into communal disharmony.

The plea also sought an order to restrain the group from holding a rally and conference on March 2 and 3 here.

“The extreme Islamic groups are planning to organise a huge rally in Delhi to propagate Islamisation of the Indian subcontinent and enforce Shariat law all over India and hence this may result into communal clashes and disruption of public peace and order in Delhi and other parts of India,” it said.

The petitioner”s counsel submitted that the court should pass an order directing the Union and the Delhi governments to include the ”Shariat for Hind” into the list of banned organisations, as the group works against the integrity and sovereignty of India.

Courtesy: The Hindu || News of Delhi dot com || MSN || PTI.


Stop 3rd Mar Delhi Rally of “Shariah 4 Hind” at once.         

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Tapan Ghosh, President ~ Hindu Samhati freed on bail. Congratulations!

Posted by hinduexistence on February 18, 2012

Update :: 19-02-2012 :: Tapanda has enthusiastically received by the Samhati supporters and many well wishers of Hindu Samhati, at the main gate of Alipore Central Jail at about 11.15 am toady on 19-02-2012. He reiterated the Samhati mantra of Sahas (Courage), Shakti (Strength) & Sakriyata (Action) for the further advancement of Bengali Hindu Society as his short message just after coming out of jail. He is seen in a very jubilant but in a mood of strong resoluteness. He is now at HS, HQ at Kolkata. 

Bail Granted in favour of  Hindu Samhati President.

HE Correspondent from Kolkata | 18th February, 2012 | 17-00 hrs IST: The First Court in the Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate, Aliopre granted the bail in favour of Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh, President, Hindu Samhati (HS) just now (abt 4pm). Despite the effort of the opposition (the State Police authority here), the efficient legal counselors of Hindu Samhati persuaded the bail of Sri Ghosh who was thrown into jail after the successful completion of   4th anniversary of HS overcoming all the hurdles put by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation and Kolkata Police.

While Smt. S. Ray, Hon’ble Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate-in-Charge, granted the bail in reasonable course of adjudication, due to certain technicalities Sri Tapan Ghosh will be released from Alipore Central Jail at an expected time on 10-30 hrs IST on Sunday, 19th Feb 2012.    

The West Bengal Government lead by TMC and its Chief icon of Muslim appeasement Mamtaz Banerjee tried all ill efforts to stamp out the yearly congregation of Hindu Samhati, but proved unsuccessful before the UNITED HINDU SPIRIT.


Victory Day Rally Videos.

Hindu Samhati 4th Foundation Day  14-02-2012, Tapan Ghosh is addressing the HS Cadres. Pujya Swami Tejasananda, Ramesh Bhai Shinde, Michael Brannon Parker, Dr. Nilmadhab Das, Acharya Yogesh Shastri and other dignitaries are seen in dias.

A March towards venue. Kadam Kadam Badaye Ja/Khusi ke Geet gaye Ja/ Ye Jindegi hai Kaum ki/ Tu Kaum pe Lutaye Ja………

A Huge gathering in Hindu Samhati 4th Foundation Day Victory Rally on 14/02/2012 at wellington (Subodh Mallick) Square. Dinabandhu Gharami, Leader HS is addressing the congregation.

Video Courtesy: Hindu Samhati dot org.

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