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Christianity in India


Swami Vivekananda

(A lecture delivered at Detroit on March 11, 1894 and reported

in the Detroit Free Press)

Christian Persecution in India: The Real Story

By Francois Gautier

[We have heard about what the Christians in India have called the persecutions against them. However, there is much more to this story than we often hear, and there are certainly two sides to it. The following is a first-hand investigative article that relates what has really been going on with the Christians in India, much of which has been kept from the public. This shows the duplicity in the Christian activities in India. This article, by Francois Gautier, is reprinted from the “Annual Research Journal, 2001″ published by the Institute for Rewriting Indian [and World] History.]



P o l i t i c s    o f    C o n v e r s i o n ~ F r o m  H i n d u  W i s h d o m .

The Politics of Christian Conversion.

Missionary conversion to Christianity in India spreading hatered against Hindus…..

Converted Hindus – Christians…. Coming to true religion of peace.


Christians spreading hatred against Hindu Dharma _ CNN IBN.

Christian Missionary attack on India (part 1 of 3)

Christian Missionary attack on India (part 2 of 3)

Christian Missionary attack on India (part 3 of 3)

An invasion through comversion 1/2.

An invasion through conversion 2/2.

Courtesy to All Concerned ~ Upananda Brahmachari.

Some inputs/updates: Nun kills self, family allege abuse by church in TN: TOI.

21 comments on “Christianity in India

  1. Putcha Srinivasa Rao
    February 5, 2012

    Still so many lower cast hindus are not permitted to enter in temples. If we act like that sure one day hindus face real problems.
    If you in many parts of East Godavari and west Godavari particularly in Central Delta, we find only churchs, It looks like mini Kerala.
    you don’t find temples. Every sunday we’ll see very big masses.
    ఏదైనా కష్టం వస్తే ఆదరించే దిక్కులేదు. గుడిలోకి వెళితే, పూజలు, కొబ్బరికాయలు వాటికి దక్షిణలు,అంట డబ్బు మయం. లేని వాడి పరిస్తితి ఏమిటి. గ్రహ చారం బాగుండక జాతకం దెగ్గరకు వెళితే కాలసర్ప యోగాలు, రత్నాలు, రుద్రాక్షలు అంటూ వేలకు వేలు చెప్పడం. ఒక్క స్వామిజి అయిన వాళ్లకు ఓదార్పు మాటలు చెపుతారా, పాదపూజలకు డబ్బులు. వాళ్ళ పేటలకు వెల్ల తారా. ఈ నాటికి దేవాలయములలోకి వాళ్ళను రానీరు. ఇదంతా మనం చేసినదే. రామ రధాలు గుళ్ళ చుట్టూ, ఉన్నవారి చుట్టూ తిరుగుతాయి. ఇక రాజకీయాలలో హిందువులు అంత పనికి మాలిని వాళ్ళు లేరు. యచకః యాచకో శత్రు: . ఓట్లకోసం దేవుళ్ళను చంపేయడానికి వెనుకాడరు. అంతా మన ఖర్మ. రామ అంటే రాజకీయం. దళితులు వినాయక చవితి చేసుకుని దేముడిని నిమజ్జనం చేద్దామని చెరువుకు వెళితే వాళ్ళను ఆ ప్రాంతంకు రాకుడదని ఆంక్షలు. వాళ్ళు ఏమ్చేస్తారు.ఇది కర్నూల్ జిల్లలో జరిగింది.
    అయ్యా ఇవి ఆలోచించండి. ఒక్క ఏడాది కాదు ఒక దశాబ్దం అందరు అటు అడుగు వేస్తె సమస్య పరిష్కారం అవుతుంది. ధర్మో రక్షతి రక్షితా, జై భారత్.

    • hinduexistence
      February 5, 2012


      Please send us lists of Temples/shrines where the entry of SC & other sections of Hindus are restricted to enter inside or to offer puja/prayer/rituals etc.

      Please send reports/photos/lists to under the subject/heading “TEMPLE ENTRY”.

      We will move accordingly.

      Vande Bharat Mataram!.

      Pankaj Srestha.

      Moderator (ISSUES)


    • anindya ray
      September 27, 2012

      Hinduism is against apartheid and hidden apartheid like Islam and Christianity.

  2. draktripathi
    February 20, 2012

    We should not forget that so called lower caste Hindus are our brothers.They should be given all possible help in all matters.Actually there is no such higher or lower concept in Humanity as such. There should not be any discrimination against them .In Hinduism all are equal.No Hindu scripture advocate discrimination on the basis of caste system.All are entitled to enter any Hindu temple anywhere in the world.If it happens anywhere it is because of the priest of that temple.Its is the responsibility of upper caste educated Hindus to oppose this type of practice immediately. If we help our brothers (other caste Hindus)we can easily defeat nefarious design of these, so called Christian missionaries & Muslim Ulemas.

  3. Rony
    February 26, 2012

    Christians never hatred Hindus or anyone. Jesus Christ said love your neighbours. But Christians know the truth, they are informing others and spreading about Jesus Christ that the only way to reach Heaven and see God. It doesnt mean not criticize others.

    Robert Rony. email:

    • Partha Sarathi Chowdhury
      February 27, 2012

      HINDU GENOCIDE By Christian IN TRIPURA and else where in India.
      Source Link:

      I came not to bring peace, but a sword” – Jesus Chris

      (1) For seven-year-old Shreema, 13th Jan 2002 was a special Sunday. All through the year, the girl had awaited the dawn of this day. For, that was the day one goes out and purchases new clothes, new toys and sweets, as the next day would be Makar Sankranthi — the harvest festival celebrated throughout India. The Singicherra Bazar was bustling with activity. Like Shreema’s family there were many people looking forward to a happy Makar Sankranthi. But they didn’t realise that they were violating a fatwa issued by the Baptist Church-created Christian Al-Qaeda, the National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT). Nor did they know that they would pay with their lives for celebrating a heathen festival of their motherland. Shreema would never again celebrate Makar Sankranthi. She died, along with sixteen others, on the spot as 13 terrorists of the NLFT encircled the people shopping for the festival and fired indiscriminately1. The soldiers of Christ have done again in Tripura what they have been doing for centuries to heathens throughout the world. The Baptist Church of Tripura is not just the ideological mentor of the NLFT; it also supplies the NLFT with arms and ammunition for the soldiers of the holy crusade2. Never mind that the holy war involves killing infants and torching the huts of ‘heathen Hindoos’. The NLFT does all these to bring to the infidels the peace and love of Christ. So, when Nagmanlal Halam, secretary of the Noapara Baptist Church in Tripura, was arrested by the Tripura police he had rather curious tools for evangelisation, which included along with the gospel 50 gelatin sticks, 5 kg of potassium and 2 kg of sulphur and other ingredients for making explosives. Mr. Halam confessed that his activities for the saving the heathen souls involved buying and supplying explosives to the NLFT over the past two years. Another church official, Jatna Koloi, who was also arrested, admitted that he received training in guerrilla warfare at an NLFT base last year. Surely, gelatin and AK-47s have more efficiency when it comes to bringing the light of the only revealed truth to the disbelievers suffering in ‘spiritual darkness’. Those who are in doubt can check it out with another great light-bearer of the other ‘only true book’, Osama bin Laden (that is, when and if the prophet of terror is captured). The Baptist Church of Tripura was initially set up by proselytizers from New Zealand 60 years ago. Despite their efforts, even until 1980, only a few thousand people in Tripura had converted to Christianity. Then the Church used one of its most efficient and time-tested weapons of evangelisation — creating racial and ethnic divide among the people. In the aftermath of one of the worst ethnic riots, engineered by the Church3, the NLFT was born — but not without the midwife role of the Baptist Church. From its very inception, the NLFT has been advancing the cause of Christianity through armed persuasion. Every trace of indigenous culture is being eliminated through violent means. Every resisting group is made to bleed its way to extinction. The case of Jamatya tribals provides a telling example. These tribals have strong spiritual leaders and a network of social service organisations headed by their religious leaders. These indigenous sects are neither exclusive nor expansionist. The Baptist Church has always failed miserably in its conversion efforts with regard to this well-knit community. Hence, it is no wonder that the NLFT has made Jamatya institutions and their religious leaders the targets of their attacks. In the August of 2000, religious leaders of the Jamatya community like Jaulushmoni Jamatya and Shanti Kumar Tripura were killed by the NLFT, and Jamatya families were uprooted from their homelands and made refugees. The death threats issued by the NLFT to the inmates of these institutions have already forced the closure of 11 Jamatya institutions like schools and orphanages, set up by the slain religious leaders in various parts of Tripura4. Interestingly, these tribals are not close-minded fanatics. For one thing, they do not mind teaching the theory of evolution in their schools. The greatest challenge to the Bible inspired mission of the NLFT comes from the Sangh Parivar’s Banbasi Kalyan Kendra. The dedicated life workers of RSS have started empowering the tribals by running many educational institutions which while empowering them through imparting secular technical education also retain their tribal cultural and spiritual identity. Rather than making them disown their roots, the Kendra made the tribals feel proud of their culture. It even conducts national level tribal sports festivals. If the NLFT is to carve out a kingdom for Christ out of the secular republic of India, it has to make sure that the Kendra activities are stopped at all costs. In July 2000, armed NLFT militants torched a residential school and students hostel run by the Seva Mission in the remote Ananda Bazar area of North Tripura5. They had also taken hostage four RSS life workers. These RSS workers were all in their sixties. The crime committed by these old men was that they had dared to run educational institutions for tribals while preserving the tribals’ culture. Later, all four were killed by the NLFT. The NLFT has been an active partner of the Baptist Church in winning converts to the Christian creed. They have killed tribal priests to threaten communities and effect mass conversions. But those tactics have obviously backfired. In 2001 alone, the NLFT killed more than 20 Hindus who refused to ‘accept the love of Christ’. They also torched to death a Hindu family sleeping in a hut6. In 2001, community chiefs and religious heads of 19 tribes formed the ‘Tribal Culture Protection Committee’ to counter the threat posed by the NLFT7. Despite the NLFT taking all possible steps to enforce conversions, the conversions are still slow. Frustrated, the NLFT has now begun an all out war against Hindu tribals. They have issued fatwas against infidel activities. These fatwas prohibit people from celebrating festivals like Durga Pooja and Makar Sankranthi, listening to Indian music, watching Indian TV channels and films, and prohibit women from wearing bangles or sporting bindis, etc. Just a year before the NLFT started all these atrocities in India, the Southern Baptist Church of the United States of America had given a clarion call to bring the light of the gospel to “millions of Hindus and Jews lost in the darkness” of their religions8. >Shreema, the seven-year-old girl from Tripura, died with bullets pumped into her tender body. Her crime was that she violated the Christian fatwa which prohibited her from celebrating an Indian festival. She was not just a victim of barbaric terrorism but she is also a martyr for Indian culture, a culture that has preserved thousands of tribal customs from barbaric persecution. Yet, she will not make it to the glossy covers of the weekly magazines of English speaking Indian media. Unsubstantiated, fabricated stories of Hindu fundamentalists (an oxymoron) killing Christian priests have been making their headlines. However, these fabrications have their use. They do help in the covering up of such acts of Christian love like killing in cold blood a seven-year-old girl or burning a family to death.

      (2) August 25, 2008
      Source Link:
      Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati’s murder: Are Christian militants involved?

      Posted August 24, 2008

      (Editor’s note: Read the last paragraph, which mentions about involvement of Christian militants )

      source: Daily Pioneer, August 25, 2008
      Pioneer News service | Bhubaneswar

      # Orissa bandh today; schools, colleges to remain closed
      # Naveen announces judicial probe, ex-gratia

      Widespread anger was expressed throughout the State over the brutal killing of Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati and four of his associates.

      The VHP and Bajrang Dal activists burned tyres and blocked traffic in different parts of the State to ventilate their anger on the failure of the police to give protection to Swamji. He had lodged an FIR on the local police station that his life was under threat and had sought police protection. Within 26 hours of lodging the complaint, he and his disciples were killed at Jalespata Ashram under Tumudibandh block in Kandhamal district on Saturday night.

      Fearing a backlash, the Kandhamal district administration clamped curfew in Phulbani town and prohibitory orders under section 144 CrPC throughout the district. All borders of the district were sealed. However, defying the orders, disciples of the Swami took out the Swami’s funeral procession to another ashram at Chakapada, which is nearly 100 km away from Jalespata Ashram. More than 10,000 mourners reportedly accompanied the funeral procession. The funeral procession went through Jalespata, Tumudibandh, Paramapanka, Baataguda and reached Baliguda at 3 pm. It was supposed to go through Nuaagaan, Sarangagada, Phiringia, Bisipada Chhak and Tikabali to reach his Karmabhumi Chakapada late in night.

      The people bid farewell to the departed souls with tears. People in Baliguda could not control their emotions and they even attacked the police and burnt a number of vehicles. Police had to resort to a mild lathi-charge to disperse the crowd. Reports reaching Bhubaneswar said the people were dead against the police inaction.

      VHP activists allegedly burnt down a Marshal jeep OR 07 G 5882 carrying Sisters at G Udayagiri. The Sisters were allowed to leave the vehicle, said sources. Similarly, hundreds of supporters of Swamiji were moving to Tumudibandh with agitated mood, where his body was kept for last darshan.

      In order to save its face, the district administration suspended the officer-in-charge of the Tumudibandh Police Station. However, it did not calm the anger of local people. They demanded that action should be taken against the District Collector and the SP. “Swamji had himself lodged the FIR. But the district administration could not react promptly to protect the precious lives,” said Sudarshan Bhoi, a local of Tumudibandh area.

      Reacting over the issue, the VHP and the Bajrang Dal have called for a dawn-to-dusk Orissa bandh. The BJP State unit has announced to support the bandh. In a bid to avoid further violence, the Government has ordered closure of all schools and colleges on Monday.

      In order to take stock of the situation, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Sunday morning convened a high-level meeting at the State Secretariat. “All efforts would be made to arrest the culprit,” he said, adding that additional police force has been mobilised and combing operation is on to nab the culprit. Police sources said 20 platoons of police force and four companies of CRPF have been mobilised to the spot.

      Patnaik also ordered a judicial probe into the incident and announced that Rs 2 lakh ex-gratia would be given to the next of kin of the deceased.

      The situation in the tribal dominated Kandhamal district “is tense but under control” after the killing of the VHP activists last night by unidentified attackers, Kandhamal District Collector Krishan Kumar claimed.

      Meanwhile, a small thatched structure used as a prayer house was set afire by unidentified persons late on Saturday night at Tentulijhari in Sundargarh district, Inspector General of Police (Western Range) Pranabindu Acharya said.

      The police have arrested Pradesh Kumar Das, an employee of the World Vision, a Christian Charity, from Khadagpur while escaping from the district at Buguda. In another drive, two other persons Vikram Digal and William Digal have been arrested from the house of Lal Digal, a local militant Christian, from Nuasahi at Gunjibadi, Nuagaan. They have admitted to having joined a group of 28 other assailants.

      Here are some examples of attacks on Hindus by Christians throughout the India


      Partha Sarathi Chowdhury,
      Kolkata, INDIA.

      • John
        July 24, 2012

        My dear Hindu brother,
        It seems that you must have been suffering from past hurts in your heart from Christians. but even though u hate us, we as christians still love you, pls forgive any mistreatment or if your sentiments are hurt by any christians. Because people do make mistakes. but we are a people of peace and our god is a god of peace,May god bless you.

        Please keep your faith intact. Hindu belief is oldest in this world and best in all respect. No conversion from any side is required anyway, any more.

        Now, we have to fight Islam jointly to save the Humanity in this Globe. This is my ultimate mission.

        John, Your Indian brother.

      • John
        July 26, 2012


        [ “”Please keep your faith intact. Hindu belief is oldest in this world and best in all respect. No conversion from any side is required anyway, any more.
        Now, we have to fight Islam jointly to save the Humanity in this Globe. This is my ultimate mission.”” ]

        but i may not agree to the word “FIGHT” as i am a man of peace & i personally believe that conflict can only be solved by peace
        so all we can do is pray for the peace in India for god is a most all-powerful being & he can establish peace for he is real god & we don’t have to fight for it.

        & every person in the world believes “my(his) religion is the best religion and the oldest religion” but we need to also have a heart for other people with different faith or else there will a great unrest in the whole world & a great war & disturbance and no-one in the world will survive.

  4. Humanity triumphs
    March 11, 2012


    Please review this and inform also to others. Tell as many as you can.

    Preach the same to others and let the false faith perish. Thank you.

  5. Prince Thomas
    June 23, 2012

    I would like you to know how many of you know the difference between Catholics and Protestant Christians. Though both the sections can be called “Christians” both are totally different in their identity. In fact, it’s the Protestant Church who initiate the so called allegations of conversion and not Catholics. But, Catholics are always seen in the forefront of all the Social Works and therefore everyone tags everything on the Catholics while they are innocent. And I vehemently oppose your idea of Christians Spreading Hatred. In no way. By taking a video clip (which can be totally forged for the sake of making enemity) you cannot say that all Christians do the same. Look at the role of Christians in the Development of Our Nation. Are they not on the forefront to eradicate illiteracy and to provide better health? If the Christians were on a rage after conversion then why have they not crossed the 2.4% margin even after 50 years of Independence? What’s their number now? from 2.4% it downsized to 2.3% together with Hindus who came down from 83.4 to 80.5% while Muslims increased from 10.7% to 14%. So do you mean to say that Christians are the reasons behind this? I think you’re not really angry with Christians but as a blog which strives to unite Hindus it’s your duty to find fault with other religions and bring hatred. Because, hatred is the best weapon to destroy any community. How can Christians spread hatred when Jesus tells “Love your fellowmen”? Missionary Charity Sisters do not convert anyone to Christianity. They take care of the abandoned as they are and when they die, are given the same death ceremony according to the person’s religion and not according to Christianity. Can you find a large area churchyard to bury all those dead in their centres? Either that you’re jealous of your inability to start such a great pious venture or just to bring hatred against Christians to meet your personal vendetta. I wish if you would thing out of your box and look at the reality. I am totally against Christians converting Hindus and I never support it nor the Catholic Church. Don’t blame the Catholics for the wrong doings Protestant Church people. Finally, don’t compare Christians with Muslims and their works, we are totally different and will remain so till the end of the world. We Love Christ and We Love India. You cannot find a single Catholic getting involved in anything to destroy the Nation. We work for the progress of the nation. We are, we were and we will do only good to the nation and you really know it. It’s really easy to saw the seeds of hatred among people, all what I want to tell you is to be true to the reality and don’t fudge and divert the facts. Thank you..

    • Santhosh
      July 7, 2012

      Mr.Thomas what you said I can agree to a limit. Now protestants are doing the worse. But Do you know Goa Inquisition., Portuguese Catholics killed and tortured Goa Hindus to get converted in 16 century. If you are Indian Im sure your forefathers are Hindu.., But Catholics are decent from protestant nowadays. You dont know how much mental torture are affected to these people to get converted what you seen in the above videos are true.
      Brother everyone say bad Hindu caste, even that was mis interpreted by British missionaries ..Everyone was equal in India until British arrive they divided people and ruled as they thought a only way to capture India.

      Lord McCauley (prominent British Parlimenterian and statesman) quoted ” before 175 years in British Parliament on his mission to India by Queen Victoria.
      ” I have travelled across the length and breadth of this country for years I have not seen a single beggar or a thief., Indians have high moral values with high character. They are more wealthy happy and strongly united.They learn everything from their ancient education system. Only way to break India is to break their Spirituality & ancient education system and make them believe English is superior finally a dominated nation of us”…..

      WHO IS THE CAUSE OF ALL MISERY… We are not against christianity but against conversion by missionaries.

      • Prince Thomas
        July 7, 2012

        My name is Prince
        Thank you Santhosh for your comments.
        I really understand your concern and worries about conversion and I am totally against it. I say this not just for name’s sake, but from heart. Still, I would like to bring one fact to your kind notice that Britishers ruled the country for 200 years and still Christians remain as 2.3%. If you look into the Christians in Pakistan (I mean, India before independence) the total would not be more than 3%. But, you look at the growth of Muslim population in India, (include the population of Pakistan too, they were part of India) and if you read between the lines of history you would find one truth that had Britishers not come here, India would have been a Muslim state. Do you have any doubt about it? Even after independence Muslim population grew from 10.7 to 14. Take the sum of the Muslim population of Pakistan and India and then you’ll get the real picture of conversion. So, beware of the real enemy. Had the Catholics resorted to conversion then how could the population come down from 2.4 to 2.3%? Even in Kerala, Christian population came down from 20% to 19 while Muslims rose from 20 to 25%. And, I wonder why this forced conversion of Mughal Empires, which harmed India the most, is not at all mentioned in any of the history text in India. Remember that there was no country called India before the arrival of Britishers, rather, the present India was a collection of thousands of kingdoms ruled by kings though everyone had hindu belief. So, it was easy for the Mughal Empires to defeat one kingdom after another and convert. Now, after Britishers came to India, they defeated all Mughal Emperors and we have such a vast land called India and they brought all those regions under one name where Hindu belief and practices are held. So, i would say that Britishers are the real savior of Hinduism. Today, 65 years after independence, after getting so much of education, now the hindus come to realise their power and their need for unity. It’s high time to be united. Stand united and stay united. All i wish you to do is to look at facts and figures as they are and use your intellect and education at truth and not at distorted facts. It’s the 2.3% of Christians who own 33% of educational institutions in India, which means, the main reason for the intellectual development (education) in India.
        Together with you I oppose religious conversion. After all, what’s the use of converting people if they don’t live well? I am all the more realistic and understand your concern. As you said, I too am against conversion.

  6. sacchi
    September 19, 2012

    Prince, just one question to you, are you proud of being India,its culture and language?
    If yes, why is your name a western name. I have visited many christian countries in the world but they have maintained their culture and names. Dont you feel odd with a borrowed religion or a borrowed name? I think christians and muslims see religions above country.

    • Biswajyoti Bhattacharjee
      January 1, 2014

      Take the example of Indonesia,you will find names of Muslims as Meghawati Sukarnaputry,Sushilo Yodhoyono,etc. But they are Muslims by faith. Indian Muslims and Christians should learn a lesson of this.

  7. Rajiv
    September 22, 2012

    @Sacchi Hindus also see Religion above country

  8. Murali
    January 28, 2014

    Dear gentlemen , I am an SC man from Andhra Pradesh ., and I never experienced any restrictions entering any temple, but by showing this old odd practice , christians are converting Hindus to their foreign religion and making them as christian terrorists . and these terrorists are directly blaming threatening Hindus.

    some pastars are exaggerating Aryan and Dravidian theory and they are telling that only dravidians are true people of India and Aryans are out siders from Europe and Aryans are Hindus , and so all christians should hate Hindus and Hinduism …

    How many years we will read same foolish theory of Aryan invasion in our text book.. this theory in fact developed by British people to divide Indians during their colonial rule, later it was proved wrong, but today this theory is being used by christian terrorist to convert Hindus and make them christian terrorists ….

    christianity divided russian union, divided Sudan country , and going to divide Nigeria soon. so pls kindly beware of this christianity, it will divide our country North India and south India, and save Hindus in their own country

    otherwise we Hindus become minors in our own country soon

  9. t.d.chandna
    May 22, 2014


  10. Snehlata Singh
    August 31, 2014

    In a country where children are homeless on streets, where women are in general unsafe, where progress and self dependence is the need of the hour, all that my clergymen can talk of is conversion! Sad!!
    Why Christian Missionaries cannot do anything without conversion!!!

  11. Murthy BN
    November 8, 2014


    • vidya
      November 29, 2014

      1.Why does not Government nab and jail christian preachers who claim they can “cast out demons” and “heal” blindness and deafness for spreading superstition? T.V channels should also expose christian babas and not only hindu ones.

      2. In Goa, in places like chimbel and kamrabhat and wherever poorer people live in colonies, my house-maid tells me that people are being converted to Christianity by giving loans to start businesses and to build homes and by giving free medical aid and food, specially to AIDS positive people. Who can fault the poor people for accepting these bribes? Once converted, they chide their unconverted relatives and friends for worshiping ‘saitan’. When I mentioned to my maid that the Bhagwad Geeta preaches that all things good and bad come from the all pervading divine source and there is no concept of ‘saitan’ in hinduism and that all persons who act in a principled way, with humanity, will achieve moksha , she was confused as she had never heard of the Bhagwad Geeta. Unfortunately, these people have had no exposure to the spirituality of India and to the feeling of expansiveness and interconnectedness that comes from following any non-dualistic, Karmic religion. For them it is a matter of just substituting a village or family deity with a global three-in-one God and a mother of God with free goodies to boot. In the bargain, societies get divided and foreign powers get purchase points to split societies further apart. The response should recognize this and inculcate the good work done by missionaries, because the karmic religions need to survive and become widespread in order to prevent destruction of the world from war, under influence of the self- fulfilling prophesies of the two proselytizing Abrahamic religions. converted, they chide their unconverted relatives and friends for worshiping ‘saitan’. When I mentioned to my maid that the Bhagwad Geeta preaches that all things good and bad come from the all pervading divine source and there is no concept of ‘saitan’ in hinduism and that all persons who act in a principled way, with humanity, will achieve moksha , she was confused as she had never heard of the Bhagwad Geeta. Unfortunately, these people have had no exposure to the spirituality of India and to the feeling of expansiveness and interconnectedness that comes from following any non-dualistic, Karmic religion. For them it is a matter of just substituting a village or family deity with a global three-in-one God and a mother of God with free goodies to boot. In the bargain, societies get divided and foreign powers get purchase points to split societies further apart. The response should recognize this and inculcate the good work done by missionaries, because the karmic religions need to survive and become widespread in order to prevent destruction of the world from war, under influence of the self- fulfilling prophesies of the two proselytizing Abrahamic religions.

  12. Shantanu
    April 18, 2015

    i only have one question to ask..if christanity is so good and jesus is the only lord and all curse will go away by adopting the christanity…then why western world is loosing faith in it adopting other religions like hinduism,buddhisim and also islam as well…….this is all number game…since christian population is drastically reducing in western world…missionaries want to compensate that by converting poor people from Asian and African countries by offering them money and taking advantage of their poverty……
    Satya Mev Jayate

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