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Fake Muslim Darvish-Peer held for ‘raping’ girls in Kashmir. Don’t send your girls to any Private Muslim Girls’ hostel/schools for any absurd purification etc. It’s may be dangerous.

Posted by hinduexistence on May 23, 2013

Fake Muslim Darvish-Peer held for ‘raping 200 girls’ in his Private ‘Purification School’.

Don’t send your girls to any Private Muslim Girls’ hostel/schools for any absurd purification etc. or send your women to get any Tabiz/ Dowa Pani/Fake Allah Name Charts/Message oil etc. from any Muslim Moulavi-Peer-Darvish etc. privately. They may be raped or black-mailed otherwise. 

Sayed Gulzar Ahmed Bhat

Sayed Gulzar Ahmed Bhat

Srinagar | Kashmir | India | 22 May 2013:: A private sex racket of a truly Islamic nature is now exposed in Kashmir valley after arrest of a so called Muslim Darvish (holy man) against a charge of raping innocent girls under a scheme of ‘purification’ and retaining ‘endless-youth’ of damsels. Police in Kashmir arrested the fake Darvish who allegedly raped young Kashmiri girls on the pretext of purifying and revitalizing the sexual power of women under a subtle guidance of Quranic knowledge of Behast (Islamic heaven).

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Gulzar Ahmad Bhat, who is mostly known as Revered ‘Sayed Gulzar’, ran a residential institution for girls which offered a two-months course in Islamic studies for ‘Purification of Sex’ in Khansahib area of Budgam district in Kashmir valley.

According to the girls, the fake Muslim holy man (Peer-Darvish) would quote saying the Arabic qutations from quran to justify his free sexual activities with them to induce the endless sensuality to his counterparts under an eminent Islamic power.

Sources say that four girl students, all aged under 18, complained to the police that ‘Sayed Gulzar’ indulged in sexual activities with them at hostel and most of the time he invited other persons from outside to perform group sex inside the Muslim girls’ hostel.

“He would tell the girls that having sex with him was necessary to purify them from all evil” a police officer told our source.

Police said medical examination of the girls confirmed rape. Consequently, Gulzar has been booked under section 376 (Punishment for rape) of Indian Penal Code. [FIR No: 40/2013 of Budgam Police].

‘Sayed Gulzar’, known as also ‘Miracle Baba’, who often gave advertisement in local newspapers claiming to be a Sufi Saint, also delivered sermons through cable TV network in Kashmir Valley.

Moulavi Muhammad Amin, the whistleblower in this case, says the fake preacher would manipulate verses of Quran to motivate the girls in to free sex. He alleges that Gulzar has so far raped nearly 200 girls at the hostel (read orchard of Islamic sex fair).

In India and other places, Muslim Peer and  Darvishes run various black magic centers to sell Tabizs (metal bullet with false divine power),  message oils and divine water, Allah name charts etc. to influence the non-Muslims, especially the women folk.

These danes are mostly controlled by women trafficking rackets, where most of the girls and women are generally exploited during their slot of wearing the Tabiz in a naked condition, massaging with special oil or sprinkling of water under a spell. Sometime the girls and women are given sedatives or stimulating things in drinks to decontrol them.  Hidden cameras are also used in the whole process to blackmail the victims for a long time.

These Muslim Peer-Maulavu-Darvishes are working many a time as  catalyst of ‘Love Jihad’ & ‘Rape Jihad’ hatched against non-Muslim girls.

Court rejected the bail of Sayed Gulzar and Police to him under custody for further investigation.

Public has been alerted not to fall prey to these type Muslim unholy men who exploit both the Muslim and non-Muslim girls and women in the name of false purification or sex-gambling.

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