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To save India, We have to save Hindus.

Posted by hinduexistence on February 3, 2011

Sonia, Madani, Burney, Digvijoy, Rahul, Congress, Communists, Christians, Muslims all are in a row to destroy Hinduism in India.

~ Upananda Brahmachari.

The latest discovery of Diggi Raja (Mr. Digvijoy Singh – The Think Tank of Congress, Chief Ideologue to Congress Chair Person Smt. Sonia Gandhi and Mentor to her son Rahul) has come to the surface.

After a long research, Mr. Singh has confirmed that Jinnah is not the champion of Partition of India. The culprit was Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, who propounded the Two Nation Theory….. Jinnah just followed it to get some extra mileage.

When the whole media was enchanted with this great revelation, I simply went to a psychologist to get the clues for telling such a lie about a great warrior and the role model of Indian patriots like Savarkar.

The psychologist told me that if a power craving man has been kicked out of his state politics and found most unsuccessful to manage a lucrative ministerial post at the centre, rapidly got a highest level of perversion when he takes oxygen from a sphere where a blending of French perfume exists just oozing out from an Italian body and the condition of his stomach is full by petro dollars. Really, this is a critical condition one faces exceptionally. And Digvijoy barks accordingly in a dire Hindu-phobia.

With many of others in the freedom fighters in the Independence struggle against British, Sri Aurobinda and Veer Savarkar were two prominent advocates for AKHANDA BHARAT (undivided India), obviously with Simanta Ghadhi – Khan Abdul Gaffer Khan.

Sri Aurobinda and Savarkar lamented long for the partition of India. The partition of India was unbearable to them. But Savarkar supported the theory of Partition of Pakistan by gaining West Bengal into the Indian Territory by breaking then East Pakistan. History tells us Savarkar supported Shyama Prasad Mookherjee in this regard.  But Savarkar always aspired such a day when Sindhu would be flowing through the Indian Territory once again. And according to his last will, the mortal remains (asthi) of Savarkar is still kept by his ancestors only to flow into a River Sindhu flowing through India.

The near literate Digvijoy should not know these facts and so he does not know even that Rashbehari Bose the founder of INA wrote a letter to Savarkar to suggest a successor to him to take the supreme command of INA. Savarkar suggested a Subhas Chandra Bose as a single option. Then a transformation occurred. From Subahas Babu, a dynamic and uncompromised personality in India politics to the Supreme Commander of Indian National Army. And this brute Digvijoy distorted the historical truth by saying Savarkar is the originator of Two Nation theory and wanted to minimize the sin of Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the real conspirator for the Partition of India. Yes, this man Doggy Singh went to the publication ceremony of the book “RSS ki Sazish 26/11” by a notorious Pak agent, Aziz Burney of Rashtriya Sahara Media Group.

Some days ago, lashing out at Congress President Sonia Gandhi, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) chief Ashok Singhal has alleged at a Mumbai Press Meet that she had been destroying Hinduism continuously and that she was “deputed by the Vatican.”

Singhal said: “She (Sonia Gandhi) wants to destroy Indian religion, culture and traditions. We are opposing this, since we will not let this happen. She realizes that our strength is growing, and she is scared of our power. That is why she is opposing us. We are not in any way connected to extremism. Neither the VHP, nor the saints and RSS are involved in any way to militancy.”

But it is now proved that an interlinked connectivity exists as the Christian War Groups, Islamic Jehadi Operators, even the Communists marching ahead in their abundant anti Hindu Campaign.

Rahul Gandhi had told U.S. Ambassador to India, Timothy Roemer in July last year that “the growth of radicalized Hindu groups” may be a “bigger threat” to India than activities of some Islamic terror groups. This Rahul, the ‘projection of Congress as the Future India’ gets full indulgence of his mother Sonia and provocation from his mentor Digvijoy. A suspicious Aziz Burney captures the media of Rashtriya Sahara under certain dictum of Pan Islam. The Communists of Kerala openly supports Abdul Nasser Madani the founder of Islamic Sewak Sangh, now reframed as Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Madani is the main accused of Coimbatore blast. All are seeing the Hindu Terrorism – Saffron Terrorism as bigger threat. Muslim Terrorism, Christian Terrorism, Maoist Terrorism are nothing rather reasonable out of persecution, exploitation, lack of education and so on.

But, we should not forget the sacrifice of Hindus for this land. The Mughal and the British persecution upon the Hindus time and again under their regime. Pool of blood Hindus have given to fertile the sense of patriotism in this land to get freedom. Hindus went to jail, to sit on starvation, to be martyr for their Mother Land. We rented the air and made fear to the enemies with Chanting BANDEMATARAM. Never opposed. But Muslims opposed BANDEMATARAM. Muslims went to jail only 3% and sacrificed themselves as martyr below the rate of 2% in Indian freedom movement. Even then, Muslims are great patriots and the Hindus are only terrorists. This is the justification to allot to 27% land of our mother land for a 23% then Muslim population in India in 1947 and allowed 50% treasury to the Pakistan, we got from the British. AND HINDUS HAVE BEEN CRYING FOR A HINDU NATION-STATE IN INDIA AS AN ORPHAN. This cannot be.

We cannot allow another partition of India through a rehearsal going in Madrasa Education System, separate Sharia Law for Muslims, Islamic banking, dismantling population control, allowing reservation in politics, economy, job and even in Hindu Devaswom Boards. And in the same way Christian powers want to control over Hindus in India in all possible ways. The equation of Sonia, Burney, Digvivoy, Rahul, Madani, Yeachuri, Congress, Communists, Socialists, Christians, Muslims only to finish Hindus in India is very clear to us.

We have given enough time to flourish the anti Hindu mentality in India under an utter reluctance. Now this is the time not only to resist but radicalize. To save India, We have to save Hindus. This is the most possible way to save Humanity in this world too.

Read a most important article written by V. Sundaram.

Islamic terror spouting journalist called Aziz Burney.

Islamist Aziz Burney (2nd from Left) and Dhimmi Digvijay Singh (3rd from Right). Inset : Aziz Burney feted by the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh.

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