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Pakistan’s faithful Muslims Declare Taliban as Unholy Crusaders against Humanity !! Are They Holy Crusaders against Hindus, Buddhists, Jews & Christians ??


Pakistani Muslims gather at one of the world’s largest Islamic four-day religious meetings in Raiwind, some 25 kilometres from Lahore on November 14, 2009. — AFP

Taliban under fire from Pakistan’s faithful, * But Hindus are miser to spend a single word against Talibans.

RAIWIND: Inayatullah Khan sits on a dusty rug and prepares to pray at Pakistan’s biggest religious gathering of 400,000 Muslims, cursing the Taliban for their ‘unholy crusade’ against humanity’.

Khan travelled all the way from the tribal region of South Waziristan to take part in the four-day event, one of the world’s largest Islamic meetings, in Raiwind on the outskirts of Pakistan’s cultural capital Lahore.

A resident of Kanigurram, a former Taliban hub that the military says it has captured during its ongoing five-week offensive in the northwest, Khan, 50, accused the Taliban of straying from the path of God and butchering Muslims. *But these Muslims enjoy butchering Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Christians and Quadianis by the Muslims in the name of Islam or Jihad. If not, How the 16% of Hindus in Pakistan in 1947, finished in Pakistan, keeping a residual of 1.86% now a days ?? Why the Christian and Quadianis are murdered in Pakistan by the Muslims in the Islamic charge of Blasphemy ?? Today when the mass Muslims are attacked by the Taliban Muslims, then the question of unholy crusade is surfaced. Fine !! Muslims Please Learn the Peace and Love from Nature and Others. Never it is underlying in Islam !!!

They call those who refuse to follow their brand of Islam infidels, not knowing they are inviting the wrath of Allah the almighty by killing Muslims, which I call an unholy crusade,’ Khan said.* What a pity that the Mass Muslims now have to be outspoken about Talibans for the cause of persecution heaped upon them. But these Talibans  always got support and patronage in the early stages when they opened their front against Russia and America. Terror, Hate, Murder, Apartheid never came to any conclusion of the Humanity. So the Talibans had have no scope for Humane anyway. Of late, it is good to register that Muslims have the scope to realize Islam through Talibani Activities and the one-eyed ness both they pose.

A Muslim whose faith is important enough to make an arduous three-day journey and sleep in a tent for four days, Khan invited the Taliban ‘to join us in spreading Islam’s eternal message of love, affection and peace.’ * Mad Islamic  Syndrome (like Mad Cow Syndrome) !! After seeing all these Muslim still believe that Islam has eternal message of love, affection and peace. Actually Islam gives us the message of Hate( not Love), Cruelty ( not Affection) and (not Peace).

The Tablighi Ijtema is an annual feature, founded by religious scholars more than five decades ago and focused exclusively on preaching Islam.

The Thursday-Sunday gathering in Raiwind, near the estate of opposition leader Nawaz Sharif, is being held under tight security due to the campaign of attacks that have swept the country killing more than 2,500 people in two years. * How many Hindus, Jews, Buddhists, Christians, Quadianis and other Non Muslims ( Read Kaffir) in these two years ?

Contingents of police guard the single-carriage road, lined by eucalyptus trees, that links Raiwind with downtown Lahore.

Spread over 150 acres of land with a huge parking space made available for thousands of buses and vehicles, the venue looks like a big tented village where pilgrims sleep, say prayers and eat together. * We will capture this World together. It is to wage a new War in the World to spread Pan Islamism in a new way. We have to Make this World as Dar ul Islam. Is it not true ??

‘Despite having to sleep under tents in cold and inhospitable weather, there is no let-up in our resolve to make this country a cradle of peace, a country free of suicide attacks and explosions,’ Khan said.

Hundreds of camps and sub-camps set up on the dusty ground accommodate people from cities across Pakistan.

Stalls sell cooked food, raw chicken and meat, vegetables and fruit, even electrical appliances and batteries for mobile phones at a subsidised rate.

A mixture of aromatic Pakistani dishes ranging from as little as 10 to 20 rupees gives the religious gathering a festival feel.

Faced with near-daily attacks, concentrated most heavily in the northwest, many mourn the mounting civilian toll from bombings, often targeting market places, but lace their comments with pervasive anti-American fears.* Talibans are ruining this Country Pakistan and the common Muslims are fearing pervasive Americans. This is the severity of Islamic propaganda continuously coming from the Mosques, Islamic seminaries and fundamental organizations always misleading the religious Muslim Mass. If Americans are the Persecutors of Pakistani Muslims, then why Pakistan is oiling America to  get help for running its activities against India ?

‘Our hearts bleed for the hundreds of innocent people who have lost their lives… and our security officials who are being killed by the Taliban,’ said Mohammad Farooq, from northwest town Tank, where some of the tens of thousands displaced by fighting in South Waziristan have sought shelter. * Does your heart bleed for thousands innocent non-Muslim people victimized by the Cruel Talibans or Fundamentalist Muslims ? Please bleed your heart for the Non Muslims too. Then a new age of Islam may begin with unbiased Brotherhood.

‘The Taliban are enemies of Islam and humanity and advance only an American and Indian agenda — to destabilise Pakistan,’ said Farhan Hamad Khan, who had come from Dera Ismail Khan, where many other refugees are also living.

When the prayer leader gave the call to prayer, people rushed towards hundreds of temporary washrooms to make their ablutions.

As Mohammad Azhar, an Islamabad-based chartered accountant waited his turn, he remembered how Pakistan’s ‘icon of democracy,’ former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, was assassinated in a gun and suicide attack in 2007.

‘Her killers still roam around scot-free,’ said the bearded Azhar. ‘No religion, including Islam, allows the killing of humans.’

‘We need to hold gatherings like this one and inculcate in our people a true spirit of Islam, which is a code of life for all of us and not the kind of Islam that Taliban want to introduce.’

The prayer leader in his Friday sermon addressed the same issue. *But the sermon never include the Respect for All Religions, All People of the World, All Nations, All Continents. Islam has one Allah….Denounce-De Respect All Gods. Follow one holy Book Quran…Torch all other Scriptures. Let live the Muslims only and kill all the dis-believers(Kaffirs). This World will be under Islam, the Others have no Place so far. This is the essence of every sermons of Islamic Prayer. And through it Islam will bring Peace to this World. Good !!!!

A stern punishment awaits all those who refuse to follow commandments of Allah the almighty,’ he said into a pin-drop silence among the avid masses. * This is the fallacy of Islam and the all source of  Islamic Imprudence in this world. Every Kiffirs, whether an Honest Hindu, Benevolent Buddhist, Responsible Christian or a Patriotic Jews….. all will be punished  by the  Allah the Almighty, as it is told in the Holy Hook ( Sorry, Holy Book). So what is wrong with the Talibans ?? They are doing these to lessen the Almighty’s Job !!! Condemn this Islam. And Abuse this Report of Peace loving Men believe in Islam !!!!!

400000 Muslims gathered in Pakistan to condemn Talibani Terrorism there. Can a strong 500000 Hindus all over India come to the capital to denounce Islamic Terrorism in India ? Would we be able to put our protest against Anti Hinduness of all Political Parties ?? Why we are not united to fight to restore the dignity of  ‘BANDE MATARAM’  &  ‘JANA GANA MANA ADHINAYAKA’ and oust the Anti Indian element from India ???

Oh, Achryas, Shankaracharyas, Jagadgurus, Sadgurus, Mahantas,Maha Mandaleswars, Mandaleswars, Hindu Leaders Please Come Together to make understand the Islamic Threat to India.  Save Dharma.. Save Rashtra… And Make India a Dharma Rashtra !!!!!

Posted by Upananda Brahmachari

*……are the commentaries upon the report published in Dawn on 14/11/09.

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