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A Book on Love Jihad coming soon. Publisher : Sree Rama Sena.

Posted by upananda brhmachari.

All about Love Jihad:


NSS, SNDP, KCBC wake up-Stimulus to war on ‘Love Jehad’

Take action against Love Jehad

Fundamentalist Islamic body gets young recruits to lure, ‘love’, bed women to convert and make them breed a brood

Organized anti-National forces of ‘Islamic Terrorism’ in Kerala have now launched a pogram of ‘Cultural Terrorism’ against the non-Muslim women

Trapping non-Muslim girls feigning love and then converting them to Islam by forcing them to accept their fate.

Heartbreaking stories of ‘Love Jihad’ which resulted in ruining the life of many families are now under scrutiny by investigating agencies and media

(Kerala) More Hindu & Christian college-girls converted to Islam

Islamists on conversion campaign in Kerala: Over 4000 girls converted

Love Jihad: More than 4000 Hindu Girls Trapped By muslim Romoes…..

More than 4000 Hindu girls have been converted to Islam by the Jihadi Romeos of Kerala

‘Both Hindu and Christian girls are falling prey to the Islamic design: ‘Love Jihad’

Reports of girls succumbing to Mohammedan Romeos

‘Love jihad’ — a jihadi organisation to trap hindu girls

Islamists training women in Kerala for jihad?

If it happens to Hindu families in the present day

in one town (in Karnataka) near the border of Kerala….

A determined bid by the Islamic Jihadis

to seduce, entrap and convert Hindu girls in Mangalore…

Islamists training women in Kerala for jihad?

If it happens to Hindu families in the present day
in one town (in Karnataka) near the border of Kerala….

A determined bid by the Islamic Jihadis
to seduce, entrap and convert Hindu girls in Mangalore…

Jihadis luring Kerala college girls for love / Over 4000 girls converted

By understanding the roots and motivations of jihad, we can begin crafting strategies to defeat it– Moorthy Muthuswamy

Love jihad – act before, it’s too late

Love jihad: HC orders thorough probe by DGP

‘Love jihad’ raises alert in Karnataka, Kerala

Jihadis luring Kerala college girls for love / Over 4000 girls converted

‘Love jihad’ raises alert in Karnataka, Kerala: HC orders thorough probe by DGP

Karnataka HC order in inter-religion marriage smacks profiling: AIDWA

PUCL to appeal against High Court order
It says ‘love jehad’ but a figment of the imagination

United in love, battered by controversies

Love Jihad continues…

Why are Islamic extremists obsessed with female bodies?
=================See VivekaJyoti=======================

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34 comments on “A Book on Love Jihad coming soon. Publisher : Sree Rama Sena.

  1. Dr. Kalyanaraman
    November 29, 2009

    Eagerly waiting for the publication of the Book LOVE JIHAD.

    RDX Jihad is a problem. Explosion in population Jihad is another problem. Al Taquia Jihad is a critical problem. Love Jihad is also a problem too. In fact Islam is a dangerous problem for the Humanity in all respect.

    Islam has religious, legal, political, economic, social, and military components. The religious component is a beard for all of the other components.

    Islamization begins when there are sufficient Muslims in a country to agitate for their religious privileges. When politically correct, tolerant, and culturally diverse societies agree to Muslim demands for their religious privileges, some of the other components tend to creep in as we ll. Here’s how it works.

    As long as the Muslim population remains around or under 2% in any given country, they will be for the most part be regarded as a peace-loving minority, and not as a threat to other citizens. This is the case in:
    United States — Muslim 0.6%, Australia — Muslim 1.5% , Canada — Muslim 1.9% , China — Muslim 1.8%, Italy — Muslim 1.5% , Norway — Muslim 1.8%

    At 2% to 5%, they begin to proselytize from other ethnic minorities and disaffected groups, often with major recruiting from the jails and among street gangs. This is happening in: Denmark — Muslim 2% , Germany — Muslim 3.7%, United Kingdom — Muslim 2.7% , Spain — Muslim 4% , Thailand — Muslim 4.6%

    From 5% on, they exercise an inordinate influence in proportion to their percentage of the population. For example, they will push for the introduction of halal (clean by Islamic standards) food, thereby securing food preparation jobs for Muslims. They will increase pressure on supermarket chains to feature halal on their shelves — along with threats for failure to comply. This is occurring in:
    France — Muslim 8% , Philippines — Muslim 5% , Sweden — Muslim 5% , Switzerland — Muslim 4.3% , The Netherlands — Muslim 5.5% , Trinidad & Tobago Muslim 5.8%

    At this point, they will work to get the ruling government to allow them to rule themselves (within their ghettos) under Sharia, the Islamic Law. The ultimate goal of Islamists is to establish Sharia law over the entire world. When Muslims approach 10% of the population, they tend to increase lawlessness as a means of complaint about their conditions. In Paris , we are already seeing car-burnings. Any non-Muslim action offends Islam, and results in uprisings and threats, such as in Amsterdam , with opposition to Mohammed cartoons and films about Islam. Such tensions are seen daily, particularly in Muslim sections, in:

    Guyana — Muslim 10% , India — Muslim 13.4% , Israel — Muslim 16% , Kenya — Muslim 10% , Russia — Muslim 15%

    After reaching 20%, nations can expect hair-trigger , rioting, jihad militia formations, sporadic killings, and the burnings of Christian churches and Jewish synagogues, such as in: Ethiopia — Muslim 32.8%

    At 40%, nations experience widespread massacres, chronic terror attacks, and ongoing militia warfare, such as in:

    Bosnia — Muslim 40% , Chad — Muslim 53.1% , Lebanon — Muslim 59.7%

    From 60%, nations experience unfettered persecution of non-believers of all other religions (including non-conforming Muslims), sporadic ethnic cleansing (genocide), use of Sharia Law as a weapon, and Jizya, the tax placed on infidels, such as in:

    Albania — Muslim 70% , Malaysia — Muslim 60.4% , Qatar — Muslim 77.5% , Sudan — Muslim 70%

    After 80%, expect daily intimidation and violent ,jihad, some State-run ethnic cleansing, and even some genocide, as these nations drive out the infidels, and move toward 100% Muslim, such as has been experienced and in some ways is on-going in:

    Bangladesh — Muslim 83% , Egypt — Muslim 90% , Gaza — Muslim 98.7% , Indonesia — Muslim 86.1% , Iran — Muslim 98% , Iraq — Muslim 97% , Jordan — Muslim 92% , Morocco — Muslim 98.7% ,Pakistan — Muslim 97% ,Palestine — Muslim 99% ,Syria — Muslim 90% , Tajikistan — Muslim 90% , Turkey — Muslim 99.8% ,United Arab Emirates — Muslim 96% .

    100% will usher in the peace of ‘Dar-es-Salaam’ — the Islamic House of Peace. Here there’s supposed to be peace, because everybody is a Muslim, the Madrasses are the only schools, and the Koran is the only word, such as in:

    Afghanistan — Muslim 100%, Saudi Arabia — Muslim 100% , Somalia — Muslim 100% , Yemen — Muslim 100%

    Unfortunately, peace is never achieved, as in these 100% states the most radical Muslims intimidate and spew hatred, and satisfy their blood lust by killing less radical Muslims, for a variety of reasons.

    ‘Before I was nine I had learned the basic canon of Arab life. It was me against my brother; me and my brother against our father; my family against my cousins and the clan; the clan against the tribe; the tribe against the world, and all of us against the infidel. — Leon Uris,

    ‘The Haj’ It is important to understand that in some countries, with well under 100% Muslim populations, such as France, the minority Muslim populations live in ghettos of their choosing, within which they are 100% Muslim, and within which they live by Sharia Law. The national police do not even enter these ghettos. There are no national courts nor schools nor non-Muslim religious facilities. In such situations, Muslims do not integrate into the community at large. The children attend madrasses. They learn only the Koran. To even associate with an infidel is a crime punishable with death. Therefore, in some areas of certain nations, Muslim Imams and extremists exercise more power than the national average would indicate.

    Today’s 1.5 billion Muslims make up 22% of the world’s population. But their birth rates dwarf the birth rates of Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and Jews, and all other believers. Muslims will exceed 50% of the world’s population by the end of this century.

    Adapted from Dr. Peter Hammond’s book: “Slavery, Terrorism and Islam: The Historical Roots and Contemporary”


  2. G.P.K.Pillai
    November 29, 2009

    The Love Jihad problem is widespread in Kerala and Southern Karnataka- Kasargod to Bhatkal or karwar, with LeT trained handlers based in important Cities and sending the Muslim youth to hunt for Hindu girls under the pretext of Love and promise of marriage, and kidnap them to be handed over to seminaries.

    In Kerala, Janmabhoomi Daily had a Five days Serial article detailing the Love Jihad happenings in Kerala, individuals affected and the Police ignoring the complaints though over 2500 cases of missing girls were reported according to Police records.

    Ram Sena was the first o detect the Love Jihad and to drive away the Hindu girls from the clutches of Muslim youth in the pub at Mangalore which was turned to attack on Girls by Renuka Chowdhury and the anti-Hindu visual media.

    Mr.Muthalik and Ram Sena should extend their activities to Kerala, entire South and beyond so that Hindu girls are not carried away by Muslims in this obnoxious manner.


  3. Anjum Sahid
    December 1, 2009

    totally stupid idea which only help the muslims more……..


  4. Surinder Paul Attri
    December 1, 2009

    1. More books of this order are needed.

    2. Islam is an arrogant piece of sh**. It is a totalitarian concept, that defecates upon free speech.

    Surinder Paul Attri


  5. Komal Patel
    December 1, 2009

    Good Information,

    Sree Krishna Said “Do Do And Do What
    ever You Doing, Don’t Expect, The result
    Is in My Hand, I Will Give You As Per Your
    Capacity Of Consumption” THE GEETA JI
    Karma Sanyas Yoga)

    Jago Bhai o Jago,,,,

    Thank You.

    Komal Patel


  6. Vishal Agarwal
    December 1, 2009


    I am sure this book will be banned in India soon after its release. Can we somehow procure a copy in the United States to preserve it?

    Vishal Agarwal


    • hinduexistence
      December 1, 2009

      We have a planning to publish this book LOVE JIHAD online.

      The print versions would be available simultaneously.

      If Pravu almighty desires then it may be published as below:

      Bengali Version of Love Jihad from KOLKATA.

      Hindi Version(Original)from BANGALORE/MANGALORE/DELHI.

      Marathi version from MUMBAI.

      English Version from CHENNAI/AMERICA/EUROPE.

      You may also sponsor our publication from America.

      Anyway all these come under the sole discretion of the author of this book.

      Send a personalized mail to , if interested to save Dharma and promote a good cause.


  7. s.p. attri
    December 1, 2009

    1. Submitted by Avinash (India), Nov 27, 2009 at 14:45
    Muslims have always proved harmful to other faith followers. They feel that people who follow Islam are very great and others are all Kaffirs. Muslims think that they can dominate on Hindus and repeat history. Hindus too have to learn their lessons from their past history, how Muslim rulers forced so many innocent Hindus to get converted “Hindus were given only two options either accept Islam else get killed.
    Its high time for all Hindus to wake up from their deep sleep and protect yourselves from getting dominated by Muslims.
    1) Please do no rent/lease your properties to Muslims
    2) Do not sell any of your properties to Muslims
    3) Please do not buy anything from Muslims
    4) Don’t let Muslims/ Christains to dominate on any of the Hindus
    5) Hindus are requested to dwell with unity fight together to protect your age old Dharma

    2. My Take:
    Quote: Muslims have always proved harmful to other faith followers.
    COMMENT: You can say that again. The list of atrocities committed by Moslems, in the name of Islam, is very very long.

    3. Quote: They feel that people who follow Islam are very great and others are all Kaffirs.
    COMMENT: Moslems are great in stupidity, ignorance, barbarism, cruelty, and savagery.

    4. Quote: Muslims think that they can dominate on Hindus and repeat history.
    COMMENT: Moslems can dominate Hindus & repeat history, only if Hindus let them do it. Moslems cannot accomplish anything of this sort, due to their bravery, intelligence, organization, or the competence of their Lunatic-Allah, Quran, or Jehad.

    5. Quote: Its high time for all Hindus to wake up from their deep sleep and protect yourselves from getting dominated by Muslims.
    COMMENT: Hindus should not let the lessons of their history slip by, and face the reality of life squarely, organize themselves to confront the demented-morons of Islam squarely. A firm Hindu response will convince Sullas, that their barbaric-barbarism is no longer valid, and will not pay.

    6. Quote:
    1) Please do no rent/lease your properties to Muslims
    2) Do not sell any of your properties to Muslims
    3) Please do not buy anything from Muslims
    4) Don’t let Muslims/ Christains to dominate on any of the Hindus
    5) Hindus are requested to dwell with unity fight together to protect your age old Dharma

    COMMENT: Because of the bottomless-barbarism committed by Moslems, against the Non-Moslem Kafirs for centuries, a counteraction of this type, is suitably-sound.

    Surinder Paul Attri


  8. Ananthanarayan
    January 17, 2011

    LOVE JIHAD is a religious politics. To understand Religious politics one has to have a deep historical knowledge. Religious issues are like cancer. At the beginning, it is difficult to detect and detecting same is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Only when it is fully blown, it becomes evident.

    Islam spread into Indian continent during the last period of the first millenium mainly through North India . It was spread at the might of the sword. Islam was established in Indian continent during the first half of second millenium with the establishment of Mughal empire. During Emperor Aurangzeb’s time, the Mughal empire created excesses.

    While trying to penetrate South India, its final destination, during 18th century, Islam found that its might of Sword for spreading its tenets failed to work simply because in South India only Bhakti Movement is effective and not Shakti movement;. Realising this, it tried to work through Shirdi Sai Baba for spreading Islam. Hindus converted him into Hindu God and started worshipping him too. Therefore, Islam’s strategy to spread its tenets through Bhakti movement became ineffective.

    After partition of India, Islam adopted the Shakti Movement in the form of aggressive Military Power called Pakistan. Pakistan’s military adopted a lot of aggressive strategies against India and the frequent bombings in India during Indira Gandhi’s time were attributed to Foreign Hand.

    Finally, the use of Shakti Movement by Islam through Pakistan’s Military failed when Babri Masjid was brought down. For destruction of one pseudo-masjid in India, the fanatic Islamists destroyed more than 100 of functioning temples in Pakistan, exposing their lack of knowledge of religious history. Benazir Bhutto tried to apologise and promised to re-build the destroyed places of Hindu Structures. Alas, Hindu structures with Garba Gruha, once destroyed, cannot be rebuilt. It is like abortion of a baby in a women’s womb (Garba) and repeated abortions cause cancer. Now, Islam in Pakistan is suffering from cancer. It is being administered with Chemotherapy (frequent bombings).

    Having failed in Bhakti and Shakti Movement, Islam now is adopting the strategy of LOVE to spread its tenets in India. It is no doubt a JIHAR like Bhakti and Shakti Movements.

    Now, Love Jihad should not be confused with an emotion called LOVE between two young couples. It might take in any form where a Muslim will act in such a way that a non-muslim loves a muslim for his good deed.

    It can be in the form of a Muslim boy enticing a non-muslim girl into entering a wedlock and converting her to Islam. A car rider stranded in the middle of the road because of his car breakdown is being helped by a Muslim to reach its final destination taking all the troubles. A accident victim lying on the road being helped by a muslim to reach him to hospital. A distraught non-muslim widow being offered a marriage proposal by a muslim if converted to Islam. A battered wife of a non-muslim husband being helped by a Muslim person to teach a lesson to her husband etc., In other words, there is an organised strategy being adopted by Indian Muslims to induce LOVE towards their religion.

    Police, Bureaucracy and other layers of management are ill-equipped to understand this issue since they are always on the look out for PROOF which will not be evident in this case of LOVE JIHAD which mainly concerns the HEART.

    It is for this purpose only, opposing groups like SRI RAMA SENE are formed to counter this strategy.


  9. surinder paul attri
    April 18, 2011



    Ann Barnhardt’s explanation of Quran, is a very shrewd-discernment ( of Quran ). She is burning the Quran, she is doing something that will bring good results. She is on the Right Track. I agree with Ann that:

    ” Allah is not all-knowing & wise. Allah is son of a bitch. ”

    Surinder Paul Attri


  10. surinder paul attri
    April 20, 2011

    1. An Australian convert tells about his views on Democracy.

    A knock-kneed, knuckle-head named Ibrahim Siddiq Colon ( formerly Shannon J. Colon ) of Australlia, is running a group called Sharia4Australlia, whose sworn raison d’etre is, to bring into existence an all-powerful Islamic State, inside the country of Australlia. To an average Joe Schmo, and rank & file of the population, he shows up as a repulsive, fanatic Islamist, whose utterance turns your stomach, but a careful reflection lays bare inside information about his faith and that, he is enunciating the basics of his faith ( Islam ).

    2. He is ego-centric & self-righteous as Hell, but comes straight at you, and tells you flat out that:

    a. He hates democracy, with his heart, speech, and hands.

    b. Islam & Multi-Cultureism can Never coexist.

    c. He hates all other faiths ( except Islam ) & aims at their destruction.

    d. All true Moslems must adhere to the Islamist Law ( i.e. Sharia ).

    e. The aim of every true Moslem, is to bring down Non-Moslem governments.

    f. Every true Moslem is commanded to hate, all other systems except Islam.

    g. All those not accepting the message of Muhammad ( that is, the Kafirs ), are condemned to Hell-Fire.

    h. To annihilate the Kafirs & their places of worship, is Jehad and is the aim of all true Moslems.

    3. To this knuckle-head:

    a. Everything begins ( and ends ) with Muhammad’s message, received directly from Allah, the only true God.

    b. This knuckle-head is out to whip the butts of all Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ).

    c. Humanity has only one option, which is to accept Islam. Humanity has no other option. Arguments to the contrary, are not going to convince any Moslem like Ibrahim Siddiq Colon. They don’t wish us ( that is, the Kafirs ) well.

    Surinder Paul Attri


  11. surinder paul attri
    April 20, 2011

    Subj: Delusional Nonsense of Islam

    1. bhagavaandaas tyaagi to me

    very true — but non-muslims will never wake up and will loose the whole world to muslims and whole humanity will live under ”ISLAAMIC SHARIA LAW”

    2. COMMENT: Thanks.

    3. Ann Barnhardt says: ” Allah is not All-Knowing & Wise. Allah is son of a bitch. ”

    4. Ann’s assessment is beyond dispute. That is why this Kafir does not buy the supernatural authority & nonsense of that stupid Allah, that son of a beech, that Moslems are trying so hard to push on us Kafirs. I am going to Hell for sure, for rejecting Allah, according to the Grease-Monkeys ( Islamic Clergy ) of Islam, who have acquired such a vise-like hold over the hearts & minds, of simple & ignorant Moslems. If I have to go to Hell, for exposing this conflated God of Fraud, Fakeness, Phoniness, and Phony-Baloney, then so be it.

    5. Allah is pure invention, almost useless, and horrible monster entity of Islam. But the lethal edge, ascribed to the utterances of this fictional, psychopath of the desert, is a major threat to the freedom of civilized societies of the world.

    Civilized societies of Europe, USA, and of elsewhere, are doing their damn best, to accommodate Moslems & their loathsome Islam, but are discovering that it is very hard ( if not impossible ) to integrate Moslems inside their societies.

    6. Islam is a Godless-Tragedy of Moslems. People living under Islam, especially Islamic women, are worn down by ignorance, obsolense, and miserable living conditions, imposed on them, by the religious-fascism of Islam. I will not be caught dead, following the heinous teachings of Islam. I Totally reject the Arrogant & Exclusivist teachings of Islam & its Stupid Allah. I have no comradeship or company, with the delusional nonsense of Islam.

    7. I will certainly not go to a mosque, crawl on my knees, raise my rear-end, and pray like an idiot.

    Surinder Paul Attri


  12. surinder paul attri
    April 21, 2011

    Subj: Delusional nonsense of Islam, comment on
    1. Poonam Abbi
    to me

    Whatever may be said about islam, this woman is no better either. She is so full of herself, & her attitude is that she feels she has all the rights in the world to insult & denigrade every one & everything in the world. Give her half a chance & she will say the same thing about the Jews & the Hindus. as for her saying, “I will certainly not go to a mosque, crawl on my knees, raise my rear-end, and pray like an idiot.” she says. But there isn’t anything that she does except insult people & eulogize herself. She is not the type who should be paid any attention to, for she herself is no better than those she’s ranting against in this video.

    2. COMMENT:

    Quote: as for her saying, “I will certainly not go to a mosque, crawl on my knees, raise my rear-end, and pray like an idiot.”

    Comment: Poonam Jee: That is Not what she ( Ann Barnhardt ) is saying. That is what I am saying.

    You can blame Me for this remark. I am the rugged-author of this assertion.

    Please don’t rebuke Ann Barnhardt, for what she did not say.

    Surinder Paul Attri


  13. surinder paul attri
    April 21, 2011

    Subj: Moneymasters controlling, causing wars, dividing world for resources – 8.5 trillion US Dollars disappeared – see in OBAMA deception (LINKS PROVIDED)

    1. Hanuman-Singh Chodhry
    to bcc: me

    On 13 Apr 2011, at 21:03, culturalbridgesact2002 wrote:

    Brothers and sisters: Please forward the following to News-media of India, friends and loved ones and save them from a bigger ugly game plan. India must take its own stand against Islamic Militants now. A small nation like France can strike in Libya and Ivory Coast why India has not yet taken any action against Islamic terrorists in occupied Kashmir and other hiding places. Thank you.



    India has only one option – strike the militants, Islamic criminals straight, wherever they are hiding, without looking towards those who are playing games with India through Pakistan. File a case in the UNITED NATION AGAINST THESE MONEY EXCHANGERS INCLUDING THE USA’s DUBIOUS GAME PLANS. IT IS TIME INDIA RISE ABOVE THEIR INTERNATIONAL CONSPIRACY AND SAVE THEIR 1.2 BILLION HUMANS living in peace.

    Please study the material provided through many valuable links, analyze and act. Taking no stand against Pakistan’s Islamic insurgency and funding over 21 billion US Dollars in last 9-10 years are well planned strategies – it is not at all accidental. THEY HAVE KEPT PAKISTAN AS THE STALEMATE AGAINST INDIA – 4 countries are working together under the Shadow Government. They are: USA, PAKISTAN, ISRAEL AND SAUDI ARABIA – somewhere Turkey name also pops up. Please study and use better international understanding than just simply discuss India & Pakistan. Underhand methods of the Shadow Government are: A) Selling weapons of Mass destruction, 2) Creating on going wars through Pakistan, etc. These are their deeper interests.

    2. Quote: 8.5 trillion US Dollars disappeared

    COMMENT: This is shocking, staggering, and shameful, but true. The shady & wicked people who are pulling this immoral money-machine, are not amateurs, but are Pro’s ( professionals ). They know what they are doing, and are one step ahead of the law.

    3. Quote: A small nation like France can strike in Libya and Ivory Coast why India has not yet taken any action against Islamic terrorists in occupied Kashmir and other hiding places. Thank you.

    COMMENT: That is a good question. Why is India hesitating, even after Grave-Provocations, like Mumbai terrorist attacks ( against Taj Mahal et al ), why is India not hitting POK ( Pakistan Occupied Kashmir ), and doing a proper job of terrorist-removal ?

    The reason is certainly not that India is scared. India is more than capable of rubbing out the terrorist-camps inside POK, but that India Always seeks the approval of big-boys ( USA, Russia, China et all ), before starting a big-bonfire, even to flush out the terrorists. That is why India is not punching into the underbelly of the terrorists.,


    COMMENT: Yes, that is what ought to be done, but that is not what is being done.

    Chodhry Sahib: The problem with 1.2 Billion humans of India ( most of them are Hindus ) is their selfishness & self-centered-ness. Their highest priority is on personal-welfare, and lowest on the welfare of the rest of the community. They are Not willing to make any investment in the well-being or benefit of the whole-community.

    Surinder Paul Attri


  14. surinder paul attri
    April 25, 2011

    Subj: Slavery-Scourge imposed by Islam

    1. A lot has been written about European Slave-Trade ( Trans-Atlantic slave-trade ), but hardly anything about slavery-nightmare of Islam, across Sahara, Red Sea, Indian Ocean, and other places. European slave-trade lasted three centuries, Islamic slave trade held sway over 14 centuries, and still exists.

    ” If sh** ( that is, slavery ) happens, it is the will of Allah.,” so say Moslems.

    Islam is champion of slavery, due to Allah’s will. Moslems brought Islam ( and Islamic-slavery ) to Africa in 7th century, and alongside came Islamic-slavery over Africans. Islam & slavery have meeting of minds.

    2. Captivity-Contrast:

    There is dissimilarity between European-Slavery & Islamic-Slavery. Two out of three Trans-Atlantic slaves were men. Two out of three slaves, in Islamic slave-trade, were women. Whereas Trans-Atlantic Slave-Mortality rate was 10%, Islamic Slave-Mortality rate was 80-90 %. Almost all Trans-Atlantic slaves were for agricultural work, all Islamic-slaves were for concubinage ( in harems ) & military service.

    Many children were born to American slaves, their offspring survive in USA & South America. Very few Islamic-slaves survive, most were castrated, most children born to slave women were killed at birth.

    3. Another striking contrast is the Total Absence Of Arab Abolitionists. While Europeans spearheaded slavery-abolishism movement, in Europe & North America ( British Navy intercepted slave-ships & set slaves free ), there was no comparable slavery-opposition, any where in the Islamic world.

    Britain outlawed slave-trade in 1807, but despite British Naval activity, Moslem slave-trade & slave-abuse continued. Big boys of Islam were up to no good, during 14 centuries, their slave-trade exceeded 180 million African slaves.

    Saudi-Arabia & Yemen in 1962, and Mauritania in 1980, begrudgingly removed Legalized-Slavery from their statutes. International organizations document that slavery still continues in these & other Moslem countries.

    4. Reason for above contrast in captivity:

    European people, even though they followed the Intolerant & Self-Righteous Abrahamic religion of Christianity, they were also the children of renaissance. They could see clearly that slavery is a relation of inequality, they set out to abolish it, as quickly as they could manage it.

    Moslems, on the other hand, were sons of Bedouins, they were primitive, savages, and uncouth.They followed the teachings of Islam, which is based on the customs & rituals of uncivilized Bedouins. Their treatment of slaves was far far worse than the comparable treatment of European slaves. That is why all Hell broke loose on Islamic-slaves. About 80% of those captured by Muslim slave raiders died before reaching the slave markets.

    The death toll from 14 centuries of the Muslim slave trade in Africa is estimated at over 112 million.

    5. Castration of Islam’s Black Male Slaves was common place.

    Islamic teachers throughout the centuries consistently defended slavery: “For there must be masters and slaves.” Islamists of Arabia & North Africa, were racists. Why else would they disallow Black-Slaves from having children ? Islamic teachers throughout the centuries consistently defended slavery:

    Ibn Khaldun (1332 – 1406) the preeminent Muslim medieval historian and social thinker wrote: “The Negro nations are as a rule submissive to slavery because they have attributes that are quite similar to dumb animals.”

    6. Even as late as the 19th Century, in the city of Mecca there are few families that did not keep slaves, they also kept mistresses in common with their lawful wives.”

    When the Fatimids came to power, they slaughtered all tens of thousands of black military slaves and raised an entirely new slave army. Some of these slaves were conscripted into the army at age ten. From Persia to Egypt to Morocco, slave armies from 30,000 to up to 250,000 were commonplace.

    7. The above contrast in captivity, between European-Slavery & Islamic-Slavery, unearths that:

    ” Islam is something evil. ”

    It is Not obvious, but slavery is the Mission Of Islam. Whosoever refused to accept Islam, was deported as a slave to the Moslem world. Many passages in the Quran, encourage enslavement of Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ). Not a Single Islamist-Intellectual, has advocated the cause of Black-Africans.

    These are possibly some of the reasons, why 6 millions black-African Moslems are converting to Christianity, every year.

    8. Religion is a competitive activity. Both Islam & Christianity, carry the baggage & impediments of slavery of Africans. Hinduism has no such drawback. Because of this, Hinduism has a real chance in the continent of Africa.

    Inside areas of Western civilization, Christianity is disappearing FAST, and fear of Islam is terrifying. Hinduism is a logical choice for the West. West may be willing to give Hinduism a break.

    But Hinduism needs to do things, that are fundamentally different from what it has done in the past. Hinduism needs to make a solid investment in the Missionary-Activity, particularly in the continent of Africa, but also in the West.

    At the present time, Hinduism is moving towards Integral-Hinduism ( totally caste-less Hinduism ), but speed of this movement is slow, it needs to be accelerated.

    A Real opportunity for Hinduism exists, in the continent of Afrca, to replace both Islam & Christianity.

    Surinder Paul Attri












  15. surinder paul attri
    May 8, 2011

    Subj: Comments on “OSAMA BIN LADEN’S PUZZLE-PIECES ”

    1 Attriji, I salute your firm, but very relevant Sense of Humour!


    2. COMMENT: Thanks Chaudhari Sahib. Glad you liked it.

    3. I will admit that illustration sent by you, tickled my funny-bone. The guy/gal who sketched this illustration, has to have a unique & humorous outlook on life. I could not stop laughing. It is the greatest thing since the ELEPHANT-JOKE…and Osama Bin Laden is an ELEPHANT-TERRORIST.

    4. I considered it seasonably-appropriate to put my own spin on it, while maintaining symmetry with reality, but making sure that:

    ” The joke is on Osama Bin Laden, ” where it properly belongs.

    5. My own thought was that Yank-Marcos ( Marine-Commandos ), would capture Osama Bin Laden alive, and might make him continually, go through the USA airport security system, for the rest of his life.

    Surinder Paul Attri


  16. surinder paul attri
    May 11, 2011

    Subj: Condolences expressed for Osama bin Laden in Pak parliament

    1. ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s main rightist party Jamiat Ulema Islam-Fazl (JUI-F), which has so far avoided public rallies and protests over the death of Osama bin Laden, broke its silence in the parliament when one of its legislators expressed condolences on behalf of his party for the soul of the slain al-Qaida chief on Tuesday.
    During the parliamentary session, Maulvi Asmatullah of the JUI-F, a Deobandi organization, stood from his seat and started offering prayers for the departed soul of bin Laden. He was subsequently joined by other legislators from his party as well as the opposition benches.
    “God bless Osama bin Laden and rest his soul in peace,” the parliamentarians said in one voice. The ruling PPP did not join them which provided a good opportunity for the clerics to question their Islamic credentials before journalists outside the parliament.
    Faisal Karim Kundi, deputy speaker of the National Assembly, tried his best to stop the legislators from this move but in vain. Expressing his resentment, Kundi said that it was against the decorum of the house that they offered prayers without his permission.
    On this, Asmatullah said that Osama bin Laden was a Muslim and even the US accepted this reality. “His funeral was offered at the USS Carl Vinson before his body was buried at the sea,” Asmatullah said.
    Pakistan’s other rightist parties, particularly the Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD), offered funeral prayers in absentia for bin Laden across the country.

    2. COMMENT:

    Quote: ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s main rightist party Jamiat Ulema Islam-Fazl (JUI-F), which has so far avoided public rallies and protests over the death of Osama bin Laden, broke its silence in the parliament when one of its legislators expressed condolences on behalf of his party for the soul of the slain al-Qaida chief on Tuesday.

    COMMENT: They can pray to Allah till cows come home, but Osama Bin Laden, is neither coming back, nor is he in Allah’s Janat ( Moslem’s Paradise ), he is in Allah’s Jhanam ( Islamic Hell ), some where at the bottom of Arabian Sea, not too far from the land of Uncivilized-Bedouins. Yanki-Marcos ( Marine Commandos ) got Osama despite Allah’s protection. They smashed Allah’s image, who (Allah ) seems to be at the end of a rope.

    One thing is indubitable about Yanki-Marcos: They don’t do Pussy-Footing, they are Capable, Quick, Smart, and Decisive. Allah’s Trophy ( Osama Bin Laden ) got smashed during Operation of this astute-bunch..

    4. Quote: “God bless Osama bin Laden and rest his soul in peace,” the parliamentarians said in one voice. The ruling PPP did not join them which provided a good opportunity for the clerics to question their Islamic credentials before journalists outside the parliament.

    COMMENT: The ruling PPP dis not join the Islamic Glee Club, to utter Voice-Ensemble, to keep Paki ship on the course of political-correctness. Pakistan is playing a Double-Game, and it is quite a story.

    For several days, Pakis have been spinning out stories that, it did not happen at all, and that Osama is not dead. Conspiracy theories are embedded in the phyche of Paki people. Pakis have been inventing lies, and believe that story of Osama’s death, has been invented by Americans, to assist the re-election of President Barack Obama. The truth is:

    ” Our Marcos-Boys hit a Grand-Slam. ”

    5. Conclusion: Pakistan is a Pathological-Liar. Lying to Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) is protected under Al Taqiyya. When it comes to dealing with Kafirs, Islam has a slaughter-house mentality. We cannot gag the Pakis, nor their Cadillac of Lies. It is too much to expect Pakistan to come out clean ( and admit its lies ). But despite its ramapge of lies, Pakistan has been caught with its pants down. Pakistan’s Ar*e is showing.

    Surinder Paul Attri


  17. surinder paul attri
    May 13, 2011

    Subj: Pakistan must be declared a terrorist state – Salman Rushdie

    1. Should we accept Salman Rushdie’s recommendation, and declare Pakistan as a terrorist state, away from the comity of civilized nations? Pakistan has the mark of recognition, and nods & becks of Jihadic-Smiles, by hiding World’s most-wanted terrorist, Osama Bin Laden. The Dumb-Ass Jihadist, Osama Bin Laden ( OBL ), met his maker, ten years after inflicting his own horror of 9/11. Finding their mark, the Yanki-Marcos ( Marine-Commandos ), warned others of OBL-Ilk:

    ” Mess with us, and we will plaster you ( with bullets ). ”

    2. Taking a look at the rusticity & treachery of our friend, Pakistan, we notice that Pakis have been floating misinformation, for the benefit of us Yanki-Hunters that OBL was living in the mountains, hiding somewhere in the porous Pakistan-Afghanistan border. Actually, Pakis were hiding OBL, right in the heart of Pakistan, totally undetected, right under the nose of ISI & Pakistani-Military, in a plush-compound, where he will be least suspected. It was the most-clandestine operation of ISI & Paki-Military. In spite of this, the highest officials of Paki government had the temerity to say:

    ” We don’t know where OBL is, but he is Not in Pakistan. ”

    3. It was a highly-professional job of Paki-Concealment, it was a Stealthy-Insertion of OBL inside Pakistan. That is how come OBL slipped under our radar for over ten years. But Pakis are not the only ones who can play the game of stealth. Using our technological resources, we can beat the Pakis at their own game of stealth, can ferret out hiding places of OBL. Our Marcos ( Marine-Commandos ) had technological-tricks of their own. Even though they hovered in Paki airspace for over 2 hours, Pakis never knew where they were, nor when they touched down in OBL compound, to kick OBL’s Ass. It was a perfect-game of stealth, ( imitation is the best kind of flattery ), it is the same game that Pakis have been playing against us for over ten years. So Pakis really cannot blame us ( for this offer of flattery ). So why is this hoopla & Hue & Cry of violation of sovereignty, all across Pakistan ? It makes no sense !

    4. Coming back to the subject of declaring Pakistan as a terrorist state, it is worth recognizing that Pakistan has been aptly labelled as the Epicenter of Terrorism. It has training camps, for training Jihadis, who send Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) to Jhanam ( Hell ) with routine efficiency. Pakistan-Produced terrorists are Jihad-Drunk, just like cocaine-cowboys. More & more Moslem boys from Europe, Arabia, and elsewhere, are traveling to Pakistan, for training in Jihad

    Any one who has one brain-cell in his skull, will not want to earn rewards of stupidity, by believing the rampage of lies, that Pakistan has been putting out.

    5. USA seems to have gotten wise to Paki-Lies. USA, judiciously, did not clue Pakis in, on the operation. If they had, Pakis would have tipped OBL off, and he won’t be there when the Navy Marcos arrive, and the unity of time, place, and action, would have been destroyed.

    7. Salman Rushdie’s remarks about Pakistan, is a fair assessment of what makes Pakistan tick, and its attempt to perpetuate Islam & its imperialism. In theory, Islam means surrender to Allah,but in practice, it is subjugation of Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) to the imperialism & terrorism of Islam.

    8. To sum up, Pakistan is a Fully-Qualified Terrorist State, and Salman Rushdie’s recommendation is consummately-appropriate.

    Surinder Paul Attri


  18. surinder paul attri
    May 15, 2011

    Subj: Photo of the day

    A definitive answer is:

    1. It is a touch of warning that is bigger than life. It is also a great piece of evidence.

    2. Traces of lead in Osama Bin Laden’s body, is something hard for fish to face. It is also hard for those who take a morsel of fish.

    3. Health department can provide further advice.

    4. Those who look at this cute picture, ought to smile. They are on candid-camera.

    5. Regardless, justice has been served. The score is:

    Navy Seals: !

    Osama Bin Laden: 0

    The offender has been punished, for harm he did to the victims.

    Surinder Paul Attri


  19. surinder paul attri
    May 15, 2011

    Subj: CCTV, A Chinese Television shown India’s map after truncating Kashmir on May 13, 2011

    1. Quote: We are shocked to see that you have shown India’s map after truncating the area of Kashmir while covering the news on India’s Prime Minister Visit to Afghanistan. Remember, it is India’s ancient sovereign territory.

    COMMENT: Truncation of Kashmir is wicked & unjustifiable.

    Regarding: ” Remember, it is India’s ancient sovereign territory.”

    Yes, it is. In fact, Kashmir is the land of the Hindu, from way way way back.

    Kashmir is a Sanskrit name & Hinduism is the religion of Kashmir. Islam is an imposition on Kashmir, and a barbaric one. The Moghul emperor, Noor-Ul-Din Mohammad Jehangir, on visiting Kashmir, remarked:

    Gar Firdaus Bruey Zamin Ast, Hamin Ast, Hamin,Ast, Hamin Ast

    ( If there is paradise on earth, it is this, it is this, it is this ).

    This is the figure oft Kashmir, when Hindus controlled Kashmir. Kashmir, now under Moslem control, has the following figure:

    Gar Jhanam Bruey Zamin Ast, Hamin Ast, Hamin Ast, Hamin Ast

    ( If there is Hell on earth, it is this, it is this, it is this ).

    This is what murder-wrap of Islam has done to Kashmir The evidence of Islam’s crime in Kashmir is visible all over..

    2. Quote: You must know that in the year 1947, India had parted away its sovereign territories to create Islamic Pakistan and within months they attacked India to grab more territories and in the process Pakistan has occupied large territories of Kashmir as to this date. Pakistan claim it to be AZAD KASHMIRE but in fact it is an occupied parts of Kashmir illegally.

    COMMENT: In 1947, British rule ended in India, two new nations of India & Pakistan were created. British suzerainty over 562 Indian princely states also ended. According to Indian Independence Act 1947, “the suzerainty of His Majesty over Indian States lapses, and with it, all treaties and agreements in force at the date of the passing of this Act between His Majesty and the rulers of Indian States. The princely states were left Free, to choose whether to join India or Pakistan or to remain independent.

    Kshmir LEGALLY joined India, by signing the instrument of accession on 26 October, 1947. Pakistan ILLEGALLY tried to undo the instrument of accession, by sending its Jihadi-troops, consisting of NWFP ( North West Frontier Province ) tribals, and soldiers of Paki-Army ( in white clothes ). The resulting war over Kashmir, between India & Pakistan, lasted until 1948. India moved the issue to Security Council, which asked Pakistan to withdraw all its troops and its military presence from Kashmir. Pakistan did not withdraw from Kashmir, and to this date, continues to occupy ( Illegally ) large parts of Kashmir.

    3. Quote: It is a crime to run your favorable Pakistan’s agenda. China should have never built illegally roads on the occupied territory of Kashmir leading to Pakistan.

    COMMENT: China’s rascality: China is challenging status-quo in South Asia, ( with facilitation from Pakistan), towards India’s Line of Actual Control with Pakistan Occupied Kashmir ( POK ). China has positioned 12,000 Chinese Army troops in POK..

    China’s upgradating of Karakoram Corridor on Pakistan’s behalf, enables China’s strategic outreach to North Arabian Sea and the Gulf. Building of oil and gas pipelines through this Corridor, significantly improve China’s military postures in Western Tibet and Xingjiang, against India. It also counters NATO’s Eastward creep towards China’s peripheries. China now has a strategic advantage, in outflanking US embedment in Afghanistan. China also has a strong ‘strategic pressure point’ against the United States

    India needs to take a serious note of these developments. But a ” Greater ” call devolves upon the United States, to meet evolving China challenge ( via Pakistan ) to US. It is a well calibrated Chinese strategy to counteract, what it perceives as growing US-India Strategic Partnership
    4. It is worth recognizing that:
    a. United States-Pakistan relationship all along has been American generosity towards Pakistan, and a forgiving US stance on Pakistan’s strategic delinquencies. Pakistan in return, ( instead of being grateful for American munificence and strategic favors ) has all along has been double-dealing and duplicitous
    b. China’s intrusive presence in POK is detrimental to United States strategic interests.
    c. Pakistan in effect, has sided with United States enemy. Pakistan has helped China in defeating American strategies, and to thwart all its efforts to contain China’s rising military profile.
    c. Pakistan is no longer a front-line state of US strategy. Pakistan is fast transforming into a front-line state of China’s Grand Strategy.

    Surinder Paul Attri


  20. surinder paul attri
    May 16, 2011

    Subj: Comment on CCTV, A Chinese Television shown India’s map after truncating Kashmir on May 13, 2011
    1. Attriji, Jab apna hi sikka khota ho to kiya karna chahiye.

    Ham us desh ke vaasi hain, jahan Nehru jaise gaddar huay hain.

    (Nehru said that our land foricibly occupied by China does not grow even a grass of blade Hoow devoted he was to every inch of Bharat!

    Ab aankh ke andhey uski jagah par hain.Aur Andher Nagri Chopat Raja ka Daur hai.


    2. RESPONSE:

    Quote: Jab apna hi sikka khota ho to kiya karna chahiye.

    Ham us desh ke vaasi hain, jahan Nehru jaise gaddar huay hain.

    COMMENT: Chaudhari Sahib: Khotey-Sikkey ( Counterfeit Coins: Phoney-Liberals ) have always been around in the world, they continue to be dynamic in the world of today. Some people bury their heads in sand, and refuse to or try to avoid thinking about them. Some politicians prefer that people not talk about them at all, it may scare off voters.

    3. Quote: (Nehru said that our land foricibly occupied by China does not grow even a grass of blade Hoow devoted he was to every inch of Bharat!

    COMMENT: Nehru was Not thinking strategically. His tactical-retreat on this serious item, is not very prudent. I have dealt with this issue in sufficient detail ( as item 3 ), in my reaction to Shri Hanuman Singh Chodhry’s message. The items of consequence here are not blades of grass, but Dragon’s mighty leap across Central Asia, and across Indian Sub-Continent. The military-complexity & threat to both India & the US, from the juggernaut of the Dragon, are really serious.

    4. Our biggest mistake is in underestimating the evils of Phoney-Liberalism ( Khotey-Sikkey ).

    Surinder Paul Attri


  21. surinder paul attri
    May 20, 2011

    Subj: Pakistan’s Bad Kismet
    bk chaudhari to Acharyaji, Amit, Anjali, Atulji, Balbir, Bal, Bal, Balraj.

    1 Quote: Teri Piyari Piyari Surat ko Teri Manhoosiat ki hi Nazar lage
    Wah re Paksitan!

    COMMENT: Chaudhari Sahib: Pakistan may have Pyari-Surat, but has Now taken on Massive-Manhusiat. It is the murder of Pakistan’s Pyari-Surat. Pakistan is Now on Yank’s SH**-List ( Some Senators & some Congressmen want to stop ” All ” aid to Pakistan ). Let there be no point in dispute, in anybody’s mind. This is one particular list, that no body wants to be on.


    COMMENT: Let us not be silly. The proper approach is Not to smile/laugh with the Pakistanis. The proper approach is to laugh At the Pakistanis.

    Surinder Paul Attri


  22. surinder paul attri
    May 21, 2011

    Subj: Comments on Pakistan’s Bad Kismet

    1. bk chaudhari to me

    You have indeed put the nail in the Head of Manhoos(Massive Manhoos) Paksitan.



    2. COMMENT: Thanks Chaudhari Sahib.

    I tried to put a finishing-touch to the Pyari-Surat ( Beauty ) of Pakistan, but the moral-ugliness of Pakistan is too great. It is not easy to put Pakistani head in place, by driving a few nails ( by telling it like it is ).

    3. Pakis are accusing us Yanks of playing dirty. To me, it is a case of sour-grapes.

    Pakis have been playing the game of stealth, against us Yanks for five years ( hiding Osama Bin Laden, right in the heart of Pakistan ). But what is ” Sauce For Goose, is Sauce For Gander. ”

    Us Yanks, with our superior technology of stealth, considered it Do-Able, and we did it.

    4. Let us face it properly. Imitation is the best kind of flattery. I have heard it many times that:
    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    A real down-to-earth guy told me that:

    If some guy drops one bomb on you, you ought to drop two on him. Imitation is the best kind of flattery. This guy sure has his ducks in row.

    Instead of flattery, Pakis find it frustrating when we Yanks copy their stealth, and put a different twist on it. Pakis have a problem, their thinking is neither correct nor smart.

    5. Pakis real problem is that, they are married to Jihad, figuratively speaking. Their Mujahid-Sipahis ( Jihadi-Soldiers ), are wearing patches & badges, which are earned not through sacrifice, but by shedding innocent Kafir ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) blood

    Pakis reward is that upon them, is the curse of Allah. God does not curse people. It is the Moslems who fight God ( by killing innocent Kafirs ) and bring the curse of Allah upon themselves.

    6. Thanks for drawing my attention to the Manhusiat of Pakistan.

    Surinder Paul Attri


  23. surinder paul attri
    June 5, 2011

    Subj: Shah Rukh Khan
    SRK is a perfect example of hypocrisy. His comments on Baba Ram Dev, are not only illegitimate, but hypocritical as well. When contrasted against his own record of comments, on topics of advertisement, his bluster & barrage against Ram Dev, sound terribly bogus, vain, and hollow. SRK would be well advised to keep his big mouth shut..

    Film star Raj Kumar, in a Bollywwod movie, states:

    ” Those who live in glass houses, should not throw stones at others. ”
    Though SRK is lying with utter sincerity, he ceases to perceive deception in his hypocrisy.

    2. To be completely fair to SRK, he is not the only cat, who is playing this distortion/hypocrisy play. Distortion & Hypocrisy are the qualities, that gain the palm, in the cloister & character of phoney-liberalism, that abounds in India.

    Surinder Paul Attri


  24. surinder paul attri
    June 19, 2011


    1. Mullahs of Islam, tout the highly fetching & seductive sex of Janat ( Moslem’s Paradise ) to the followers of Islam. Their objective is to mold the minds of Moslems, towards the attainment of Janat, through the practice of Islam’s teachings. This teaching is part of Islam’s Jehad, which is the arsenal of Islam & is deadly. It makes the Moslem willing to kill ( kill Kafirs ) & get killed. An average Moslem is not aware at all that, this description of Janat-Sex, is patriarchal dominance of Moslem men over women, because this description goes hand-in-hand with the traditional teachings of Islam. In reality, this Janat-Sex of Islam, is based on Satanic-Social-Ethics of Islam, and is a total anti-theses of normal & standard sex. It makes the Moslem think like the lowest organism, such as the amoeba, that has desire but lacks the ability to make choices.

    2. Signor Rushdie ( Salman Rushdie ) would probably label this kind of sex as Satanic-Sex ( IN PROSE ). Mullahs, who are essentially A**-Holes, have enshrined this Janat-Sex as normal-sexuality, which it certainly not. Islam is packed with lots of anti-women doctrines, which crush, hamper, and encumber the women of Islam. These shameful doctrines have been ignored & forgotten by Moslems, and by Phoney-Liberal Non-Moslems. But these doctrines are horrible subjugation & serfdom. Mullahs of Islam, make the Houris Of Janat, look like Satanic-Witches, shedding any pretense of gender-equality or of gender-bias.

    Note: This wild sex of Janat ( Moslem’s Paradise ), together with all its fetish, flavors, and kinks, are planned & arranged for the benefit of Moslems, by Allah-Mian himself. This sex is symbolic of the religion of Islam, and has the authority of Allah-Mian.

    3. This Janat-Sex is a Cookie-Cutter for every Moslem. It makes the Moslem feel that, he can have as much sex as he desires, it also means the kind of sex that he hungers for. It works because it makes a Moslem willing to kill & get killed. It motivates & drives the Moslems towards Janat, more than any other factor.

    However, Mullahs propagation of Janat-Sex, is a tool of Lies. Rather than treating their statements of Janat-Sex as amusing, they should be treated as serious accounts of stupidity. They turn the logic on its head. Stupidity of Mullahs is a disease, but it is Not a curable disease.

    4. When we talk about curing the disease of Mullahs stupidity, we are talking about altering something that, most Moslems regard as part of their normal Islamic teaching & of Moslem’s future. Mullahs thinking cannot be psychologically altered, because it is subjective.

    Regardless, however, Mullahs teaching of Janat-Sex has done more harm than good.

    Surinder Paul Attri


  25. surinder paul attri
    June 25, 2011

    Subj: Dr. Poojari’s presentation of modern-day Mahabharat

    1. COMMENT: I must admit I got a Big-Fat-Laugh when I looked at these pictures, they all tickled my funny-bone, to say the least.

    2. Bill Shakespeare says this world is a stage, we are all mere actors in it. That being given, there is always something about an act that can’t be explained in terms of the scene alone. I realize that this entire presentation is meant to be a satire, but even this take-off on parody has a skeleton of truth in it.

    3. Specifically, Sonia Gandhi has a perfect-fit as Gandhari, but other Johnnies & Janes are Not too far behind. The entire proposal in this presentation has features, the interpretation of which enables a viewer, to uncover parallelisms & paradoxes, not normally open to view in the day-to-day workings, of the Phoney-Liberal Indian Politics.

    4. Is there anything to be learned from this sarcasm ?
    Answer: Plenty !

    5. The questions that we must ask are:

    a. Is there anything new in this act ?
    b. Is there any declaration of truth in it ?
    c. Is there anything promising in this scene ( political-scene ) ?
    f. Is this ( phoney-liberal politics of India ) some kind of sophistry ?

    Surinder Paul Attri


  26. surinder paul attri
    June 26, 2011

    Subj: Comment on Dr. Poojari’s presentation of modern-day Mahabharat

    1. bhagavaandaas tyaagi to me
    very good one —-

    2. Tyaagi Jee: Thanks for the pat on the back.

    3. Even though there is varaiability across centuries, a peek through Mahabaharat-Window of present time, reveals what is valued and what is not, in our culture which is based on the phoney-liberal politics of India. A concise review of this politics reveals, demonic-consequences of this evil politics.

    4. The Mahabharat-Window reveals political actions & techniques that, the Phoneys ( phoney-liberals ) have employed in the last 64 years, to subvert representative government, and caused destruction of the capital structure of India, inevitable consequence of which is poverty of the people of India. This wicked state-craft practices vote-bank politics, placates minorities, dragoons majority, and promotes socialism. It is a dangerous precipice, upon which India finds itself, at this time in our history.

    Surinder Paul Attri


  27. surinder paul attri
    June 28, 2011

    Subj: Kafir Geert Wilders has been acquitted

    1. Quote: Geert Wilders, the far-right Dutch Politician has been acquitted of all charges in his hate speech trial in Amsterdam. According to the Judge, comparing Islam to Nazism might be offensive, but it falls within the scope of free speech. Naturally, Geert stated, “It’s not only an acquittal for me, but a victory for freedom of expression in the Netherlands”. The judge also pointed out that Geert Wilder’s comments are often “crude and denigrating”, however they are not illegal; they included racist remarks like “head rag tax”. Why the term “head rag”? It sounds like the pejorative racist term “rag-head”, frequently used by the Americans.

    2. COMMENT: This news ought to be a heart-warming broadcast for every Kafir.

    There is such a thing as ” freedom of speech, ” besides Geert is ” telling it like it is. ”

    3. Of course, Sullas won’t relish this verdict of the Dutch court, and we know why.
    Islam has ” Never ” been accused of being tolerant or decent towards Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ). Moslems have assigned to themselves the right to criticize/demonize Kafirs & Kafi-Religions, without limit. And they expect us Kafirs to accept this Islamic claim/right, as the claim of the ” Only True Religion In The World. ”

    4. But it is difficult for a reasonable/logical guy to submit, to this kind of Unreasonable claim, and Islam’s ” Exclusive Right Of Kafir-Pounding. ” of Exclusivity, A reasonable & logical guy would regard this submission, as a terrifying threat to human liberty.

    But Islam thrives on this unreasonable & nonsensical claim. The bitter truth of Islam is that, a Moslem’s devotion to Islam is judged, by how much he can insult Kafirs & Kafir-Religions.

    5. Every logically person in the world must ask himself:

    Why does Islam deserve special protection from criticism, while rest of the Kafir-Religions are fair-game ?

    6. Note: This Dutch Has The Touch. We need more Kafir-guys like him ( like Geert Wilders ).

    Surinder Paul Attri.


  28. surinder paul attri
    July 10, 2011

    Subj: Police Report: All Assault Rapists in Oslo Follow Muhammad

    1. Police Report: All Assault Rapists in Oslo Follow Muhammad

    by Gil Ronen

    Defenders of Islam call it a “religion of peace” but many Norwegian women are learning that Islam is the religion of rape. According to an amazing police report released there this month, every single solved case of assault-rape in the country in 2010 was carried out by a Muslim immigrant.

    The report was cited by an official Norwegian television station, which interviewed a victim who said that her rapist explained to her that his religion permits him to rape her.

    According to the police report there was a total of 186 of known rape cases in 2010. These fall into various categories, the largest one of which is assault-rape, carried out by sheer physical force, of which there were 86 cases. In 83 of these cases the perpetrator could be identified by the victim. In all 83, the attacker was described as having “non-western appearance,” a laundered euphemism for Muslim immigrants from Africa, the Middle East, or Asia.

    In other categories of rape there were Norwegian attackers as well, but they were still in the minority (Note: the translation of the Norwegian TV report embedded here does not make a distiction between “assault rape” and other forms of rape, and appears to confuse the statistics for 2010 with those for 2006-2010).

    A female police officer who commented on the report explained that “Many of the perpetrators who commit these rapes are on the edge of society often unemployed, arriving from traumatized countries. In the past five years it has often been asylum seekers.”

    The problem is not new. A report in Aftenposten in 2001 said: “While 65 percent of those charged with rape are classed as coming from a non-western background, this segment makes up only 14.3 percent of Oslo’s population. Norwegian women were the victims in 80 percent of the cases.”

    “In other words,” says the New American, “Muslims from Africa and other benighted Third World places are targeting Western women for rape.” It elaborates:

    “In 2005, the blogger Fjordman reported on a similar rape wave in Sweden. A crime prevention study that year reported that Algerians, Libyans, Moroccans, and Tunisians ‘dominate the group of rape suspects,’ he reported. The same year, the newspaper Aftonbladet reported that nearly half of all rapists were immigrants.”

    Yehuda Bello, an Israeli blogger who is well-acquainted with Norwegian culture, noted the report and claimed that Norwegians are a culture that suffers from “extreme boredom” due to the presence of huge oil reserves, and are thus inordinately interested in multiculturalism and assorted “human rights” campaigns.

    They are also traditionally anti-Semitic, he believes. As a result their politicians and press are focused on Israel’s actions in Shechem (Nablus) and Hevron and choose to ignore Muslim misdeeds – be they in Iran, Syria, or in Norway itself.

    Despite this, he reports, the Muslim rape campaign has become so terrible that even Norwegians have begun to recognize the reality around them, and in recent months there have been protests where the slogan was “Muslims out!”.

    2. My Take:

    Quote: The report was cited by an official Norwegian television station, which interviewed a victim who said that her rapist explained to her that his religion permits him to rape her.

    COMMENT: The Norwegian-Victim’s reply was a statement of Absolute-Truth. Islam does help the progress of such villainous acts against Kafir ( Non-Moslem Infidel ) women. In fact, some Moslems regard such deeds as Strategic-Jehad against Kafirs.

    3. Murdering, robbing, and raping of innocent people, is the greatest evil that there can be. But Allah calls such atrocities as Jehad ( Holy War ), declaring such pillage as ” Lawful & Good, ” and offers Janat ( Moslem’s Paradise ) as reward for such obscenity.

    4. In the eyes of Moslems, the Norwegian Non-Moslem girls, the victims of Moslem-rape, are Kafir girls, in front of which is Jhanam ( Islamic-Hell ). Islam advises its followers to fight Kafirs, Allah is with those who do this fighting.

    5. Because of such teachings of Islam, Moslems have blessed the whole world with their loot, raid,plunderings, and inhuman rapes. As long as this loot, raid, and rape is against Kafirs, it is completely justified, it is Ghazzu, and the Operator-Moslem is a Ghazi ( Honorable Warrior Of Islam, who has killed/raped many Kafirs ).

    Ghazi’s reward for such nefarious acts: Janat Ki Houris ( Fairies Of Moslem’s Paradise ).

    6. Moslems have Never been accused of being particularly bright. To them, the Light-Skinned, Blue-Eyed, Blond Norwegian girls, might appear to them to be:


    Allah’s Cookie-Cutter promise to Moslems, makes a Moslem feel that, he can have as much sex as he desires. And Fair-Skinned Norwegian girls ( Janat-KI-Houris ) are considered by Moslems, to be Fair-Game, and sex with them to be ” Lawful & Good. ” In fact, that is exactly the kind of sex, that a Moslem hungers for

    7. Thus Islamic-Rape of Norwegian Janat-Ki-Houris ( Norwegian girls ) is, propagation of Islam’s Janat-Sex. And the Norwegian-Victim’s ( of Islamic-Rape ), is a narration of Certain-Truth.

    Surinder Paul Attri


  29. surinder paul attri
    July 18, 2011

    1. Sikh community in Lahore prevented from celebrating festival

    Islamabad The Sikh community in the eastern city of Lahore has been barred from organising a religious celebration at a disputed gurdwara after a religious group persuaded authorities that celebrating the Muslim holy day of ‘Shab-e-Barat’ is more important than the Sikh festival.
    The musical equipment of the Sikhs was thrown out and their entry to the gurdwara barred due to the efforts of the Dawat-e-Islami, a Barelvi proselytising group, The Express Tribune newspaper reported today.
    Police were deployed outside the gurdwara to prevent Sikhs from conducting a religious ceremony until after the end of Shab-e-Barat, which falls tomorrow.
    The Sikh community wanted to commemorate an eighteenth-century saint at the gurdwara on Friday.
    Gurdwara Shaheed Bhai Taru Singh at Naulakha Bazaar in Lahore was built to honour the memory of a Sikh saint who was executed in 1745 on the orders of the Mughal governor of Punjab, Zakaria Khan.
    Every July, Sikhs have held religious ceremonies to commemorate his sacrifice.
    Though the gudwara was taken over by the Evacuee Trust Property Board after Partition, Sikhs were allowed to continue using it with relatively few restrictions.
    Four years ago, the Dawat-e-Islami claimed the gurdwara was located on the site of the grave of a 15th century Muslim saint, Pir Shah Kaku.
    The group claimed Kaku was the grandson of Baba Fariduddin Ganjshakar, an “implausible claim” since Ganjshakar died in 1280 while it claims that Kaku died almost 200 years later, in 1477, the daily reported.
    The Sikh community had approached ETPB, which allowed both communities to observe their religious rituals according to their own beliefs at the gurdwara.
    The Dawat-e-Islami used it every Thursday for prayer services while Sikhs used it once a year for the anniversary of Taru Singh’s martyrdom.
    This year, when Sikh men went in to set up their musical instruments on July 13, they were thrown out by men from Dawat-e-Islami and prevented from re-entering the shrine.
    Members of the Sikh community, many of whom fear to be identified, said the leader of the group of men, Sohail Butt, claimed that the gurdwara was now a mosque and Sikhs would not be allowed to bring in their musical instruments any longer.
    Butt admitted he had prevented Sikhs from performing their ritual, claiming that the gurdwara was inside the courtyard of the mosque.
    “Shab-e-Barat is more important than the Sikh ritual,” Butt said, adding the ETPB had accepted his group’s stance.
    Officials from ETPB admit that they have asked the Sikh community to postpone their celebrations until after Shab-e-Barat.
    ETPB Deputy Administrator Faraz Abbas, who deals with Sikh affairs across Pakistan, admitted that Sikhs had been denied entry into the gurdwara.
    Gurunanak Mission president Sardar Bishon Singh said the ETPB’s decision to bar Sikhs from entering their shrine was against the constitution.
    He said that he approached the ETPB but was told to wait until after Shab-e-Barat.
    “How can we postpone the rituals of our faith,” he asked, adding that the government was not paying attention to their cause.
    Singh appealed to Supreme Court Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry to take suo moto action over the violation of rights of minorities in Pakistan.
    2. My Take:
    The above article sketches life of Kafir-Sikhs, in the city of Lahore, Pakistan.
    This manner of dealing with Kafir-Sikhs of Lahore, is more than an Islamic-Misdemeanor. It is a grim spectrum of religious-bigotry, practised by Sullas against Kafir-Sikhs, in the city of Lahore, Pakistan. Islam hates Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) royally. This is the kind of treatment that, Islam calls for, in dealing with all Kafirs. Islam is an ideology of Equal-Opportunity Barbarism. All Kafirs are accused of being controlled by Shaitaan ( Satan/Devil ), and are stamped as Enemies Of Allah.
    3. Moslem Mullahs & Maulvies engineer countless atrocities & barbarism, in the name of Islam. Although the culture of the world has changed quite a bit, and is now more tolerant in general, the culture of Islam is now more savage, than ever before in the history of mankind. This is the definining qualification of Islam.
    4. Islam claims itself to be, a religion of Peace, Love, & Brotherhood. Make no mistake about it. This claim is as Hollow as Bongo-Drums. Combat agaisnt Kafirs, has been part of Islam, from Day One Of Islam. Prophet Mohammad ( the Bedouin-Goonda ) conquered Mecca by Force. He dictated Quran, which sanctions Armed-Jehad against Kafirs, as a Tool Of Evangelism.
    5. Waging Bloody Warfare against Hateful-Kafirs, has been Standard Technique Of Islam, to spread Islam every place on earth. There is no merit or justification in Islam’s claim, as a religion of peace, love, and brotherhood. It is a Crock Of Baloney.
    Surinder Paul Attri


  30. siddhartha
    August 15, 2011

    muslim boy be friended wid hindu girls or some times they even start with calling them sisters….
    but later on they start showing there real colour of trapping them in there love n then emotionally blackmailing them to get them married without telling her parents or against the wishes of her parents…
    these muslim boys who never visited temple or gurudwaras …. bcoz its against islam….. start going to temple or gurudwaras with there hindu or sikh girlfriend … just to impress them.. with this mentality that after getting married even she ll not come here as she ll be converted to islam…
    they start eating jhatka with punjaban girls just to show off to her dat he is not a fascism guy…
    they told to girls that at there home there mother n sister dont wear burkhas .. as there family is not that much backward.. though reality is just opposite…..
    and they also get financial support for all this from madarssas n mazjids…..
    during ramzaans…. muslim get together in eve for reading so called tarabiyaas… but in reality they get together n use to discuss topics to empower islam mostly anti hindus which includes love jihad of trapping hindu n sikh girls in love n converting them to islam…. so these get together of so called reading tarabiyaas need to be monitered for well being of society n to avoid terrorist activities also…..
    in this ramzanns all the tarabiyaas are enriched with terror against hindus and love jihad to capture at least one hindu-sikh girl by a fasting muslim guy…..


  31. arishsahani
    December 3, 2020



  32. arishsahani
    December 3, 2020

    Every hindu girl who suffered after conversion should come forward and write her story to enlighten others


  33. arishsahani
    December 3, 2020

    our indian media is anti hindu and antinational. never exposes evil of islam and how muslim in muslim world suffering due to islam .


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