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The ensuing Durga Puja in Bangladesh may grossly be violated by the Islamists.

Protesting Puja Committee members in front of the wrecked image of Goddess Durga under construction. in Dinajpur. BD NF Photo.

The members of the Hindu community in Bandarban town form a human chain on Monday protesting against the misdeed of some miscreants who damaged the clay image of goddess Durga in the district recently. BD Sun Photo

BD minority Hindus are denied Religious Rights in their largest festival.

The damages of deities are gross in nature. Islamists in Bangladesh are die hard to protest the rituals of infidels.

HE Desk from Dhaka :  Within some moments the final call for the greatest  event in Bengali Social Religious life is to rent the air through “Mahalaya”. But in various places in Bangladesh minority Hindus are anxious about their fate to observe the Durga Puja in peace or not.

Reports came in our desk about putting the strong hurdles to organize Durga Puja by not providing facilities to the puja committees along with state sponsored (?) hooliganism in a Islamic state by destroying Durga Images under construction/installation in the puja pandals in many parts of Bangladesh even under a so called ‘minority friend’ Awami League Govt. in Bangladesh at present.

When thousands of atrocities on Bengali Hindu population in Bangladesh have already been reported and harrowing experiences prove that these barbarities reach new heights during the days of Durga Puja, every year and there is no exception this year too. According to fresh reports, at least six deities, meant for the upcoming Durga Puja, have been desecrated and destroyed by Islamic fundamentalists in Banuria of Kaliganj in Jenaidaha, Alikadam, Bandarban, Birol, Birampur etc. in Bangladesh and the office bearers of the Puja Committee are also fatally injured in some places. Only two Muslim miscreants, in connection with these cases, have been arrested so far.

The clippings of the reports run below as heart rendering :

One Image of Durga, other deities damaged

Jhenaidh| 25th  Sept. 2011: A group of unidentified miscreants damaged some images of deities at a puja mandap in Banuria village under Kaliganj upazila of Jhenidah district in the early hours of Friday.

Parimal Kumar, a member of the Puja Udjapan Committee and inhabitant of the village, said they had gone home after holding a meeting here Thursday midnight.

They found some damaged images of deities, including Ganesh and Laxmi.

Besides, one hand of the tiger’s image was also found detached from its body.

He also added that the heinous incident had taken place just nine days ahead of the Durga Puja, the greatest religious festival of the Hindus.

If they failed to manage any artisan to repair the damaged images in time, they would not be able to celebrate the puja this year.

Vijan Kumar Das, president of the Puja Udjapan Committee, told daily sun that he had heard of the incident.

But, he could not yet visit the spot as he was staying outside.

Anjumanara Begum, UNO of Kaliganj upazila, said on information she had visited the spot.

Two Durga idols wrecked in Dinajpur

Dinajpur || 23rd Sept. 2011 || Unidentified miscreants wrecked two idols of Durga in two upazilas of Dinajpur district on Thursday night, a few days ahead of the biggest festival of the Hindu community.

The four-day Durga puja starts on October 2.

The incidents took place at Paikpara village under Birol upazila and Deior Salghoria village under Birampur upzila.

Dinajpur police super Moinul Islam confirmed the sacrilege and said the police had started investigations into the incidents.

He said the police already arrested a man in Birol on suspicion of his involvement in the crime.

Parimal Chakrabarty, a leader of the Dinajpur district Puja Udjapon Parishad, expressed his concern at the incidents and called on the district administration to step up security at the Hindu temples.

Three Images of Durga broken in Bandarban

Bandarban | 20th Sept. 2011: Some miscreants broke three images of goddess Durga at a temple at Vorir Muk under Alikadam upazila of Bandarban district Sunday night.

The images were built in preparation for celebrating the upcoming Durga Puja, the largest religious festival of the Hindus.

The temple authority said a gang of miscreants numbering 8-10 had come to the temple and suddenly attacked them with sticks and sharp weapons while they had been in a meeting on the temple premises and stabbed three people. They had also broken the three images.

One of the critically injured, Monomohan Karmokar, president of the temple authority, was admitted to Alikadam Upazila Health Complex.

Md Iqbal, officer-in-charge of Alikadam police station, said on information they had rushed to the spot and nabbed one Abul Kalam in this connection at night.

Deputy Commissioner Mizanur Rahman, Police Super Kamrul Hasan and Bandarban Puja Udjapan Parishad leaders visited the spot Monday morning.

A case was filed in this connection.

”]Three other incidents of  breaking the Durga Idol by Muslims fundamentalists  just came into this end : ~~

1. Place : village – Simulia, Sadar Upazila – Jhalkathi.  Dist. Adminstrator Mr. Ashok Biswas confirmed the attack. Police Super Mohammad Mozid Ali inspected the place of occurance.

2. Place : Rajsahi, Tanore Municipality. In the area of Samaspur, Durga Image was desecrated  in the Hari Temple puja site. The 4 images (clay idols) of  Goddess Lakshi (2),  Goddess Saraswati (1), and Lord Kartick (1) were destroyed in the night time. The main culprit and the perpetrator is one Iskamil Mridha as revealed. Intensive police posting is ordered by the authority to maintain the peace. The Secretary of the Hari Mandir Durgotsav Committee has filed a case against 15 Muslim miscreants so far.

3.  Durga Image destroyed in Khulna reports Daily Sun on 17th Sept 2011.

4. It is in the air that Hindus of Coxbazar are likely to boycott the Durga Puja this year to protest over hard regulation and persecution upon them.

The artisans are engaged in repairing the clay image of Goddess Durga as some unidentified miscreants damaged it at a temple in Khulna city on Friday on 16/09/2011.

DUET Islamists always try to put troubles to the Hindu Students in many ways.

Post Script :

Fresh violence was occurred in the DUET (Dahaka University of Enginnering and Technology) at Gazipur between the Muslims and the Hindu Student, when the later group was demonstrating in a road blockade in Dhaka-Gazipur-Shimultali Road after the Durga Mandop (Temporary installation house of the deity) was completely razed to ground by a Muslim group comprising 30-35 heads.

Sri Mridulkanti Das, Secretary  of ‘Vani Archna Samsad’  unit (i.e. the socio clutural observation furom for Sanatanis/Hindus) of the university conveyed that the respective administration had given the written permission to the Hindu students to perform the Durga Puja but a strong group of the Jamatees in the DUET students always propagate Islam in the university and put impediment to conduct any function of the Hindus in DUET and other UET campus as their anti-infidel agenda.

The General Hindu Students Union Of Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology, Gazipur (DUET) are now demanding a Permanent Hindu Temple in the DUET Campus. Already Muslims have managed their own fund by giving personal donation of each Hindu student. But the university Authority and some Muslim student have protested to make a permanent Hindu temple in the Campus. General Hindu studentas claimed “there is a three storied artistic Mosque but whenever we are trying to build a Hindu Temple by our own fund authority and some Muslim students are making obstacles even providing threat to stop the work of construction including Durga Puja.” It is the matter of regret that there are huge Hindu Students are reading in The DUET but they have no permanent Temple in the campus. The General Hindu Students are afraid, many Hindu Student are still confined in the campus. All Conscientious people should support them and raise voice against this discrimination as appealed by the Hindu Student Union in their flyer distrubuted at the time of agitation.

The whole matter is now intervened by Prof. Dr. Abu Nayeem Sheikh, in-charge of students’ welfare committee  and Prof. Abul Kasheem, Dean of Computer Deptt. of DUET. Policed reached the place to maintain the law and order as reported.

Despite of these menace tantamount to the minority Hindus in Bangladesh, the Home Minister in Bangladesh Sahara Khatun briefed the press that this year has the landmark to conduct 28000 pujas against the 27000 pujas held last year. Even she gave a statistics to increase of three puja mandops (pandals) this year in the capital of Dhaka touching the figure of 196 against last year’s 193 so far. The Minister reiterated the ‘peaceful’ and ‘no problem’ observance of Durga pujas under the instructed and designated Puja Samanoy Samity (Puja Coordination Committee) headed by District Magistrate in every districts to look after his jurisdiction.

But these pro Islamists never raise that glorious days of Bangladesh Hindus, when once only Dhaka was overwhelmed with more than 300 Durga pujas on her own with a celebration of 50000 Durga pujas with the periphery of today’s bangladesh some 60 years back. But it is encouraging that the various Hindu minority forums are struggling hard to protect their religious rights and continue the Hindu rituals and celebrations through many hardships in an Islamic State of Bangladesh.

So far  73 Puja  Mandops are declared as vulnerable  in the face   of attacks of the fanatic Muslims upon the deity or the   Hindu devotees engagaged in Durga Puja. This report has been published in  daily Jugantor    dated  28th Sept, 2011 within a report  “প্রতিমা তৈরিতে ব্যস্ত সময় কাটছে শিল্পীদের” . But it is nothing but a tip of dangerous ice-berg that silently destroy the Hindu Minority Rights in Bangladesh. Actually thousands of Durgapuja are violated in  Bangladesh every year by the majority Muslims there.                                          …….                              

 Courtesy: Daily  Sun | News First | Kaler Kantha | Daily Jugantor | R Dasgupta.

13 comments on “The ensuing Durga Puja in Bangladesh may grossly be violated by the Islamists.

  1. prahalad
    September 27, 2011

    shame, shame, indian government dont be a spectator…



  2. sonallika
    September 27, 2011

    India should interfere. Particularly the the West Bengal Government should interfere in this cause. True Bengalis are Hindu Bengalis only . And true Bengal is associated with Durga Puja and presently true Bengal is in india that is West Bengal which is secured in india . Bangladesh is not now the land of Bengalis so far. But we have to protect the Bengali Hindus there.

    Bnagladesh is the ancestral home of so many people now a days in Paschimbanga. If we do not care for that ancestral place and the people of the same Hindu Blood, we will be simply in the class of treacherous persons.

    Sonallika Chatterjee.


    • Enakshi Bhardwaj
      June 1, 2012

      The India Govt cant interfere…Our leaders (mamata banerjee) are themselves converting to Islam for vote bank gains here….
      Even kolkata is taken hostage by muslims for every drop of a hat…If the India govt cant protect Hindus inside Kolkata what will they do for Hindus in Bangladesh…Our leaders are our biggest shame…

      I had high hopes for Bangladesh…I thought Our culture (Bengali culture) and heritages are far more pervasive than religion & we shall entrench in brotherhood some day…..BUT THAT IS A DREAM IT SEEMS…THESE GUYS DESERVE TO BE TALIBANS AND BE RULED BY FANATICS LIKE THEM ONLY.


    September 30, 2011
    অসাম্প্রদায়িক বাংলাদেশের পূজা প্রস্তুতি
    By Bipul Mohanto ·

    দেশে এইবার ১০০০ টি পূজামণ্ডপ বেশী হচ্ছে, খবরটা অনেক আগেই পড়েছিলাম; সকলেই এই খবরে উচ্ছ্বাসিত, আনন্দিত। শুধু আনন্দ হচ্ছিলনা আমার, আমি নরাধম দাস । প্রতিবারের মতো এইবারও পূজার প্রস্তুতি চূড়ান্ত পর্যায়ে এসেছে, প্রতিমার গায়ে শেষ বারের মতো তুলি দেবার সময় এসেছে,সকল প্রতিমা তা পাবে কিনা আমার জানা নেই,তবে মাটির প্রতিমা যে দুশ্চিন্তায় দিন কাটাচ্ছে তা আমি হলফ করে বলতে পারি । শেষ সময়ে প্রতিমা ভাঙচুর,মন্দিরে আগুন দেয়া,মন্দিরের সেবাইত-পুরহিতদের মারধর, অসাম্প্রদায়িক বাংলাদেশ আর কি !

    দেশের কোন প্রান্ত থেকে প্রতিমা ভাঙ্গার গল্প শুরু করবো ঠিক বুঝে উঠতে পারছিনা, আচ্ছা উত্তর প্রান্ত থেকেই যাত্রা শুরু করিঃ দিনাজপুর, নীলফামারী, নওগাঁ, সিরাজগঞ্জ, রাজবাড়ী, ফরিদপুর, বরিশাল, সিলেট, এমন কি দুর্গম পার্বত্য জেলা বান্দরবানের আলিকদম সেখানেও বাদ যায়নাই। মনে করেছিলাম মাত্র কয়েকটা মণ্ডপ আর প্রতিমা ভাঙচুর হয়েছে, এখন দেখছি সমগ্র বাংলাদেশ, কোথায় বাদ আছে ? দেশে ১০০০ টি বেশী মণ্ডপ, আর ১০০০ মণ্ডপ ভাঙচুর, হিসাব তো বরাবর হতে হবে, অসাম্প্রদায়িক বাংলাদেশ বলে কথা, অসাম্প্রদায়িক হিন্দু সমাজ বলে কথা ।

    এই ঘটনা আজ আমাদের গা সওয়া হয়ে পরেছে, এখন আর প্রতিমা ভাঙ্গা, মণ্ডপ পোড়ান আমাদের মনে কোন প্রতিক্রিয়া সৃষ্টি করে না, চোখের জল তো একদিন শুকিয়ে যায়……কতই আর জল ধরে এই ছোট্ট দুইটা চোখে, কতই বা জোর আছে এই তৃণভোজীর দুই দুর্বল বাহুতে, এর চাইতে ঢের ভালো মাটির প্রতিমা, এসো…… ভাঙ্গ, আগুন লাগাও মণ্ডপে, যা ইচ্ছা কর……

    প্রতিটি ঘটনার পর পুলিশ প্রশাসন ঘটনাস্থল পরিদর্শন করছেন, ভাগ্য খুব বেশী প্রসন্ন হলে দুর্বৃত্তদের গ্রেফতার করা হচ্ছে (বড়জোর ৭ দিন তাদের হাজতে রাখা হবে), এলাকাবাসী মানব বন্ধন করছে, রাজনৈতিক নেতারা নিন্দা জ্ঞাপন করছেন, বুদ্ধিজীবীরা দেশে সাম্প্রদায়িক শক্তির প্রসার ঘটছে বলে বড়বড় কথা বলছেন। Really I am sick for all this nonsense. কুকুরেরও নাকি লজ্জা থাকে, কিন্তু আমাদের সেটুকুও নাই, আমরা এতেই সন্তুষ্ট। শিব একটা বেলপাতাতে সন্তুষ্ট হয়, এর আমদের সেই বেলপাতাটুকুও চাই না।

    কোথাও কেউ কি শুনেছেন, ঈদের আগে কোন হিন্দু ঈদগাহ ভাঙছে ? মসজিদের দেয়ালে পানের পিক ফেলছে? আগুন দেয়া বা ভাঙচুর করা তো দুরের কথা, আমাদের মনে মসজিদের দেয়ালে পানের পিকটুকুও ফেলার ইচ্ছা কখনো করে না; আর বিনিময়ে আমাদের জন্য এই উপহার! সত্যি অনেক বড় এই উপহার ! অসাম্প্রদায়িক বাংলাদেশ। অনেক মানুষের নাকি অন্যদের আনন্দে হিংসা হয়, আমরা তাদের হিংসুক বলে থাকি, এখন আপনারাই ভেবে দেখুন কে এই হিংসুক, কে এই মহান মানব সম্প্রদায় ? শান্তির ধর্ম বললেই তো আর সব কিছু শান্তির হয় না। বাংলাদেশে সকল সম্প্রদায় নিজ নিজ ধর্ম নাকি সঠিক ভাবে পালন করছে, কোন অসাম্প্রদায়িকতা নেই এইখানে, তার নমুমা হচ্ছে এই, প্রতিবার পূজার আগে পূজা প্রস্তুতি।

    এখন আমি নরাধম দাস যা বলি, কক্সবাজারের হিন্দুরা নাকি এইবারে দুর্গাপূজা পালন করবেনা, কেন? আপনি কি অনুভব করতে পারেন কতটা কষ্টে, কতটা নির্যাতনের ফলে বাঙালি হিন্দু সমাজ এই ধরনের সিদ্ধান্ত গ্রহন করতে পারে, কেন তারা তাদের সবচেয়ে বড় ধর্মীয় উৎসব পালনকে না করতে পারে ? একজন হিন্দু হিসাবে আপনার কি উচিত নয় এদের পাশে দাঁড়ানো ? আসুন আমরা সবাই এক হয়ে এই ধরণের ঘটনা গুলোকে প্রতিহত করি। কেন এই প্রতিমা ভাঙচুর, কেন এই মণ্ডপে আগুন দেয়া, কেন নিরীহ সেবাইত-পুরহিত নির্যাতন ? এর জন্য দরকার হলে আসুন আমরা সবাই মিলে পূজাকেও বর্জন করি,কক্সবাজারের হিন্দুদের পাশে দাঁড়ানো আমাদের নৈতিক, সামাজিক, ধর্মীয় দায়িত্ব, তারা পূজা করবেনা, আর আপনি কি করে আনন্দ-উৎসব পালন করবেন? মায়ের পূজা আমরা সেদিনই করবো যেদিন মা আমাদের দেশে সম্পূর্ণ নিরাপদ হবেন……

    আসুন, মানব বন্ধন নয়, এই ঘটনার বিরুদ্ধে আন্দোলন গড়ে তুলি,সোচ্চার আন্দোলন; যেন এই ঘটনাগুলোর পুনরাবৃত্তি ঘটতে না পারে, আগামী বছর মা যেন নিরাপদে ধরাধামে আসতে পারেন আমাদের মাঝে।

    হরে কৃষ্ণ
    বিপুল মোহন্ত


    • Rama Roy
      September 30, 2011

      @ Bipul…..

      Is it so that the Hindus of Coxbazar are likely to boycott the Durga Puja this year to protest over hard regulation and persecution upon them ?

      I am really anxious. Please send me the good news that HINDUS HAVE NOT ABANDONED IT ANYWAY.


      Rama Roy, Kolkata, West Bengal, Bharat (INDIA).


  4. Bipul Mohanto
    September 30, 2011

    Don’t worry, the coxbazar Hindus just used as a threat, lucky enough they could at least threat on the daily newspaper over the persecution they usually face. I believe run away all the obstacle they can also enjoy the puja.

    Bipul Mohanto,


  5. Debojyoti Raychaudhury
    October 1, 2011

    Bangladesh government must ensure the rights of the minorities are protected. They must take a leaf out of India. Here we have given 7 protected the rights of our minorities.The Muslim community here is incresing not only in population but also in prosperity. it is just the reverse for the minorities in Bangladesh. Without any offence,no doubt poeple around the globe perceive bangladesh as an obscurantist society.


  6. gopal
    October 2, 2011

    বাংলাদেশের এটাই বাস্তবতা। একটি মুসলিম অধ্যুষিত দেশ এর চাইতে বেশি আর কিইইবা করতে পারে।


    • hinduexistence
      October 2, 2011

      An Excellent effort in your blog at to ventilate the vilification of Hindutva and the utter persecution upon the Hindus.

      If you kindly make a English version of the same, the English knowing people will be able to catch the thread of Islamic Torture upon the non Muslims.

      Pankaj Srestha.

      Moderator, Hindu existence.


  7. Ram Vinay Bhushan
    October 6, 2011

    2day wen d whole world is threatened by Muslim fundamentalists,life & property of non-muslims in a muslim majority state like Bangladesh is always on d stake. Historically Muslim rules never did justice 2 non-muslims and mainly hindus(peace mongering group) always being victim of their barbaric regimes.

    So,hindus must unite 1st & strengthen demselves 2 d extent 2 tackle any type of attack. 2ndly to get more and more positions in d system, which is only possible by promoting talents of our community. In dis regard we’ve to get a lesson from Indian minority, who have 2day not only its own security but also having position at powerfull posts in d system and always be ready 2 sacrifice themself 4 d sake of deir community members. Moreover,generally secularism in india means anti-hindusm and our own community members r indulging in persecution of hindus becoz here u could get very few hindus & mostly separated in castes.

    So,don’t expect more from dis side and strengthen urself 2 d extent to dare anyone to attack u.

    Ram Vinay Bhushan.


  8. Sameer Chakraborty
    February 14, 2012

    This really a shocking news. As in India while we do not interfere any of the Muslim festivals then why Muslims of Bangladesh would interfere Hindu festival? Is this the Brotherhood which they say?

    Jamshedpur India


  9. T.Bhaduri
    November 9, 2015

    Bangladesh Government should protect the rights of the minorities and that is our expectation also from the daughter of a great statesman whose commitment towards secularism and sacrifice for the nation is non questionable . The country has taken birth on the commitment of secularism which is based on the platform of a common language i.e. Bangla. The country with a huge population of Hindus, Christians, Buddhists along with Muslims and protection of its citizens interest is a prime duty of the Government.


  10. sujit moitra
    October 12, 2016

    The present cm of wb government is playing with fire .She her self a communal person , a strong anti national force all are activities are pro Islamic anti Hindu and anti Indian. Her government is helping Muslims of neighbouring country to infiltrate and settle along side bordering districts and other places. This government and its ministers are shamelessly harbouring anti national forces and nominating notorious persons to the parliament and assembly.


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