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Muslim arrested in Kolkata Airport while smuggling gold under the Buddhist robe.

Morning Taqiyya in the name of Lord Buddha! 

Muslim disguised as ‘Buddhist Monk’ arrested in Kolkata Airport for Gold smuggling.

Representational Picture. Artist: Omkarnath Bhattacharya.

Representational Picture. Artist: Omkarnath Bhattacharya.

HENB | Kolkata | July 16, 2015:: A Muslim person masquerading as a Buddhist monk was arrested at the NSC Bose International Airport in Kolkata in the early morning on Tuesday on the charge of smuggling gold.

Wearing a Buddhist monk’s robe and with shaven head, an apparently elderly ‘Head Monk’ arrived by an Indigo Flight with his four disciple dressed also as  Buddhist monks. “He appeared to have taken a vow of silence like monks,” an airport official said. The set piece disciples were rather preventing the airport security personnel from reaching their ‘head monk’  for any interrogation.   Their movements were suspicious enough.

After checking the passport of the appearing ‘Buddhist Monk on silence’, the Airport Customs officer revealed the person as a Muslim named Hassan Gani of Chennai. Afterward the officials found anomalies in all of their passports as four fake disciples were also Muslims.

“He was dressed like a Buddhist monk but the name on his passport suggested he was a Muslim. Initially, he put on an act and stayed mum…. But he soon broke down,” the official said. Gold bars weighing 2.6kg and worth Rs 68.6 lakh were seized from a small bag generally used to count the prayer beads within it.

When produced the gold smugglers in Barasat Court (N 24 Pgs), the respective Judge ordered a jail custody for Hassan Gani and released the other four as nothing was particularly recovered from them.

A section of Hindu pleaders in Barasat Court protested for the release for the other four Muslim perpetrators as they were conducting the gold smuggling in the robe of Buddhist monks.

In the case of Love Jihad and performing other criminal activities, Muslim perpetrators take Hindu names for camouflaging or for the purpose of giving bad names to Hindus. But, taking the disguise of Buddhist monk for international gold smuggling is a new concept hitherto unknown.

Hindu Existence Forum is trying to convey the matter to the Buddhist associations in West Bengal so that the other four Muslims can be drawn under the legal action as they were also involved the same criminality.

Read the same news in Bengali: ‘সন্ন্যাসী’র জপের থলিতে ৩ কেজি সোনা

Courtesy: ABP.

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One comment on “Muslim arrested in Kolkata Airport while smuggling gold under the Buddhist robe.

  1. C.M.Vikram
    July 18, 2015

    It is strange that the Govt. cought them. Usually these days there are no checks at international airports. You can pass through the green line and nobody checks. Someone must have tipped off the authorities. God knows how many kilos of gold is brought into India each day.


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