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Islamists attack Hindu Processions on Ram Navami in Bokaro and Hazaribagh.


Jihadi attack on Bokaro Ram Navami Procession. Several injured in communal clashes. 25 Held, Curfew Continues. Hazaribagh also faced Islamic violence.

HENB | Bokaro | April 16, 2016:: Curfew was imposed in four police station areas of Bokaro district in Jharkhand on Friday night following communal violence sparked by pelting of stones at a Ram Navami procession by rowdy Muslim miscreants. The police caused action and conveyed the updates to the press on Saturday.

Violence also took place on Friday in Hazaribagh district where too the trigger was pelting of stones at a Ram Navami procession.

“Curfew has been imposed in Bokaro. The situation is under control both in Hazaribagh and and Bokaro district,” Jharkhand Police spokesman S.N. Pradhan told it to the media persons on Saturday.

There were violent clashes between members of two communities in Siwandih suburb of Bokaro steel city when a Ram Navami procession was stopped and pelted with stones by the Jihadi elements.

Several people were injured in the violence, including some journalists and government officials. A mob also burnt three vehicles.

In Hazaribagh, the trouble spot was Keredari where violence erupted after a Ram Navami procession was stopped by communal Muslims. Several people were injured and some houses were set on fire.

One person also reportedly died in the violence, but the police said the death was unrealted to the communal clashes.

“An elderly person in the troubled area died after slipping from stairs,” Pradhan said.


Actually, curfew was clamped in the steel city of Bokaro at about 8.45pm at four places after police resorted to lathicharge and fired teargas shells to control an angry mob of Muslim youths who had allegedly pelted stones on a procession led by Bokaro MLA Viranchi Narain around 6pm.

More than two dozen people were hurt, including Bokaro deputy commissioner R.M. Ray, 10 policemen and three journalists, one of them a photographer of The Telegraph News paper.

Barely half an hour later in Hazaribagh, at least six persons were injured in stone pelting when a Ram Navami procession passed through Pandu village, around 60km from the district headquarters. Later, an earthmover was set on fire.

Hazaribagh SP Akhilesh Kumar Jha reached the village promptly with additional forces. The situation, he said, was now under control. The police were talking to elderly members of all communities to ensure that there was no further flare-up.

P.K. Singh, an eyewitness to the Bokaro incident, said a group of fanatic youths attacked a Ram Navami procession from Ritudih when it reached Sivandih and was on its way to Railway Gate. While the journalists started taking pictures, they too were attacked.

Soon, a posse of over 200 policemen was deployed in the area after which tempers cooled. Deputy commissioner Ray and superintendent of police Y.S Ramesh rushed to the spot and spoke on the public address system to restore order.

But by then, the mob had set fire to four vehicles, including two trucks, and an eatery, Food Point, at Sivandih on NH-23, barely 3km from Bokaro city. By 10pm, the situation was brought under control. Before that  there was gross trouble on NH23 Ramghar-Bokaro-Dhanbad Road near Siwandih.

Curfew was imposed in Bokaro steel city area, Maraphari, Balidih and Sector XII police station areas. Curfew in Balidih means no heavy vehicles can enter from Ramgarh, Ranchi and Hazaribagh.

Hundreds of Akhada committees took out processions across the twin districts which marked the end of the nine-day Ram Navami celebrations which coincided with Hanuman Jayanti on Saturday.

Thousands of devotees from over several Akharas of Jharia, Katrash, Hirapur, JP Mallick Road, Tikiyapara, Maaripara, Premchand Nagar, Matkoria in Dhanbad as well as Sector-3, Sector 9, Ram Mandir, Yuva Kranti Dal Chas, Bajrangbali Puja Samitee and Mahavir Akhada Chas displayed their skills of valour and bravery especially in Dhanbad and in Bokaro.

Hundreds of makeshift stalls of different organisations as well as religions were found distributing grams and juices among the devotees, who were performing dare devil acts during the procession.

Enough police forces and para-military forces were deployed to manage the massive crowd during procession in twin cities. Forces are now keeping strict vigils at sensitive areas to check further violence.

This time BJP Govt in Jharkhand failed to curb the fundamental Jihadi elements from their ulterior motive to violate the Hindu processions on Ram Navami in Bokaro and Hazaribagh.

In many other places in Jharkhand Ram Navami was observed peacefully.


7 comments on “Islamists attack Hindu Processions on Ram Navami in Bokaro and Hazaribagh.

  1. Trishool
    April 17, 2016

    | Islamists attack Hindu Processions on Ram Navami in Bokaro and Hazaribagh. |

    Hindu is boycotted in HINDUSTAN by a Musalman, while foolish Hindu politicians of Hindustan, pamper andpromote Muslims in Hindustan.!! Laloo, Nitish, Maya, Mamta,…..etc. wake up, if you are Hindus. !!!DON’T FORGET, OVER 400,000 HINDU KASHMIRI PUNDITS WERE KICKED OUT FROM THEIR HOMES, FROM INDIAN SOIL OF KASHMIR, YET IMPOTENT HINDU POLITICIANS REMAINED SILENT…!! How many India, Hindu hater,  Bukhari and Owaisi has been kicked out from HINDUSTAN ?!! Bharat Mata ki jai. Tr. 


  2. reddyrv393
    April 17, 2016

    Some touch measures need to be imposed and the trouble makers taken to task–not just arresting them and letting them go on bail. but punished thru court with speedy trial so that the Islamists will not dare attack the Hindus. This requires, as said above lot of gutts and dealing with the situation very firmly. Unfortunately Rajnath Singh has NOT given the confidence required ..We need T.N.Seshan sort of administrator. Hope the Central Govt. Home Ministry improves its performance protecting the Hindus.



  3. ramkrishnagoel
    April 17, 2016

    This is the condition of Hindus Festivals in a Hindu Country India / Hindustan / Bharat where now Jihadist become too much aggressive against Hindus from 2002 of Gujarat riots. How much Indian Hindus are safe in our own country?


  4. Rishi kumar
    April 18, 2016

    We are not understanding the core problem ,and that is growth of Muslim population ,Hindus are subjected to castratization to control their population after 1955 ,Nehru made Hindu law ,has curbed the growth of Hindu population ,as lot of restriction was made ,but Muslims were allowed to had Their own medieval law and increase the population with government support ,the result we could see ,they had now more young population in comparition to Hindu !!!we are greying and getting old ,our population is shrinking ,latest census also show this trend ,they know this !!what could we do now ?The solution lies with the biycott of biased Family law ,which curbed only Hindu population ,and this should continue till their is secular law for all !!!


  5. Sankarsan
    April 18, 2016

    Detect them Send these jehadi to Pakistan.
    Now it is high time to review 1947 partition of India.
    Need to cancel their citizenship.


  6. Sourajit
    April 19, 2016

    Hindustan is for Hindus.
    Why we tolerate so much? Because we’re great. But, there should be a limit.
    Don’t take our kindness as weakness.


  7. brajesh kumar pandey
    April 19, 2016

    Hindus is not unsafe due to Muslim but it is true that Hindu will be always unsafe due to Hindu secularist leaders, intellectuals and artists. They are hypocrites.


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