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The Harvest Church India planned a Christian land thru ‘Vision 2030’ by making 4 lakh new Churches.

Vision 2030 Nehemiah Push Chennai

VISION 2030 Nehemiah PUSH is designed to convert half of the population of India into Christianity making 4,00,000 Churches in every nook and corner of the country.   

Harvest Church IndiaUpananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi | Jan 19, 2023:: After surfacing the banned Islamic organisation Popular Front of India‘s ‘Vision 2047’ document for the Islamization of India under Ghazwa e Hind;  the planning of Christianization of India through planting 4,00,000 unchurched villages came to fore through “VISION 2030- Nehemiah Push” as programmed by Harvest Church India, an Evangelic organisation based in Chennai.   

In its two day (11-12 January, 2023) “Nehemiah Consultation” in Chennai’s Radission Blu Hotel, the strategic Church leaders met to make a big push for establishing 4,00,000 unchurched villages in India under the leadership of Rev Kalyan Kumar of Harvest Church India.

In this high level meeting of Church leaders, it has been resolved that random mass conversion would be run in the name of Jesus to target 2292 ‘unreached’ people groups having 59,92,74,000 people which is almost half of the Indian population.

For such huge conversion as expected by the church leaders, they read the prayer from Bible Ch Isaiah 65:1 i.e. I revealed myself to those who did not ask for me; I was found by those who did not seek me. To a nation that did not call on my name, I said, ‘Here am I, here am I’. 25 times for twenty five target groups.

Tamil Brahmin

The VISION 2030 Nehemiah Push has targeted 25 castes in its first phase so far declared for the Conversion in Christianity as below according to the Harvest Church planning.

  1. Target Sheikh 8,68,56,000 
  2. Target Brahmin 5,98,61,000
  3. Target Yatav 5,95,91,000
  4. Target Chamar 4,82,08,000
  5. Target Rajput 4,61,87,000
  6. Target Marattiyar 3,07,06,000
  7. Target Bania 2,94,16,000
  8. Target Jaat 1,94,85,000
  9. Target Kurmi  1,91,62,000
  10. Target Teli 1,89,41,000
  11. Target Kulpi 1,78,57,000
  12. Target Kumvar 1,56,86,000
  13. Target Kappu 1,51,76,000
  14. Target Nai 1,19,50,000
  15. Target Pathan 1,16,01,000
  16. Target Ansari 1,07,11,000
  17. Target Mahishya 99,86,000
  18. Target Mali 99,62,000
  19. Target Regar 97,12,000
  20. Target Lohar 94,90,000
  21. Target Jat (Sikh) 94,44,000
  22. Target Mappila 92,46,000
  23. Target Koli 83,87,000
  24. Target Kopri 82,72,000
  25. Target Kahar 82,05,000Jat Sikh

The targeted castes come from different occupations and languages all over India obviously poverty stricken  and socially backward in which 11,84,14,000 are Muslims. The rest targets of 48,08,60,000 come from Hindu-Sikh-SC-ST and aboriginal folds.

The VISION 2030 Nehemiah Push clearly declares, “Ask God to rise up prayer teams who will begin breaking up the soil through worship and intercession. Ask the Lord to call full time Christian workers to works amongst the Brahmin_Yatav_Chamar_Rajput… Pathan_Ansari_Mahishya_Mali”….all in the target list of Harvest Church India. The prayer cards state, “Ask Holy Spirit to grant creative ideas of Evangelism to the Missionaries/Churches/mission agencies that God would rise to work amongst the Bania,_Jat_Kurmi_Teli…. Mappila_Koli_Kopri_Khar”…and all others to be converted to Christianity. The ‘VISION 2030 Nehemiah Push’ prays for a ‘vibrant Church planting’ all over India for a big demographic change.

The huge flow of foreign fund is obviously reaching India to support ‘VISION 2030 Nehemiah Push’ in which they are so confident and agile to make India a Christian country within 2030. But, there is short will of the Governments whether in the Center or the States for which such organisation like ‘Harvest Church India’ runs their activities of open conversion to win over others under the flag of Christianity.

Such devilish planning of ‘Harvest Church India’ must be banned forthwith.

__Inputs from Harvest Church India website,

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