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Donation for Hindu Cause

DFHEFHindu Existence Forum can Highlight your genuine fight for struggle in Hindutva cause and can request various forums to help you financially.


We can receive your generous donations in Hindutva cause to strengthen our fight for marginal Hindus in India, especially in South Bengal.

Every donation will be acknowledged with due regard and the names will appear on this page if desired so.

Please feel free to write us to offer donations to save our MOTHER LAND.

Jai Sree Ram.

Upananda Brahmachari.

Contact to send your donation or seeking donation proposal for a Hindu cause to and

You can also reach to dedicated donation process through PayPal system with this link easily. 

You can send your donation through Banking Operation 

For getting detail information please mail to



N.B. Now Donations can be received from US, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA etc., other than India only through Western Union & PAYPAL at  THE ENTIRE DONATION IS USED FOR SOCIAL CAUSES –  NOT FOR ANY INDIVIDUAL PURPOSE.

Important: This donation has no link with this website but exactly for the fundamental research of Dharma and strategy making for the existence of most ancient Hindu Dharma and its role to save Humanity done through this site as a meaningful tool. 

For making a donation in India, please contact +91 9474755090 and +91 9475964179 for the suitable process.


Receipt: 2023.

  1. SRI ANAND M US $30.00 USD   Dt. 28.01.2023   Rs.2,207.46 (Dt. 29.01.2023)
  2. SRI A K GYANI US $20.00 USD Dt. 13.02.2023  Rs 1,481.99 (Dt. 14.02.2023)
  3. SRI Anonymous-SB US $60.00 USD Dt. 19.02.2023 Rs. 4,508.32 (Dt. 20.02.2023)
  4. SRI R UDUPA  US $ 40.00 USD Dt. 26.02.2023           Rs.2,994.28 (Dt. 27.02.2023)
  5. SRI LOKHIT SHARMA  CA  $ 50.00 USD Dt. 06.04.2023      Rs.3,7912.34 (Dt. 07.04.2023)
  6. SRI Anonymous-SB US $60.00 USD Dt. 23.04.2023 Rs. 4,470.32 (Dt. 24.04.2023)
  7. SRI NITYA DESAI US US $100.00 USD Dt 01.05.2023 Rs.  7,443.42 (Dt 02.05.2023)
  8. SRI PSN KERALA Rs.1001.00 Dt. 10.05.2023
  9. SRI PSN KERALA Rs.10000.00 Dt. 12.05.2023
  10. SRI R KRISHNAN  US $ 50.00 USD  Dt. 07.05.2023 Rs. 3,732.90  Dt. 08.05.2023
  11. SRI A GULATI US $ 20.00 USD  Dt. 21.05.2023 Rs. 1,482.94  Date: 22.05.2023

Receipt: 2022.

  1. SRI R S PANWAR HK $ 615.86 USD Dt. 29.01.2022      Rs.42,146.10 (Dt. 30.01.2022)
  2. SRI R UDUPA  US $ 50.00 USD Dt. 05.02.2022           Rs.3,386.10 (Dt. 06.02.2022)
  3. SRI Anonymous-SB US $60.00 USD Dt. 24.02.2022 Rs. 4063.66 (Dt. 25.02.2022)
  4. SRI R S PANWAR HK $ 500.00 HKD Dt. 04.03.2022      Rs.4,415.63 (Dt. 07.03.2022)
  5. SRI MM BHATT NZ $100.00 NZD Dt. 22.03.2022     Rs. 4,750.05 (Dt. 23.03.2022)
  6. SRI ANAND M US $25.00 USD   Dt. 25.03.2022   Rs.1,711.02 (Dt. 26.03.2022)
  7. SRI A K GYANI USA $30.00 USD Dt. 29.03.2022  Rs 2,059.89 (Dt. 30.03.2022)
  8. SRI A K GYANI USA $25.00 USD Dt. 14.04.2022  Rs 1,712.05 (Dt. 15.04.2022)
  9. SRI Anonymous-SB US $60.00 USD Dt. 22.04.2022 Rs. 4147.47 (Dt. 23.04.2022)
  10. SRI R S PANWAR HK $ 256.91 USD Dt. 27.04.2022      Rs.17,933.57 (Dt. 28.04.2022)
  11. SRI ANAND M US $25.00 USD   Dt. 08.05.2022   Rs.1722.80 (Dt. 09.05.2022)
  12. SRI S JATKAR US $ 10.00 USD Dt. 07.06.2022     RS. 683.39 (Dt. 08.06.2022 )
  13. SRI V SREEKUMAR AUS $100.00 USD Dt. 08.06.2022 Rs. 7,067.98 (Dt. 09.06.2022)
  14. SRI Anonymous-SB US $60.00 USD Dt. 24.06.2022 Rs. 4,258.16 (Dt. 25.06.2022)
  15. SRI MM BHATT NZ $100.00 AUD Dt. 25.06.2022     Rs. 4,899.45 (Dt. 26.06.2022)
  16. SRI ANAND M US $51.00 USD   Dt. 03.07.2022   Rs.3,648.01 (Dt. 04.07.2022)
  17. SRI Anonymous-SB US $60.00 USD Dt. 13.08.2022 Rs. 4339.46 (Dt. 15.08.2022)
  18. SMT SL TYAI M US $60.00 USD   Dt. 04.09.2022   Rs.4,340.39 (Dt. 05.09.2022)
  19. SRI ANAND M US $51.00 USD   Dt. 21.09.2022   Rs.3,691.54 (Dt. 22.09.2022)
  20. SRI Anonymous-SB US $60.00 USD Dt. 15.10.2022 Rs. 4476.59 (Dt. 16.10.2022)
  21. SRI A K GYANI USA $10.00 USD Dt. 18.10.2022  Rs 722.03 (Dt. 19.10.2022)
  22. SRI R UDUPA  US $ 60.00 USD Dt. 09.11.2022      Rs. 4,427.41 (Dt. 10.11.2022)
  23. SMT SL TYAI M US $60.00 USD   Dt. 09.11.2022  Rs. 4,427.41 (Dt. 10.11.2022)
  24. SRI MM BHATT NZ $60.00 USD Dt. 09.11.2022    Rs. 4,427.41 (Dt. 10.11.2022)
  25. SRI ANAND M US $25.00 USD   Dt. 13.12.2022   Rs.1,854.54 (Dt.14.12.2022)
  26. SRI MM BHATT NZ $60.00 USD Dt. 22.12.2022    Rs. 4,506.47  (Dt. 23.12.2022)
  27. SRI Anonymous-SB US $60.00 USD Dt. 22.12.2022 Rs. 4,505.70  (Dt. 23.12.2022)

Receipt: 2021.

  1. SRI ANAND M HK $25.00 UDS   Dt. 02.01.2021      Rs.1642.66 Dt. (03.01.2021)
  2. SRI Anonymous-00 US $90.00 USD Dt. 24.03.2021 Rs. 5923.34 Dt. (25.03.2021)
  3. SRI N KUMAR US $100.00 USD Dt. 13.05.2021 Rs. 6693.30 Dt. (14.05.2021)
  4. SRI K PANDEY US $100.00 USD Dt. 17.05.2021 Rs. 6667.70 Dt. (18.05.2021)
  5.  SRI A K GYANI  USA  $40.00 USD   Dt. 01.06.2021    Rs 2626.82 Dt. (03.06.2021)
  6. SRI Anonymous-00 US $90.00 USD Dt. 05.06.2021 Rs. 5967.53 Dt. (07.06.2021)
  7.  SRI MM BHATT NZ $149.05 NZD  Dt. 08.07.2021
  8. SRI ANAND M US $25.00 UDS   Dt. 08.07.2021   (7+8) Rs.8471.62 Dt. (09.07.2021)
  9.  SRI S DOSAPATI US $ 100.00 Date 9.07.2019       Rs 6.801.74 Dt. (10.07.2021)
  10. SRI A K GYANI  USA  $15.00 USD   Dt. 03.08.2021.    Rs 944.76 Dt. (04.08.2021)
  11. SRI Anonymous-00 US $60.00 USD Dt. 08.08.2021 Rs. 4037.37  Dt. (09.08.2021)
  12. SRI ANAND M US $50.00 UDS   Dt. 09.08.2021    Rs.3360.84 Dt. (10.08.2021)
  13. SMT RACHNA GUPTA US $ 10.00 Dt. 14.08.2021 Rs. 653.73 Dt. (15.08.2021)
  14. SRI ANAND M US $50.00 UDS   Dt. 05.10.2021    Rs.3381.85 Dt. (06.10.2021)
  15. SRI Anonymous-00 US $60.00 USD Dt. 08.10.2021 Rs. 4073.14  Dt. (09.10.2021)
  16. SRI ANAND M US $25.00 UDS   Dt. 24.12.2021
  17. SRI Anonymous-00 US $60.00 USD Dt. 24.12.2021 16+17=Rs.5781.19 Dt. (28.12.2021)

Receipt: 2020.

  1. SRI MM BHATT NZ $108.88 NZD Dt. 31.01.2020   Rs. 4393.52  (Dt. 08.02.2020)
  2. SRI Anonymous-00 US $30.00 USD Dt. 09.02.2020 Rs. 1929.42 (Dt. 10.02.2020)
  3. SRI ANAND M US $10.00 UDS   Dt. 13.02.2020         Rs.627.39 (Dt. 14.02.2020)
  4. IAIF Inc. US $250.00 UDS   Dt. 19.02.2020         Rs.16,292.39 (Dt. 28.02.2020)
  5. SRI Anonymous-00 US $30.00 USD Dt. 23.03.2020 Rs. 2,024.33 (Dt. 24.03.2020)
  6. SRI Anonymous-00 US $100.00 USD Dt. 22.07.2020 Rs. 6.788.98 (Dt. 23.07.2020)
  7. SMT M UTU US     $100.00 USD Dt. 23.07.2020 Rs. 6.788.07 (Dt. 24.07.2020)
  8. SRI A K GYANI  US  $15.00       Dt. 23.08.2020.     Rs 1,001.47 (Dt. 24.08.2020)
  9. SRI Anonymous-00 US $100.00 USD Dt. 27.10.2020 Rs. 6,763.46 (Dt. 31.10.2020)
  10. SRI MM BHATT NZ $200.00 NZD Dt. 01.11.2020   Rs. 8931.95  (Dt. 02.11.2020)
  11. SRI R UDUPA  US/IND  Rs 5000.00 Dt. 20.11.2020
  12. SRI DR. D CHAKRAPANI   UK    £35.00    Rs. 3,244.25 (Dt: 20.11.2020)
  13. SRI Anonymous-00 US $50.00 USD Dt. 19.11.2020 Rs. 3,361.61 (Dt. 20.11.2020)
  14. SRI S MOOKERJEE USA $ 127.00 Dt. 25.11.2020
  15.  SRI M MUTHOOSWAMY USA $ 126.00 Dt. 25.11.2020  14+15 = Rs 17,009.05 on (26.11.2020)
  16. SRI A D BHOWMIK USA EURO 10.00 Dt.26.11.2020 Rs. 650.43 on (01.12.2020)
  17.  SRI A K GYANI  USA  $10.00       Dt. 30.11.2020.     Rs 770.43 Dt. (01.12.2020)

Receipt: 2019.

  1. SRI Anonymous-00   US  $30.00 USD         Dt. 13.01.2019
  2. SRI S CHANDRA US $30.00 USD    Dt. 13.01.2019
  3. SRI S GHOSH US $100.00 USD  Dt. 13.01.2019   1+2+3 = Rs 10,265.11 (Dt. 14.01.2019)
  4. SRI N J US  $ 100.00                  Dt. 27.01.2019.
  5. SRI A K GYANI  US  $10.00       Dt. 27.01.2019.       4+5 = Rs 7,111.84 (Dt. 28.01.2019)
  6. SRI Anonymous-00    US  $30.00 USD   Dt. 01.02.2019   Rs 1,931.73  (Dt. 02.02.2019)
  7. SRI Anonymous-00    US  $30.00 USD    Dt. 22.03.2019   Rs 1,868.36  (Dt. 23.03.2019)
  8. SRI N J US  $ 300.00  USD           Dt. 22.04.2019          Rs 20,575.81 (Dt. 23.04.2019)
  9. SRI Anonymous-00    US  $30.00 USD   Dt. 16.05.2019   Rs 1,912.40  (Dt. 17.05.2019)
  10. SRI ANAND M US $25.00 UDS          Dt. 24.06.2019         Rs.1,574.70 (Dt. 25.06.2019)
  11. DR S GEETA IND via NJ US                                               Rs. 10,000.00  (Dt. 03.07.2019)
  12. SRI Anonymous-00    US  $40.00 USD  Dt. 04.07.2019    Rs 2,508.21  (Dt. 05.07.2019)
  13. SMT M UTU US                    $100.00 USD Dt. 17.07.2019   Rs. 6,280.25 (Dt. 18.07.2019)
  14. SRI A K GYANI     US          $10.00 Dt. 30.07.2019              Rs. 608.88 (Dt. 31.07.2019)
  15. SRI Anonymous-00    US  $30.00 USD  Dt. 15.08.2019    Rs 1,931.10  (Dt. 16.08.2019)
  16. SRI CHANDRASEKHAR US  $50.00 USD  Dt. 10.09.2019    Rs 3,264.23  (Dt. 11.09.2019)
  17. SRI ANAND M US $25.00 UDS          Dt. 12.09.2019          Rs.1,619.72 (Dt. 13.09.2019)
  18. SRI By Cheque via NJ US                                            Rs. 10,000.00  (Dt. 16.09.2019)
  19. SRI Anonymous-00    US  $60.00 USD  Dt. 05.10.2019    Rs 3,858.57  (Dt. 06.10.2019)
  20. SRI S DOSAPATI US $ 100.00 Date 19.10.2019          Rs 6.471.90 (Dt. 20.10.2019)
  21. SRI Anonymous-00    US  $30.00 USD  Dt. 08.12.2019    Rs 1.928.38  (Dt. 09.12.2019)
  22. SRI R UDUPA  US  $50.00 USD  Dt. 27.12.2019    Rs 3,232.87 (Dt. 28.12.2019)

Receipt: 2018.

  1. SRI D HALDER     KULPI (INDIA)            RS. 10,000.00     Date 22.04.2018.
  2. DR N M DAS        DHANBAD (INDIA)    Rs.  3,000.00      Date: 24.10.2018.
  3. SRI N J US $ 48.00    Date 24.11.2018.
  4. SRI S DOSAPATI  US      $ 200.00  Date 24.11.2018.
  5. HDL INC.   US       $ 25.00     Date 24.11.2018. Total 3+4+5  Rs. 17,582.00   Date 25.11.2018.
  6. SRI S VYAS US  $30.00 USD      Rs.  1,924.00    Date: 28.11.2018.

Receipt: 2017.

  1. SRI DR. D CHAKRAPANI   UK    £25.00    Rs. 1,948.41 Date: 27.01.2017.
  2. SRI S KUNDAN US  £15.00  Rs. 899.82 Date 05.02.2017.
  3. SRI DR. D CHAKRAPANI   UK    £25.00    Rs. 1,904.99 Date: 17.02.2017.
  4. SRI S KUNDAN AUS £ 20.00 AUD  Rs. 916.34 Date 17.04.2017.
  5. SRI S CHANDRA   US     $ 55.00 USD   Rs. .3,376.55   Date 18.04.2017.
  6. SRI MADHAV SWAMI US   $51.00 USD    Rs. 3,129.63 Date: 19.04.2017.
  7. SRI S KUNDAN AUS £ 20.00 AUD  Rs. 869.41 Date 27.05.2017.
  8. SRI MADHAV SWAMI US  $30.00 USD   Rs.  1,769.17 Date: 27.05.2017.
  9. SRI DR. D CHAKRAPANI   UK    £25.00   Rs. 1,844.94 Date: 05.06.2017.

Receipt: 2016.
1.   SRI DEB NATH  UK  $100.00   Rs.  6,230.08   Date 19.01.2016.
2.   SRI DR. D CHAKRAPANI   UK    £20.00    Rs.  1,751.73 Date: 09.03.2016.
3.   FROM AN UNKNOWN INDIAN  Rs. 1500.00 Date 18.04.2016.
4.   SRI DR. D CHAKRAPANI   UK    £25.00    Rs.  2,229.01 Date: 27.04.2016
5.   SRI DR. D CHAKRAPANI   UK    £25.00    Rs.  2,201.67 Date: 17.05.2016.
6.   SRI MADHAV SWAMI US   $30.00 USD    Rs. 1,829.43 Date: 18.05.2016.
7.   SRI S CHANDRA   US     $ 55.00 USD   Rs. .3,405.04   Date 23.05.2016.
8.   SRI DR. D CHAKRAPANI   UK    £25.00    Rs.  2,196.54 Date: 18.06.2016.
9.   SRI SN REDDY      US  $ 50.00 USD   Rs. .3,082.67   Date 20.06.2016.
10.  SRI MADHAV SWAMI  US   $ 50.00 USD  Rs. 3,084.05 Date 05.07.2016.
11.  SRI R KRISHNAN  US $ 25.00    Rs.  1,533.88 Date: 26.07.2016.
12.  SRI DR. D CHAKRAPANI   UK    £25.00    Rs.  1997.82  Date: 8.08.2016.
13.  SMT. M UTUKURI US  $ 100.00    Rs. 6,155.24   date: 12.08.2016
14.  SRI MADHAV SWAMI  US   $ 50.00 USD  Rs. 3,071.61 Date 22.08.2016.
15.  SRI DR. D CHAKRAPANI   UK    £25.00    Rs.  2021.42  Date: 08.09.2016.
16.  SRI DR. D CHAKRAPANI   UK    £25.00    Rs.  1927.53  Date: 07.10.2016
17.  SRI DR. D CHAKRAPANI   UK    £25.00    Rs. 1,913.76  Date: 07.11.2016.
18.  SRI R KRISHNAN  US $ 25.00   Rs. 1,546.47  Date: 19.12.2016
19.  SRI MADHAV SWAMI  US   $ 50.00 USD  Rs. 3,117.20 Date 23.12.2016.
20.  SRI S GHOSH   USA         $60.00 USD     Rs. 3,740.71 Date: 26.12.2016.
21.  SRI DR. D CHAKRAPANI   UK    £25.00    Rs. 1,901.60 Date: 27.12.2016.

Receipt: 2015.

1.  SRI MADHAV  SWAMI  USA   $30.00 USD    Rs. 1,717.78  Date: 16.03.2015

2.  SRI A K GYANI   USA         $50.00 USD     Rs. 2,873.22 Date: 19.03.2015

3. SRI S CHANDRA   USA    $50.00 USD Rs. Rs.2,862.11 Date: 12.04.2015

4.  SRI S GHOSH   USA         $50.00 USD     Rs. 2,921.39 Date: 05.05.2015

5. SRI M ANAND    USA          $ 50.00 USD    Rs. Rs.2,931.11  Date 04.06.2015

6. SRI S CHANDRA   USA     $ 50.00 USD   Rs. .2,930.65   Date 30.07.2015

7. SRI H RAGOU  UK            $ 4.00 USD    Rs. 225.68 Date 05.09.2015.

8. SRI RASINGAM K  CANADA  $50.00 USD  Rs. 3,042.73   Date 15.09.2015

9. SRI DR. R.V.Reddy IND  Rs. 1000.00    Date 17.10.2015.

10. SRI DR. D CHAKRAPANI   UK    £50.00    Rs.  4,553.87 date: 08.11.2015.

11. SRI MADHAV SWAMI USA   $50.00 USD    Rs. 3,019.58 Date: 08.11.2015.

12. SRI K S PATEL  UK    £10.00    Rs.  906.08   date: 11.11.2015.

13. SRI S CHANDRA   USA     $ 50.00 USD   Rs. 3,060.56  Date 29.11.2015.

14. SRI SAYAN GHOSH USA  $ 50.00 USD   Rs. 3,065.17  Date 06.12.2015.

15. SRI SRI A K GYANI   USA  $35.00 USD     Rs. 2,139.81 Date: 17.12.2015.

Receipt: 2014.

1. SMT  M UTUKURI US   $100.00        Rs.5,746.94   date: 05.01.2014.

2. SRI A K GYANI  US        $50.00          date:29.01.2014.

3. SRI S CHANDRASEKHAR   US  $50.00      date:29.01.2014.

4. SRI M MUTHUSWAMY    US    $100.00   2+3+4=  Rs. 11,436.00 date: 29.01.2014.

5.  SRI PRIYA DUTTA     BHARAT     Rs. 2000.00 date: 28.02.2014.

6. JEL            US                        $ 300.00       date: 28.02.2014.

7. SRI K  RASINGAM CANADA  $ 50.00   date: 28.02.2014.     6+7= Rs.20,001.42  on 01-03-2014.

8. SRI DR. D CHAKRAPANI  UK  £50.00    Rs. 4,750.73  date: 04.03.2014.

9. SRI A K GYANI  US   $50.00  Rs.2,755.12          date:08.05.2014.

10.  JEL      US         $ 100.00       date: 09.05.2014.

11.  SMT  M UTUKURI US   $100.00   10+11= Rs. 11,036.73  date: 09.05.2014.

12. SRI M MUTHUSWAMY    US $100.00   Rs.5,467.26   date 14.05.2014

13. SRI DR. D CHAKRAPANI  UK     £50.00    Rs. 4,582.86   date: 14.05.2014.

14. SRI K  RASINGAM CANADA    $ 100.00      Rs. 5,459.83     date: 12.06.2014.

15. SRI A K GYANI      US   $50.00   Rs.2,757.44       date:26.07.2014.

16. SRI STEVE BROWN   US  $30.00           Rs.1,687.34       date:14.11.2014

17. SRI A K GYANI      US    $30.00    Rs.1,695.37       date:27.11.2014

Receipt: 2013.

1. SRI SEKHAR BHARAT GAD N DELHI BHARAT  Rs. 1,000.00 date: 02-01-2013.

2. SRI KUMARATHASAN RASINGAM CANADA $100 Rs. 5,045.73 date: 15-01-2013.

3. SRI SAYAN  GHOSH  US $35,00  Rs. 1,730.77 date: 18-01-2013.

4.  SRI DR. D CHAKRAPANI UK  £50.00   Rs. 3,784.44 date: 04-02-2013.

5. SRI A.K.GYANI  US   $25        Rs. 1,237.98    date: 24.02.2013.

6. SRI DR. D CHAKRAPANI UK  £100.00   Rs. 7,869.08 date: 27.02.2013.

7. SRI SAYAN  GHOSH  US $100.00  Rs. 4,423.67 date. 27.02.2013.

8. SRI K SARKAR & FRIENDS  BHARAT      Rs. 4,000.00 date. 24.03.2013.

9. SRI KUMARATHASAN RASINGAM  CANADA $100  Rs.5,019.58 date. 29.03.2013.

10. SRI JJIT SENM USA  $100  Rs.5,023.32   date. 04.04.2013.

11. भारतपुत्र (BHARATPUTRA) INDRAPRASTHA Rs. 5,000.00 date. 09.04.2013.

12. SRI A.K.GYANI  US   $50        Rs. 2,511.66    date: 15.04.2013.

13. SRI DR. D CHAKRAPANI UK  £100.00   Rs. 7,491.63  date: 23-04-2013.

14. SRI SATISH RANJAN POWER N DELHI BHARAT Rs. 5000.00 date: 24-04-2013.

15. SRI S CHANDRASEKHAR   US $100     Rs. 5,223.20  date: 05.06.2013.

16. DR D CHATTOPADHAYA & SMT SHIVA M CHANDI US Rs. 10,000.00 date: 13.06.2013.

17.  SRI A.K.GYANI  US     $40        Rs.2,126.69   date: 14.06.2013.

18. SRI DR. D CHAKRAPANI UK  £50.00   Rs. 4,175.74  date: 03-07-2013.

19. SRI A.K.GYANI  US         $40        Rs.2,366.54   date: 27.08.2013.

20. SRI M MUTHUSWAMY    US    $100    Rs. 5,886.38  date: 12.09.2013.

21. SRI DR. D CHAKRAPANI  UK   £50.00    Rs. 4,562.96  date: 17.09.2013.

22. VPT MASKARA   KOLKATA      Rs. 11,000    date: 17.09.2013.

23. SMT. C HAZRA and SMT. C PAL  BD  Rs. 1000.00  date: 21.09.2013.

24.  SRI A.K.GYANI  US    $40        Rs. 2,264.98   date: 28.09.2013.

25. SRI DR. D CHAKRAPANI  UK      £50.00    Rs. 4,571.69  date: 25.10.2013.

26. SMT. SHIVA M CHANDI  US   $300.00    Rs. 18,438.00   date 29.10.2013.

27.  SRI A.K.GYANI  US  $40  Rs. 2,252.04   date: 30.10.2013.

28. SMT. M UTUKURI US  $50    Rs. 2,851.45   date: 31.10.2013.

29. SRI M MUTHUSWAMY    US  $100    Rs. 6116.93  date: 31.10.2013.

30. SRI KUMARATHASAN RASINGAM CANADA $50 Rs. 2,851.45  date: 07-11-2013.

31. M/S. RAJPUTRA.INC US. $50 Rs. 2,874.15  date: 09-11-2013.

32. SRI S MUKHOPADHYAYA  BHARAT  Rs. 1000.00 date: 23-11-2013.

33. SRI DR. D CHAKRAPANI  UK      £50.00    Rs.4,684.83  date: 30.12.2013.

Receipt: 2012

1. SRI G LAL     MUMBAI    Rs.1,500=00    date: 12-03-2012.

2. SRI S CHANDRASEKHAR   US $100  Rs.4,608=60    date: 14.03.2012.

3. SRI A.K.GYANI  US  $50        Rs.2,426=04    date: 26.04.2012.

4. SRI ADHIS KR VARSHNEY  Jharkhand    Rs.1,000=00     date: 08.06.2012.

5. SRI K B SARASWAT    New Delhi    Rs. 5,100=00     date:17.07.2012.

6. SRI A.K.GYANI  US    $25        Rs.1,281=46    date: 26.07.2012.

7. SRI SANJAY DAHYA  CANADA  $21 CAD Rs.1,023=93   date: 27.09.2012.

8. SRI RANJIT KR SINGH   BHARAT   Rs. 200=00 date : 19.10.2012.

9. SRI DR. D CHAKRAPANI  UK  £100.00   Rs. 7,748=45 date: 31.10.2012.

10. SRI DR. D CHAKRAPANI UK  £100.00   Rs. 7,869=08 date: 30.11.2012.

11. SRI A.K.GYANI  US   $30        Rs.1,500=15    date: 03.12.2012.

[N.B. Paypal deducts their exchange commission/service charges as per norms].

47 comments on “Donation for Hindu Cause

  1. Ved Sharma
    March 21, 2011

    Your website is great. It is rich in content.
    Keep up the good work. Hindus are being attacked by Muslims and Christians. If we do not fight back, we will be finished and Hinduism will be eliminated. Your web site is fighting for Hindus on intellectual front.


    • hinduexistence
      March 21, 2011

      Respected Ved Sharma Jee.

      Sadar Namaskar.

      You appreciated our blog-site (not a formal web-site at all) and commented in its /donation/page as a first commentator.

      Ved sharma Jee, it is true that your are the first viewer of that (donation)page not alike the 1,68,350 onlookers of it as this page was opened on 30th October, 2010.

      I agree with you that it serves its utilities in Intellectual Hindu Forums. But this blog-site (HINDU EXISTENCE) helped many researchers, students, Hindu activists, politicians, civilians and may others as I usually track the matter through various search engines. It is my satisfaction as the editor of the site along with all of my associates.

      You tagged the as your website in the comment posting. Barry Nirmal i.e. Birendra (Barry) Nirmal Tiwary is the editor of that site “hindutemplehouston” and he perhaps attached to Hindu Mahasabha of America. As you are connected with them, I am to consider you as also a profound Hindu activist of ours and all.

      Ved Sharma Jee, We have been facing a lot of problem including financial constraints for the development and expansion of HINDU EXISTENCE site. We urged a laptop, a handycam, one fax-scanner-printer (hp type) and a yearly donation of Rs.500/- to Rs.5000/- and 10-100 us dollars from 20 friends in India and 20 friends overseas, time and again. But my visitors to the site are so kind-hearted that they sent me no cash or kind anyway for the thankless job on my part in the cause of Hindu Struggle for the empowerment of the marginal Hindus in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

      Ved Sharma Jee, It is my good luck to see you the first respondent to my appeal of donation for Hindu Existence at least in writings. You can also donate anything to Hindu Existence as a first donor friend of Hindu Existence. It will certainly be a pleasure and impetus for us. You can also tell your friends to help us if my appeal has sufficient cause to serve our Hindu Nation worldwide.


      Upananda Brahmachari,
      Editor, Hindu Existence.


  2. Dr ram Lade
    May 10, 2011

    very nice and useful site for hiduism.


  3. simlal
    May 15, 2011

    very good work for hindu


  4. dr anup
    September 11, 2011

    its great to see a site like this.Its no secret how hindus have suffered from muslims(a race of terror).for them only muslims have the right to live,nobody else.The fact is there is hardly any contribution from muslims towards the progress of the world,i dont hate humans,but its high time to react.thanks to dr s swamy. sir please continue your good work. if i can help by any means please let me know.


    • hinduexistence
      September 12, 2011

      Respected Dr. Anup Ji.

      Sadar Pranam. We are thankful to your appreciation for the endeavor so far possible from this blog-site HINDU EXISTENCE.

      Your comment/suggestion/proposal has put us again in some rays of hope, though our earlier experiences are only connected with despairs, as we did not get any single Rupee from any side for our Struggle for Hindu Existence.

      So many experiences we have tested in these 700 days (Two yrs appx) with 269,619 viewers including some Nirmal Barry, A Hindutva Barron in US, who were trying seriously to teach a lesson to his son, how to send money worth Rs.1000/= to INDIA and a so called draft of Rs. 1000/= could never find the address of Hindu Existence.

      Or, the case of one Prakashji, who took very much interest or our site, only to make it a big corporate Hindu Site, possible only after investment of Rs.10,00,000/= from my part. Believe me that I am not a rich man anyway to satisfy that Mr. Prakash.

      My experience is that the Hindus can easily put their hand even into the mouth of a Tiger, but often insert their hand into their pocket to get some money for Hindu Organization without any self interest. Sorry, Sir. I may be wrong.
      Respected Dr. Anup Ji, you can get the picture of our general requirement narrated above as I wrote to one Ved Sharmaji at comment @ 1. above.

      But, we would like to get one laptop, two digital cameras, one fax-copy printer, one mini genset (all in even second hand – workable condition) for the expansion of our Hindu Existence work, not for any personal satiety.
      I am sending this appeal to your email address also.

      Upananda Brahmachari.
      for Hindu Existence.


  5. Padma Sree
    January 14, 2012


    Namashkar. This is Padmasree aged 46yrs a house wife resident 42/506-5 Ngo’s Colony, Kadapa Town, Andhra Pradesh. My respects and regards to every man and women participating in this noble cause Hindu Existence. We allways pray God to immence timely strength and victory to this immortal work. My self along with younger bother Chandra Sekhar had adopted my father Late.Sri.PCS.Rayudu’s path, who had rendered life time service for welfare of Leprocy patients. Since 9yrs we along with some friends help helping needy people up to possible extent. In this way we are organising one HOme for aged people. where cloth, food, medecene everything providing free.

    In our own house we are doing every day Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam, Hanuman Chalisa and in the evenings Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s Bhajan. Occationally we conducting Nagara Sankeertana. With grace all Gods and Goddes the place was blessed to feel every body bliss and peace. We are trying to make this movement a big one. Day to day devotees attendance is raising. In this regard we wish your bountiful help to strengthen our work. We had no Sound System to conduct all the programs. Hope you know how much a good Music system may enlight the Bhajan program. To captate more devotees towards Bhajan and create enchanting of Ram Nam in the minds of devotees, we need the Music system. We request it in material form only, we never need money.

    Jai Hind Servejana Sukhinobhavanthu Loka Samastha Sukhinobhavanthu
    Om Shanthi Shanthi Shanthihi

    With Utmost Regards



  6. draktripathi
    February 20, 2012

    I find it to be a very useful web site from Hindu religion point of view. You are contributing a lot towards Hindu cause . I wish to make some suggestions.Please publish some articles, excerpts from our Hindu scriptures which should unite us together as a unity for example Sanskrit texts or shloakas from ancient Hindu scriptures(vedas, Upnishadas etc.) opposing untouchability , caste system etc. In my opinion its a present day demand of Hinduism.


    • hinduexistence
      February 20, 2012

      Priya Mitro.

      Om! Sadar Namastee.

      Thanks for your positive suggestions.

      Please sends us some excerpts/articles/titles from the holy scriptures as you think to be useful to mature your points. We will publish those after verification and editing.

      So many hurdles are there including the financial constraints before us which may be mitigated through equal sharing. Keep it touch and eel free to write.

      Om Namah Shivay. Subh Maha Shiv Ratri.

      Pankaj, Moderator, Hindu Existence.


  7. draktripathi
    February 20, 2012

    I want to donate some money.Is on line transaction possible?


    • hinduexistence
      February 21, 2012

      Dr. Tripathi Mahodaya,

      You can send your donation to the :

      Bank Account No. 6926000100008556

      Punjab National Bank (Branch Code 6926)

      RTGS/NEFT IFS Code : PUNB0692600.

      The other methods are also detailed in this concerned page.

      However, you feel any problem, please contact +919475964179 for the suitable process.

      After giving such donation, please inform us through a mail to also to send our gratitude and acknowledgement.

      Om Namah Shivay. Subh Maha Shiv Ratri.

      Pankaj, Moderator, Hindu Existence.


  8. Shanti Madlani
    February 21, 2012

    Congratulations. WELL DONE. You are running an excellent website on behalf of Hindus. KEEP up the good work.


  9. srikalyan
    March 13, 2012

    I request the editor to maintain an online donation process(say with google checkout or paypal). People like me are willing to donate, but we do not have time to draft a DD . I request you to please SETUP some online donation procedure.



    • hinduexistence
      March 13, 2012

      Ref: Your proposal at HINDU EXISTENCE (HE): “I request the editor to maintain an online donation process…..please SETUP some online donation procedure.”

      Plz send your donation as far as possible against this request (in paypal). or log in at to find Subscribe tab.

      Paypal request has been sent from . Smt Ray is a veteran teacher and senior moderator of Hindu Existence Group.

      Please tell this method to your interested friends to help us.


      Upananda Brahmachari. Editor. HE.


  10. hinduexistence
    March 13, 2012

    Since this page of “DONATION” has been opened so far on 30.10.2010, one Sympathizer of “”Hindu Existence””, SRI G. LAL, perhaps from Mumbai has kindly sent us Rs. 1500=00 (Rupees One thousand and five hundred) only to our PNB A/C No. as mentioned in the page above. We are overwhelmed with his generosity. We even dot not know him, but his contribution will be utilized to buy a fax-copier-scanner (Total cost Rs 7500/- appx.) for the use of Hindu Existence office. We will remain ever grateful to Sri Lal. If he does not mind anything, pl mail us or write full address in this comment box. If, he is not willing, we will never publish the same, but we are so eager to send him a special blessing to his family for peace and strength for all. Dhanyavad. Vande Mataram. Upananda Brahmachari, Ed. Hindu Existence.


  11. hinduexistence
    March 17, 2012

    Again we have to convey our greetings to S. ChandrashekarJi, CA, US for getting an donation of $100=00 from his kind end for the propagation of Hindu Struggle by Hindu Existence.

    May God bless Srikalyan and his family.

    Jai Sri Ram. Vandemataram.

    Upananda Brahmachari.
    Ed. Hindu Existence.


  12. Anonymas
    April 26, 2012

    want to donate and send a mail for paypal id but no response after a week/


    • hinduexistence
      April 26, 2012

      Sorry for the responsiveness on our part due to incapability to access our blog-site easily for some ‘technical’ or ‘censored’ hazards.

      Please go the DONATION Tab above or use the pay pal tab of

      Thanks and regards for your sole cooperation.

      Upananda Brahmachari.
      Editor, Hindu Existence.


  13. Ashwini
    July 9, 2012

    As i think,for donation,please use networking system.Even BABA RAMDEV using networking for bharatswabhiman to reach at village level.If you reach the root,donations will be in self-process.

    Ashwini Singh.


    • hinduexistence
      July 9, 2012

      Sri Ashwini Ji.


      You can take this noble duties for Hindu Society.

      And you can shower by donating any amount for our cause (if you think so appropriate to this blog’s mission) without delivering some dry words only.

      Vande Mataram.

      Pankaj Srestha.

      Moderator, Donation Desk.


  14. hinduexistence
    July 20, 2012

    Jai Sri Ram,


    One Mahapran Data – Great hearted donor from New Delhi donated us an amount of Rs. 5100=00 on 17.07.2012 through Cheque No. 20856(452300). He contacted us over telephone before sending us that amount to spend it meaningfully for the Hindu Cause.

    Very unfortunately, we have lost the record of his name and mobile number. Actually, when the phone call came (perhaps from any booth) from Delhi, our team were in a tussle with some Muzzis to stop a construction of an illegal prayer house (Namaz Ghar- a prospective mosque later on) in a Hindu populated market place (70% Hindu, 30% Muslim), without any administrative or panchyaet sanction. Out of the heat of the circumstances we could not able to keep the record of the donor intact.

    We pray blessings of Almighty for the donor and his family and also pray to allow his advancement and dedication for Hindu Cause.

    If the donor is seeing this posting please contact us again to exchange our good opinions.

    However, I must alert my viewers to some dangerous steps of the Muslim communities to capture this Country (BHARAT) in a very easy way.

    The points were delivered by an Imam in a yearly congregation of Muslims (Islami Jalsha) in a remote place of Bengal.

    1. A Muslim must do five times (waqat) Namaz and two times intercourse whenever gets opportunity as routine work.
    2. Increase of Islamic population anyway is the greatest service of Muslims offered to Allah.
    3. Open a small prayer room (Namaz Ghar) everywhere and convert it into a big mosque there afterwards. Encroach Hindu lands.
    4. Open a small beef stall every possible and even next to impossible place to broaden the Islamic permissiveness in our society and to hurt the Hindu sentiment. Open Muslim Hotels in every Market place and allure Hindu customers there and cut off their religious thread.
    5. Snatch Hindu girls and women and convert them to Musalman through Love Jihad.
    6. Keep ready the choppers and procure new swords etc. for self and area protection.

    Just think the dangerous implication out of the above Islamic steps. Please start to react instantly. It should be done in a tit for tat method.

    R1. Hindus must do one time havan or two times prayers and Nam Jap all the times as a easy and joyful method. Must discourse two times with at least two new men for Hindu Organisation, Hindu Awareness, Hindu Activism.
    R2. Hindu must increase Hindu population and reject dangerous birth control for the easy enjoyment and hassle free life of new and able couples.
    R3. Hindu must erect new temples in non temple areas. Renovate the old temples. Make the temples as Hindu activity and cultural defence centres. Stop selling of Hindu Lands to the Muslims. It is most dangerous. They even don’t utter Vande Mataram!
    R4. Stop and protest all Beef stall and Muslim Hotels in Hindu areas and Hindu Market place. Thrash the secular and Jaichandi Hindus who support beef eating and establishment of Muslim Hotels in Hindu areas.
    R5. Keep all Hindu girls and women in our own society and thrash all Love Jihadis.
    R6. Hindus are the worshipper of Power. To keep and worship weapons is a Hindu religious right. So, buy some swords, traditional weapons etc. and keep it in house to use it in proper time. Keep your children interested in self defence and marital arts. Procure licensed fire arms as per govt norms. Yes, we have also the rights to fight against the enemies of Hindus and our Motherland.


    Jay Sri Rama. Vande Mataram.

    Upananda Brahmachari,
    Editor, Hindu Existence.

    N.B. Now we have got the donor’s name. He is Sri K. B. Saraswat ji from Indraprasth.


  15. A K Gyani
    August 2, 2012

    Dear sir,
    I really admired the service you are doing for the society/country and Hindus.
    I am trying to analyze the whole picture.
    The problem among hindus that thr religion is very flexible and we always collect in the name of caste/state/Language but never for religion.

    This is the whole problem and history has all the proofs. It is always easy to preach but I have few things in mind:

    1- Strat from home- Teach your kids about the beauty of Hinduism and make them a warrior like Jija Bai.
    2- We need to spread this messahe village to village and every corner of India.
    3- We can use Temples and preiest to spread this message like other religion do.
    4- Primary schools are the best way to teach kids about Hinduism.

    But biggest question – How to do that. We need a lot of resources and manhours to achieve it. But we can’t wait to have right wind.Then it would be a big late.

    Again kuddo for your efforts. But we need to reach for those people who don’t have access to Internet and live in remote villages.

    Jai Sri Ram Jai Hanuman


    • Ajay Kanda
      August 19, 2012

      Jai Shri ram… Very true
      I really appreciate the work that you are doing for Hinduism. I live in nj and want to promote the idea and noble cause. I am a proud Indian and Hindu, please let me know how I can help….


      • Anonymous
        September 1, 2012

        Please try to donate and ask your friends too.


  16. Shekhar Gadewar
    December 13, 2012

    U people are doing great work !!
    Please inform, how any 1 can involve in ur divine – pro Hinduism activity…


  17. Kartik Chandra Bar
    January 6, 2013

    Dear Sri Ram,

    I am Bangladeshi Hindu. Its my problem. Any job purpose Hindu is main problem for me. I want helps for my family. Please reply .


    Kartik Chandra Bar


    • Aman
      February 15, 2013

      That is the country of your forefathers. Don’t leave it. Unite all fellow Hindus, be bold. God will help you. Fight for your cause.


  18. kullayappa
    March 8, 2013

    Respected all…
    We wants to rebuild our Ram Temple in our native village but we don’t have fund as per budget. Please help us and save the HINDU DHARMAM. Om Namo Venkatesaya Sri Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram.


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  20. jyitisman
    October 5, 2013

    Please grow.hindus power in north bengal specially in Malda and Mursidabad diatrict because in this two district , hindus are in danger situation .


  21. ak
    October 25, 2013

    Sadar Pranam
    great work done. The need of the hour is get united.
    The only long lasting solution is :
    1. Hindus should vote enblock for a pro national party
    2. Forget caste. Save religion first.
    3. Middle class should vote in huge numbers.
    4. Bring awareness to those who are intoxicated with feelings of secularism. Many Kerala’s will spring if things are not controlled.
    6. Hindus should not feel weak and helpless. Only unity can send shivers down.


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  23. Aaditya Sinha
    December 1, 2013

    Keep the Good Job Up. Thank you very much.
    The Hindu Existence – The war is very – very big, we have to save Hindus at any cost. More 60,00,000 of Hindu killed in Pakistan, India, Bangldesh & Afganistan in 70 years. There is lack of awareness in Hindus, no unity, cast & language problems. Every Hindu has to be prepared for new Mahabharata, We have to for sacrifice our life and not be killed by enemy. Enemies are more powerful, riches, united and tactful but still we will win the Dharma Yudh. I am very sure we will win. We have to spread the knowledge of Gita, Ramayana, Veda, Yoga to all Hindu family and non Hindu. This will be First part of win. Unfortunately more 50% Hindu families have not a single Holy Book in their home.
    Hare Ram Hare Ram, Ram Ram Hare Hare!
    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare!
    I more & more Hindu to appeal to join actively.


    • Dr J Halder
      September 16, 2016

      I appreciate the idea.Let us united. Abolish caste system immediately. Hindu is one and only one.


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  25. D Bhardwaj
    January 10, 2014

    How 2 join u 2 help Hinduism and dis site.


    • hinduexistence
      January 10, 2014

      Perhaps you have put a false email id. If so, your intention is not good.

      Sr Moderator,
      Hindu Existence.


  26. Salilam
    May 2, 2014

    I want to join u in ur endeavor.


  27. shantanu suryakar
    May 22, 2014

    I want to read the website information in hindi option i found on website pls guide…pls mail..Shantanu Suryakar


  28. Dr.Mahesh Chandna
    June 22, 2014

    I appreciate the work done by you people , Articles on its site are informative and eye opening . I have a suggestion , on your home page on right side where jayatu jayatu hindu rashtram is written under this there are three photos Shivajee with smarth Ram Das , Svami Viveka Nand and Subhash Chandra Bose . Subhash was no doubt a great freedom fighter and we all respect him but he was not concerned with hindu cause , He believed in secularism like other congress leaders ( It is not to make Subhash controversial ) . On the other hand you missed the champion of Hindu struggle for existance in twentyeth century Veer Savarkar who was not only a great freedom fighter but also a true hindu leader , who gave his whole life for fighting for hindu cause . Wont it be good if you add his photo .


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  31. Shyama Prosad Ghosh
    November 5, 2017

    We have a ruined temple in our village. When we pray to Goddess Durga, rain wets us. Only five Hindu families live in our village. It is very difficult for us to rebuild this ruined temple. We shall be highly gratified if you financially support us.
    Please inform me in the name of Goddess Durga. May Goddess bless you.

    Yours humbly, Shyama Prosad Ghosh
    Assistant Professor in English
    Satkhira Govt Mohila College


  32. Ywhqu
    June 27, 2018



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  34. vishwas
    December 12, 2018

    make more publicity to this website. share this site in social media Let us all hindus unite . Let us grow stronger . Fight for our survival . Protect hindus. Jai HIndusthan


  35. Badu
    April 21, 2020

    My pronam for this web side. I wish this the time for Hindu jagarn. we are all ready too late,unfourtuanately 50% hundus are still sleeping. please wakeup do not sleep anymore, we do not want to see MUGHAL PERIOD again. Again we are all ready behind .


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