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Hindu Agenda 2014

The General Election 2014 and the Hindu Agenda.

Upananda Brahmachari.                                    

New Delhi | Hindu Existence Bureau | 19 March 2014:: Misguided and diverting Hindus in India.  Rather, we are seeing a dying and depraved Hindus in the sphere of election scenario as handled by so many persons and components, all ego centric and quite erratic bearing Hindus names.

The Islamic Agenda

THE HINDU AGENDA 2014If you go to any Muslim Mohall these days, you will only hear one serious discussion, the coming election, and the candidates of different parties to whom vote or not to vote. The choupals (market sitting places) not far away from a beef selling shop, the club rooms decorated with the pictures of Mecca and Madina, the Madrasha common rooms, the Friday congregation in the Mosques, the namaj punctual underworld and the labour class, the commuters in a journey wearing skull caps, the burka clad women or may not, resonates all the same voice. All Arabic name holders are seriously trying to shun all discords between them so that they can voice to pressurize unitedly upon the contesting candidates of different parties for furthering their own agenda apart from any agenda or manifesto of any political parties, whatever it may be.  The Muslim minorities in India have the goal in its election agenda to increase the numbers of radical and risk holder Muslim MPs (Member of Parliament) as to gain the power of the Muslim society to materialize its ambition of grabbing executive powers in India through a Political Jihad. This political design of Islamic agenda for any national election is meant for spreading Sharia, first inside the Muslim society and next to all others.  They are motivated enough by the leaders of Islamic parties, the prime Imams of the society, the influential clergies attached to Deoband school of thinking, and even the local Muslim leaders, propagators and the fundamental agents staying within all the parties.  Their unique march ahead is specific enough for their Islamic gain.

This has been possible after consecutive proclamations for Muslim interests by all Muslim political leaders as demanded by the Muslim society. And obviously these public demands are generally created by the political leaders of same faith or by the pseudo seculars who prefer to play Muslim vote bank politics. Mention or not, within this process of Islamization of Indian Politics (i.e. Political Jihad), Muslims have universalized their agenda encompassing more Muslim Person Law, Reconstruction of Babri Mosque,  cent percent implementation of Sacchar Committee,  more and more seat reservations in politics and employment ,  establishment of Islamic banking, banning of all Hindu religious programmes  in front of their eyesight, more and more cow slaughtering in front of Hindu sights, parallel Islamic system without any control of Indian administration, police and judiciary, freeing all the Mujahedeens kept in the jails, in a word:  unabated Islamic expansionism in India in all possible ways.  Some demands are straight, some are told deflected.

Believe me or not, all the political parties virtually accept all these demands mentioned above as per Islamic agenda to get the blessing of Muslim voters as an Indian tradition of Vote culture. Have you heard any voice of any Hindu political leader or other to deny all these unjust and unconstitutional claims of Muslims?

The lack of Hindu political will

In most of the cases the crying babies get mother’s milk.  But the shy Hindus even differ to claim anything for their Hindu well-being. Hindus think that they are so philanthropic that they cannot demand even their rights of existence. When Hindus demand something, they demand it personally, publicly, pretentiously or politically, but such claims are not connected with any Hindu interest. The demands made by them are so personal or political that damages the Hindu interest in a very gross way.

This terminology of ‘The Hindu Agenda’ may sound most communal and unfamiliar for the major Hindus.  In India, it has not been set prominent and important ever before by any Hindu religious groups or saints, or by any Hindu political leaders.  The concept of setting Hindu Agenda or Hindus Demands in Indian Politics is embarrassing enough. The political parties can put their agenda and claim their demands and so the Muslims, Christians and others.  But, Hindus cannot.

Hindu leaders lack political will on their own and eventually misled the Hindu mass from preparing a Hindu agenda or charter of demand before any election to avoid all dereliction for the Hindus as a trend of Indian politics.

As a matter of fact, the big Hindu organizations (RSS, VHP, Arya Samaj, Art of Living, just taking these names for example) and the star Hindu saints having crores of disciples (as they claim), unfortunately negotiate with the political parties for their own gain and not obviously for any majestic might or for the realistic development for the Hindu society through a new political revelation.

I respect Sri Ashok Singhal and Dr. Pravin Togadiy, the iconic Hindu leaders of Vishwa Hindu Parisad. But, where are these Hindu leaders to frame and place the Hindu demand and Hindu agenda before election to all the political parties without any prejudice.

I had also a long connection with Sangha Parivar. But, I have never seen any such Hindu demand or agenda to announce publically meaningful before any such election moments.  But heard many times to air that ‘Jo Hindu Hit me Kaam karega, wohi desh me raj karega’ (means who works for the Hindu interest will rule the country).

The concoction in the above phrase is beyond any measure.  VHP and RSS are doing all the works in the interest of Hindus. But, they are not ruling the country.  Again if we want to honor the phrasal ambit, that denotes that the ruling MPs in the Center are doing all the best for Hindu interest!  The VHP in such a way ridiculed themselves after hitting their own slogan.

The health of Sri Ashok Singhal is unwell due to his age. But, Dr Togadiya Ji is simply missing from his expected role to prepare Hindus for an election war or censored by Sangha to pass any remarks for such Hindu agenda or any demand as such. The embarrassment went limitless when a third year (final official training camp) trained Swayamsevak (RSS cadre)  all on a sudden offered apology to the Muslims of India for no reasons at all. Yes, I am telling about Sri Rajnath Singh, the present president of Bharatiya Janata Party.

Unfortunately, the Hindu leaders lack political will. They have not perpetuated their own strength of Hindu vote bank. Even they have to lean to the feet of Islam.

Yet, the Hindus are reluctant to present a specific Hindu Agenda or Hindu demand on surface.  Hindus must give a caution to all Hindu leaders (either political or religious) to set forth a Hindu charter of demand and agenda and send the same to all political parties to have their views on it.

The Hindu Agenda and Hindu Vote Bank                    

The Hindu demands and the agenda must be specific on the basis of Hindu Empowerment. Specific demands can give specific solution.  Otherwise, fishy Hindu Hit (Hindu interest) will not serve any greater purpose of the safety, security and prosperity of the Hindus in this land. A strong resolution for Hindu agenda and a powerful Hindu vote Bank in this country is the ultimate solutions of all problems in this Country.

The pro Hindu NGOs can start a debate for Hindu Agenda for the ensuing General Election of 2014 starting on and from 07/04/2014 to 12/05/2014 in nine phases. But, for the paucity of time, we must table it within 7 days from now, or it will be a very late.

If anyone asks me for setting a Hindu agenda and the charter of demand, I must prefer the Hindu dignity and the Hindu rights truncated abruptly by the political zealots of India.

While the double standard politicians of India always want to free the others from any code of conduct, they clamped the Hindus in a Hindu code Bill which put the Hindus in many internal problems including the restriction upon marriages that led to lessen the Hindu growth under a clutch of constitutional provisions.  So, Hindus must demand the abolition of Hindu Code Bill.

Bharat is the natural land of Hindus and any persecuted Hindus of any corner have the rights of getting his equal status with other citizen in Bharat. But, persecuted and displaced Hindus from Pakistan, Bengali Hindus from Bangladesh (formerly East Pakistan) and Tamil Hindus from Sri Lanka are negated from their human rights in India. That is highly objectionable. Hindus cannot tolerate any torture and attack upon Hindus anywhere and in Indian subcontinent in particular. So, we claim the rights of displaced Hindus from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in Bharat as prime and most justified demand in this agenda.

It is not a matter of attack and evacuation of Hindus only outside India. We know the position of Kashmiri Hindus and Pundits in the Kashmir valley. Is any birth in Hindu fold is considered as sin? Why the Hindus and the Hindu women in particular are attacked, tortured in any Hindu minority areas by the majority Muslim people? Attack upon Hindus within India is strongly condemned with a strong demand of safety and security of Hindus, where they have been turned as minority.

The Hindus in India believe in the principal of equality.  But, they are the endless victims of inequality and discrimination in India. The minorities in India is the privileged class and the Hindus are the big stakeholders.  Any provision that gives the minorities any special rights more than the majority people must be wiped out at a moment. In such secular (!) and socialist (!!) Country, how the Muslim people are facilitated with package of reservation in employment on the basis of religion with other facilities like honorarium to the Muslim clerics and subsidies for Haj pilgrimage. All these scourges upon the inequality must be stopped at once with the provisions including the seeds of discrimination between state to state through Art 370, Art 371 A-D.

Hindus demand the uniform civil code in this land treating all citizens equal before the civil and criminal law without any imposition of Sharia or Evangelical law in any form. Practice of religion and believe on Dharma are obviously the rights on any Indian citizen but any confrontation with laws of the land must be handled with strict constitutional provisions.

In the same strictness, any humiliation majority culture and tradition should not be tolerated by anybody per conscience. So, Cow slaughter, Conversion, defamation of traditional Hindu practices by enactment of ‘anti black magic bill’ etc. must be ended without delay. The efforts of mass conversions in India by some Christian organizations and the nefarious anti-Hindu activities of Peace TV and their allies must be stopped effectively.

Hindus demand proscribing of the programming of politically motivated ‘Targeted Communal Violence Bill’ which has the only design to target Hindus to ruin and be stamped as communal.

Hindus oppose all sorts of Jihad as it is posed as the vilest threat to the human society. So, Hindus demand total ban upon, love Jihad, rape Jihad, land Jihad, political Jihad, population Jihad, infiltration Jihad, money jihad (both in fake note Jihad & Islamic banking jihad), media Jihad, burka and halal Jihad, cyber Jihad and the deadly Jihad in Kashmir and the profuse bloodshed and head counts in the name of a so called ‘Religion of Peace’.

Hindus have a great concern about the internal and external security of their Motherland. So Hindus demand assault attacks upon all the challenging forces try to disturb the security of India whether it is from foreign soil or inside. Hindus demand total dismantle of Pakistani and Chinese aggressions including the bloody subversion of the Maoists.

In this line up, Hindus demand hard condemnation of Hindus Genocide of Hindus in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka by the rulers there and India must ensure the safety and security from the continuing attacks Sindhi Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan, Bengali Hindus and Buddhists in Bangladesh and Tamil Hindus in Sri Lanka.  Hindus demand the immediate actions for any atrocities upon Bharat Mul (India rooted) individual or group in parts of this world. Hindus vehemently condemn several attacks on the Indian origin people in Middle East Islamic countries and in Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia and US.

The humiliation of Hindutva by the Maoists in Nepal is not acceptable for the Hindus in India. As Nepal is a traditional Hindu Rashtra, we demand proper initiative of Indian government so that Nepal can be restored and declared as a Hindu Country again.

Anti national activities and the act of subversion is the fast growing force in India to engulf and strangulate the Hindus to demoralize them. The Aligarh Muslim University, Muslim League, Rajakar, Deoband originated Islamic forces have been emerged into newer shapes of AIMIM (), PDF, IPF, AIDUF, Peace Party etc. All these parties are much inclined to Sharia than the Indian Constitution. These parties must be declared infractuous under certain legislations.  And Islamic forces behind these parties, i.e. Indian Mujahedeen, SIMI, LeT etc. must be treated with gunshot only.

As it is seen that the Muslim infiltrators from Bangladesh and Pakistan are attached with so many Jihadi activities against India, all such infiltrators must be driven out from India.

The growth and devotement of India cannot be done without the upliftment of the ruined economic condition of the majority people under the poverty line. But the Indian economic development has the milieu of multi sectoral development plan (MSDP) for Muslims only. While Hindu peasants suicide en mass in Maharashtra, marginal Hindu labors face starvation in Rajasthan and Andhra, Kalahnadi tribal Hindus die in starvation in Orissa, but the development makers find the utility in establishment and implementation of Sacchar Committee only for Muslims!

Hindus demand ban on the recommendation of Sacchar Committee on the basis of its developmental fallacy and religious discrimination. Hindus demand a commission to judge the problems all the citizens under poverty line irrespective of caste, creed and religion to alleviate their economic constraints.

The Swadeshi economy  (Indigenous economy) must be the basis of Indian economy  having full protection of agriculture and farmers, artisan classes, cattle resources and the promotion of the Indian system of health  through Yoga and Ayurveda.  Simultaneously, we demand the propagation of Swadeshi and appropriate control over Multi National Companies in the field of Indian day to day life.

Hindus must condemn the trend of corruption in Indian life and must be ashamed for the namesake Hindus connected with corruptions.  Corruption must be stopped in India. All the black money stashed in the Swiss and other foreign Banks (4 lakhs crores INR in total) must be brought in India for the utilization of the same for Indian development.

Hindus are deeply concerned with the increasing rates of Corruption, black money, terrorism, rape, adulteration and sedition in India. Hindus demand capital punishment for such perpetrators against Nation and the countrymen.

Hindu demands cannot exclude its demand of abolition of Govt. encroachment of temple fund and properties and Hindus demand to stop the Islamic and political interference upon Hindu’s Festival and congregagations. Hindus demand GO-GANGA- GEETA-GAYATRI-BHARATI Raksha (protection of River Ganga, Geeta as symbolic of Indian wisdom and the Sanskrit language, Gyatri as Indian culture and heritage). So, establishment of any new Islamic or Christian establishment like Mosque, Church, Seminaries and slaughter houses must be banned near a Hindu heritage complex and Hindu pilgrimage places, not to let any chance to breach of Hindu peace and atmosphere.

We demand immediate release of all Hindu saints under jail with fake and motivated charges. Hindus does not allow the present trend of arrest of Hindu saints under political motivation and a fake concoction of bogus ‘saffron terrorism’.

But, who are screaming in mind by not seeing the demand of establishment of Sri Ram Temple at Ayodhya and Hindu Rashtra in Bharat, they must be clear in one point that this Hindu agenda is not based on any fantasy or symbolism.  If the Hindu empowerment comes through the above demands, the other pending issues before Hindu society will be shaped in a positive form with the strength of Hindu Vote Bank.

Fulfilling the Hindu demands and Modi factor

The above Hindu demands may be considered as a draft and we may add other points to make a strategy for the fulfillment of the same. May not be this agenda as conclusive, but we must reject all confusions to start a movement for placing the Hindu demands to all the parties come to us with folded arms to get our votes.

We will send it all the parties as far as possible to get a spark in the election sphere in fact. But, individually we may prepare a small questionare and may give to all candidates coming to us. We may set simple question like this: 1) Whether you will stop cow killing in this area? A. Yes. B. No. C. No Comments.  2) Whether you will stop Love Jihad and eve teasing on Hindu Girls by a particular community? A. Yes. B. No. C. No Comments.  3) Whether you recommend the reconstruction of a (specific) path to the temple (specific) ?  A. Yes. B. No. C. No Comments.  4) Whether you stop the mischievous conversion activities by the missionaries?  A. Yes. B. No. C. No Comments.  5) Whether you stop the alcohol shop in our locality? A. Yes. B. No. C. No Comments.

The set of questionare  may vary place to place or any big Hindu orgs can set a national questionare related to Hindu Agenda and demand for this election. The candidates will be provided with such a questionare separately and they have to tick marks only putting their signature on it. They may agree on the matter accordingly. Or they may refuse to do so. But a certain Hindu impact on the candidates will make some dividends for the Hindu society. And the voters should make his mind according to the reply of the questionare and the adjudged Hinduness of the candidate begging votes from the Hindus also.  Hindus must grab this scope for the fulfillment for their demands.

NGOs from the local areas may monitor this process and try to set their best candidate for the Hindu interest.

The Congress, SP, BSP, TMC, CPM may reject all these Hindu demands, but it is expected that BJP may not reject all such Hindu demands and there is strong mass Hindu support in favour of BJP Prime ministerial candidate Sri Narendra Modi whose Nationalistic approach is not detrimental for Hindu interest and aspiration.

So far, Modi has not prayed to any mazar, not wore any skull cap, or praised Jinnah for any reasons. These characteristics of Modi have singularized him a man of pure nationalist fervour.  Demands of Hindus can be fulfilled by Modi only and there is no other option before the demanding Hindu electorates.

As per report, in the coming election the Muslims has set their agenda to send 50 MPs from different parties from 110 Muslim influenced constituencies. They will demand the Muslim matters unitedly. But, who will place the Hindu demands in the Indian parliament?  Hindus have to vote in a cool brain after judging all the political parameters before them.

Modi factor is a new hope for Indian Hindus, but Hindus must show their strong resolution and determination to set this Hindu Demand and Hindu Agenda immediately.


The struggle for waging a Hindu demand and setting a Hindu agenda to restore the rights of Hindus in Bharat is not conclusive.  


Author can be reached at email  phone +919475964179                                                                                 

8 comments on “Hindu Agenda 2014

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  2. HDL
    March 20, 2014

    See HDL’s Demand in this connection.

    Jai Hindu Rashtra.

    Manoj Parmar.


  3. A VHP Supporter.
    March 25, 2014

    VHP placed this Hindu Agenda in 1996. That’s all.

    Hindu Agenda
    With a view to retrieve the Hindu Nation engulfed in the crises and the Hindu community from its unfortunate plight, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad published the following 40 point “Hindu Patheya” (literally, viaticum; but in this context Agenda) at New Delhi on 18 January 1996 and appealed to all the political parties to accept it :
    01. Hindutva is synonymous with nationality and Hindu society is undisputably the main stream of Bharat. Hindu interest is the national interest. Hence the honour of Hindutva and Hindu interests should be protected at all costs.
    02. Every nation has a particular name denominated to it in its Constitution. Constitutional approval should be given only to the ancient glorious, historic name of our country viz. ‘Bharat’.
    03. All the Bharat-devotee Hindus living all over the world wish the construction of a magnificent Mandir on Shriram Janmabhumi in Ayodhya at the earliest possible as per the draft model appro- ved by the Sants. Hence the Janmabhumi premises be immediately transferred to ‘Shriram Janmabhumi Nyas’ through the legal process.
    04. Holy premises Shrikrishna Janmasthan (Mathura) and Shri. Kashi Vishwanath Jnanvapi Mandir (Varanasi) destroyed and transformed by the foreigners should also be handed over fully to the Hindu society.
    05. Killing of any animal including cow at any stage within the borders of Bharat should be declared as a stringently punishable crime by passing a strong and competent law for the purpose.
    06. A separate Gow-Sewa Ministry be constituted at the Centre and states for producing abundant natural bio-fertilisers, and milk-yoghurt-butter-clarified butter etc.; for making available enormous animal-energy for the nation-wide utilisation through the bullocks also; and to establish a rural- based economy by protecting-rearing-conserving the cow and cattle of Bharatiya species.
    07. Strict ban should be imposed on the nationally dangerous process of conversion of Hindus through allurements, mispropaganda and terror by taking disadvantage of the poverty and gullibility of the backward segments of Bharatiya community.
    08. There should be a ban on foreign funding either in the form of finance aid or materials help to any individuals or non-governmental social, religious, service organisations, effectively prevent the conspiracy of conversions and disintegration of the country by obtaining the foreign finances and materials in some other form.
    09. A Common Civil Law equally applicable to all the Bharatiya citizens should be passed to rein in the evil tendencies of polygamy and to end the inequality, imbalance, injustice and exploitation of womenfolk.
    10. Ban should be imposed on foeticide in general and female foeticide in particular that give impetus for rape and women’s exploitation. Rape and women’s abduction should be declared as stringently punishable and unpardonable crimes. Similarly strict steps would be taken to end the custom of dowry.
    11. Article 370 of the Constitution that spreads the myth of separating Jammu-Kashmir from Bharat should be abrogated immediately. All the preventive measures imposed on the sell-purchase-and holding of the real estates by Bharatiyas in Kashmir shall be removed.
    12. All the Kashmiri refugees would be honourably rehabilitated together with their properties in the Kashmir Valley and the afflicted families would be compensated adequately. Effective security arrangements would be provided to them.
    13. Any movement that demand separation either of Kashmir or any other part of Bharat or indulges in violent activities would be ruthlessly suppressed.
    14. Terrorism is the most tortuous problem for all the compatriots. Hence very stringent and widely effective steps should be taken by the Govt to uproot it from inside the country and outside too.
    15. All the special rights bestowed upon the minorities in our Constitution should be made available to all segments of the society, whereby social inequalities could be removed.
    16. Sanskrit that has been universally accepted as a rich and most scientific language of Bharat would be made a compulsory subject in the educational curriculum.
    17. Mother tongues would be made compulsory for the Primary education.
    18. Education in Bharatiya culture and Dharma would be made compulsory.
    19. The status of second state language accorded to Urdu language written in a foreign script in some states shall be cancelled.
    20. The present distorted form of the Bharatiya social and cultural history and archaeology would be got re-written by the patriotic historians and archaeologists and the curriculum would be modified according to it.
    21. Singing of ‘Vande Mataram’ in every educational institutions daily would be compulsory.
    22. Pujan-Archan in Mutt-Mandirs, and religious constructional activities would be treated as ‘chari- table’ and they would be given income-tax concessions.
    23. Those who would be paying a definite portion of tax, it would be allotted to various religious and charitable activities according to their desire.
    24. All possible efforts would be made to develop Ayurved and other Bharatiya health systems and all out arrangements would be made on a large scale for their propagation and promotion.
    25, The pilgrim centres, Mutt-Mandirs and Ashrams should be freed from the governmental control and interference and they should be handed over to an autonomous bodies.
    26. Pilgrim centres would be made tax-free. A Tirthatan Development Ministry would be constituted on the central as also on the state levels to encourage to make them more easy, comfortable by developing the pilgrim centres and to protect them format and glory.
    27. No governmental encouragement would be given to drinking wine etc. and non-vegetarian food. A ban would be imposed on the export of the flesh of birds and animals. Permissions granted on a very large scale granted for the establishing and running the mechanised animal slaughtering houses would be cancelled.
    28. Widest possible arrangements would be made for immediate deportation of the foreign infiltrators entered into Bharat after 1 January 1970. The borders of the country would be sealed with proper security arrangements and the residents of bordering regions would be issued with identity cards for their veracity.
    29. Widest possible arrangements would be made to maintain purity, cleanliness and glory of the pilgrim centres and rivers.
    30. Stringent law would be passed for repressing the terrorists and treators.
    31. Insulting any religion and Hindu culture, faith, convictions, traditions and reverential characters through the electronic media and print media would be treated as an offence and it would be enforced strictly.
    32. The National Economic Policy should be based on Swadeshi and Self-Reliance.
    33. It is the moral responsibility of the Govt. of Bharat to protect the religious and cultural rights of NRIs in the neighbouring and far-off countries; and to develop their religious and cultural relations.
    34. Every NRI would be treated as citizen of Bharat.
    35. All the names imposed by the foreign aggressors by removing the glorious original names of ancient and historic cities of the country and their ancient names would be given currency. The same principle would be adopted in respect the names of the roads also.
    36. National holiday would be announced on important Hindu Parvas.
    37. Facilities available to Hindu Scheduled Castes would not be extended to the converts.
    38. Places of Worship (Special Provision) Act 1991 would either be amended or rescinded on the basis of unambiguous historic, literary and archaeological facts.
    39. All the differentiating bodies like Minorities Commissions and similar other organisations would be wound up.
    40. No permission would be given for recruitment to the Army, Para-Military forces and Police force on communal basis.

    Sent by a VHP supporter.

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    • Bharat
      November 26, 2014

      “Hindu Compliance” is very important in a Hindu Country.

      Companies that are not complying to the Hindu requirements should be marked red. Beef Industry. Products which use animal products and all such companies must be forced to go for the Hindu Compliance Certificate.

      Restaurants must have Hindu compliance. Even Vegetarian restaurants should be audited to see there is any adulteration in the ghee which may contain bone marrow. Red beetle powder in Chilli powder to give it the colour. Non-Vegetarian restaurants must put a board saying that they do not serve Halal meat. Halal and Non-Halal should be very clear. Appolo hospital serves halal meat however Hindus do not eat Halal meat.

      Leather of Cow or Calf which is soft has to be imprinted and its source must be stamped with a tannery certificate.

      Hindu artifacts for daily pooja and yantras made by muslims who are engaging in beef trade and dietary habits are not complant, and will not result in any good vibrations. All Spiritual objects and goods must bear the Hindu process certification.

      Stock Exchange should be forced to display the Hindu Compliance or Jain Compliance. As these factors will form the essential backbone of the business and commerce in the country.

      Hindu Compliance Certification should become a part of the ISI logo and trademark and our constitution is for protection of the Hindu Dharma.

      Hindu Compliance for Pilgrimages and Temples the norms should be higher with a very well educated people who are esteemed in the spiritual practice.

      It is sad that in this country the minorities are shouting and aggressively fighting for their rights to insult hindus. Why then cant’ the hindus raise themselves to protect their religion.

      Parsis have integrated into the Country’s fabric however we see them following sacred thread and saari to support the Indian Hindu dharma. They have not given up their religion yet they respect the words of the agreement between the Hindu King and the Parsi Elders when they came to India. When the King presented Milk , the Parsis mixed Sugar in the MILK suggesting that the Hindu Dharma is like Milk and the Parsis will augment it like Sugar and make it sweet.

      ISCKON has a very good example for its followers to establish compliance and in a very lovely way they have Wellcomed the Foreigners to the Hindu fold. You will not see a ISKCON foreigner wearing a western attire to the temple, they dress in an Indian way and celebrate the Culture.

      Meditation by the Hindu Spiritual Organisations like Sivananda Ashram, Daya Mata from Yogi Paramahamsa Ashram are shining examples.

      While Osho and his dogs are preaching exactly a dirty western culture which goes against the St Valentines teachings. St Valentine wanted the European society to live in Wedlock and not in a polygamous way. Which went against the Royals and they executed him. He brought couples together who wanted to to remain devoted to each other for life. However this seems to be reverse with this dangerous organisation with deep roots in the toxic chemistry to kill its opponents with chemical poisoning.

      On the other hand the Secular Spiritual Organisation like Sri Sathya Sai Organisations abroad have banned Hindu OM symbols and Aarti in their foreign centres. Which is a complete deviation from our culture. Too much on emphasis on the Secular invites anti-hindus to lead a revolt against Hindu Dharma. Indian devotees abroad in the USA are not allowed to give Aarti to Sathya Sai Baba where the centres have Christians in majority. Hindus chanting Vedas and giving Aarti and singing Hindu Sanskrit bhajans are ostracised. When in India the foreign devotees witness the Vedic chantings and the Aarti and sanskrit bhajans, however back home they are back to their narrow minded religious views.

      HINDU COMPLIANCE. 100 Crore Hindus need to live peacefully without any conflict then we need to weed out all forces thriving to destroy us.


    April 1, 2014


    Inclusion of Demands of Hindu Voters in the Election Manifesto.

    Sent by a Sanatana Seeker.


  5. balu
    April 15, 2014

    I saw a prayer room in Bangalore International Airport which I understand is only for Muslims…is it true that it is not for Hindus?


    • Nagargun Prabhavathi
      March 14, 2022

      Airports are public spaces. As India a secular country no religious spaces should be there in public.


  6. Sundar patel
    October 19, 2018

    A wisdom salafi extremist against Hindus


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