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We Salute Jamphel Yeshi. Free Tibet Immediately. Go back Hu Jintao.

Posted by hinduexistence on March 29, 2012

First Tibetan activist dies from self-immolation for ‘Free Tibet’ cause in Indian Soil.

Hu Jintao, Premier of China is a Common enemy of both India and Tibet. Free Tibet. Don’t Provoke Pakis to harm India. Stop your heinous activities in Arunachal, COK  & Brhamputra. Or, Jintao go to Hell. 

Tibetan activist dies from self-immolation before Hu visit.

............We Salute Jamphel Yeshi............ .We Kick Hu Jintao.

New Delhi | 28 Mar 2012 | Post Jagran: A 27-year-old Tibetan youth who set himself ablaze during a protest against Chinese President Hu Jintao’s India visit two days ago died at a hospital on Wednesday morning.

Pawo Jamphel Yeshi who was admitted in Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital succumbed to burn injuries Wednesday morning at 9 a.m.,” a hospital spokesperson said.

Yeshi, a resident of north Delhi’s Majnu Ka Tila, set himself on fire on Monday at New Delhi’s Jantar Mantar where more than 100 Tibetans were protesting against Hu’s visit here for the BRICS summit. Yeshi was rushed to Ram Manohar Lohia (RML) Hospital with 90 percent burn injuries. He had poured fuel on himself and set himself alight before running towards the crowd where he collapsed. The Chinese president will be arriving in India on Wednesday for the BRICS summit of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.


Free Tibet Immediately. Tibetan protester sets himself (ablaze) on fire- ” Freedom comes with responsibility “. 31st Holy Martyrs ~ PAWO YESHI JAMPHEL Sacrifices. 

Hu Jintao visit triggers protests in McLeodganj

Dalai Lama in His Exile at Dhramshala (McLeodganj) in India.

DHARAMSHALA | INDIA | TNN | Mar 29, 2012, 05.30AM IST:Arrival of Hu Jintao in Delhi on Wednesday triggered a series of activities inMcLeodganj, which is the nerve center for various Tibetan groups working across the globe and home to Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama.

Most of the Tibetan shops remained closed for the whole day and special prayers were organized in the main temple by various Tibetan groups, which later concluded with candle light vigils. Tibetan parliamentarians and other officials of the government-in-exile attended prayers in the late evening organized by the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA).

Meanwhile, the Tibetan who carried out self-immolation in Delhi a day earlier succumbed to his injuries on Wednesday morning, following which rallies were held in the town. Tibetans demanded that the dead body be cremated in McLeodganj. “We want that the body of the courageous Tibetan activist be cremated here with full respect as a martyr. He sacrificed his life for the Tibetan cause and we want that the Indian leaders and representatives of other countries should also raise the Tibetan cause at the BRIC summit,” said Dhoundhup Yeshi, a Tibetan activist.

Tibetans also condemned the arrest of protesters in Delhi by the police and demanded their immediate release.

Jintao responsible for creating mess: Speaker

Speaker of the Tibetan parliament-in-exile Penpa Tsering claimed that Hu Jinato was responsible for leaving minority nationalities in a mess and therefore it should be his responsibility to resolve the issue during the remaining period of his presidency. Otherwise he will go down as one of the most irresponsible leaders in the Chinese history. Addressing a press conference on Wednesday, he said, “Taking opportunity of the visit of President Hu Jintao to India, Tibetan Parliament-in-exile wish to remind all BRICS members that the situation in Tibet continues to deteriorate and China continue to implement inhuman brutal methods to suppress peaceful Tibetans inside Tibet. We urge the BRICS leaders to raise the issue of Tibet with president Hu Jintao along with Syria and Iran,” he added.

Chinese President’s visit to Delhi provokes Tibetan protests

New Delhi | NDTV Correspondent, March 28, 2012 18:05 IST :  China’s president, Hu Jintao, has arrived in Delhi for the fourth BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) summit. Worried about protests, the police has been detaining Tibetan activists in the capital, provoking strong criticism.

Here are five new facts on the story:

1) A man who set himself on fire in Delhi on Monday at a rally died in hospital this morning. Jamphel Yeshi was 27.

2) Around 1200 cops have been posted around the hotels where The Chinese premier and the delegation will be staying. Earlier, the protesters had attempted to storm Hotel Oberoi in Delhi where Chinese premiere Hu Jintao is staying. Police have arrested the protesters. This morning, the police detained 100 activists who were protesting against Hu’s visit at the United Nations office. Over 150 Tibetans have been taken in to preventive custody during the protests today. The Tibetan Youth Congress members were submitting a memorandum to embassies of all nations participating in the BRICS summit. Protests were also held at Khan Market and Jantar Mantar. There is heavy police presence in these areas.

3) The police removed activist-poet Tenzin Tsundue from a seminar yesterday at the India habitat Centre. The police is keeping a tight vigil in areas in Delhi with high Tibetan population to ensure that young Tibetans don’t come out of their homes to protest.

4) China has accused the Dalai Lama of “masterminding” self-immolation bids earlier this week. At least 29 Tibetans, many of them Buddhist monks and nuns, have set themselves on fire in Tibet demanding freedom for their homeland.

5) The Chinese President will attend the BRICS summit which looks at encouraging trade among member-nations. He will also hold bilateral talks with Prime Minister Manmohan. The Chinese president is accompanied by a high-profile delegation comprising Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, State Councillor Dai Bingguo, senior ministers and business leaders.

Hindu Existence Demand:

(1) Free Tibet immediately. Stop oppression upon Tibetan people. Declare Dalai Lama as the Highest Spiritual Head of Tibet.

(2) Stop aggression in Arunachal (Formerly NEFA) & Aksai China (Actually Akshay Chinnah of  Indian Possession) and hand over encroached lands to India.

(3) Stop joint venture with Pakistan to harm Indian people. Stop NSB-ISI joint  espionage activities in India.

(4) Stop propagation of Fake South Tibet in Arunachal.

(5) Stop divert/thieve of Brahmaputra (Tsangpo) water including illegal damage of a heritage river.

(6) Why the Brahmaputra was dried up overnight at Pashighat Town?  Return the water of Brahmaputra in Pasighat town in East Siang, Arunachal Pradesh. Stop Dam at Zangmu Dam at source head of Tsangpo River.

(7) Control communal upsurging by Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang and respect all religious beliefs in China.  Protect the interest/culture  of Indian origin in China.

(8) Stop illegal export of Chinese commodities in Indian market to grip Indian market/economy.

(9) Stop help and support to Indian Maoists to harm Indian integrity. Stop initiatives to create insurgency in North East India.

(10) Protect Hindu-Buddhist Heritage in China and re-establish a divine relationship with India.

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Courtesy: TOI | NDTV | VOA | Jagran | Tibet Sun | Tibet Third Pole | News Bharati | The Statesman | News Track India.

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Hindu-Sikh in US jointly held peace prayer for 9/11 martyrs.

Posted by hinduexistence on September 22, 2011

A very meaningful Hindu-Sikh joint initiative for a World cause.


Press Release from AIPAC by Jagdish Sewhani.

America India Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)  arranged a prayer meeting in observance of the Tenth Anniversary of 9/11 terrorist  attack on the World Trade Center.

The purpose of the meeting was to pay homage to the 3000 innocent people killed by the terrorists on 9/11/2001.

Attorney Balram Kakkar, President of  Asamai Temple welcomed the community leaders and guests. 

Jagdish Sewhani requested the guests to observe one minute silence in the memory of those who lost their lives due to terrorist attacks.

He also took the opportunity to inform the guests that the mission of AIPAC was to strengthen Indo-American relationship and work in cooperation with Congressmen and Senators at the Capitol Hill on the issues affecting India and America.

Narain Kataria stated that at this moment, there is a great scope for AIPAC to work on three issues:  terrorism, economy and China; both vital to India and America.

The Prayer Meeting was addressed by:  Dr. Gadam Reddy,  Dr. Narinder Kukar, Lal Motwani, Narain Kataria, Dr. Bhupi Patel, Animesh Goenka, Indrajeet Saluja,  Kamlesh Mehta, Arish Sahani and others.

The leaders offered their good wishes and blessings for the success of AIPAC in its mission.                   

HE addendum: Actually the 3000 people killed by the brutal Islamists on 9/11 were the martyrs of the concurrent civilization as they laid their lives in the conflicts of Jihad and the process of restoration of Peace, Democracy, Free Rights and the Harmony in human race. 

Some forums in US, UK and CANADA are trying to dis-unite the Hindu-Sikh assimilation in the Sanatana Hindu-Sikh Samaj keeps respect in Ek Omkar, Guru Parampara and Dhrama Nistah in many ways. Hindu-Sikh Unity is not only must to hold a prosperous and strengthful NRI groups outside India, it is more required in India also for the existence of our society in the face of tantamount Islamic Persecution and Muslim Aggression upon us. We should stay together to fight against that Mughal-Islam legacy & conspiracy always want to crush the Hindus and Sikhs in India as before.

This type of open forum uniting Hindu-Sikh people for any social cause and protection of our Dharma, put by always the greater importance anytime anywhere. 

Courtesy: Narain Kataria.

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No Babri Mosque at Ayodhya, No Cordoba Mosque at Ground Zero NYC.

Posted by hinduexistence on September 14, 2010

9/11, Ground Zero mosque, Babri & their symbolism

Sep 9, 2010
Sanjeev Nayyar || DNA India NEWS.

The controversy over the construction of an Islamic Centre near New York’s Ground Zero has got everyone excited. Media, bloggers, activists and even president Obama have jumped in and out of the fray, with those opposing the centre being labelled “fascists” by the liberal media.

The right way to understand the controversy is through its symbolism. September 11, 2001, (9/11) was the first major terror attack on US soil.
There’s symbolism in this date. Apart from 911 being an emergency dial-up number, September 11, 1683, was the date on which a Christian army defeated the Muslims in the Battle of Vienna.
The battle was won by Polish, Austrian and German forces commanded by the King of Poland, against an army of the Ottoman Empire commanded by Grand Vizier Merzifonlu Kara Mustafa Pasha. The importance of this date could not have been lost on those who planned the 9/11 attack — an attack to defeat Christian America!
The Islamic Centre at Ground Zero was initially proposed to be called ‘Cordoba House’. Cordoba (Muslim Qurdubah) is a city in Spain that symbolised Islam’s inroads into the Christian world. The Arabs conquered the Iberian peninsula in the early eighth century and the St Vincent Church was torn down and replaced with one of the largest mosques of Islam. When the Christians reconquered Cordoba in 1236 they converted the structure into a Cathedral and set up an altar in the middle. In the 16th century it was given its current look.

Hindu Human Rights Watch Speech at  Stop Islamization of America rally held on 9/11/2011 at Ground Zero, NYC

New Yorkers Say “No” to Ground Zero Mosque

Narain Kataria in New York

Hindu leaders at SIOA Rally 9/11 at NYC>

US Hindu body (Hindu American Foundation) condemns vandalism of mosques : September 06, 2010 :

This is why even Christians who have not opposed the construction of mosques earlier are upset about Cordoba House.
They understand the significance of why Muslims (subliminally) want a mosque at Ground Zero. 9/11 is perceived as an Islamic attempt to take revenge for the loss in the Battle of Vienna, among other things.
Naming the building ‘Cordoba House’ reminds the Americans of the 800-year Muslim rule over Spain, just as two pilgrim places in north India do — the Kashi Vishwanath Temple and the Krishna Janmabhumi. The original Kashi Vishwanath Temple was destroyed by Aurangzeb and even today you see the Gyanvapi mosque standing on the old temple platform behind the current temple built by Ahilyabai Holkar (1780). The two domes of the temple were covered by gold donated by Maharaja Ranjit Singh (1839). At the Krishna Janmabhumi in Mathura, too, there is a mosque.
Just as these two temples have enormous symbolic significance for Hindu devotees, the symbolism of an Islamic Centre so close to Ground Zero can be a painful memory for those who lost dear ones on 9/11, and for those who understand the symbolism of that date. Constructing a mosque near where the Twin Towers stood is a reminder to the traumas of 9/11.
The supporters of the Ground Zero mosque have made the following arguments in their favour. One, it would promote inter-faith understanding between Muslims and the majority Christian community. It would be a blow to all fascist Muslims who proclaim that the US is anti-Muslim. It might result in fewer American Muslims taking to terror and make society more inclusive. It also affirms every American’s constitutional right to religion and its propagation.
Opponents to Ground Zero could counter these by saying the mosque might be, in the Muslim mind, a symbol of Muslim victory over the Christian west and America in particular. The mosque will be on the same lines as the Babri Masjid in India, the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem and the Salimya mosque in Istanbul.

A few questions arise: when it comes to inter-faith understanding and pluralism, why do liberals living in democracies repeat these words as gospel but rarely use them when it comes to non-Muslims living in Muslim majority countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Malaysia and the Indian state of J&K?
More importantly, Cordoba House is an attempt to rewrite history. One hundred years from now Americans will only see the mosque, and the Twin Towers will be distant memory. Two hundred years later, Americans might doubt if the Twin Towers ever existed. Babar’s general similarly attempted to rewrite history by destroying the Ram Temple at Ayodhya. If the temple had existed, no Indian court or political party would have doubt the existence of Sri Ram!
Some liberals may wonder why the past is so important when there are more pressing concerns in the present. When posed with a similar question, Swami Vivekananda said: “Nowadays everybody blames those who constantly look back to their past. It is said that so much of looking back to the past is the cause of all of India’s foes. So long as they forgot the past, the Hindu nation remained in a state of stupor and as soon as they have begun to look into their past, there is on every side a fresh manifestation of life. It is out of this past that the future has to be moulded”.

Why Anti Ground Zero Mosque rally of 9/11 has been ignored by the mainstream media ??

New Yorkers Honor 9/11 Victims Amid Dhimmi Protestors

Faith Freedom and Other Sources :

Today solemn ceremonies were held at Ground Zero and the Pentagon. In New York, the names of all the victims’ name were read aloud while bag pipes were played at the background.

This years’ anniversary is somewhat different from the previous years. An attempt to build an Islamic center near Ground Zero has stirred up controversy.

Two rallies were held – one in favor of the Islamic center and the other opposing it. Those who opposed the mosque carried banners and shouted “USA” and “No Mosque”.

The other demonstrators chanted, “Unity yes, racism no.” Apparently, these people have no idea of how Muslims treat No-Muslims under Islamic rule. They are not aware of non-Muslims’ dhimni status either.

We Came to protest Ground Zero Mosque

The group favoring the mosque had about 1,500 participants, mostly Muslims and their leftist allies.

On the other hand, the opposition group had more than 2,000 demonstrators.  The group was addressed by Geert Wilders of Netherlands.

Wilders commented, “This is where we draw the line”, he continued, “We must never give a free hand to those who want to subjugate us…Draw this line so that New York… will never become New Mecca.”

Mounted Police and cops kept those two groups separate. Yet a few noisy arguments broke out at the sidewalk.

One protester who opposed the mosque rightly pointed out the problem and said, “On 9/11 Muslims were dancing in the streets.”

What ? 40,000 at anti-mosque Ground Zero rally & ignored by the mainstream media ??

Tens of thousands descended upon Ground Zero today to remember those we lost nine years ago, and to save the American principles of freedom that the sharia tramples. Crickets are chirping in taqiya media newsrooms nationwide (although they were all there). There has been no coverage.
We organized a rally of remembrance that dwarfed the opposition. If the America haters had 4,000, we had ten times more. The media is playing the dueling rallies; it was no such thing. Free people came from all over the country and all over the world to stand in solidarity with the 911 families and to declare our iron determination that no victory mosque will be built on their graves. The crowd was young and old, black and white …….. politics of all stripes. The crowd was beautiful. The crowd was proud and good and decent America. All the speakers were excellent. Rousing.
But the highlights included Geert Wilders, who was greeted as the great hero that he is, and spoke about how a sharia mosque at Ground Zero would be the death New York’s proud tradition of Dutch tolerance.
Ambassador John Bolton spoke bluntly and unequivocally via video link about the affront to American values that this mosque would constitute.
Read here details…..

Hindus also joined the Protest Rally on 9/11 over MOSQUE ON GROUND ZERO.

Mr. Narain Kataria of Indo-American Intellectual Forum and Supporters of Hindu Human Rights Watch are seen in the 9/11 Protest Rally.

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