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Tamil Hindu Genocide in SL

Sri Lanka’s killing fields: here shoes still lie on the ground.

Six and a half years ago Sri Lanka’s civil war ended in a bloodbath, with as many as 40,000 civilians killed in matter of weeks, following decades of fighting. Jon Snow is back in Sri Lanka.
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Tamils need new ways to challenge exhausted credibility of ‘Sri Lanka’ and partners.

[TamilNet, Friday, 11 September 2015, 18:56 GMT]

Historically speaking, all the successive Sri Lankan regimes have exhausted their credibility in the delivery of domestic level investigations on the crimes committed against the Tamil people. The SL judiciary has also succumbed to Sinhala chauvinist majoritarianism. Tamils cannot expect justice from the culprit itself. This is against natural justice, said political analyst S Yothilingam in an interview to TamilNet this week from Jaffna. “The international powers, backing the SL regime, are only concerned of protecting the regime, based on their geopolitical interests. Their monitoring of a domestic mechanism is also called into question,” the veteran analyst said, urging Tamils to see the difference between the real Global Community and the International Powers, and conceive new strategies and tactics to deal with the challenges being posed by the Powers and the Agent State. [Read details here].
18 minute video   [Latest release]
No-Fire Zone- Killing Fields of Sri Lank
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Brutality of the SriLankanArmed forces: “They shot people at random. Stabbed people. Raped them.
 Cut out their tongues, cut women’s breasts off. I saw people soaked in blood.” The witness said;
The pathetic plight of the Tamil Women and Girls in the North & East of Sri Lanka under an army of occupation: the ratio is for every five [5] civilians there is one [1] soldier ie the ration of civilians to military is 5: 1
Sri Lanka violates United Nations Convention on Discrimination against Wome
14 June 2012 – ECCHR has contacted three Special Rapporteurs as well as a Working Group of the United Nations. It is calling on them to conduct further investigations into the plight of women and girls in the northern and eastern Sri Lanka and to remind the country of its international obligations.
Women struggling with post-war violence from an army of occupation in the north and east of Sri Lanka
Women’s empowerment is one of the strongest foundation for lasting peace and sustainable development” Irina Bokova [UNESCO]
‘’ In Sri Lanka, every 90 seconds a woman is a victim of sexual violence. The data is provided by the Women’s Action for Social Justice (WASJ), an organization for the care and protection of women’s rights. … at least 450 thousand women estate workers earn just 295 rupees (about 1.7 euro) per day. Another alarming fact about the female population of the north (the majority Tamil area most affected by the civil war, ed): here, 46% of mothers suffer from malnutrition, and about 29% of children under five are underweight’’ – Sri Lanka: every 90 seconds a woman subjected to sexual violence, 4 November 2012,
Female Jaffna University student strangled to death, as TID summons three more, 14 December 2012,
Tamil Women Coerced Into Joining The Military – A Statement Of Concern By WAN), 8 December 2012, ://
SLA conscripted Tamil females admitted at Ki’linochchi hospital in mentally affected state, 12 December 2012.
Which way forward in post-conflict Sri Lanka? Lessons from the so-called ‘powerless’women of the North, 3 November 2012,
As a result of tight government restrictions on humanitarian organisations in their conducting assessments, there is no available data on the needs and gaps in services for the most vulnerable individuals, including people with disabilities, women heads of household, older people, children and those suffering psychological trauma or distress (IDMC interview, October 2012) – Sri Lanka: A hidden displacement crisis, Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, 31 October 2012,
Frustrated army harassing Tamil school girls in Pudukudiyiruppu! 24 August 2012,
”Many war widows still do not get any compensation announced by the government”, War widows ‘forced into prostitution’, 18 March 2012,
”This has recommendations to the international community: ‘’Highlight consistently in public and private communications the issues that affect all of Sri Lanka’s ethnic communities, including growing authoritarianism, militarisation, weak rule of law, impunity, corruption and repression of dissent, as well as gender-based violence and economic inequities for women’’ – Sri Lanka: Women’s Insecurity in the North and East, 20 December 2011,
1,637 rape cases reported in 2011: Police, 29 December 2011,
“Grease Devils: The Violence against women has seen a drastic rise in the North and the East, 23 August 2011,
Two Years On: No War but No Peace for Women still facing the Consequences of the War, COALITION OF MUSLIMS AND TAMILS FOR PEACE AND COEXISTENCE (CMTPC), 16 July 2011,
‘’The sexual violence of the Sri Lankan military against Tamil women is not only tolerated but also encouraged by Sinhalese Political leadership’’ – State Terrorisn Against Tamil Women,
i.REPORT OF THE SECRETARY-GENERAL’S PANEL OF EXPERTS ON ACCOUNTABILITY IN SRI LANKA (31 March 2011): ” The final months of the war are a grave assault on the entire regime of international law. …. The Government subjected victims and survivors of the conflict to further deprivation and suffering after they left the conflict zone’’ –
ii.The UN’s failure to adequately respond to events like those that occurred in Sri Lanka should not happen again’’ – REPORT OF THE SECRETARY-GENERAL’S INTERNAL REVIEW PANEL ON UNITED NATIONS ACTION IN SRI LANKA, November 2012,
iii. ”The Deputy Secretary-General sent a letter to relevant heads of UN departments, offices, funds and programmes this week, asking them to nominate representatives to participate in a working group to give careful consideration to the recommendations set out in the Internal Review Panel report on United Nations actions in Sri Lanka” – DAILY PRESS BRIEFING BY THE OFFICE OF THE SPOKESPERSON FOR THE SECRETARY-GENERAL, 13 December 2012,
Just to remind you about the Channel4 Documentary ‘SRI LANKA’S KILLING FIELDS and the
Student’s unrest I reproduce them again.
A.Northern Sri Lanka: Jaffna University students and army of occupation
Updates on ground situation in Jaffna, 10 December 2012,

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Posted on March 16, 2012

OF THIS TAMIL GENOCIDE IN SRILANKA, CLEARLY 90% ARE HINDUS… THIS IS  DEADLIEST GENOCIDE OF HINDUS IN THE RECENT TIMES….. Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields: War Crimes Unpunished Screened at the UN in Geneva and New York and also shown to politicians at the House of Commons, the European Parliament and key figures in the US […]

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Ignoring Tamil Hindu Genocide in SL is a sin of Indian Politics. Delhi to Geneva all should make a ‘Justice to the 150000 Tamil victims’.

Posted on March 20, 2013

India must stand against Sri Lanka, vote for US resolution with all necessary amendments to restore the infringed Tamil Rights in SL. Upananda Brahmachari | New Delhi | 20 March 2013 :: On the day of 22nd March 2013, the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) will be voting on a resolution urging Sri Lanka to carry […]

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Continuous Genocides of Hindu Tamils in a fatal Sinhala slaughter house in Sri Lanka.

Posted on August 25, 2011

It is estimated that 2500 Hindu temples and 400 churches have been destroyed. The Sinhala forces do not permit the people to reconstruct these worship places and many are in a dilapidated state. Military camps and Sinhala soldiers are a common sight in Tamil areas. Out of a total land mass of 65,619 sq km, […]

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Ruins of Hindu Temples in Sri Lanka. Stop this Hindu-Bouddha Clash and State sponsored Terrorism in Sri Lanka.

Posted on June 5, 2012

Hindu Temple destroyed in Sri Lanka in 1983 and onwards. Input by Kumarathasan Rasingam. During the state sponsored ethnic cleansing /riots against the Hindu  Tamils in Sri Lanka, hundreds of Hindu Temples  were attacked/destroyed/damaged.  A short list of Hindu Temples attacked or destroyed in 1983 by state sponsored terrorism incited by Sinhala Government. It is hard to believe that […]

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