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Straight Cut Togadia: Ban religious conversions or Allow re-conversion (ghar wapsi).

Either ban religious conversions or allow us to continue with ‘ghar wapsi’: Togadia tells Centre

'We want the government to either ban religious conversions or allow us to go ahead with our re-conversion programmes,' Togadia said. News & Pic through Indian Express.

‘We want the government to either ban religious conversions or allow us to go ahead with our re-conversion programmes,’ Dr Pravin Togadia said. News & Pic through Indian Express.

PTI | Mangaluru | January 17, 2015:: VHP leader Pravin Togadia has said that religious re-conversion would continue until the Centre banned such practise.

Delivering a keynote address at ‘Virat Hindu Hridaya Sangama’ at Puttur near here last evening, Togadia said Hindus could no longer be silent on conversions which resulted in the “dwindling” of their population.

“We want the government to either ban religious conversions or allow us to go ahead with our re-conversion programmes,” he said.

The NDA Government, facing opposition heat over the ‘ghar vapsi’ (home coming) programme of Sangh parivar outfits in some parts of the country, has already stated its willingness to bring an anti-conversion law and called for the support of all parties to the law.

Togadia said a ‘uniform civil code’ should be introduced in the country and the government should bring in a rule to ensure that every couple, irrespective of religion, could have only two children.

He also called upon the Hindus to fight what was being called ‘Love Jihad’ which was “ruining” the identity of the nation.

Over four lakh Hindu families in Kashmir who got converted under “pressure”, should be brought back to their religion, he said.

RSS leader Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat presided over the function. Other religious leaders like Rajashekharananda Swamiji of Gurpur Vajradehi Math and Odiyoor Sri Gurudevananda Swamiji were also present at the event.

Courtesy: Indian Express.

2 comments on “Straight Cut Togadia: Ban religious conversions or Allow re-conversion (ghar wapsi).

  1. Samir
    January 23, 2015

    More than muslims, the Targets should be the evil christian ideology called Christianity and its bastard progeny called communism, which is the barbaric crusaders hiding behind atheism, to destroy other religious REAL Spiritual religions, to make the conversions to Satanic christianity much easier. Islamic Mujahideen is nothing but christian and sonia backed Italian (christian) Mafia, which killed 10000 Hindus in in last 10 years. Sonia, John Dayal, Dogvijay Osama Sahab should be targeted with media mafiosi ruthlessly


  2. MMK Rao
    May 9, 2015

    Along with the other measures that are proposed under the GHAR WAPASI MOVEMENT, perhaps efforts should be kindly made for working out and implementing MASSIVE programmes for providing adequate incentives and assistance, along with SPIRITUAL education. Naturally potential candidates for religious conversion who will be preominantly in the poorer and socially neglected sections of the people will be the target groups for these huge programmes. These sections of people do not then have to listen to promises of material incentives from poachers from other religions and leave their ancient, native religion of their ancestors. As a consequence, even people who converted earlier, when offered the facilities, will likely realise their or their own or their forefathers’ folly to embrace an intolerant religion imported from outside India. and ‘come back sweet home’. All people who are zealously interested in preventing converions from our great, universally valid religion can be persuaded to donate generously for the programmes. They should be informed that religious poaching are most aggressively being carried out with donations from Indians themselves, both non-Hindus and Hindus, under the false garb of charities for poor, disabled, aged and other weaker sections, as well as through foreign funds, largely brought illegally as for NGOs. They should also be made to understand that just like the creation of Pakistan due to the violent Islamist communalism practised by Md Ali Jinnah, India’s Muslim majority areas of Kashmir, Sind and Punjab as well as Bengal, were carved out as Pakistan. If history is forgotten and the folly of forced or incentivised and fraudulent miracle based conversions are allowed, India in the not-too-distant future has every likelihood to be put under intolerable pressures for further vivisection, due to both the increasing flock sizes of non-Hindus and international geopolitical intrigues tampering with the unity of India and age-old amity rooted in the essentiall Hindu culture of India. Most importantly, further partitioning of India would result in the further straining of the limited natural resources of land, water and minerals and metals, thus making life intolerable for all Indians.


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