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A Book on Love Jihad coming soon. Publisher : Sree Rama Sena.

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All about Love Jihad:


NSS, SNDP, KCBC wake up-Stimulus to war on ‘Love Jehad’

Take action against Love Jehad

Fundamentalist Islamic body gets young recruits to lure, ‘love’, bed women to convert and make them breed a brood

Organized anti-National forces of ‘Islamic Terrorism’ in Kerala have now launched a pogram of ‘Cultural Terrorism’ against the non-Muslim women

Trapping non-Muslim girls feigning love and then converting them to Islam by forcing them to accept their fate.

Heartbreaking stories of ‘Love Jihad’ which resulted in ruining the life of many families are now under scrutiny by investigating agencies and media

(Kerala) More Hindu & Christian college-girls converted to Islam

Islamists on conversion campaign in Kerala: Over 4000 girls converted

Love Jihad: More than 4000 Hindu Girls Trapped By muslim Romoes…..

More than 4000 Hindu girls have been converted to Islam by the Jihadi Romeos of Kerala

‘Both Hindu and Christian girls are falling prey to the Islamic design: ‘Love Jihad’

Reports of girls succumbing to Mohammedan Romeos

‘Love jihad’ — a jihadi organisation to trap hindu girls

Islamists training women in Kerala for jihad?

If it happens to Hindu families in the present day

in one town (in Karnataka) near the border of Kerala….

A determined bid by the Islamic Jihadis

to seduce, entrap and convert Hindu girls in Mangalore…

Islamists training women in Kerala for jihad?

If it happens to Hindu families in the present day
in one town (in Karnataka) near the border of Kerala….

A determined bid by the Islamic Jihadis
to seduce, entrap and convert Hindu girls in Mangalore…

Jihadis luring Kerala college girls for love / Over 4000 girls converted

By understanding the roots and motivations of jihad, we can begin crafting strategies to defeat it– Moorthy Muthuswamy

Love jihad – act before, it’s too late

Love jihad: HC orders thorough probe by DGP

‘Love jihad’ raises alert in Karnataka, Kerala

Jihadis luring Kerala college girls for love / Over 4000 girls converted

‘Love jihad’ raises alert in Karnataka, Kerala: HC orders thorough probe by DGP

Karnataka HC order in inter-religion marriage smacks profiling: AIDWA

PUCL to appeal against High Court order
It says ‘love jehad’ but a figment of the imagination

United in love, battered by controversies

Love Jihad continues…

Why are Islamic extremists obsessed with female bodies?
=================See VivekaJyoti=======================

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Hindu victims of 26/11 Mumbai terror attack want hanging of Islamic fanatic Kasab immediately

Posted by hinduexistence on November 28, 2009

One Year after, Kasab is still living and laughing to Hindu public !!!

Hang Kasab: Karkare, Salaskar wives meet Sonia

Express News Service Tags : 26/11 attack victims, mumbai Posted: Tuesday , Nov 24, 2009 at 1151 hrs

Kavita Karkare, wife of Maharashtra Anti-Terror Squad chief Hemant Karkare who was killed during the 26/11 Mumbai attack, met Sonia Gandhi (IN Congress Chair Person) at her home on Monday and demanded that Ajmal Amir Kasab be hanged. “Everybody wants Kasab to be hanged as soon as possible,” Kavita told reporters.

Karkare was accompanied by Smita Salaskar, widow of senior police inspector Vijay Salaskar, who too also killed in the attack. Karkare pitched for better bulletproof jackets for the police. Both women said Sonia heard out their requests sympathetically.

Reacting to Kavita’s demand for capital punishment to Kasab, Congress spokesman Manish Tewari said, “India is a democratic country. The trial is on. It is for the court to decide what punishment to give.”

” Demanding that Ajmal Kasab, the lone surviving terrorist captured during the attacks should be sent to the gallows, Karkare said, “all victims and martyrs families feel that he should be hanged.” When asked to comment about her husband”s lost bullet proof jacket, she said “jackets have been disappeared.

That is true. It should not happen again to anyone.

He should be hanged from a lamp post ,which will be a lesson to other terorists..

Father of Major Unnikrishnan

Why are they keeping Kasab [ Images ] alive? He should be hanged from a lamp-post, which will be a lesson for other terrorists. We saw him laughing on TV despite killing so many of our people.” ………….. Sri K Unnikrishnan, bereaved father of NSG Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan.

‘Judge saab, please hang him. He has ruined my daughter’s life’ .. father of Devika Rotwan, a 11 years girl permanently disabled on 26/11 Mumbai attack.

“Yeh kamina, nalayak saamne hai. Haramzaada. He broke my daughter’s leg. Judge saab, please hang him. He has ruined our lives. He has ruined my daughter’s life. Trust me, he is the one who shot at the people there… Jisko lagta hai usko dard hota hai. Doesn’t he have parents?”

Devika’s deposition
Judge Tahiliyani (J): You study?
Devika (D): I used to. Not any more.
J: Do you understand the meaning of God?
D: Yes
J: Do you understand the meaning of taking oath before God?
D: Yes.
J: What happens after taking an oath?
D: After taking an oath, lying becomes a sin. God gives punishment.
J: Will you take oath before God?
D: Yes
J: Are you feeling scared?
D: No
J: Will you sit down or stand?
D: You tell me
J: You understand Hindi or Marathi?
D: Hindi

(Judge arranges for a chair in the witness box for her)

Special public prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam (N): Do you remember the day when you were shot?
D: Yes. It was on November 26
N: Where were you going?
D: To Bharat bhai’s house in Pune. I was waiting at VT station with pappa and brother.
N: What happened?
D: I heard a loud explosion. Pappa said, “Let’s leave.” Then the firing began. My brother ran in one direction. I was with my father. I was hit on my right leg (lifts leg and shows the wound). I fell down. My leg broke. My bones broke. Blood was oozing out.
N: Then what happened?
D: I don’t know. I woke up in hospital.
N: You saw any of the shooters?
D: I saw one (pointing towards Kasab). The first one on the side.
Defence lawyer Abbas Kazmi (AK): I put to you that you didn’t see the accused.
D: I saw him. I swear on God I do not lie.

:: Vinita’s hours too wait for the hanging of Kasab :: Vinita Kamte writes a book in search of truth behind her husband’s death ::

Mumbai: For Vinita Kamte, wife of 26/11 martyr Additional Commissioner of Police Ashok Kamte, the search for truth about her husband’s death turned out to be a protracted struggle against the establishment itself.

She has chronicled her findings in a book titled To The Last Bullet, co-authored by senior journalist Vinita Deshmukh.

“I wanted to put his life and sacrifice in a proper perspective it deserves. It was not easy to take this decision because it was a question of whether I should speak out against a force which my husband was a part of and throwing light on the shortcomings of what happened during 26/11,” Ms. Kamte said at the launch of her book, at the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower hotel on Tuesday.

The hotel itself was one of the sites of the terror attacks.

“Kasab should be punished extremely as he finished many other’s lives like my son’s life” said weeping and bereaved mother of Late Budha Bhai Thakur, another target of Kasab. Budha Bhai was killed in his house at Badaruddin Tayebji Road on 26/11/2008. From Budha Bhai Kasab & Ismail took water to drink and killed him immediately in front of her mother to finish the witness.

Memorable Feat, Forgotten Hero ? No, we will hang Kasab…..

Memorable Feat, Forgotten Hero.

Harish Kotian in Mumbai|| Rediff News.

Has Tukaram Omble already been forgotten? Harish Kotian located the spot where the brave police officer laid down his life, almost isolated during the anniversary of the Mumbai terror attacks.

Hero today, forgotten tomorrow! That seems to be the case with Assistant Sub Inspector Tukaram Gopal Omble who helped capture terrorist Ajmal Kasab during the last year Mumbai terror attacks. Omble lost his life in the scuffle.

At a homage function for Omble in Mumbai on Thursday, mediapersons and politicians were conspicuous by their absence as most of them were seen jostling at plush spots like the Taj, Trident Hotel and Cafe Leopold. The place where Omble gave his life wore a deserted look in comparison. Only a handful of people were there — mostly comprising relatives and ex-colleagues.

On that dreaded night, Omble, 48, helped nab Kasab despite being felled by a hail of bullets.
Armed with only a baton, Omble pounced on Kasab and did not let him escape at the police barricade at the Girgaon Chowpatty. The brave officer tried to disarm the terrorist by grabbing his gun. Kasab fired, but Omble was firm, enabling other policemen to overpower him.
Looking back, that was no ordinary feat. If it was not for Omble’s courage, India would not have had the sole terrorist alive — the only source of information about the audacious terror attack in the country’s history.
The nation may have forgotten, but the family did not — and can’t. Omble’s wife Tarabai and daughters came to Chowpatty, the same spot where Omble was killed. Inspector Sanjay Govilkar, who was then with Omble during the incident, said his act of bravery saved every other policeman then.
“I must say that today I am alive because of his act of bravery. He was a fearless policeman and we are very proud of what he has done. Thanks to his bravery, Kasab was caught alive,” Govilkar said.
The function — organised by the Bharatiya Janata Party — urged the government to hang Kasab, instead of wasting crores of rupees on his security upkeep.
“It has been a year since Omble died, but his family cannot rest in peace because his killer is still alive. Worse, he is being provided with biryani in the jail. Kasab should be hanged immediately. That is what every Mumbaikar wants,” said a local leader.
The Mumbai Catholic Samaj lit candles and held banners along the Chowpatty Road at Marine Drive in memory of the terror victims.

“Their sacrifices will never be forgotten and that is what we want to show,” said a member.

More News about : A year after 26/11 : Read here.

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Hindu Mega Star Mithun Chakraborty’s ancestral property in Bengal not spared by Muslim Moles.

Posted by hinduexistence on November 23, 2009

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Even Bollywood Super Star Mithun Chakraborty’s Property not spared by Muslim Goons.

Even the famous Bollywood Hero Mithun Chakraborty’s property has not been spared by the Muslims of Nadia District. Mithun’s native place is Shantipur town in Nadia District, West Bengal. It is a predominantly Hindu majority town with a sizeable East Pakistani refugee residing there. Here, Mithun’s family owns a huge garden beside their ancestral home. The whole property is looked after by his 80 years old uncle Mr. Srikanta Chakraborty. Muslim populated locality Nikaripar is just adjacent to the Hero’s garden. It’s care-taker is also a Muslim as the Chakrabortay family engaged the fellow without any communal feeling. But the local Muslims habitually extracted money from Srikanta Chakraborty for a local club named ‘Azadi Club’ in a very forcible in many times. The miscreant Muslims vandalized the garden often to share the frits and other produces of the garden. But, due to the pressure of the Muslims Sri Chakraborty never dare to protest even.
Yesterday on 20th November, 2009, the Muslim boys demanded a few hundred bricks from the care-taker of the garden for some construction of the ‘Azadi Club’. The care-taker expressed his inability to give so as there is no brick in the garden. The boys told him to give the bricks by destroying the boundary wall of the garden in order to collect the bricks from the broken wall. Again the care-taker refused. Then last night the Muslim boys demolished a part of the boundary wall and took away about 1000 bricks.

Today morning when Srikanta Chakraborty, superstar’s Uncle went to visit the garden, he saw the broken wall and the care-taker reported him about the altercation of the previous day. This time Srikanta Chakraborty’s response was different because only a few day’s ago he got a copy of ‘Samhati Sambad’, the monthly bulletin of Hindu Samhati (HS), an emerging force of  Hindu Youths in Bengal. In that paper, one incident of Muslim vandalism on Hindus of Shantipur has been reported very candidly and boldly with a signal of spontaneous resistance there. It is a bit unusual in West Bengal scenario. So, the old man got courage. Seeing the misdeed of the Muslims, he went straight to Nikaripara and shouted upon the Muslims that this time they will not be spared because he would inform the matter to Hindu Samhati to take action. Then he contacted the local Hindu Samhati in-charge Dipak Sanyal to take up the case.

Sanyal reached the spot immediately and consulted the matter with Central Office of HS over phone. According to Central Office’s advice they together went to Shantipur police station to lodge a written complaint giving the names of the suspected accused. The accused culprits were Md. Apel Mondal, Khokan Ali, Md. Bashir and Kuti Dafadar. Fortunately the Police took prompt action, rushed to the spot and warned the Muslim culprits.

It worked. In the afternoon, 13-14 Muslim boys went to Chakraborty’s house. But, at that time he was away.

Today morning Srikanta Chakraborty, Dipak Sanyal and some other HS workers went to the spot. During the visit the members and miscreants of two Muslim clubs viz., Azadi Club and Moonlight Club jointly came to apologize and requested the Hindus to withdraw the Complaint lodged in the Police Station. The members of these two Clubs recently procured at least Rs.1100 from Srikanta Chakraborty by pressure for the occasion of Id-ul-Fiter. Moreover, they also claimed a piece of land for the purpose of erecting a sitting place of local Muslim boys with a hidden purpose to transform the land as a prayer place for Muslims.

Now the Muslims unconditionally apologised to Srikanta Chakraborty and promised to return the bricks of the garden. But, this time Mr. Chakraborty was enthused and furious. He was not satisfied with the return of the bricks only. He strongly demanded that only return of the bricks will not suffice and the broken wall must be reconstructed by the Muslim hoodlums without any delay. As per latest report from Shantipur the reconstruction of the damaged wall is almost complete. Again the strong arm tactics worked and Muslim anti-socials bowed down to a strong protest from Hindu sides.

In West Bengal the anti social elements under religious patronage have doubled their power with a clear support of both the Leftists and Rightist Political Parties.  Source : Bengal Spotlight.

Incidentally Sri  Mithun Chakraborty a Bengali Mega Star in Mumbai Film Industries is known as an apolitical personality with a keen relationship with Hindu Rightist Leader Bal Thackeray of Siva Sena and Leftist Leader Subhas Chakraborty (recently died)  of CPIM, West Bengal. No such relationships in the highest rung found a little utility to save his ancestral property under the clutch of Muslim Goons. We have not been able to get any reaction from the Mega Star after repeated efforts. But the reaction of Mega Stars’s octogenarian Uncle Srikanta Chakraborty is very enthusiastic and pragmatic in Hindutva line.

When contacted with Tapan Ghosh, All India President of HINDU SAMHATI and All India Working President of SREE RAM SENA, he also conveyed his congratulation to Srikanta chakraborty for his active protest against Muslim hooligans and stated the whole matter as a little victory against the Muslim Expansionism in Bengal.

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Marriage as per Hindu Rites is not allowed to register in Islamic Malaysia.

Posted by hinduexistence on November 21, 2009

Ugly Face of Islam :: In a spot to force ‘embracing’ Islam by minor Hindu Girls for praising Islam as a World Religion accepted by all.

Kedah PKR Youth Deputy Chief Gooi Hsiao Leung (left) talking
to Banggarma Subramaniam, 27 ( second left) and her husband
S. Sockalingam, 31 (right), with the present of their children,
Kanagaraj, 8 (center, back) and Hisyanthini, 2 (center, front).
Both Kanagaraj and Hisyanthini are showing their birth
certificates, which does not bear the name of their father’s.

In a spot after ‘embracing’ Islam as a minor
||Bernard Cheah||GEORGE TOWN, Nov 19, 2009||see original here||Elaboration by Upananda Brahmachari||

She was only seven when she was told to take an oath to embrace Islam and renounce her original faith of Hinduism. Muslim Fundamentalists could not found her tender age to consider her care free attitude for nature, love for song or play. Amidst  her cry as an effortless protest, they could not bothered anything to continue the rites of Islamic Conversion, highly illegal as the girl was minor. She was not alone, the Muslim clergy men were busy the to increase the numbers of Muslims in a very peaceful design.

Siti Hasnah Vangarama Abdullah, now 27, was in a government welfare home, Rumah Kanak-kanak in Taman Bakti, Kepala Batas, when she and several other children, some of whom were Chinese, were told by Perkim and the Penang Muslim Affairs Council to take the oath and renounce her original Hindu faith. In this way the Muslims often increase the numbers of Muslims through Peace Mission.

Born Banggarma Subramaniam as Hindu, she practised Islam in the welfare home until the age of 15 as a plight of her fate.

“I was more mature and realised what had happened, and started practising Hinduism again,” she said in a press conference yesterday to highlight her plight.

Banggarma said ran away from the welfare home three years later, unable to cope with the stress of living in the home and unbearable persecution and enormous exploitation upon the converted Hindu inmates of that Home.

She married S. Sockalingam, 31, according to Hindu rites, but could not register the marriage as, according to the National Registration Department as she was converted as a  Muslim even in her minor age without her consent or forcefully for  the sake of Islamic humanity.

She also could not name Sockalingam as father of their two children, Kanagaraj, 8 and Hisyanthini, 2, in their birth certificates due to this.

“When I went back to the home in 2001 to collect my documents I was told that I was still a Muslim,” she said. In Malaysia, Muslim can covert any Hindu or non-Muslim at any moment. But the Muslims or the Converted persons are not allowed to revert into their own religion in any scope.

Banggarma tried to change her name in her MyKad to her original name, but failed.

She and Sockalingam, who are residing in Tanjung Piandang, Perak, approached the relevant authorities to help her to revert to Hinduism, but their efforts were in vain.

They then turned to PKR Kedah’s Deputy Youth chief Gooi Hsiao Leung for help.

Gooi, a lawyer, said no minor is capable of giving free consent to renounce his or her own religion and embrace Islam.

“At the age of seven, she would not have understood nor appreciated the meaning of the words in the oath. She could hardly even write and spell her own name,” he told the press yesterday.

Gooi said the welfare home should have left Banggarma’s original religion alone until she was old enough to decide for herself.

He said he would refer her case to the relevant authorities, and if necessary, take the issue to court.

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Kashmir widow for CBI probe into Hindu husband’s murder

Posted by hinduexistence on November 17, 2009

Supreme Court of India intervened seriously into Anchal-Rajneesh case.

November 14, 2009

Kartik Krushna Chaturdashi, Kaliyug Varsha 5111

New Delhi: The Supreme Court Friday sought the Jammu and Kashmir government’s stand on a lawsuit seeking a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe into the custodial death of a Jammu-based Hindu boy, Rajneesh Sharma who married a Muslim girlAnchal Sharma, alias Amina Yousuf.

Rajneesh Sharma was allegedly tortured to death by state police in October this year at the behest of his father-in-law, a police inspector.

A bench of Justices Altmas Kabir and Cyriac Joseph sought the state government’s stand on the lawsuit filed by Rajneesh’s widow, Anchal Sharma, who was Amina Yousuf before she got married and converted to Hinduism.

The lawsuit was jointly filed by Anchal and Rajneesh’s mother and brothers, who fled Jammu apprehending danger to their lives and are hiding in the national capital.

The bench issued notice to the state government, seeking its reply by Nov 27. The bench also ordered Delhi Police to provide security to the girl and her in-laws.

Asking for an independent CBI probe into Rajneesh’s custodial death, Anchal and her in-laws have said he was tortured to death by station house officers (SHOs) and other officials of the Musnshi Bagh and Bakshi Nagar police station in Srinagar at the behest of the girl’s father in the first week of October.

The lawsuit said the couple got married against the wishes of her father and brother on July 21 this year after she had converted to Hinduism and left Jammu on a honeymoon tour to various places in northern and southern parts of the country.

However, the Srinagar police, on a complaint by Anchal’s father raided Rajneesh’s shop in Jammu and apprehended his brother, who was made an accused in the criminal case for kidnapping the girl.

Continued harassment forced Rajneesh to surrender before police in early October this year. But he was never released from police custody and was eventually done to death by the policemen, alleged the lawsuit. -eSource: IANS.

In India Muslim Boys feel free to marry the Hindu Girls without trouble, but they kill the Hindu Boys when the Hindu Boys marry Muslim Girls anyway.

And Political Parties and the Secular Intellectual in India agree it as a reflection of  Social Harmony !!!!

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Pakistan’s faithful Muslims Declare Taliban as Unholy Crusaders against Humanity !! Are They Holy Crusaders against Hindus, Buddhists, Jews & Christians ??

Posted by hinduexistence on November 16, 2009


Pakistani Muslims gather at one of the world’s largest Islamic four-day religious meetings in Raiwind, some 25 kilometres from Lahore on November 14, 2009. — AFP

Taliban under fire from Pakistan’s faithful, * But Hindus are miser to spend a single word against Talibans.

RAIWIND: Inayatullah Khan sits on a dusty rug and prepares to pray at Pakistan’s biggest religious gathering of 400,000 Muslims, cursing the Taliban for their ‘unholy crusade’ against humanity’.

Khan travelled all the way from the tribal region of South Waziristan to take part in the four-day event, one of the world’s largest Islamic meetings, in Raiwind on the outskirts of Pakistan’s cultural capital Lahore.

A resident of Kanigurram, a former Taliban hub that the military says it has captured during its ongoing five-week offensive in the northwest, Khan, 50, accused the Taliban of straying from the path of God and butchering Muslims. *But these Muslims enjoy butchering Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Christians and Quadianis by the Muslims in the name of Islam or Jihad. If not, How the 16% of Hindus in Pakistan in 1947, finished in Pakistan, keeping a residual of 1.86% now a days ?? Why the Christian and Quadianis are murdered in Pakistan by the Muslims in the Islamic charge of Blasphemy ?? Today when the mass Muslims are attacked by the Taliban Muslims, then the question of unholy crusade is surfaced. Fine !! Muslims Please Learn the Peace and Love from Nature and Others. Never it is underlying in Islam !!!

They call those who refuse to follow their brand of Islam infidels, not knowing they are inviting the wrath of Allah the almighty by killing Muslims, which I call an unholy crusade,’ Khan said.* What a pity that the Mass Muslims now have to be outspoken about Talibans for the cause of persecution heaped upon them. But these Talibans  always got support and patronage in the early stages when they opened their front against Russia and America. Terror, Hate, Murder, Apartheid never came to any conclusion of the Humanity. So the Talibans had have no scope for Humane anyway. Of late, it is good to register that Muslims have the scope to realize Islam through Talibani Activities and the one-eyed ness both they pose.

A Muslim whose faith is important enough to make an arduous three-day journey and sleep in a tent for four days, Khan invited the Taliban ‘to join us in spreading Islam’s eternal message of love, affection and peace.’ * Mad Islamic  Syndrome (like Mad Cow Syndrome) !! After seeing all these Muslim still believe that Islam has eternal message of love, affection and peace. Actually Islam gives us the message of Hate( not Love), Cruelty ( not Affection) and (not Peace).

The Tablighi Ijtema is an annual feature, founded by religious scholars more than five decades ago and focused exclusively on preaching Islam.

The Thursday-Sunday gathering in Raiwind, near the estate of opposition leader Nawaz Sharif, is being held under tight security due to the campaign of attacks that have swept the country killing more than 2,500 people in two years. * How many Hindus, Jews, Buddhists, Christians, Quadianis and other Non Muslims ( Read Kaffir) in these two years ?

Contingents of police guard the single-carriage road, lined by eucalyptus trees, that links Raiwind with downtown Lahore.

Spread over 150 acres of land with a huge parking space made available for thousands of buses and vehicles, the venue looks like a big tented village where pilgrims sleep, say prayers and eat together. * We will capture this World together. It is to wage a new War in the World to spread Pan Islamism in a new way. We have to Make this World as Dar ul Islam. Is it not true ??

‘Despite having to sleep under tents in cold and inhospitable weather, there is no let-up in our resolve to make this country a cradle of peace, a country free of suicide attacks and explosions,’ Khan said.

Hundreds of camps and sub-camps set up on the dusty ground accommodate people from cities across Pakistan.

Stalls sell cooked food, raw chicken and meat, vegetables and fruit, even electrical appliances and batteries for mobile phones at a subsidised rate.

A mixture of aromatic Pakistani dishes ranging from as little as 10 to 20 rupees gives the religious gathering a festival feel.

Faced with near-daily attacks, concentrated most heavily in the northwest, many mourn the mounting civilian toll from bombings, often targeting market places, but lace their comments with pervasive anti-American fears.* Talibans are ruining this Country Pakistan and the common Muslims are fearing pervasive Americans. This is the severity of Islamic propaganda continuously coming from the Mosques, Islamic seminaries and fundamental organizations always misleading the religious Muslim Mass. If Americans are the Persecutors of Pakistani Muslims, then why Pakistan is oiling America to  get help for running its activities against India ?

‘Our hearts bleed for the hundreds of innocent people who have lost their lives… and our security officials who are being killed by the Taliban,’ said Mohammad Farooq, from northwest town Tank, where some of the tens of thousands displaced by fighting in South Waziristan have sought shelter. * Does your heart bleed for thousands innocent non-Muslim people victimized by the Cruel Talibans or Fundamentalist Muslims ? Please bleed your heart for the Non Muslims too. Then a new age of Islam may begin with unbiased Brotherhood.

‘The Taliban are enemies of Islam and humanity and advance only an American and Indian agenda — to destabilise Pakistan,’ said Farhan Hamad Khan, who had come from Dera Ismail Khan, where many other refugees are also living.

When the prayer leader gave the call to prayer, people rushed towards hundreds of temporary washrooms to make their ablutions.

As Mohammad Azhar, an Islamabad-based chartered accountant waited his turn, he remembered how Pakistan’s ‘icon of democracy,’ former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, was assassinated in a gun and suicide attack in 2007.

‘Her killers still roam around scot-free,’ said the bearded Azhar. ‘No religion, including Islam, allows the killing of humans.’

‘We need to hold gatherings like this one and inculcate in our people a true spirit of Islam, which is a code of life for all of us and not the kind of Islam that Taliban want to introduce.’

The prayer leader in his Friday sermon addressed the same issue. *But the sermon never include the Respect for All Religions, All People of the World, All Nations, All Continents. Islam has one Allah….Denounce-De Respect All Gods. Follow one holy Book Quran…Torch all other Scriptures. Let live the Muslims only and kill all the dis-believers(Kaffirs). This World will be under Islam, the Others have no Place so far. This is the essence of every sermons of Islamic Prayer. And through it Islam will bring Peace to this World. Good !!!!

A stern punishment awaits all those who refuse to follow commandments of Allah the almighty,’ he said into a pin-drop silence among the avid masses. * This is the fallacy of Islam and the all source of  Islamic Imprudence in this world. Every Kiffirs, whether an Honest Hindu, Benevolent Buddhist, Responsible Christian or a Patriotic Jews….. all will be punished  by the  Allah the Almighty, as it is told in the Holy Hook ( Sorry, Holy Book). So what is wrong with the Talibans ?? They are doing these to lessen the Almighty’s Job !!! Condemn this Islam. And Abuse this Report of Peace loving Men believe in Islam !!!!!

400000 Muslims gathered in Pakistan to condemn Talibani Terrorism there. Can a strong 500000 Hindus all over India come to the capital to denounce Islamic Terrorism in India ? Would we be able to put our protest against Anti Hinduness of all Political Parties ?? Why we are not united to fight to restore the dignity of  ‘BANDE MATARAM’  &  ‘JANA GANA MANA ADHINAYAKA’ and oust the Anti Indian element from India ???

Oh, Achryas, Shankaracharyas, Jagadgurus, Sadgurus, Mahantas,Maha Mandaleswars, Mandaleswars, Hindu Leaders Please Come Together to make understand the Islamic Threat to India.  Save Dharma.. Save Rashtra… And Make India a Dharma Rashtra !!!!!

Posted by Upananda Brahmachari

*……are the commentaries upon the report published in Dawn on 14/11/09.

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A SHIFT IN POSITION – The RSS needs to discover the India of the 21st century

Posted by hinduexistence on November 13, 2009


“From being an instrument of Hindu reawakening,  RSS has become a self-aggrandizing brotherhood”

-Swapan Dasgupta || The Telegraph Kolkata || 13 November, 2009

400px-SwayamsevakLast week, eyebrows were raised over yet another media appearance by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh chief, Mohan Rao Bhagwat. This time, the fuss centred on his categorical public announcement that the next national president of the Bharatiya Janata Party would not be a Delhi-based leader, and that L.K. Advani would soon relinquish his post as leader of the Opposition. Fortuitously for the Indian foreign policy establishment, his prognosis that Pakistan and Afghanistan “are a part of us and will return one day” did not arouse corresponding attention.

That a person who is not a primary member of the BJP could presume to lay down the line and blackball the party’s four prominent second-rung faces has profound ramifications. It suggests that the RSS has not merely acquired control over the decision-making of the BJP but is no longer squeamish about saying so openly. The niceties and the elaborate protocol that earlier marked the RSS’s expression of interest in specific decisions of the BJP have been replaced by an in-your-face flaunting of the political role of a so-called “socio-cultural organization”. The whispered “request from the Sangh” that earlier influenced the odd selection of candidates and office-bearers has been replaced by a command-and-control regime.sudarshan-vajpayee20040716005400403

Nor does the exercise of control depend on a three-line whip to professional politicians. Since the advent of Rajnath Singh in 2005, the RSS has strategically placed its full-timers in crucial organizational posts in the belief that politicians with an eye on electoral politics are incapable of institution-building. Whereas in the 1990s the RSS despatched only a dozen or so full-timers on deputation to the BJP, their numbers are in the region of 350 today. Apart from the state organizing secretaries whose identities are prominently displayed on the BJP website, these include large numbers of district sangathan mantri who form the nucleus of a parallel party organization in the localities. In the words of a BJP leader, many of those entrusted with organizational responsibilities are “unfit to be employed as primary school teachers.”

sudarshanji-mohanji2009032250050101In the past, the RSS was very wary of involvement in the political arena, seeing it as a corrupting influence and a diversion from the organization’s priority of injecting nationalism into civil society. RSS old-timers were fond of comparing the role of politics in society to the toilet in a household: a necessity but hardly something to be showcased. Today, these inhibitions have been set aside and there now appears to be a marked enthusiasm among full-timers to be deputed to the BJP. Compared to the other ‘fraternal’ organizations of the RSS, such as the Vanvasi Kalyan Kendra, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh, there is glamour and self-importance attached to rubbing shoulders with the political class. Predictably, some of the lifestyle distortions that come with exercising authority and hobnobbing with political power are evident among the full-timers. The joke in political circles is that the RSS full-timer is extremely malleable and is easily won over by modest ‘gifts’ that range from mobile phones, stitched kurta-pyjamas, air conditioners and a good, home cooked, vegetarian meal — a case, as one ‘fixer’ called it, of “low investments and high returns”.

narinder%20modi(1)What has compounded the problem is the RSS’s brazen non-accountability to the party. It is remarkable that despite holding positions of authority in the BJP, the pracharaks on deputation are neither appointed nor can they be removed by the BJP state and national presidents. A few months ago, the president of the West Bengal BJP did something inconceivable: he issued a show-cause to the local RSS-appointed sangathan mantri. The outcome was predictable: the state president was peremptorily sacked by the national president for his audacity. Likewise in Rajasthan, Vasundhara Raje successfully secured the removal of a disruptive organizing secretary. But, as a quid pro quo, the RSS demanded Raje’s removal as leader of the Opposition, despite the fact that a majority of the members of the legislative assembly was backing her. She resisted her removal for nearly three months, but ultimately had to succumb. Once again, Rajnath Singh played the part of an obliging executioner.

rss2004041404631301RSS full-timers in the BJP are spared the obligations of ordinary members. A 2005 amendment to the BJP constitution stipulated that a sangathan mantri was ineligible to contest elections. Since endorsement by the electorate is the basis of politics, the RSS appears to have insulated itself from the principle of popular endorsement. It is this detachment from the numbers game, without which democracy is meaningless, that explains the RSS’s obsession with ‘ideology’, the shorthand for the pursuit of abstruse and cranky themes. It may also explain why mass leaders such as Kalyan Singh, Uma Bharti, Narendra Modi, Vasundhara Raje and B.C. Khanduri have been at loggerheads with the RSS.

A small example may illustrate the distance that separates the RSS from the mass politician. In its manifesto for the Haryana assembly election held last month, the BJP included an assurance to ban “Western music and vulgarity” in the unlikely event it was voted to power. The manifesto, which had apparently been drafted by a local RSS ‘intellectual’, took the BJP completely by surprise. Confronted by the ridiculous imagery of motorists switching off alien sounds the moment their cars crossed the Gurgaon toll bridge from Delhi, a red-faced BJP had to issue clarifications and denials. Later, when some national leaders enquired from the state unit why the absurd promise had been inserted in the first place, they were given an ingenuous explanation. The production of milk in Haryana, it was claimed, had suffered because cows were disturbed by loud disco music in villages!

There is a huge gulf that separates the RSS’s priorities and the BJP’s perception of politics — though there are moments of convergence. The world view of the RSS leadership is shaped primarily by interactions with its own full-timers and lay swayamsevaks. It’s a relationship shaped by two factors: unflinching faith in the sangh’s role as the vanguard of Hindu resurgence and timeless certitudes. A remarkable degree of group solidarity— including a very distinctive use of language — has contributed to a ‘groupthink’ and discouraged scepticism and inquiry in the sangh. The RSS has nurtured an enviable degree of loyalty and dedication among its followers but its efficacy has been tempered by an inability to engage with ‘non-believers’. From being an instrument of Hindu re-awakening, it has become a variant of the Freemasons, a self-aggrandizing brotherhood.rss427457263bd39d7eac63a72543380535-grande

This distortion is at the heart of the RSS’s desperation to control the BJP. In the past 15 years, the BJP has outgrown the RSS. It is the country’s premier Opposition party with a stake in at least eight state governments and umpteen district bodies and municipalities. Its social reach far exceeds that of the RSS’s. More important, the BJP has acquired relevance at a time the RSS is declining in its traditional catchment areas. Lifestyle shifts fuelled by prosperity, cosmopolitanism and leisure have made the daily bout of callisthenics less appealing to pre-pubescent Hindu boys. And yet, there is no direct correlation between the RSS’s diminishing appeal and the fortunes of the BJP. It’s only after the RSS decided the BJP was its exclusive charge that both graphs showed a southward incline.rss2007122657200401

It takes decades of good politics and sensible leadership to build a national party; it takes a few well-publicized acts of misguided zeal to demolish it. Bhagwat has got his diagnosis wrong. It’s not the BJP that needs either chemotherapy or surgery; plain detoxification will be sufficient. It’s the RSS that needs to discover the India of the 21st century.

Courtesy : The Telegraph Kolkata.

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Muslim Female Minister in Nepal slapped Senior Hindu Official. Slap that Bitch with Slippers.

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Protest at Nepal minister’s slaps to Hindu Official.


Karima Bitch Begum, Minister of State Agriculture & co-operatives, Maoist State of Nepal.

By Joanna Jolly
BBC News, Kathmandu || 14:23 GMT, Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Local government offices in a southern district of Nepal have shut down in protest after a visiting minister beat up the most senior local official.

The minister, Karima Begum, slapped the man five times – for not sending a new car to pick her up from the airport.

When chief district officer Durga Prasad Bhandari protested, she struck him again, breaking his glasses.

Mr Bhandari has written in protest to Nepal’s Home Ministry, which has apologised. Mrs Begum has yet to do so.

‘Who is senior?’

The beating happened on Tuesday after an old car was sent to collect Mrs Begum during a ministerial visit to the southern town of Birgunj in Parsa district.

Mrs Begum, minister of state for agriculture and co-operatives, took her anger out on Mr Bhandari, slapping him five times on the cheeks.

The chief district officer said he was shocked by the beating, which came as he stood in line to welcome the minister.

“I could not even get a word out,” he told a local newspaper.

He said he had tried to persuade the minister her conduct was not in keeping with her position, but this had made her more angry.

“She even broke my spectacles,” said the bruised Mr Bhandari.bhandari226

Mrs Begum later told local reporters that she knew that the district administration office had a new Mahindra Scorpio SUV and that she had expected to be picked up in it.

She said that failing to send the vehicle showed a lack of respect by the chief district officer.

I could not even get a word out – she even broke my spectacles
Durga Prasad Bhandari,
Chief officer, Parsa district

Mr Bhandari is waiting for an apology (Photo: Kathmandu Post)

“Who is senior – minister or chief district officer?” she asked.

However, Mr Bhandari said the reason he had not sent the Scorpio was it had not been available at the time.

Instead he had sent a vehicle from the Agricultural Tools and Research Office.


Following the incident, local government offices and government-run banks in the district have shut down in protest.

A group of government staff associations have issued a joint statement saying they will remain closed until the minister apologies for her actions.

Mr Bhandari said he had already informed the Home Ministry about the incident.

In a statement, the ministry said it regretted his mistreatment by State Minister Begum.

Where’s the Reaction ? Imagine the outrage if a Hindu minister had assaulted a Muslim officer………………………

Slap that Bitch Karima Begum with Slippers where ever available in Nepal or Outside.

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The Dangerous trend of Socio-Political-Religious Hindu Leaders to compromise with Anti Hinduness.

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Darul-Uloom, Ulemas change stand on Vande Mataram

Posted On: 09-Nov-2009 21:05:26 By: Sandhya || Deccan Herald

Chennai: In a significant development, Darul-Uloom and the Ulemas of Deoband, have changed their 12-year-old stand on rendering Vande Mataram to bring the Hindu-Muslim communities closer.

This development took place yesterday after a one-hour long meeting between the Ulema and Spiritual Guru and humanitarian leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Founder,Art of Living . Present at the meeting with Sri Sri, were Maulana Margub Urrrehman of Darul-Uloom, Darul Iftah in charge Mufti Habibur Rehman, who issued the fatwa 12 years ago, Mufti Ehsaan Qasmi and Usman Mansoorpuri of the Jamiat Ulema e Hind, anArt of Living press release here said.

Ulema said they do not have any objection to the National song and have left it to the conscience of Muslims who should decide for themselves whether they want to sing the song or not.

However, Maulana Khalik Madrasi of Darul Uloom also said that the 12 year-old fatwa on Vande Matram cannot be recalled now. Speaking to the media after the meeting, Sri Sri said, “I told them that ‘Vande’ doesnt just mean ‘puja’ or prayer, but it is also thanksgiving. The first lines of Vande Mataram are not objectionable in any way. This issue should not be given undue importance. The country is above all and there should be no rift between Hindus and Muslims.”

Quoting a Supreme Court judgment, Sri Sri also said that no one should be pressurised to sing Vande Mataram. In continuation of His efforts to bring people together, Sri Sri also urged everyone not to rake up issues which could provoke sentiments of either community and said, “It is important to maintain communication links to avoid misunderstandings. Through peaceful talk and dialogue, we can solve any issue and transform any situation. We have to have a progressive outlook,” the release said.

‘Vande Mataram fatwa not mandatory’

srisriravishankardarjPNS/PTI | New Delhi/Muzaffarnagar || Daily Pioneer

Days after a top Muslim body passed a resolution asking the community members not to recite Vande Mataram, a prominent Islamic organisation which had issued fatwa against the National Song in 2006, on Monday said the edict cannot be withdrawn.

The fatwa department of Darul Uloom had issued an edict in 2006, describing recitation of Vande Mataram as anti-Islamic. Darul Uloom’s Vice-Chancellor Maulana Abdul Khalik Madrasi, however, said: “Fatwa is not an order but a guiding principle. People may abide it or ignore it.”

“We issue fatwa only when someone approaches us to seek guidance,” he said, adding that the seminary cannot withdraw the edict which was issued three years ago. The cleric, however, ulema26566made it clear that his organisation has no objection to non-Muslims singing the song.

On November 3, Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind in its 30th general session in Deoband had passed a resolution asking Muslims not to recite Vande Mataram on the grounds that some verses of the National Song are against the tenets of Islam.

Meanwhile, in Betul town of Madhya Pradesh, a group of Muslims led by a clergyman joined people from other communities in singing the song in front of a mosque.

A large number of people from a cross section of the society collected in front of the Jama Masjid at Betul Bazar at the invitation of its Imam Hafiz Abdul Razique and recited the song on Sunday. The event was organised by Rukmani Balaji Mandir, its founder Sam Verma, an NRI, said.

“It is not against Islam to sing Vande Mataram,” Razique said and added that he himself requested those taking part in the rally to sing the national song in front of the mosque.

In another significant development, Darul Uloom and the Ulema of Deoband, have changed their 12-year-old stand on Vande Mataram to bring the Hindu-Muslim communities closer. This development took place on Sunday after a one-hour-long meeting between the Ulema and spiritual and humanitarian leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, according to a Press release issued by the Art of Living.

Present at the meeting with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar were Maulana Margub Urrrehman of Darul Uloom, Darul Iftah in charge Mufti Habibur Rehman, who issued the fatwa 12 years ago, Mufti Ehsaan Qasmi and Usman Mansoorpuri of the Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind.

Ulema said that they do not have any objection to the national song and have left it to the conscience of Muslims who should decide for themselves whether they want to sing the song or not.

Quoting a Supreme Court judgement, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar also said that no one should be forced to sing Vande Mataram.

‘Ulemas won’t stop Muslims from singing Vande Mataram

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar & Maulana JiPublished: Mon, 09 Nov 2009 at 20:31 IST Source : IANS

New Delhi: In a bid to tone down the row over its fatwa against the singing of ‘Vande Mataram’, clerics from the Deoband Islamic seminary have said they won’t stop Muslims from singing the national song but the fatwa would stay.

The climbdown comes after some clerics from Darul Uloom Deoband met Hindu spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

“The clerics have changed their stand on ‘Vande Mataram’ to bring the Hindu-Muslim communities closer,” said a press statement from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

The clerics, according to the press release, said they “do not have any objection to the national song” and have left it to the “conscience” of Muslims who should decide for themselves whether they want to sing it or not.

The press statement quoted Maulana Khalik Madrasi of the Darul Uloom as saying the fatwa on ‘Vande Mataram’ cannot be recalled now, but the Darul Uloom will not stop anyone from singing it.

Present at the meeting with Sri Sri were “Maulana Margubur Rehman of the Darul Uloom, Darul Iftah (fatwa section) in-charge Mufti Habibur Rehman, who issued the (decree), Mufti Ehsaan Qasmi and Usman Mansoorpuri of the Jamiat-e-Ulema-e-Hind”, the statement said.

Sri Sri told them that ‘Vande Mantaram’ is not a prayer but a means of thanksgiving.

“The first lines of ‘Vande Mataram’ are not objectionable in any way. This issue should not be given more importance. The country is above all and there should be no rift between the Hindu and Muslims,” he said.

Quoting a Supreme Court judgment, Sri Sri also said that no one should be pressurised to sing ‘Vande Mataram’.

Some clerics soften stand on ‘Vande Mataram’

mjhTNN 10 November 2009, 02:49am IST

MUZAFFARNAGAR: Six days after the Jamiat-Ulema-e-Hind passed a resolution asking Muslims not to sing Vande Mataram on the grounds that it was ‘‘un-Islamic’’, the community’s clerics have reportedly softened their stand. The change of heart came after spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, visited Deoband on November 8, 2009, and met Jamiat leaders.

The issue was discussed at a one-hour-long meeting, at which Maulana Margub Ur-rehman of Darul-Uloom, Darul Iftah in charge Mufti Habibur Rehman, Mufti Ehsaan Qasmi and Usman Mansoorpuri of the Jamiat were present. At the end of it, the ulema said they did not have any objection to the national song and had left it to the conscience of Muslims who could decide for themselves whether they wanted to sing the song or not.

The fatwa department of Darul Uloom had issued an edict in 2006, describing the recitation of Vande Mataram as anti-Islamic. Darul Uloom’s vice-chancellor Maulana Abdul Khalik Madrasi, however, said that a fatwa was not an order but a guiding principle. ‘‘People may abide by it or ignore it,’’ he said, adding that the seminary issued fatwas only when someone approached them ‘‘to seek guidance’’.

Maulana Madrasi, however, made it clear that the seminary could not withdraw the edict which was issued three years ago.          ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..


The Dangerous trend of Socio-Political-Religious Hindu Leaders to compromise with Anti Hinduness.


~ by Upananda Brahmachari,

- Hindu Existence Moderator.

If there would be the inclusion of  Omkar or existence of Bande Mataram in The Quran or Zinnah softened a little bit to the Hindu Leadership of India, the present dilemma  around the bizarre ” Pranayam without Omkar”, “Patriotism denouncing Bande Matatram” or ” Establishing  Jinnah as an Ambassador of Indo-Pak Unity” never been occurred anyway.

Most of us feel filthy to discuss anything about the Advinnah’s effort to justify a man who floated Direct Action against the innocent Hindus (by which Lakhs of Hindus were butchered, Hindu women-Girls were molested & rapped and Crores of Hindus were uprooted from their motherland) to grab the power by the separation of his own Mother Land. Jinnah born in India. But as he  completely denounced Bande Mataram in actual stage, virtually he separated his Mother Land for a Pak Land, Pakistan. Who can deny this truth ?

That mentality is still persisted in the mind-set of Indian Muslims which has come up recently with their resentment with chanting Omkar at the time of performing Pranayam and uttering Bande Mataram as a inspiring slogan in connection with Bharat Swaviman Andolan launched by Swami Ramdev. This is the pretext of the current crux for which personalities like Yogi Ramdev or Spiritual Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar were compelled to betray with the basic theme of  Indian Culture and Heritage.

As a Yog expert Ramdevji knows better than any one about the significance of Omkar in the line of practicing Yog and Pranayam. But he bowed down to the Muslims expelling Omkar from Yoga and Pranayam for his penetration into the Muslim clan. In this way a new ‘Yogasutra‘  may be written but a disproving mentality of the Islamist gets the renewed energy to dicard the main-stream per thier choice.

And it is more dangerous when a divine guru like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar simplifies that “Bande” means “thanksgiving”, so Bande Mataram means Thanks to the Mother Land. Shame to this Clarification. As per our little knowledge is concerned “Bande” means “to salute” or “to adore” in its material meaning with a highest feeling of inexpressible reverence, gratitude and offerings in prayer to the Mother.. one’s Mother land.

Sri Sri might have collected a varied customs and etiquette from different places of Europe and America to assimilate. But the style of giving thanks to Mother or showing formalities to mother is quite obsolete in India. Please don’t try to disgrace the god gifted Mother & Child relationship here in India. It seems to us that you try to preach in Muslims to consider India as their Step Mother so that they convey a formal Thanks to their Step Mother. Don’t forget Martyr Ashfakullah, Qazi Najrul Islam, Prof. Sahidulah, M. C. Chagla and many other Patriotic Muslims accepted Bande Mataram  without hesitation. Please take up this direct line without falsifying anything.mug

In the above pictures Sri Sri is present with various Muslims Leaders of the world including Dr. Zakir Naik also. What is the opinion of  Dr. Zakir about Bande Mataram ? What are the effects of Sri Sri’s visit in the various Muslim Countries and Muslim Communities in the event of spreading Art of Living further ?? Has the mentality of Muslim community been changed a little to the conflict or fight against the Kaffirs ?? Please spread Art of Living in Pakistan and Bangladesh to protect the persecuted Hindus there. They completely believe in Omkar and Bande Mataram. You have not to face any trouble to bargain anyway to the Hindus to make them follower of  Omkar or Bandemataram. But you ventured to mold the Azamgarhis and Deobandis to teach a lesson against Jihad and Pan Islamism. One of these two places are treated as the Capital of proposed Mugalistan  in India. You know it well Ravishankarji.

The Hindu People of the World along with thousand of non Hindu admirers of  Sri Sri Ravishankarji or Yogrishi Ramdevji consider them as the Champion Spiritual and  Religious Leaders of Hindu Dharma. But they cannot accept any dangerous steps of disgracing the Dharma in the name of adjustment or popularity by their adorned Mentors. Please. Please.

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In Bangladesh Hindus are still Enemies to the State ??

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Bangladesh’s hegemony  to approve law to return 1965 war Hindu property from the clutch of  defacto Enemies’ Property Act.

Dhaka: The Bangladesh cabinet on Monday approved a proposed law to return Hindu property which were confiscated during the 1965 Indo-Pak war, when the country was eastern wing of Pakistan, ending a major violation of the rights of minorities in the country.


The cabinet meeting (chaired by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina) approved the Vested Property Return (Amendment) Act 2009 . . . it (proposed law) will now be placed to parliament for enactment,” prime minister’s deputy press secretary Mahbubul Haque Shakil told reporters.

The proposed law is meant to redress the long-disputed law of the Pakistani era, which was widely criticised as a major violation of the minority rights. During the Pakistan period, the law was called as Enemy Property Act.

The then Pakistani regime enacted the law to confiscate the property of the Hindu families who fled the country when the India-Pakistan war broke out in 1965 while the post independent Bangladesh government renamed it as the Vested Property Act 1974.

The final cabinet approval for the law came after some amendments were made to it in line with the cabinet directives two months ago.

Officials familiar with the process said under the amended proposal, the government would publish lists of “returnable and non-returnable vested property” within a certain period of times while the claimants could also seek review about “non returnable” property.

Under the law, government committees at district and upazila or sub-district levels would settle disputes regarding the disputed property.

Awami League had enacted the law to return the minority property at the fag end of its previous 1996-2001 tenure setting a two-year implementation deadline but the subsequent Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) sat on it exposing it to a natural death.

The past military-backed interim government, however, enacted another ordinance under emergency rules with identical objectives of settling the long-standing issue but it too faced a natural death as the incumbent Awami League decided not to ratify it in parliament.

A parliamentary watchdog on March 11 this year asked the land ministry to draft the new Vested Property Return Act restoring the six-month deadline for local authorities to compile a list of land seized under the law.

Many Hindus were unable to recover landholdings lost because of discrimination under the now-defunct Vested Property Act, an East Pakistan-era law that allowed the Government to expropriate “enemy”, in practice Hindu, lands.

The then Pakistani government had seized approximately 2.5 million acres of land from Hindus, affecting nearly 10 million Hindus in the country until parliament scrapped it in April 2001.

The 2001 law stipulated that land that was seized under the be returned to its original owners, provided that the original owners or their heirs remained resident citizens.

According to a study conducted by a Dhaka University professor several years ago nearly 200,000 Hindu families lost approximately 40,667 acres of land since 2001 until the annulment of the Vested Property Act, considered a “black law”.

After a protracted campaign by the rights groups and different forums of the Hindu community the then Awami League government had scraped the law enacting the .

Source :Bureau Report>> Zee News.

Basudev Dhar reports in Daink Statesman, Kolkata on 3rd. Nov. that the Leaders of Bangladesh Hindu Bauddha Christian Oikya Parishad ( Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council, BHBCUC) reacted primarily upon the tabled legislation as the amendments in the said  Vested Property Return Act 1974 @ Enemies’ Property Act 1965 does not contain any relief to the Hindus left Bangladesh or staying Bangladesh returning their exile sometime out of Bangladesh.

Rana Das Gupta, General Secretary of BHBCUC  told that they have not got the full version of the said Amendment Act and the available information has no scope to be relieved anyway for the persecuted Hindus of Bangladesh. They must convey the details about the plight of Bangladeshi Hindus to the International Hindu Communities in the present context of Amendment of  Vested Property Return Act 1974.

It is a fact the then Pakistan Govt in East Pakistan imposed the Enemies’ Property Act 1965 to grab the land of  Hindus in the advent of Indo-Pak War. Regimes changed several times with the flow of gallons of water in Padma, but the fate of the Hindus in Bangladesh remain unchanged. In each and every day after the Freedom War in Bangladesh in 1971 acres of lands of Hindus have been encroached by the Islamist Musclemen, Leaders of the Political Parties – both in power and in opposition and other state agencies.

The non-provision of  inheritance or the co-sharing of the landed property in the proposed Amendment Act 2009 in question hinted the halfheartedness of Sheikh Hasina of the Awami League Govt. in the matter of redressal of the Hindu Victims alike its predecessor Khaleda Zia of BNP Govt . At present the  Hindus of Bangladesh turned as a small minority of 8% coming down from a higher population of 23% in 1971 as per available data and census reports. The tremendous persecution of the Islamists upon the Hindus in Bangladesh and the State sponsored torture over the Hindus in Bangladesh are pointed as the prime cause of the ethnic cleansing of Hindus from Bangladesh.

The Hindu Bengalees sacrificed no less blood than the Muslim Bengalees in the Freedom Fight of  Bangladesh. But the face of Islamization of Bangladesh detracted the Kaffir  Bengali Hindus from their civil rights in Bangladesh.

Reaction of  the Hindu Human Rights Group for the matter.


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Living Buddha sprinkles peace water upon fierce Chinese Dragon

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Dalai Lama visits Arunachal Pradesh

Sun Nov 8, 2009 5:35pm IST

By Krittivas Mukherjee

TAWANG, India (Reuters) – Thousands of Buddhist monks and supporters welcomed Tibet’s exiled spiritual leader on Sunday to Arunachal Pradesh also claimed by China, a trip that has renewed tensions between the Asian giants.

The Dalai Lama arrived by helicopter in this remote Buddhist enclave nestled in the icy folds of the eastern Himalayas, where he had passed through after fleeing Tibet in 1959 after a failed uprising against Chinese rule.

The visit, as well as reports of border incursions in recent months, has triggered tensions between the world’s two most populous nations, whose relations remain hostage to mutual suspicion lingering from a brief 1962 border war.

The Tibetan spiritual leader defended his visit to Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh and said he wasn’t surprised by Beijing’s reaction.

“It is quite usual for China to step up the campaign against me wherever I go,” the Dalai Lama told reporters after opening a museum at a 400-year-old monastery in Tawang, which is at the heart of the border row between the two

“My visit here is non-political,” he said.

Beijing, which considers Arunachal Pradesh to be part of south Tibet, criticised the visit as undermining Chinese territorial integrity. It has slammed the Dalai Lama’s “scheme to wreck China’s relations” with India.

India and China have made little progress in resolving their decades-old dispute over the Himalayan border, despite several rounds of talks.

China lays claim to 90,000 sq km of land on the eastern sector of the border. India disputes that and instead says China occupies 38,000 sq km (15,000 sq miles) of territory in Aksai Chin plateau in the western Himalayas.

The neighbours which compete for global resources and influence, have also exchanged diplomatic barbs at multi-lateral forums and sparred over visa policies for their citizens in an escalating row that many fear could spiral out of control.

This, despite relations thawing in recent years on the back of mutual trade that is expected to exceed $60 billion next year, a 30-fold increase since 2000.


On Sunday, thousands of people lined the road to Tawang — a moonscape of steep, craggy mountains and white stupas, which is home to the Monpa people who practice Tibetan Buddhism and speak a tongue similar to Tibetan.

Roads were washed, welcome gates with colourful Buddhist paintings erected and the valley’s main monastery decked up. With hundreds of exiled Tibetans arriving for the event from all over India, the town took on a carnival look to greet the Dalai Lama.

“He is our god,” said a young woman who gave her name as Choeden in between helping put up Tibetan scripture-bearing holy flags.

“He has come back to bless us all. China may or may not recognise him but that is not important for us. Can the Chinese remove him from our hearts?”M_Id_118689_dalai_lama

Lamas or monks swathed in maroon and saffron robes chanted sutras, blew gongs and swung incense sticks before a 25-ft high golden Buddha at the main monastery – a pagoda-like structure with brilliant red, blue and white paintings.

“The Chinese government is pure evil and it knows what the Dalai Lama means to us,” said Pema Tsering, who runs a local grocery store. “They call him names to belittle him. But he is like the ocean, a few drops of poison doesn’t spoil it.”

Beijing calls the Dalai Lama a dangerous “splittist” plotting Tibetan independence, a charge he denies. He says he is merely seeking autonomy for Tibet.

(Additional reporting by Biswajyoti Das)

(Editing by Bappa Majumdar and Sanjeev Miglani)



Dalai Lama surprised over Chinese claims on Tawang


Dalai Lama said his visit to Tawang is non-political and aimed at promoting universal brotherhood

Sukhendu Bhattacharya / PTI

Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh: Arriving in this border town to a rousing reception on a visit resented by China, the Dalai Lama on Sunday rebuffed Beijing for objecting to his trip to Arunachal Pradesh and expressed surprise over the Communist nation’s claims to Tawang, a revered seat of Buddhism.prayer-flags_1518102c

The 74-year-old Tibetan spiritual leader, who is visiting Arunachal Pradesh after six years—drawing international attention in the wake of Chinese protests—also rejected Beijing’s charge that he was encouraging a separatist movement by calling it baseless. The Nobel laureate characterized his “emotional” visit to Tawang, which has strong ties to Tibet, as non-political.

“It is totally baseless on the part of the Chinese Communist government to say that I am encouraging a separatist movement. My visit to Tawang is non-political and aimed at promoting universal brotherhood and nothing else,” he said. The Dalai Lama said the People’s Liberation Army of China had occupied Tawang and nearly reached Bom Dila during the Sino-India war in 1962.

“But the then Chinese government declared a unilateral ceasefire and withdrew (its forces). Now the Chinese have got different views. This is something which I really don’t know. I am a little bit surprised,” he said in a clear reference to Chinese claims over Tawang.

Dalai_Lama00He was talking to newsmen after opening a museum at the 400-year-old Tawang monastery here.

China has strongly objected to the Dalai Lama’s visit and in recent days, it has stepped up rhetoric claiming Tawang and the whole of Arunachal Pradesh as part of that country.

He said there was no point in holding talks with China on the Tibet issue unless Beijing spells out its policy on it.

“It is quite usual for China to step up campaigning against me wherever I go,” he added.

The spiritual leader, who flew to Tawang from Guwahati on Sunday morning, was welcomed by cheering Tibetans as he drove along the 10km stretch from the helipad to the Tawang monastery, accompanied by Arunachal Pradesh chief minister Dorjee Kandu.

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Hindu Yog Rishi Ramdev Censored by Muslim Dar ul ulum, Deoband. Would it be right to trust upon Muslims for any reverence for Hindu Tradition and Culture??

Posted by hinduexistence on November 9, 2009

Yoga without OMkar, Patriotism without Bande Mataram, New Testament for Muslims !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Avoid Ramdev’s yoga camp, it begins with ‘Vande Mataram':

Darool to Muslims

PTI 7 November 2009, 05:44pm IST

MUZAFFARNAGAR: Four days after Ramdev demonstrated ‘pranayam’ and a Hindu priest recited Vedic hymns at a meet of Muslim clerics at Deoband, Islamic seminary Darul Uloom issued a directive asking Muslims to avoid a camp run by the yoga guru as it begins with the singing of ‘Vande Mataram’.“Singing of Vande Mataram is a prayer and against Islamic law as Muslims cannot offer prayers to anyone except Allah. Muslims should not sing Vande Mataram,” said Mufti Ehsan Kazmi, deputy-in-charge of Darul Uloom’s fatwa department.He, however, said yoga can be practised as an exercise.

Another cleric Mufti Ehsan also said Muslims should refrain from singing ‘Vande Mataram’ during the yoga camp.

Darul Uloom had issued an edict which opposed any prayer involving ‘Vande Mataram’ and it was supported by top Muslim body Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind at its 30th general assembly at Deoband.

More than two lakh clerics and students watched Ramdev’s demonstration.


Incidentally, the 143-year-old influential seminary Darool had in the past issued a fatwa in favour of yoga after some clerics banned Muslims from practicing it.


It may be noted here that some Muslim Organisations had issued a fatwa against Yoga in Malaysia with the full support of  Islamic State Authority there.

Ramdev under fire for attending Deoband meet

Sanjay Pandey, Lucknow, Nov 5, DH News Service:

Swami Ram Dev may have received support from the Muslim clergy for his yoga presentation at the recent Jamiat-e-Hind convention at Deoband.

But the sadhu community in Ayodhya is up in arms against him for attending the meet and “remaining silent” on the “fatwa” against Vande Mataram.

The sadhus of Ayodhya not only condemned Ram Dev for his silence but also accused him of “giving preference to his business interests over national interests”.

The issue will be raised at the forthcoming meeting of the All India Akhara Parishad, an apex body of sadhus, at Hardwar on November 10. “Baba Ram Dev has become a businessman… if he claims to be an Indian, he should have opposed the fatwa against Vande Mataram,” Akhara president Mahant Gyan Das told Deccan Herald from Ayodhya on Thursday.

All India Saint Committee general secretary Mahamandaleshwar Hans Das also denounced Ram Dev, saying his (Ram Dev) silence reflected his preference for commercial interests.

“Ram Dev’s commercial interests are becoming a hurdle in the way of his patriotism,” Han Das said. “By attending the meet where the fatwa against Vande Mataram was issued, Ram Dev has hurt the sentiments of crores of Indians, and he must seek forgiveness,” Mahant Narayan Giri said.

Meanwhile, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board member and naib imam of Idgah, Maulana Khalid Rasheed Firangimahali, said here that no “fatwa” had been issued against Vande Mataram at the Deoband meet.

“It could at best be termed a proposal… it is not a fatwa… a fatwa is issued in response to a query in the light of shariat and is signed by at least three ulemas,” he said.

The Jamiat in its recent three-day national convention at Deoband had said that reciting Vande Mataram violated the spirit of Islam, and as such Muslims should not recite it.

Union home minister P Chidambaram and Swami Ram Dev had attended the meet on its concluding day, although it was not clear whether fatwa was issued in their presence.

The Muslim clergy said there was nothing wrong in practising yoga, and even announced that Ram Dev would conduct a yoga camp at Deoband later.

So far our knowledge is concerned  Mahamandaleshwar Hans Dasji and Mahant Narayan Giriji are in the closest circles of Ramdevji . In various movements and functions including Patanjali Yogpeeth Ramdevji’s HQ) in Hardwar these saints shared the same dais for achieving the goal of National Interest or for protecting Indian Heritage and culture. We the common people inspired a lot getting a thrust of Unity amongst the Indian Monks and Saints.

But a permissive Ramdevji ( No Omkar in the Yog Session of Muslims) or a reluctant Ramdevji ( No protest against the anti Bande Mataram fatwa) irritated the veteran saints in India, which is harmful to the Unity of Bharatiya Sadhu Samaj (Indian Saints circles) and for the Image of an Un-compromising Ramdev too.

The thousands and crores of  Pro Hindu Indians who respect Ramdevji as their GURU, are also in a resentment for which  the future planning of Baba Ramdev may be hampered a lot.

Ramdevji should clarify his views very clearly for both the “Yoga without OMkar” and “No Bande Mataram for Muslims” in India.

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“Conserving national heritage” in Pakistan … Can it be Possible by ruining Hindu Heritage ??

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hp80x80Conserving national heritage

Dawn Editorial
Saturday, 07 Nov, 2009 || See Original.



Invaluable  prehistoric  sites  like  Moenjodaro, Harappa as well as the vast tracts of the

Gandhara civilisation present  a  picture  of  utter neglect. – Source: Sindhihome

It is with both elation and concern that we welcome the federal culture ministry’s recommendations on the ‘compilation of inventory of cultural assets’ in the country, as reported on Friday. Our sense of elation stems from the fact that at long last the ministry has taken up the important task of documenting the cultural heritage of Pakistani people — including ethnic minorities — and the country’s archaeological sites, which are in dire need of conservation.

However, of particular concern is the fact, as voiced by the relevant subcommittee, that budgetary allocations for the task remain woefully low. The ministry has a paltry Rs3.3m per annum to conserve some 400 listed monuments, which it says boils down to Rs8,000 per heritage site. That is a pathetic state of affairs.

In so diverse a country, the culture ministry needs far greater funding to do justice to all religious and ethnic groups and their individual or shared secular heritage. As it is, the existing condition of even the Mughal monuments, which are wholeheartedly owned by the state and the people alike, presents a picture of utter neglect.

Invaluable prehistoric sites like Moenjodaro, Harappa as well as the vast tracts of the Gandhara civilisation are even worse off. Given the existing funds available with the ministry, the monumental task it wants to undertake seems impossible. The subcommittee on culture fell short of identifying alternative sources of funding, such as foreign donors, Unesco or local philanthropist organisations that may be tapped for the purpose. A lot of what Pakistan has in cultural heritage is after all global in its historical appeal. Efforts should be made to reach out to the world and solicit funds for conserving our cultural treasures across the country.

Sindh to be given 126 archaeological sites

By Jamal Shahid
Wednesday, 05 Aug, 2009


A view of the dilapidated condition of the archaeological ruins of Moenjodaro (mound of dead)

which remains the most important city of the Indus valley civilization. – APP photo

ISLAMABAD: The federal ministry of culture on Tuesday decided to hand over 126 archaeological sites in Sindh, except Moenjodaro, to the provincial government.

The process of transferring the sites would begin this month with the handover of Makli necropolis, one of the two oldest sites in Sindh.

With the transfer of the Makli necropolis, which is a world heritage site, it is expected that the Sindh culture department would be in good a position to address the old problems of encroachment and theft at the site.

‘The Sindh government has been requesting for administrative rights over the sites. The president of Pakistan intervened and following directives from the prime minister, the federal government transferred the sites to the province,’ said a source in the culture ministry.

Under the Antiquity Act of 1975, archaeological sites were the property of the federal government.

The official said: ‘We are just transferring administrative powers for better conservation and development of Pakistan’s treasures.’

The source said that allocation for archaeological treasures of Pakistan had come down to an embarrassing Rs6,000 per site.

An Open Letter to the Respected Editor Dawn and Renowned Indologists of  Pakistan.

The Editor, Dawn ( )


My Friend,

Your Editorial dated 7th Nov. 2009, in Dawn impressed us very much as you raised an important aspect of the Heritage of Pakistan which is enshrined in the pre muslim age and  has a greater impact to reframe the majority-minority relationship in Pakistan. And obviously, this may start a new age of Indo-Pak relationship in a new dimension.

Who can deny the plight of the division of India and the persecution of  both Hindu and Muslims in this sub-continent dragging in the miseries  of the millennium ? But the misfortune of the Pakistani Hindus is unparallel in any context than their counterpart Muslim Brethren in India.

India has 626 districts with 20 Supremacy Muslim  Districts (around 75% and above muslim population), 38 High Influential Muslim Districts (crossing 50% limit), 182 Influential Muslim Districts (around 25%), 120 Mild Potential Muslim Districts (6% to 15%) and 145 Surfacing Muslim Districts. This report has no exaggeration as the 2001 Census reports have been shaped anew by this time with the high growth rate of Muslim Population within the next years. Form this statistics it is evident that the Muslims in India has an overall 30% influence undoubtedly.

Only an un-persecuted community can proceed like in the line of growth of Muslim populace in India.

In India clearly 150 Parliamentary Seats are grossly turned by the Muslim electorates and Muslim has good influence upon 700 Assembly seats in the Indian States.

In India no death report of any muslim has been surfaced due to starvation like Kalahandi, Amlasole , Jhunjur or  Gajpet , where the victims are Hindus, Hindu tribes or the aborigines.

No discrimination made any bar to Indian Muslim to possess any key post in administration, police, defense including the Chair of President and Vice-President of India.

The flourishing rates of Mosques, Mazars, Shrines  and  Islamic Institutions like Madrashas, Islamic Educational Centers, Islamic Publications, Islamic Research Institute, Islamic Media are no less remarkable than Hindus and sometimes surpassed their Hindu Competitors, stretching the varied sectors from Bollywood to the Small Scale Industries, possessing the unlicensed arms to the foreign grants for the fortification of Islamic hold in India. The Muslims of India marching ahead in every step.

But in the story of Hindus in Pakistan shows a holocaust upon a religious minority facing a total ethnic cleansing by the opponent racial group with the help of State Patronage. The 16% Hindus in Pakistan in 1950 came down to only 1.86% which means a total cessation of struggle for existence of Hindus . They are retrogressing in any scale beyond any explanation in the matter of planned persecution predominantly.

Some Anil Dalpat, Rana Bhagwandas, Dr. Gulab Singh Shaheen or Amarjeet Singh are more than exceptions and nothing to do with ensuring Hindu-less Pakistan in coming Decades. Hindu-Sikhs are paying Jijiah Tax, living as bonded labour, lands under Hindu possession are being snatched forcefully, Hindu girls and women are abducted, molested, raped , Hindu employees are mercilessly killed in the factory,the Education system in Pakistan is poisoning the mass against the Hindus, Hindus are discriminated in every respect everywhere in Pakistan. This situation of Hindus in Pakistan is beyond any clarification or narration.

The objects of Hindu reminiscent, Hindu Temples, Hindu-Sikh shrines, the pre-historic or pre-islamic sites connected with Hindu Culture & Heritage are also targeted by such a force who wants to ruin everything attached with Hindu connection. In this context, the effort to protect these sites by the Pak Govt. has been turned as a routine job in a very casual manner.

The Pak Govt. intends to procure vast amount from World Monument Fund, UNESCO or other agencies in the name of protection of Heritage Sites. But the Hindu Heritage sites like Katashraj Temple or the renovation of Sri Krishna Temple in Karachi or the Hinglaj Shrines have no significant change after receiving funds for specific renovation and protection purpose. With the decaying Hindu populace in Pak the Hindu Sites in Pakistan are disappearing fast. Who can deny this?

The argument of the Editor, DAWN in the context of protection of monuments is good but it would be more appreciable if he kindly place a detailed report of the Hindu Temples in Pakistan so existed before 1950, their status up-to-date and action taken report (with utilization of received funds) by the Govt in connection with the funded renovation of Old Hindu Sites in Pakistan.

I should not embarrass him by an request to delineate a plight of Hindus in Pakistan chronologically, better he may prepare a commentary about the last phase of Hindus in Pakistan so that one may get a live feed in the museums where the items of Hindu Life in Pakistan are kept as historical object of research and reliquary.

I expect your note for the above with a comment whether the Hindus of India can save the Hindus in Pakistan and whether the National Heritage of Pakistan is void from Hindu Heritage.

Yours sincerely,

Upananda Brahmachari,

Moderator , Hindu Existence Group.

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Does Muslim in India and abroad accept Ramdevji’s Anti Cow Slaughter, Birth Control and Anti Terrorist Movement ??

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Ramdev at the meeting of the moulvis at Deoband.

Cheers for Baba today, yoga later…

(Ramdevji started adjustment or bargaining with Christians and Muslims ???)*


Lucknow, Nov. 3: A largely Muslim crowd of 5 lakh cheered Baba Ramdev today as he recalled the community’s role in the freedom movement in the first speech by a non-Muslim religious leader at India’s leading Islamic seminary.

Many of the 10,000 moulvis in the audience at the Darul Uloom of Deoband, Uttar Pradesh, said they appreciated the yoga guru’s call for a united India and his demand that the Centre speed up minority welfare schemes.

Ramdev is likely to return soon because his scheduled yoga demonstration was put off for another day.

“Although he did not speak on yoga today, many maulanas are interested in doing the exercises. He may be called another time to train our maulanas in yoga,” Deoband spokesman Mumtaz Alam told The Telegraph.

“We cannot forget the contribution of the Muslims to the independence movement,” Ramdev told the annual convention of the Jamiat Ulema-i-Hind, one of India’s largest Muslim organisations and the parent body of the seminary.

“Although political parties try to divide people on religious lines, we must remain united. The Almighty is one, whichever name we call Him by,” he added.

Ramdev referred to the way Awadh queen Begum Hazrat Mahal had fought the British during the 1857 revolt and how Bahadur Shah Zafar, India’s last Mughal emperor, had become a rallying point for the various rebel groups.

“He won us over by talking of the need for Indian unity in the wake of the new Indian identity that is taking shape,” Deoband spokesman Alam said.

The Jamiat had invited Shri Shri Ravi Shankar too but he was unable to come and sent an emissary with a message.

It was yoga that had first bonded Ramdev and Deoband, and opened up for the Baba the possibility of a huge clientele from among Indian Muslims.

After Malaysian maulanas had banned Muslims from practising yoga last year, Ramdev had endeared himself to the community by saying they could do the exercises without pronouncing “Om”, and could even chant “Allah” instead.

Days before Ramdev’s visit, the Darul Uloom had declared there was nothing wrong in Muslims doing yoga. Jamiat chief Maulana Mehmood Madni said he himself practised yoga without uttering “Om”.

“Why keep Muslims off something that helps build their bodies?” said Maulana Abdul Khaliq Madrasi, Darul deputy vice-president.

“The idea is not foreign to Muslims. Exercises similar to yoga are found in Sufi schools,” Jamiat spokesman Maulana Abdul Hameed Nomani said.

Ramdev’s Hardwar-based Patanjali Yogapeeth has asked its Christian and Muslim followers to begin their drill with a prolonged utterance of Allah” or “God”.

**Through Bharat Swaviman Trust Baba Ramdevji started his Total System Change Movement keeping his eyes to 2014 Parliamentary Election, as he hopes for a great change of the  Social, Economic, Agricultural, Health, Educational, Political, Judicial and Moral aspects of Indian States through a value based Indian Renaissances by that time.

This Movement includes the Anti Corruption, Anti Terrorist, Anti Rapists-Foeticide, Anti  Adulteration and Anti Pollution agenda which protests cow slaughter, uncontrolled birth rate and judicial relaxation for terrorists causing huge death tolls for Indian public. As these always hint and questioned the role of Indian Muslims, Muslims find a difficulty to raise their voice same as to Hindus.

In such a situation Ramdev Baba wants to win the heart of the Muslims in Deoband. They generally believe that the Indian Tradition of Sanatana or Hindu Life is nothing but  a religion of the disbelieves ( Kaffir ) which is not acceptable to a religious Muslim anyway.

For shifting from “Om” to “Allah” or “God” in his Yogic Drill for Muslims or Christians may force the total movement in a mess as the opportunists always favour their agenda for  Pan Islamism or Global Christianity. If the Muslims and Christians join hands to Swami Ramdev for achieving a Resurgent India, it is most welcome. But it should not be pre-conditioned. But,those who are simply incapable to accept “Om” along with Allah” or “God”, never be a Yogi or the soldiers of Ramdevji in this movement. The Force is being fragmented in this way. If so, Babaji may be cheated.

*,** are the comments of the blogger.

Courtesy : The Telegraph, Kolkata.

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Birthday of Sri Nanakdevji at Nankana Sahibji in Pakistan under heavy security. Hindus and Sikhs observed Guru Nanak Prakash Gurpurab everywhere.

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Guru Nanak Prakash Gurpurab :: Guru Nanak Jayanti

The Sikh community celebrates Guru Nanak Jayanti ( Gurpurab) . The festival is a memorial of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Birthday. He is known as the founder of Sikh religion. The festival is celebrated every year with great pomp and show across the globe.

In India especially in Punjab, people comes from different states to celebrate Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Birthday with religious fervour at Golden temple in Amritsar.

This year Gurpurab is on 2nd November, 2009 and to mark the occasion the celebrations are being organised in various Gurudwaras across the India. In Delhi Gurdwaras like BangleSahib, Sisganj, Majnu ka tila are organising Langars and massive parade will follow the Guru Granth sahib when it will be carried out of Gurudwara.

Guru Nanak Sahib (the First Nanak, the founder of Sikhism) was born on 15th April, 1469 at Rai-Bhoi-di Talwandi in the present distrect of Shekhupura (Pakistan), now Nanakana Sahib. The Birthday of Guru Nanak Sahib is celebrated on 15th Kartik Puranmashi i.e. full moon day of the month Kartik. On this day the Birthday of Guru Nanak Sahib is celebrated every year. (But some other chronicals state that Guru Nanak Sahib was born on 20th October,1469) Guru Nanak’s father, Mehta Kalyan Das, more popularly known as Mehta Kalu was the agent and Chief Accountant of Rai Bular. Guru Nanak ’s mother was Mata Tripta, a simple, pious and extremely religious woman. Nanak had an elder sister, Nanki, who always cherished her younger brother.

GurPurabs mark the culmination of Prabhat Pheris, the early morning procession that start from the gurdwaras (Sikh temples) and then go around localities singing ’shabads’ (hymns). The celebrations also include the three-day Akhand path, during which the holy book, the Guru Granth Sahib is read continuously, from beginning to end without a break. On the day of the festival, the Granth Sahib is also carried in a procession on a float, decorated with flowers, throughout a village or city. Five armed guards, who represent the Panj Pyares, head the procession carrying Nishan Sahibs (the Sikh flag). Local bands playing religious music form a special part of the procession.



Sikh pilgrims upon their arrival at the Wagah railway station. —White Star

From NANKAN SAHIBJI & LAHORE: The authorities had to involve the Indian embassy officials on Saturday to persuade their government to allow Pakistani trains to bring some 1,800 or so Sikhs eagerly waiting at Attari to leave for Wagah to reach Nankana Sahib where 541st birth anniversary celebrations of Baba Guru Nanak are scheduled to be held on Monday.

The Indian Railways authorities had on Friday intimated the Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) that they would not entertain the special trains sent from Pakistan to collect the Sikh devotees.

‘After this development, board chairman Syed Asif Hashmi approached the Indian embassy officials here and sorted out the issue finally and we sent two special trains to Attari around noon to bring the Sikhs who were protesting there for non-arrival of Pakistani trains,’ ETPB Deputy Director (shrines) Fraz Abbas told Dawn.

The Indian government had already issued a warning to its citizens, especially Sikhs, not to visit Pakistan because of ‘deteriorating law and order situation’.

The first special train arrived later in the day on Saturday at Wagah Railway Station with 1,500 or so Sikhs, while the other reached there after midnight carrying some 300 devotees. The officials of the board and Pakistan Gurdawara Parbhandik Committee greeted the devotees.

Jageer Singh, a member of Shurmani Gurdwara Parbhandik Committee (SGPC), told journalists at Wagah Border that he was satisfied with the security arrangements. ‘Though the law and order situation in Pakistan is not ideal but since this place is very sacred for us we are not afraid of coming here,’ he said.

Sorang Singh of Amritsar said the Indian government did not want Sikhs to visit Pakistan but they did not care about the warning.

‘I am lucky to get a chance to visit the place where my Guru was born. I may not get this opportunity next time. Visiting Gurdwara Janam Asthan is a dream of every Sikh in the world,’ he said.

Harbans Kaur Samana, also an SGPC member, was of the view that both India and Pakistan should facilitate Sikhs to attend their main festival in Pakistan. In the wake of recent terror attacks, the ETPB has taken strict measures for the security of visiting Sikhs.

Besides police, the Pakistan Rangers are also performing security duties. ‘Baba Guru Nanak’s birth anniversary is a major Sikh congregation in the country and the government is always very keen to provide them with best facilities,’ Mr Hashmi said.

After going through the immigration process, the Sikh pilgrims left for Gurdwara Janam Asthan, Nankana Sahib, the birth place of Guru Nanak Dev Jee where the main function would be held on Nov 2. A good number of local Sikhs and Hindus will also attend the festival.sikhs_praying_325

The Palki (with Granth Sahib in it) will be taken out on Nov 2 to mark the end of the festival. The Palki will also be carried through the other adjacent Gurdwaras — Paiti Sahib, Palia Sahib, Tambu Sahib, Panjhvin Padshahi, Chehnvin Padshahi, Salji Sahib and Giyara Sahib.punj.

During their 10-day stay in Pakistan, the pilgrims will also visit Gurdwara Dera Sahib in Lahore, Gurdwara Panja Sahib in Hasanabdal and Gurdwara Kartarpur, Narowal.

Pictures : Courtesy :


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