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Dharma Yuddh

 धर्म युद्ध ||Dharma Yudh

Mavalankar Hall, New Delhi, 04th Feb 2012.

Bharat Swabhiman Nyas.

Bharat Swabhiman News


Dr. Subramanian Swami: A Ray of Hope For Future Bharat.

10 Responses to “Dharma Yuddh”

  1. dharmesh said

    Hinduism ki ijjat ki raksha kro mere bhaiyo behno

    • rim said

      bangladesh or pakistani hindu jab hindustan main kadam raktahi bolta hai bedisi but koi musalman bangladesh se so assam main rain raha haa wow oringinaly indian hain vot ke kahatir congres neh baio hindustanko barbad karega pls bhai rss or bjp ko saport koro tura man raha ga….

  2. jitendra pareek said

    i want to know every knowledge for hindu comnunity from this impoetant site. jai ho.

  3. S.K. Aluwaliya said

    Baba is comic character. A person who left his follower and ran away in order to escape from police, how can he lead any movment& what will be the future of that movement?

    S.K Aluwaliya.

  4. aryan said

    Hi Hindu brother,

    You are doing a great work by propagating hindu concerns.I have question which i would hope u answer.This is regarding Hindu vahini group in andhra pradesh, i think they are more like a ram sena in karnataka i.e thugs for hire kind of but some of my friends insist they are genuine like our bajrangi brothers. Also this vahini doesnt have any information on the internet, nothing about the group or its leaders etc.As you are more knowledgeable on hindu matters, can you shed some light on this?


  5. Ashwini said

    Hi Aryan!as your name you are hybrid and not hindu but you should know about your DNA,which is same for all hindu,muslims,chistians and others living in india,pak,afganistan and east persia,where hindu dynasty mauryan and others have ruled earlier.DNA test has been done,you can see online.but question is that,how all above mentioned geographic area has accepted islam or christianinty?how can it possible,with love?No!It was happened by sword,jahannum(fire),loot,murder,rape as ordered in the Book Quran’sura and ayats.hindu rishi-muni get revelation and preaches about truth,non-voilence and good moral,but muhammad preaches in Book about jehad by loot,murder,rape,sword,fire and all illegal means can be had for islam.this truth is open in india since711AD muhammad bin quasim’s jehad.ashwinisingh.39sh@gmail

  6. umesh said

    working hands are greater dan praying lips and they never gonna understand it

  7. Rabin Chatterjee said

    its high time that ,all hindus need to be united not for india not for the world but for themselves or otherwise we will get murdered & our mothers & sisters will get openly insulted by those muslims(vidharmis).shed of your clumsiness, uninterested attitude,be brave be courageous & be bold to face the vidharmis with open swords,this time from our side.and if the russians dare touch our temple in moscow,they will not get a single church in good condition in INDIA.and this is our(hindus) open &naked challenge towards the Russian Orthodox Church.BEWARE!!!

  8. Raju Nayar said

    Yadi aap koran padhe ho to pata chalega ki ye mullasur muslim tab tak nahi rukenge jab tak puri duniya viseshkar Hindu samapt ho najai athwa musalman na ban yah samay apatkalin hai.Puri Hindu jati ko mahachhatriya dharm me dikchhit kar nar-nari harek ko sainik parikchhan de kar Maharaudrikaran kar mullasur musalmano ka samul mahavinash karna hi hai.Ek hi neeti-Ghar lauto ya Ghaat lauto arthat Hindu bano ya mare jao…Jai Maharudra Jai Mahakaal

  9. vishal jaiswal said

    musalmaano ka ek matra lakshya hindu ka vinash karna. issliye hindu ko dharma yudh ke taraf leker jaana hai…

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