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Hindus should fix a ‘Mass Prayer day’ (Sarvajanik Prathana) in every week and ‘sermon to protect Dharma’ must be given after each prayer by priests. Practice of Dharma and Protection of Dharma can’t be seperated.




Highest Preachers of Hindu Dharma should resolute for a Weekly Mass Prayer in every temple for propagation & protection of Hindu Dharma.

~ By ~ Upananda Brahmachari.

The concerned all of  Indian Dharma ( generally  we call it Hindu Religion, though the Dharma and Religion are not the same things to justify)could  not bye-pass a news about the  recent decision of the Muslim Clerics. The news is serious in nature and may be detrimental to the Indian Integrity, Communal Harmony and Spiritual Brother-hood. The news as follows :

Meet to discuss message after Friday prayer

9VECAV1CHNLCAHXF9PFCA1ZPTNWCAIFT53CCA7GXOXACAQBDKINCA3U558YCAQVR9HMCAUSMGRXCAC3IJI8CA5O27FGCAA1RVO7CAP8DW49CA33NYO5CAU7IB01CA7ZHMATCARAYAFDCAT7S3EACANP07QCSeema Chishti , Indian Express , Tags : community, muslims, Friday prayer Posted: Sunday , Oct 04, 2009 at 0427 hrs New Delhi: 

IMAMS, intellectuals and activists working with Muslims will meet here on Sunday to discuss how the khutba, or the small sermon that the Imam delivers after Friday afternoon prayers, can be used to carry social messages.

Several national Urdu dailies have carried advertisements for the meeting organised on October 4 and 5 by the Zakat Foundation.

Zakat Foundation secretary Dr Najmus Salam Jalali said: “The conference is meant as an interface between a hundred imams, activists and intellectuals — to discuss how to use sermons by Muftis and Imams after Friday prayers to educate Muslims against social ills. When Imams speak after weekly prayers, people listen quietly for 10 minutes. This can be used more productively if Imams are taught to focus on certain specific issues.”

Khutbaat-e Jumaa, a reprint of an earlier edition published by the Hamdard group, has 52 chapters or ‘suggestions’ for 52 Fridays in a year.

Islamic scholar and civil servant Dr Zafar Mehmood said, “The world has woken up to infotech in the 21st century but Muslims have known it for the past 1,400 years through the khutba. It’s a unique institution we can use to propagate good behaviour and values.”

In the past, the khutba has been used to spread messages that go beyond the domain of religion. Sometimes it has also been used for political ends — when Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid took a stand against Emergency, the Friday prayers were followed closely for their political message.

In reply to the above one Gulistan Khan replied as such :

The Hidden Agenda of Khutbaat-e-Jumaa By: Gulistan Khan | 07-Oct-2009

Nobody knows the reality of Khutbaat-e Jumaa or the Friday Sermon after the Namaz of Johar i.e. Namaz of after-noon time. The Kalima e Sahadaat or Surah Al Fathiha read in this special prayer is apparently nothing to with Jihad. But this is the Master Key of provocation of Islam against Kaffirs and spreading of Pan Islamism and Ultimate Jihad to destroy all Kaffirs from this World. The Islamists in India apace their activities anew. The Talibans in Pak are most advanced in fundamentalism. The Indian counter parts should not be behind far. So, in the name of social engineering, the Imams are now boosted for a high pitch in the Khutbaat-e Jumaa to strengthen  Muslim Vote Bank, Reservation for Muslims and preferably a new Pakistan again. 

See Original in : [] 

The analysis of  Sriman  Gulistan should be captured in right direction to understand the reality of the featured propagation of Islam in the context of  increasing Jihadi activities and intolerance flashed by Islam in the present days. Reality of preaching Islam and forcible conversion in Islam or the allurement thereto has made a new style of sophistication in India. And as such the polished beurocrats or the technocrats or  the media like Peace Tv  are always find a new way to present a soft Islam as a hidden agenda  of hard core Talibanisation of the World in the way of Pan Islamism.

In fact Islam is always in a Jihadist attitude and confronting the Kaffirs of the world to end an era of others to establish a complete Islamic rule every where. This truth can not be denied any way.

2029421In India the High seated Darmacharyas including the Revered Shankaracharyas generally misunderstand the situation in reality. Hence, the crores of  followers of the Hindu Gurus are just performing the Dharma in a very self centric way of interest. But not for a national or world emancipation apropos of “Atmano Mokhashrathan Jaddhihitay Cha.  When the Islam or any Anti Hindu-Anti India element just gears up their Jihad or Crusade against Hindus, the Hindus are trying to maintain their peace of24nlook1 mind just fleeing from the ground of Darma-Yudh in the Kurukhestra , you may call it the present Bharatvarsha. This is not Dharma anyway, when we want to take the dividend of Dharma without paying our premium of sacrifice for it. Dharma Charya or Swadharma Palan or the ‘Practice of Dharma’ is incomplete or highly contradictory if the Dharma Rakhsa or the ‘Protection of Dharma’ is not placed in the highest priority. ‘Dharmo Rakshati Rakshita’ – the sayings of our scriptures are more relevant than anything to say in this respect.

We have to file all Hindus in the ground reality of  War that has been launched by the Islamic , christianity or even by the *Nov 27 - 00:05*degenerative forces of  humanity. In Hindu Life discarding the Dharma-Yudh is nothing but a Adharma. To save their crores of disciples and devotees from this clutch of Adharma, the Most Respected Dharma Acharyas, GurusSantas and Maha Purashas of  Hindu Dharma as origin, should invoke the light of Spirituality and the force of Swardhama Raksha through a mass weekly prayer may design properly. ‘Sang Gacchadhanm, Sang Badaddham, Sang Bo Managshi Janatam ‘……  Let’s proceed together, speak together, our minds be realm in unity….. should  not be in mere words but must beKASHMIR-HINDU/ extracted in the reality of Hindu Life. This is essential for the struggle for  Hindu existence.

Brihaspati (Thursday) or Ravi (Sunday) may come up for such a weekly mass prayer for every Hindus in all the Hindu Mandirs in every corner of this globe. 52 sermons for each prayer day (52 weeks in a calender) should also be designed accordingly to be exhorted and accepted both by the Gurus (Masters) and the Shisyas (disciples) in a definite manner for the Preservation of Dharma, Emancipation of Self, Protection of Hindutva and World Peace.

2008-04-28-7-2_A_volcano_5__27-4-08If this is possible we surely find a Resurgent India Prakrami Bharata in the sake of  Humanity not for humiliation of any body. An abode of Peace, not a tormented world of blood bath in the Jihad and Crusade. An art of  Hindu Living with joy and enlightenment erasing all untrust, untrue and unnatural.

Can we see that the thousands and millions of followers of  Gayatri Parivar, Sant Asharamji Bapu, Sri Sai Baba, Sri Sri Ravishankarji,  Swami Avadeshanandaji, Acharya Sudrshanji, Swami Ramdevji, ISKCON and The Shayankarcharyas and other Santa Muhapursh gana are being empowered by their Guru Shakti ( Master Power) and taking oath for a tri-fold sacrifice of  Tana (body), Manas ( mind) and Dhana ( money) for the cause of  Dharma and Rashtra. Then the enemies inner and outer will simply vanished in a moment !

Oh, My Mother ! Make us be united. Aum sa nau buddha shuvaya sanjunaktyu !! The transcendental consensus may join us with the auspicious bountifully !!!

Hari Aum ! Namah Shivay !!

2 comments on “Hindus should fix a ‘Mass Prayer day’ (Sarvajanik Prathana) in every week and ‘sermon to protect Dharma’ must be given after each prayer by priests. Practice of Dharma and Protection of Dharma can’t be seperated.

  1. amod kumar kaushik
    April 27, 2011

    hindu helpline is a good begning for hindus future.


  2. Prof Arun K. Upadhyaya
    June 17, 2012

    Very tru….its time Hindus left depending on the Ishwar to do every thing in this world.After all karma is our domain.Hindu tolerance has cost us dearly and its because of our wrong interpretations of the word tolerance.Weekly prayers would keep on reminding us of our duties which we conveniently forget .But we need good preachers at the temples to this and i doubt if all the places have such an infrastructure.Proper steps may kindly be taken to do the needful at the earliest.Thanx


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