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Suddhi Yajna (Purification by Fire Offerings) held in Chatra, West Bengal.


Suddhi Yajna (Purification Rituals) held in Chatra, North 24 Pargans in West Bengal by Hindu Samhati.

On 4th July, 2010 at Chatra Sutanuti Par under Baduria Police Station a miscreant and communal Muslim family served beef to four Hindu children in their family rituals by trick. After eating beef the children were joked and humiliated by the host Muslim family. As per Hindu belief Beef is a negated food. With the spread of such obnoxious and filthy attitude the local Hindus got furious. They protested the matter vehemently and reported the local authorities with no result. Consequently the aggrieved Hindu people contacted with Hindu Samhati (HS) local unit and the Bharat Sevashram Sangha (BSS) H.Q. at Kolkata. Hindus of the areas also cautioned the Muslims for their unethical activities.

On 16th August, 2010 the Hindu Samhati organized a big Hindu Jagaran Sabha and protest rally with a Suddhi Yajna (Purification Rituals) by the saints of BSS. A huge number of local Hindus participated the whole function to make it a grand success. Over 1000 Hindus joined the function to show their solidarity against any humiliation against Hindus.

HS leader Ajit Adhikary reached the spot with HS activists to protect any untoward incidents on the day of Hindu Jagaran Sabha on 16th from the starting. HS leaders Avijit Das (Bangaon), Dulal Sardar (Machlandapur) gave a short speech narrating the crisis of Hindus under a Muslim majority.

Sri Tarun Netai Das of ISKCON told that Muslims are habituated with such filthy activities and conspiracy. He gave many examples to strengthen his speech. Sri Das categorically said that in such an ignorant fault of children, the Dharma cannot be injured or affected anyway. Chanting of Hare Krishna can purify all the imperfection and fault of any thing.

Swami Suvorupanandaji of Bharat Sevashram Sangha told Muslims have been trying to dismantle the Hindu Unity and Rights from the very beginning. After getting the Pakistan the Muslims should go to Pakistan and have no right to disturb or destroy the Hindu rights. If the Muslims still do not believe the greatness of Hindus or try to understand the nature of co-existence and harmony of Indian philosophy, they should vacate this holy land of Bharat and can go to their pak land Pakistan. The Swami urged the Hindu youth to show their valour and fighting spirit against the anti Hindu conspiracy. Swami Anishananda of Hindu Milan Mondir Central Committee of BSS also addressed the huge crowd present in the meeting.

Prakash Das of Hindu Samhati delivered a very sensational speech over the situation of refugee Hindus of Bangladesh facing Islamic torture in the border districts of West Bengal. The local Hindu Women leaders viz. Sikha Biswas and Bidhu Sikdar and the Mothers of the related families also supported in their speech, the cause of such Hindu Social Congregation for the unity of Hindu Soceity.

Upananda Brahmachari, Vice President of Hindu Samhati assured that Hindu Samhati will be fighting unto last to restore the dignities of Bengali Hindus of the West Bengal in every situation of crisis of Hindus. He emphasized over the unity of all Hindu Organizations to tackle such situation of Hindus. He said the Chatra Hindu Jagaran Sabha has a great importance as BHARAT SEVASHRAM SANGHA, ISKCON and  HINDU SAMHATI jointly took the challenge to defeat the Islamic conspiracy in Bengal and India too.

After the purification rituals the four children were embraced and blessed by the Saints and Brahmacharins present in the function. Avijit Mishra of Hindu Samhati (Chatra Unit) conducted the meeting very befittingly. All the Hindu Devotees present in the function was served with Khichuri Prasadam.

The poor pic. quality as sent by organisers are regretted by the bolg moderators.

7 comments on “Suddhi Yajna (Purification by Fire Offerings) held in Chatra, West Bengal.

  1. dave
    August 24, 2010

    I am from Israel and reading such news makes me furious. Why can’t Muslims just stop being supremacist (ok, I know the reason of course – it is their Quran which tells them to be like that).

    In any case, this is the place to extend my solidarity with our Hindu friends and also to thank once again for the historic mutual respect that the Hindus and Jews have had for each other.
    My feeling is that the world is waking up to the past and present injustices committed in the name if Islam. If only we knew how to solve this most urgent threat of our times. What I do know is that people should stand up for their right to preserve their identity and the right to speak out against supremacist attitudes.

    We are with you!

    david grubinstein.


  2. tim
    August 24, 2010

    I don’t understand why the police are afraid to arrest these Muslim hatemongers?

    For a daily update on the “peaceful” acts of Muslims visit.


  3. Mike West
    August 24, 2010

    Those SOB’s should be tricked to eat PORK!!

    That’s the way! When they go to restaurant instead of Chicken/Beef/Goat or whatever, they should be fed Pork! They will learn their lesson!


  4. Naresh
    August 24, 2010

    Dear Mr. David Grubinstein,

    I really appreciate your comments. You must know that a lot of us Indians are big fans of Israel. We love your tenacity of purpose and will to survive in the Middle East. We admire your thirst for progress and democracy. We admire your technological prowess, and we Indians should treat Muslims in India just like the way Israel treats the Israeli Arabs. Let the leftists say whatever they may want to say but both India and Israel will prevail against this so called ‘religion’ which has shed more blood than any other reason existing on this earth.


    • dave
      August 25, 2010

      Thanks so much Naresh,

      i am really so absolutely sick about Islam. And it makes me even sicker to see that so many freedom loving people (including so many secular/moderate Muslims) just dont get what is so wrong with this “religion”.

      If there is one thing I am claiming Judaism and Hinduism to be better then Islam (and also in this case Christianity), it is that they have never been missionary, expansionary religions. And this is the biggest secret behind the mutual historic respect of Jews and Hindus. Neither side has ever tried to impose itself on the other side!

      For example, in Israel we have the Druze people (an ethno-religious group). They too are completely non-missionary. You cannot become a Druze, not even if you marry a Druze. In fact, if a Druze marries outside, he is not considered a Druze anymore. Druze not only serve proudly in Israels army, they are our brothers in blood. And here again, the very secret behind this brotherhood is that neither side is expansionary nor missionary. No mutual threat whatsoever.

      I wish the world could be just like that. That everyone has his culture and beliefs and can be happy about someone else’s different beliefs (or even lack of belief).

      Am very certain that good will prevail. Please speak out more loudly about the oppressions you have suffered and are suffering on a very large scale. The world has to know!


  5. Stephen Gash
    August 25, 2010

    SIOE had two demonstrations in Harrow, London last year against Islamisation.

    Harrow Council is now force-feeding schoolchildren halal food in schools.

    I don’t know if Hindu and Jewish children are exempted.


  6. Stephen Gash
    August 25, 2010

    Hindus in Bangladesh should have a war of independence and ask to join India.


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