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After 40 years, Pakistani Hindus’ ashes immersed in Ganga.


Finally, their ashes reached the ultimate destination – the holy river of Ganga – some 1,400 km away and 40 years later.

The ashes of 135 Pakistan-based Hindus who had passed away in the last 40 years arrived in little urns in Hardwar and were immersed by a delegation in the Ganga, a member of the group said Friday. Read more….

Hindu jatha returns to Pak after immersing ashes.

A 12-member special Hindu jatha today returned to Pakistan by Samjhauta Express after performing the ritual of immersion of cremation ashes od their relatives and neighbors into Ganga at Haridwar.

They said more such ashes were waiting for the last rites to be performed, in the neighbouring country.

Read more….

Another move to shiver Hindu unity. Religion may be kept out of marriage certificates.

The government is considering a change in the law to exclude the religion of individuals from marriage certificates. This follows demands by minority groups, including Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists, now shown as Hindus in official documents.

The law ministry is likely to put up a proposal before the Union Cabinet that marriage certificates are made religion-neutral and the Births and Deaths Registration Act 1969 be amended by adding a clause on marriage registration.

The law ministry says since the infrastructure to register births and deaths are already in place, the registration of marriages could be handled with ease by civic authorities.

The existing system of religion-based certificates is also likely to continue.  Read more….

VHP, ISKCON to fight against ban attempt on Gita

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad ( VHP) and International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) have said they would fight “internationally” to thwart attempts of banning the sacred “Bhagavad Gita” in Russia after the state prosecutors in Tomsk recently moved an upper court against a lower court’s decree on rejection of the ban appeal.

“We will fight it internationally to protect the rights of Hindus and their identity,” VHP’s international working president Pravin Togadia told TOI.  Read more….

Islamic Attempt of denigratingMaha Shivarathiri defeated by alert Hindus.

To denigrate Hinduism and convert Hindus in their religious fold – Tamil Nadu Thowheeth Jamath (TNTJ) a Muslim outfit of Mylapore Branch has placed a banner questioning “Is Sun and Moon are God?” in front of the ancient Kapaleeshwar Temple, Chennai.

Hindu Munnani activists informed the Commissioner of Police, Chennai, requested to remove the banner, failing which will result into huge protest by them. Immediately, the police removed the banner.  Read more…

Odisha: 3000 reconverted to Hinduism.The VHP on Friday claimed that over 3,000 people of 658 families from three states were reconverted to Hinduism at a function held in Sundargarh district.People from Odisha and neighbouring Jharkhand and Chhattishgarh congregated at Sundargarh town where the function, described by the VHP as “home coming”, was held yesterday. Read more…. ..………VIEW ALL IN AT HINDU NEWS TAB ABOVE. HINDU NEWS. British national tries to enter Gurudwara wearing shoes.A British national today allegedly tried to enter the Sakchi Gurudwara here wearing shoes but was caught hold by the people at the Gurudwara, police sources said. The people in the Gurudwara caught hold of the British national when he tried to enter the Gurudwara when he allegedly tried to enter the Gurudwara by wearing shoes. The British national was let off Gurudwara managing committee after he apologised.Read more….

4 comments on “Hindu News in Hindu Existence will be updated on 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th every month.

  1. anom
    February 27, 2012

    why not daily?


  2. Thakur B.P.Singh Chandel.
    February 27, 2012

    yh tathakathit kshadm-nirpekshy -congress jab tk hindustan me rahegi ,kisi bhi hindu hitarth kary hona,ebm uski aasha krna diwa-swapn hi hoga.


  3. Gaurav Trivedi
    February 27, 2012

    Who is the real culprit…..

    before reading this artical leave one thing and that is the thinking of high class people because they donot represent middle n lower class…

    Remember that u people always talk about hindus mayhem on muslims u never talk about muslim mayhrm on hindus ….in gujrat riots u people only concentrate only on muslims who r killed u for ur kind information i want to tell u that in that riot hindus were killed too…

    And talk against hindus as u r living in india talk in india against muslims u will get to know what exaclty the secularism means ….

    U talk about anti muslim sentiments and against hindus because u r living in india othetwise tell me one islamic nation where u will get such freedom to speak against majority who live their… U will get the answer by analysing ur records

    At first aurangjeb went all out against hindus

    then other mugal rulars made condition even worse for hindus

    then leaving all these things behind comes the partition who was real culprit behind it …. the question is still controversial… but m sure of one thing… and by this time m sure u know what that is…

    then comes sikh riots …. congress who talks of secularism the most …..involved in this…..

    leaving all minor incidents behind…. lets talk about secularism only….

    what do u …. the people of times now know about secularism….

    my father is in army …. i travelled accross the whole country with him… more than the bookish knowledge i know the ground knowledge….

    these muslim during one of the national festival say that we will not say vande matram and the reason is that their religion doesnt allow it…

    u the people of times now tell me one thing country is big or the religion… according to me if their is country then their is religion….

    do muslim regret their fault… did aurangjeb regreted… those who say we will not say vande matram did they regreted…. no not once….

    secularism does not mean that hindus are always in fault … and every time u look for sorry from hindus….

    in india secularism is very partial when muslim practise their religion hindus are expected to be secular… but when hindu practise their religion it is said that hindus are communal…. and its the groung reality … u the people sitting in studios wont feel it….

    i will give u some examples…

    if this congress government declares itself as a secular one … then wny salman khursid talks about quota for muslim specially…. does he believes all hindus are rich… or lower cast hindus are not in minority…. or every possible thing is done by this congress government is done towards the upliftment of lower minority hindus… i dont think so…. and i think u will also agree…..

    and then comes a sorry and all thing is gone ….. no body even remember that thing …. after some time ….

    looking at the past records and after a research i came to a conclusion that congress is the most communal government i have ever seen in my entire life….

    i urge u to research it urself… and plz take it seriously…. then come to ur conclusion…..

    starting from aurangjeb rule we the hindus have suffered the most…. plz do a research in this also…. plZ u will get a clear picture…..

    terrorists attack on india… hindus are killed in majority m not saying that muslims are not killed….

    u know their is years of pent up of frustation in hindus…. and when some day sometime we release that u the people of media forget about our sufferings and talk only about saffron terror…. we did not want this….. we did not want any terror….. we want peace…. but who will take guarantee….. but we are forced to take the path of terror…. and i blame it totally on congress rule and its reservation policy and its double standards regarding religion….. tell me a single policy started by congress govt for hindus specially for us…. no not at all … because they think that all hindus are rich… and salman khurshid keeps mum on that….

    i will tell u an incident when my father was posted in mhow mp…. it was the day t20 final was played b/w india and pakistan… their was a period in that match when their was chances that pakistan will win…. u know muslims came out with full force with pakistan flag in hand and enchanting i dont know what…. when stopped by hindus they beated a hindu so badly that he was dead at the same instant…. suddenly riots began …. but due to police intervention it was stopped immideatly…. but when police came to knoe about the reality… then they gave full authority to hindus… then what happened that night ur resarch will tell u….

    when asked by muslims they said it is their religious flag…. what a bulshit india is my religion and m an indian…. no muslim in india will say that for u with vande matram….. because….. u know the answer…..

    partion… it was my country …. who gave mohammad ali jinnah right to demand for a separate state ….. it was my country which they took away….

    at first they came to rob india and then took away my country….

    tell me a single place in india where the muslims are in majority… and their is no social unrest…

    sir if u r secular… here is a dare for u go to any part of india and live for afull one year.. celebrate all your festival with same zeal and fervor… but the only condition is that… it should be a place with muslim majority…. and in between muslims….

    if u clear and pass this dare i will be secular…a die hard secular fan ….

    then comes godhara riots… who started it u will be in confusion but i am not because at that point of time i was their … muslims plotted it even muslim living their knows it clearly… tell me one thing that a single muslim said this that it was their fault… and we paid the price … no they didnot say this… inspite they blame hindus for this… we didnt went and killed our own countrymen in train..

    i love my india…

    before i end this article i want to ask certain questions from u

    what u feel about it hindus are neglected in our own country..

    why muslims are always tended towards pakistan…

    tell me one major country with muslim population as a majority living in peace and which matter to india strategy..

    i dont love rss i dont love bjp i dont love riots

    but i do love my country and their ideology… i do noy want hindus to beg before muslims to give permission so that we cancelebrate our festivals.. as what happened in andhra pradesh.. ur research will show that it to u..

    i love secularism too but at one cost that muslim should also follow the suite…other wise no goverment policy can stop us…. secularism should not be only expected from hindus…


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    April 6, 2017

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