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Resurgent Hindu Forces trying hard to strengthen Hindu Activism upto grass-root level in Eastern Bharat (India).

Resurgent Hindu Forces are trying to strengthen Hindu Activism upto grass-root level. Two important Hindu Conferences in the Eastern Region to promote Hindu Activism through real unison.

Diamond Harbour Hindu Conference

Diamond Harbour (West Bengal) and Dhanbad (Jharkhand) | Special Correspondent, Hindu Existence News Bureau | 5th February, 2013:: On 3rd Feb, two vital Hindu conferences were held under the initiatives of JANA JAGARAN MANCH at Diamond Harbour, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal  and TARUN HINDU DAL at Dhanbad, Jharkhand.

While a 700 devout Hindu people assembled at Rabindra Bhavan of Diamond Harbour, another 1200 Hindu warriors thronged at Steel Gate, Sarai Dhela, Dhanbad. The day long programmes  were successfully completed in both places with definite resolution to combat anti Hindu forces in different shapes. While the Hindu leadership at Diamond Harbour resolved to go the streets to protest against rampant Muslim appeasement in West Bengal by the ruling Trinmool Congress Govt, fatal consequences of Love Jihad and for a real consolidation of Hindu Votes , the Hindu resolution at Dhanbad affirmed an exclusion of pseudo “Secular” stature in Bhartiya (Indian) Constitution and the Christian Conversion Conspiracy in Eastern India.

Swami AgamanandaJi (Senior Saint in Bengal), Shri Radhakrishna Pradhan (Ex-Teacher, Bharat Sevashram Sangha, Shri Yogesh Saxena (Renowned Advocate of Allahabad High Court), Shri Amaresh Mukhopadhyay (Renowned Hindu Thinker), Shri Ananda Kumar Arya (Chief, Arya Pratinidhi Sabha, Bengal), Acharya Yogesh Shastri (Arya Veer Dal)  Shri Chittaranjal Sural (Hindu Janajagruti Samiti), Shri Gopal Saha (Nationalist Lawyer Forum), Shri Subhas Chakroborty (Nikhil Banga Nagarik Sangha), Shri Tapan Biswas (Hindu Help Group) and Manas Saha (President, Jana Jagran Manch) were present in the Diamond Harbour Programme of Jana Jagran Manch.

Swami PradiptanandaJi (In-Charge, Bharat Sevashram Sangha, Beldanga Branch), Shri Tapan Ghosh (President, Hindu Samhati), Shri Pradip Khemka (Sanatan Sanastha) and Shri Rajmangal Singh (Tarun Hindu Dal) were present in the Dhanbad programme of Tarun Hindu Dal.

It is reported that 7000 people signed in a petition at Dhanbad to turned down the constitutional amendment of 1976 to include an unnecessary term of ‘Secularism’ in Indian Constitution only to deprive and humiliate Hindus in their exclusive rights in Bharat. A big rally of 1500 persons was the main attraction of Dhanbad Hindu Sammelan. Swami Pradiptanandaji of Bharat Sevashram Sangha reconverted Shri Sidhu Lal, a tribal Christian and other 12 members of his family again through Suddhi Yajna.

The meeting was converted to a mammoth rally. There were hundreds of people in the rally. The rally carried many placards demanding repealing the word “secular” from our constitution, ban on cow slaughter, ban on religious conversions etc. Sri Tapan Ghosh described in Dhanbad meeting about the love that Swami Vivekananda had towards motherland Bharat and asked the workers of Tarun Hindu to love Bharat and Hinduism.

A memorandum was signed by thousands of people in the roadside requesting the president of India to repeal the word “secular” from the constitution of Bharat.

dhanbad rally

A Hindu Sangharsh Samiti was constituted in the conference, taking many organizations together, to fight for the causes of the Hindutva.

In Diamond Harbour “Jana Sachetanata Shivir ( Public Awareness Generation Camp)”, homage paid to the Martyrs of Hindutva, specially in Bengal and announced a big rally of 10,000 Hindus in next phase to regenerate a Hindu Wave to consolidate a Hindu Vote Bank in the ensuing election. In this conference, Shri Tapan Biswas clarified the necessity of making a Hindu Help Group to help the persecuted Hindus in an increasing Islamic atmosphere in Bengal.

Shri Chittaranjan Sural (HJS) and Shri Pradip Khemka (SS) advocated the Dhrama Jagaran and balance of Brahma Tej and Khastra Tej in making a Hindu Rashtra as a solution of all problems in present India in Diamond Harbour and Dhandad programme respectively.

Shri Radhakrishna Pradhan and Shri Rajmangal Singh presided over the Sammelans (conferences) at Diamond Harbour and Dhanbad respectively.

Dr. Nila Madhav Das (Chief of Tarun Hindu Dal) and Upananda Brahmachari (Editor, Hindu Existence) were the inspirational source of both the programmes and guided accordingly to regenerate the Hindu Power in Eastern Bharat to ensure the real empowerment of Hindus in this region through a re-establishment of Hindu Rashtra in Bharat.

Jayatu Jayatu Hindu Rashtram!

5 comments on “Resurgent Hindu Forces trying hard to strengthen Hindu Activism upto grass-root level in Eastern Bharat (India).

  1. yogesh saxena
    February 6, 2013

    I was invited by Shri Upanada Bharamchari to address a meeting comprising of 720 delegates assembled together at Diamond Harbour for a hindu regeneration Movement, near Ganga Sagar Situated at 70 Km. from Howrah railway station.Since Rajdhani Express reached after 3 hrs from its schedule time, i joined the meeting comprising of nationalist elites gathered from the different part of the West Bengal. I was received with honour on the Howrah Railways station and i got myself placed in the Brand New vehicle Skoda for carrying me up to the schedule place of meeting. It was driven by Shri. Prem Kumar and Managed by Shri. Yogesh Shastri Ji, one of the key persons of Arya Pratinidi Sabha, Bengal near Thanthania Kali Mata Mandir . The subject on which i have to place my deliberation theme was Hinduism and politics. Since Hinduism is antithesis to politics as such i started my lecture by warning to the audience. I said Hinduism is based upon trust, a solidarity to fulfill its commitment for enlistments of the social obligation, while politics is dependent upon betrayal of the fellow citizens. The intellectuals have to identify as to whether they have assembled to boost the social commitment or it is an intellectual gathering but both these thing do not get any milestone for coming into the limelight to behold the position in the political setup. Thus if we are not able to identify our limitation comprising of the people having social commitment towards Hindu Dharama. They are deceived by there own analysis to come forward in the political agenda based upon the mistrust created by the cult to get the power in their hand by denouncing each and every norms, on which the Vedic traditions and Hindu Mythology comprising of Chit( Horoizon), jal( water), Pawan(Air), Ganan( Universe), Sameera( Fire), Daya (Compassion), Daan(Donation) and Chama(Forgiveness) and only there after SOUL Merges in body. My heart is injected with profound bleeding being Chafed Again and Again before it may heal to relieve from agony in BHARAT VARSH. Prithvi raj Chauhan given pardon to Mohammad Ghori 16 times in the battle field and after being beholden by invader was blinded and subjected to the torture. Now at Taragarh Temple at Ajmer, the Government of Rajasthan has provided the free Invasion over this monument which is preserved identity under the Archaeological Survey of India. Taj Mahal was constructed in 1155 A.D. and is subjected to abrogation by replacement of the Hindu Identities from this monument by the government of Indian comprising of the Swasthik Symbol, Om, Kamal( Lotus), Kalash, Trishool(Trident), Octugnal Marble shiv temple being converted to Graveyard of Anzooman Banojeelani and Shahjahan in two set of graves but none of the government officials have ever permitted hindus to open 22 chambers bneath the marble structure where the shivlingi is buried and the well providing the water to the different chamber where the Royal Princess and Raja Pramamini Dev a jat Ruler Subjected to the Userpation by Raja Sangram Singh and Babar having there a place of residence has been subsided just to appease the Muslims. Every Hindu Monument is subjected to the conversion by he shruied politics of Nehru Ghandhi Dynasty started from Gyashuddin Gazi and coming to the end of the false preception of Firoz Jahangir Khan Graveyard and Mohammad yunus exclamation as Indra Gandhi Married twice and given birht to Rajeev And sanjay from 2 different fathers named above but nobody has been identified as such due to the reason that Indra Gandhi was conerted To Memuna Begum. Indra took help of Sainia Manio of Turin as her mother Manio a KGB agent eliminated Sri Lal Bhadhur Shatri at taskand after Regalement. The loudspeaker used by Muslims for Nawaj and recital of fraud perceptions created by their prophet having sex with 9 years old Alyssa among st his 12 other wives preaching sex and violence having denouement to the omnipotent omniscient and omnipresent God as worshiped by Hindu Mythology and preposition of Halla Kalma Jihad Haj and Namaz are the death warrant for Hindu. Nobody follows the shariat for criminal administration of justice upon the Muslim committing Rape of the innocent Hindus converting them to Islam and having 4 wives at the tme but nobody is stopping them from there ruthless agenda of killing the infidels by introducing the enemy property (Amendment) Act 2010, Justice Sacchar Commission Report, Justice Rangnath Mishra Report and Justice U.C. Bannerjee Report which exposes the false hood of our Anglo Saxon jurisprudence based upon glorious research on the law made by the Britishers.The Mysterious death of Deen Dayal Upadhyaya without Post Mortem by Atal Bihari Bajpai and creation of BJP , suppressing of Charge Sheet filed during Prime Minister Nar Shimbha Rao Period for stealing 34 antiques through prabhakaran LTTE, Release of Rahul Gandhi at BOSTON with thousands millions dollars and Euro bofors money in August 2001 and deaths of Madho Raj Sindhiya, Rajesh Poilet , RAJIV GANDHI for billions of Rupees have been the mystery by Crooked politics where Politicians are playing as Puppet in the hand of Italian Russian Mixture Lady Posing herself to be a Hindu Widower among st the Soft earthed Hindus Dragged.


  2. hinduawakens
    February 7, 2013

    We also need similar activities in Assam.


  3. Shiv Prasad
    February 7, 2013

    Namaste Brahmachari Jee

    We should bothering only about Hindu. Why we should bother about anti Hindu Islamist and christion whose principle is against Hindu principle? Hindu say “Basundaiv Kutumbakam” and in against Muslim/Islamist and Christian say “I am the only”. Your Hindu’s this thought is it self a secular thought and Islamist and christian it’s thought it self is communal thought. So Whenever a Hindu talk it will always secular but when A Muslim and christian talk it will be always communal. It is open true but Hindu people are not realizing this open fact. It is better to whole Human society to realize this fact.

    It is urgent need to propagate the real secularism, Propagate the Hinduism. For this we need strong education chain/infrastructure. I think you have many motivated Hindu young/old, men/women. Tell them to start some education institute let it be of primary or per-primary level. It will give some engagement for our people, at the same time we will pass real principle of Hinduism to our future generation. Let it be started by contribution form society and make it paid (fee) school by children’s parent so it can run independently. If These school become financially strong then advise to contribute in opening of more these type of school. I think Many people will contribute in this field. It is need of Initialization.

    Waiting for your comments from all.

    Shiv Shankar


  4. Hari
    December 1, 2013

    Following things have to be implemented to protect hindu dharma and bharat .
    Hindus are sleeping and under informed due to antinational media and entertainments of western type destroying society . 1. We need to ban cinema, serial, fashion shows, reality shows defaming hindu dharma and society and all useless entertainment things and should support only traditional art forms and good entertainment and culture.
    2. We need to ban liqour, drugs, and red meat by making people aware of its bad effects.
    3. We shall support good western and native technologies and education but with value based systems.These values should be sanatana hindu dharma .We shall start awareness programs to parents and children to stop them from absorbing poison of west like live in relations,boy girl friendships and other things which is corrupting society.We need to start institutes that propogate vedas all over india .
    4.We need to ban excessive western clothing.
    One gets Brahmin, kshatriya, vaishya, shudra qualities from environment we are brought up in home and mere ancestry cannot be criteria . To boost that qualities kids are sent to get training on respective field was real practice. For a child born to brahmin parents will nurture brahmin qualities by seeing vedic practices and environment in home.To boost that he need to be trained and practise priestly profession otherwise he will not be worth of being a brahmin, and his next generation will become non brahmins due to different environment where his kids grow up.So one born in respective environments will be having qualities of particular nature and it is better to do that.A kid born to vaishya family cannot and neednot become brahmin through struggle. He can choose profession of his father as qualities he gets from nature where he is brought up will be that. Kula is the thing characterized by traditional practices like serpent worship and matriarchy of naga kshatriyas in kerala(naga is kulam and kshatriya is varnam). In a kulam people of different professions are now seen and marriage done between people of same social status within kulam is what happens naturally. A kulam dies when kula practices are abandoned by nex generation due to ignorance or lack of unity.


  5. Sunita
    December 19, 2013

    Respected All, It is heartening to read about the resurgent Hinduism. First of all, We as Hindu, should join together and refuse to bow down to divide on caste lines in front of politicians. We need to vote to the party which takes care of our interests. I’ve had enough of “Sickular” parties. The voting pattern of Muslims and Christians are like herd mentality. We are in such a sorry state of affairs because we are ill informed and refuse to look at what is happening around. Out of 100 Indians, only 50% or less go to vote. Congress and others are doing muslim appeasement because they vote like herds. So, 20% (Minority)vote to Congress, remaining 30% (Hindu) is shared on caste lines between other parties. These 20% bring and keep congress to power, that is why the appeasement. If Hindu leaders will start identifying hindu leaders and work from grass root level to educate people to vote for a hindu party to empower them politically so that in a longer run, they(people) would be empowering themselves. This should happen for a decade for changes to happen.


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