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Why Hindu Nationalist Modi is targeted by Pak based ISI and Indian Mujahideen?

Nationalist Narendra Modi is in the hit list of anti-nationalist fundamental Muslim Groups. But whose clear ‘Hand’ is there?

Hunkar Rally PatnaUpananda Brahmachari | Patna | 01 Nov 2013:: In a very critical juncture of Indian politics Sri Narendrabhai Modi, the Chief Minster of Gujarat has been been emerged as the Prime Ministerial candidate of BJP in the next Parliamentary election of India  in 2014.  As, Naraendrabhai Modi inherits the magnitude of pure nationalist spirit of Thiruvalluvar, Shivaji, Rana Pratap, Sikh Gurus, Swami Vivekananda, Lokmanya Tilak, Sri Aurovinda, Netaji Subhas Bose and maintains the legacy of Dr Hedgewar, Dr Shyamaprasad Mookherjee, Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya and Sardar Patel, he has no hesitation to call himself as a Proud Hindu Nationalist.  For this very original feeling of Nationalism, each and every patriotic persons in this country  find their intention to support Sri Modi as a warrior of this country to combat the subversive anti national terror groups posing a threat to safety, security and integrity of this country.  The emergence of Modi in the National politics is now supposed as a challenge to the fundamental groups supported by ISI, the Pak intellegence organisation or connected or corroborated by Indian Mujahideen.  Now, it is a war between Nationalist Modi and anti-national groups like Indian Mujahideen or the Naxalites.

So, the Islamic fundamentalists attacked Modi’s  Bihar Hunkar Rally on Sunday, 27 Oct 2013, which claimed unprecedented record gathering in Gandhi Maidan, Patna. Indian Mujahideen (IM)’s Ranchi module was formed with the help of its Darbhanga and Gaya module to assassinate Narendra Modi.  Actually, IM operatives had given a code- ‘Machhli 5’- to the plotters for the job through serial low-cost and low intensity serial blasts in a design to spread fear and stamped which might cause the casualties in high numbers.  An initial interrogation of arrested IM operative Imtiaz Ansari has revealed many connections, confusions and the modus operandi of the conspiracy against Narendra Modi to finish him forever.

This conspiracy to kill Sri Modi by Indian Mujahideen is not a new one as we came to know it from the statement of Sri Yashasvi Yadav, SSP, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. IM Terror attack planned on Narendra Modi’s Kanpur rally too. Two days after serial blasts targeted Narendra Modi’s Patna rally, the Uttar Pradesh police said they had received intelligence inputs about terrorists plotting to attack the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate’s October 19 rally in Kanpur.

“Three days before Narendra Modi’s rally here, the police had received an alert from IB (Intelligence Bureau) that three terrorists were present in the city and were planning to attack the rally. They could have used rocket launcher and IED (Improvised Explosive Devices),” Kanpur Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Yashasvi Yadav told emphatically. So, it was an plan of Indian Mujahideen to target Modi to kill him in Kanpur, Vijay Sankhnaad Rally on  19 Oct 2013. But, through strict security arrangements for the rally. high checking at the entrance gates, deploying huge police machinery in various suspected zones, Kanpur Police successfully rubbished the IM conspiracy in time.

But, once the friend of BJP, now the staunch opponent of it, the Bihar Chief Minister, Sri Nitish Kumar, reluctantly took the matter of the security for BJP Hunkar Rally of Patna and the IM operators succeeded blasts for 7 times which took 6 lives injuring over 80 on 27 Oct 2013 around the crowd came to join Narendra Modi’s rally .

Sources said the accused persons planted 18 bombs in and around Gandhi Maidan, the venue of Modi’s rally on Sunday, to ensure a stampede-like situation. The assassination bid, however, failed because the plotters of the newly-formed IM’s Ranchi module were new recruits and could not execute the task very well, the arrested IM operators said. Bihar BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi has already claimed that Modi was the target of the terrorists. Modi is on the hitlist of all terror outfits, including IM, the outfit’s co-founder Yasin Bhatkal had told NIA. And Pakistan’s notorious intelligence agency, Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) has a strong connections with IM, HUJI, LeT, SIMI (now working as SIO), PFI, MIM and all other Muslim organisations active against Hindu majority and supremacy in Bharat.

Preliminary reports suggest that the arrested Imtiaz wanted to go to Gandhi Maidan on his own to attack from inside the crowd. After reaching Patna by bus, the IM boys went to the railway station where they wanted to mingle with the crowd heading for the rally.  As per report, Imtiaz was instigated by the speech of Bhatkal brothers and other fundamental Muslim leaders to have a hatred against Modi for the 2002 Gujarat riots and the recent Muzaffarnagar riots. The IM used Muslim fundamentalists to prepare Imtiaz to avenge the riots.

IM had provided high-intensity explosives (nitroglycerin and nitrocellulose and plastic test tubes) to six youths in Ranchi. “After preliminary preparations at Imtiaz’s house, they boarded a Patna-bound bus with the explosives in their backpacks on the eve of Modi’s ‘Hunkar’ rally. There they planted bombs in and around Gandhi Maidan including the main entrance. Of the six suspects, Imtiaz was arrested on the day of the blast from Patna railway station whereas his cousin, Tarik alias Ainul Ansari, was injured. The third suspect, Zubair Ahmed, was arrested by NIA from Ranchi on Wednesday. Three are still at large and raids are on to nab them.

Islamic Threat to Modi

The blasts had a little effect on the audience and on the record crowd puller Modi, as it seemed as the sound of crackers of Diwali celebrations. The disciplined public of the meeting cooperated with police and restrained themselves to spread any rumours anyway. In fact, the public showed patience and courage to chase the members planted or detonated the bombs etc. and finally warned the opponent powers both in the fundamentalist groups or in the corrupted political parties. Such blasts does not matter to Modi or his followers. A responsible Modi is to visit families of Patna serial blasts victims on the eve of Diwali in a very humane approach.

What is strange enough to perceive that the Central Home Minister Sri Sushil Kumar Shinde went to a function related to an entertainment matters (music release) within some hours after the heinous blast at Patna. Culminating a criticism started for that, his colleague Md Salman Khurshid, Cabinet Minister of the Ministry of External Affairs, immediately jumped into the channels to support Shinde’s stands.  But, the very alarming thing is that Salman Khursid time and again persuaded for an immediate stoppage of the meeting of  Modi at Patna and went frustrated as it was not stopped.  Khursid said that Modi ought to stop the meeting after hearing the sounds of blast around the meeting. He also claimed that Modi did not change any script of his speech even after the blast by Indian Mujahideen.

The Union Minister Slaman Khurshid wanted to malign Narendra Modi saying that instead of attending to those injured in the blasts he went ahead with the rally. “Should you not attend to people who were hurt? Should you not try to find out what has happened? He continued with his speech… much worse… much worse,” he said. He said there was no word about the people who died or what had happened because it was not in the script of Modi’s speech.

This Muslim maroon Salman had no idea of a packed Gandhi Maidan over six and half lakhs supporters where that blast occurred in the outskirts of main grounds and nearby places and the blast sounds reached in the roar waves of the supporters of Modi as some crackers sounded in Diwali times. A brave Narendra Modi did rightly continue the rally, otherwise any abrupt stoppage of the meeting eventually created a panic that might cause more danger and casualties beyond imagination.

Had there any imagination in mind of Khurshid to wind up the Hunkar Rally in the middle of IM blasts in Gnadhi maidan, his filthy mentality has been exposed enough.  Congress has its conspiracy to play a mere vote bank politics with the Muslim minorities of India. But, Narendra Modi thinks the dignity of streamlining of Muslims without any appeasement or dirty politics. In Gujarat, he has proved that and the rest of India is awaiting a perment solution of minority politics under the leadership of Narendra Modi. Too much dirty games have already been played with the Muslims to keep them at bay of appeasement and allowance. Equal rights and common civil code for all are the appropriate solutions for the amity and fraternity in the coming days under a magnificent leadership of cent percent Nationalist leader Narendra Bhai Modi. No anti-national propaganda in the dirty hands of Congress will get any success whatsoever.

The double standard Shehazada of Congress and the wanton prodigy of Gandy family, Mr. Raul Vincy alias Rahul Gandhi had blasted one of his incredible research in Indore some days before that there was a hand of Pak Intellgence Agency and Jihadi groups in the event of Mujaffarnagar Riots in recent.  In that connection, Raul never criticized the Mujaffarnagar Muslims for their closeness to ISI (if any) or condemned the fundamental operators of the Riots, but he only tried to ascertain the ISI and Jihadi activities inside Bharat. Otherwise, he questioned the home minister Shinde of his Congress party, how ISI and Jhadis are active inside India? Raul could requested the Defense Minister Antony to counter all the attacks by Pakistani enemies or the drone away all terror camps in POK. Or Raul had held a meeting over the procedure of checking of Islamic foreign funds coming to India to encourage all subversive activities through Jihadi, Naxlite and Evangelic groups!

But a coterie in Congress are rather researchers on the the probabilities of radical Jihadi activities in India, not the restrainers. They may relish the attack upon Nationalist Modi by the anti-national forces like anything. But, the public retaliation may be harder than the situation of Godhra or Mujaffarnagar, if the majority sentiments are not honoured rightly, majority people are attacked initially. Appeasement and allowance are not the remedy, not the hatred. Respect each other is the right solution.  Gujarat has set that example of riot free state in Bharat. The Jihadi trees are uprooted there to have a shade of peace tree.  All minds there came up jointly to rebuild a National Spirit of Bharat.

Narendra Modi has been able to establish his image as that of Sardar Patel and of Dr. Mookherjee. Now, he becomes an embodiment of National spirit. Naturally, nationalist Narendra Modi is in the hit list of anti-nationalist fundamental Groups of any kind. A crores of supporters of Modi must not take the attack on their nationalist icon anyway. They are also determined to chop of all ‘hands’ active against Modi. No hands against Modi will work ultimately.

LIVE Hunkaar Rally from Gandhi Maidan, Patna (Bihar): 27th October 2013. The confluence of All Nationalist Forces.

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Courtesy: All link sources used in the article.

5 comments on “Why Hindu Nationalist Modi is targeted by Pak based ISI and Indian Mujahideen?

  1. arishsahani
    November 2, 2013

    Its shame our problem is simple .When a nation let its poor and uneducated get converted to our enemy’s culture of islam .These converts are used by our enemy to kill and destroy own nation .When Hindus will wake up.Lost 1/3 india in 1947 what more proof you need.


    • hinduexistence
      November 2, 2013

      Respect Sahani Ji,
      Think in the positive end. The major 2/3 of the Hindu populace courageously have protected their belief, culture and own identity throughout the Muslim invasion in Bharatvarsha. Don’t you see that how the monstrous Islam consumed the ancient culture and existence within 200-300 years after they reached other destination except the case of our immortal land of Hindus.
      Hindu is the only practicing Dharma (not a religion) in its original form of endless freedom of thinking in richness to give some potential to others. Hindus are spreading in the mind of global acceptance with its natural flow. Not in the strength of sword or bookish fundamentalism.
      We won the hearts, are in touch and will engross the sphere of co-existence, exchange of knowledge and wisdom and obviously to form a divine society.
      Subh Deepavali to all of our readers, donors, activists and supporters.
      Subh Deepavali

      Moderator, Hindu Existence.


  2. Dirgha Raj Prasai
    November 2, 2013

    Happy Dipawali 2013 !
    On this auspicious occasion- the strong Indian leader of Gujarat must be the Prime Minister of India for the sake of Indian prestige and its identity !
    Tihar (Dipawali)- Hindus Festival-
    ‘The Light Day’ in all Over the World 2012

    By Dirgha Raj Prasai
    The Nepali festival Tihar is also known by many names such as Dipawal in Nepal, or Bhai Tika or Laxmi Puja or as a festival of lights and Diwali in India. It is a five-days festival, which comes soon after the Dashain Festival, and Tihar is all about worshiping of different animals such as crow, dog, cow, and worshiping of the Hindu Goddess of Fortune or Wealth (Goddess Laxmi), and cooking great meals at home, brothers and sisters shopping for gifts, flying kites, decorating homes and streets, playing cards with friends, resting and relaxing, and finally ending the festival with an exchange of a special temporary mark on forehead. The last day of the festival is known as Tika day or popularly known as Bhai Tika (brothers’ day). To sum up Tihar festival, Tihar is the festival when sisters wish a long life to their brothers (Bhai)!
    Tihar is a festival for brothers and sisters, but What if you are a brother without a sister or a sister without a brother. Well, you can make one by accepting someone close to you in your relatives. If nothing works, you find one among your friends and neighbors, it becomes almost as if it was real. Tihar is a festival of sisters wishing a long life to their brothers and Tihar is the most popular festival in Nepal, India and in all over world where Hindus have been living .
    From the waning moon in between Oct. and Nov, (Kartik), there starts the indigenous Festival Dipawali-Tihar-the light day in Nepal, India and in all over the world. In this year it starts Nov-13-15 2069 Bs. Due to the Tithi disturbance, Crow and Dog worshiping day is joined in a day. We the Nepalese people have glorious history on ‘Himabatkhand.’ The Himabatkhand-Nepal covers the land of Brahmaputra in the east, Hindukush in the west, Kailash-Mansarovar (west-south China) in the north and the Ganga-River in the south. In the past, Nepal was bigger than what it is today. This zone is the origin of the Vedas, Upanishads, Purans and Nitishastra. The region has been irrigating by rivers originating in the Himalaya, several Saints, Sages and renowned Kings. The Bikram Sambat is an original and sign of Nepalese sovereignty where the foreigners could not attack here like India, China and Pakistan.
    Exactly, Nepal Sambat and Mahapuja celebrates in just the day of Govardhan Puja (body worshiping organized by Newars) have been celebrating in the time of Dipawali-‘Tihar’ in Nepal. During the festival all the houses in the city and villages are decorated with lit oil lamps. Thus during the night the entire village or city looks like a sparkling diamond. This festival is celebrated in five days. The Nepali festival Tihar is also known by many names such as Dipawali or Bhai Tika or Laxmi Puja or as a festival of lights. It is a five-days festival, which comes soon after the Dashain Festival, and Tihar is all about worshiping of different animals such as crow, dog, cow, and worshiping of the Hindu Goddess of Fortune or Wealth (Goddess Laxmi), and cooking great meals at home, brothers and sisters shopping for gifts, flying kites, decorating homes and streets, playing cards with friends, resting and relaxing, and finally ending the festival with an exchange of a special temporary mark on forehead. The last day of the festival is known as Tika day or popularly known as Bhai Tika (brothers day) To sum up Tihar festival, Tihar is the festival when sisters wish a long life to their brothers (Bhai)!
    The first day of Tihar is known as ‘Kag Tihar’, (crow’s day). Crow the messenger of death is honored on the first day of Tihar. The second day is called ‘Kukur Tihar’, (dogs’ day). A dog plays many roles in our society. We pray to the dog to guard our house as he guards the gate of the underworld and to divert destruction away from our homes. On this day you can see dogs running around with garlands on their neck.
    Tihar and Laxmi Puja (3rd Tihar Day)- One of the most important day of the festival is Laxmi Puja on which day the Goddess of wealth (Laxmi) is worshiped in every household in the entire Nepali Kingdom by means of Puja, decoration, candle lights, and oil lamps. In this 3rd day of the Tihar Festival, the entire nation becomes an illumination of lights. Pictures and icons of Laxmi Devi (Goddess) are placed and worshiped in a Puja room (or a place in a living room or a dedicated room for worshiping Gods) Puja is performed using flowers, incense, oil lamps, color-powders, bell and money (both notes and coins). Laxmi puja is not only for households but is equally done by Companies. Business-Laxmi-Puja is done exactly the same way as is done in home. Usually company’s cashier performs the puja during which time the entire office including office compounds are lit with various lights including electrical, candle lights, and oil lamps and usually staffs are invited to participate in the Puja procession.
    ‘Water is a symbol of love. Lakshmi emerging from the water explains that the right type of wealth emerges from love. Divine love is the highest wealth and is like nectar in our life. Lakshmi is depicted as seated on a lotus floating in water. Lotus is a symbol of dispassion. A droplet of water on the lotus leaf moves freely on the surface without any stickiness whatsoever. Similarly, when we are not attached to wealth and not possessive, then what emerges is the wealth that is everlasting and light like a flower. Such wealth is life-supporting, brings abundance and prosperity. Wealth should be moving like water. The purity of water is lost if it is stagnant. Similarly, the usefulness and value of wealth is only when it is shared and is moving. Lakshmi is adorned with golden ornaments and is holding a lotus flower in two hands. This represents a brighter outlook and celebrative aspect of life, a combination of abundance without any possessiveness towards the wealth. Further when wealth is used for the benefit of humanity, it doesn’t bog you down, it is light like a flower. The other two hands hold symbolizing the shower of blessings and indicating that we should have patience. Diwali is a festival of lights. It is a time to honor all aspects of wealth and to illumine our life with the light of spiritual knowledge, the energy that is Mahalakshmi. ‘Maha’ implies great. Mahalakshmi denotes a great wealth, a wealth that includes all the eight aspects, the spiritual wealth that takes care of our well-being in all the three worlds (Adibhautik, adidhaivik and adhyatmik). So on this occasion, we wish health, happiness and prosperity for everybody.’ -(Satish Oberoi)

    ‘During the festival all the houses in the city and villages are decorated with lit oil lamps. Thus during the night the entire village or city looks like a sparkling diamond. This festival is celebrated in five days starting from the thirteenth day of the waning moon in October. We also refer to Tihar as ‘Panchak Yama’ which literally means ‘the five days of the underworld lord’. We also worship ‘yamaraj’ in different forms in these five days. In other words this festival is meant for life and prosperity.-Google online opts.

    ‘The eve of Laxmi Puja Day is made spectacular not only by lights but also by echoes of a special song including dancing known as Bhailo or Bhailini that’s played only on Tihar and Songs : Deusi Songs (4th Day) Male members sing what is called Deusi or Deusuray in Nepali. Tihar is also the time to re-call their continued wish for a long and a happy life for their brothers. Brothers sit on a floor while sisters perform their Puja. Puja involves following a traditional ritual in which sisters circle brothers three times dripping oil on the floor from a copper pitcher. Afterwards, sisters put oil in brother’s ears and hairs, and then give Tika. Also breaking of walnuts by sisters prior to giving Tika to brothers is also a common practice. After tika, flower garland is put around brother’s neck. Then brothers give tika to sisters in the same fashion. Sisters also receive flower garland around their neck. Brothers give gifts such as clothes or money to sisters while sisters give a special gift. Those without a sister or brother, join relatives or friends for Tika. Sisters pray for their brother’s long life to the Hindu God of Death (Yam Raj). Tihar and Flower Garland is called Malla.
    Tihar is probably the best festival of all due to its short holiday period yet packed with much excitement unlike other Nepali festivals! Tihar and Rani Pokharai (Pond)- Rani Pokhara in center of Kathmandu built by Pratap Malla-1649-50, is located at the center of Kathmandu. This famous pond has a small holy temple located at the center. The compound’s door is locked all year around except on the day of Bhai Tika. Those who do not have sisters enter the temple to receive tika from priets. Tihar and Cooking – Sisters prepare unique Nepali meal at home for brothers. This includes making of the famous Nepali bread known as Nepali Roti or Sel or Sel (Roti).-Google online opts on Nepalese festival Tihar.
    The most important day of the festival- ‘Laxmi Puja’, early in the morning the cow is worshipped. Tika is put on her head and a garland around her neck then she feasts with delicious food. A cow also symbolizes wealth and she is the most holy animal for Hindus. A cow also symbolizes wealth and she is the most holy animal for Hindus. Cow is holy and venerable animal for Hindus and Buddhists. Hindu and Buddhist scriptures view cow in form of a mother in all over the world especially-Nepal and India. Since the Vedic period cow’s body has been accepted as the spirits of various Gods and Goddess. In many Vedic books has mentioned–’Gao Biswasya Matera’ or Cow is the mother in the world for human being. It is a belief that people who look upon cow with devotion and worship attain blessings and enlightenment. Such conclusions were given precedence in Shrimadbhagawat Mahapurnana (Hindu’s greatest religious book) since long period Gopalas started worshipping cow.

    Cow has been declared Nepal’s national animal in Nepal for it has the supreme qualities of animals.’ The cow was venerated as the mother goddess in the early Mediterranean civilizations. The cow became important in Nepal and India, first in the Vedic period, but only as a symbol of wealth. In the Mahabharata, Bhishma-a great religious personality and warrior, also observes that the cow acts as a surrogate mother by providing milk to human beings for the whole life. So the cow is regarded as the mother of the world. Hindus worship cow as Goddess Laxmi. Every year cow is worshipped during the Hindu festival of Tihar. The day of worship is known as Gai Tihare. Cow is worshipped in every household. Cow’s urine and dung is needed during any auspicious occasion. It is Hindu tradition to slather the floor with cow’s dung to make it pure. The cow’s dung can also kill germs; so its use is good for health as well. A cow’s milk is highly nutritious that its advantages are hard to explain.

    Hindu’s all over the world, irrespective of their caste, creed and country of origin, Celebrates this festival’-Tihar’-‘Deepawali’. A famous Indian religious revolutionary A. Swami Vivekananda had said- ‘The light of Deepawali is also the light of freedom from control, freedom from tyranny and freedom from all that artificially divides humanity.’ Similarly an Indian religious thinker Basavanna writes–‘the power of knowledge destroys ignorance; the power of light dissipates darkness; the power of truth is foe of all untruths. Several programmer’s are going on not only in Nepal & India– two countries from where this religion was started around 5000 years before but also in other countries like USA, Canada, Fiji, Guyana, Trinidad, Malaysia and a lot more. In India also, this is the only one festival which was celebrated all over the country from TamilNadu to Kashmir and Manipur to Gujarat. In the North India this festival is celebrated as Diwali but in South India it is celebrated as Deepawali. Deepawali, the festival of lights is a harbinger of joy and happiness.

    On this day throughout the evening the groups of boys and girls come to houses singing song (Deusi Bhailo) of praise of the goddess and dancing and calling the old story with tune of god and goddess (first day) ‘Bhaili Ram’ then ‘Deusuri Ram’ with great rejoicing and they are taken as guests and given gifts- money, various food and fruits. This day the entire place is lively through out the night. The fourth day is bit different. Today the things you worship depend on your specific cultural background. Normally most of the people perform ‘Govardhan Puja’, (ox worshipping). The ox is worshipped with Tika, garland and then a delicious meal is fed to it.-(Avigya Karki)
    In the last day, the sister worships their brothers for their prosperous long life worshiping the ‘Yamaraj’ (God of death). The main theme behind Bhai Tika (worshiping brothers) is the sisters praying for their brother’s long life from Yama Raj, god of the underworld. Tihar starts from the thirteenth day of the waning moon in October. We also refer to Tihar as ‘Yama Panchak’ which literally means ‘the five days of the underworld lord’. We also worship ‘Yamaraj’ in different forms in these five days. In other words this festival is meant for life and prosperity. It is a celebration of the triumph of light over darkness and of hope over despair. That the festival is celebrated by people from diverse faiths is a significant affirmation of the great Hindus traditions in the world. Happy Dipawali-2070 Bs (2013)
    Thank you !


  3. ramkrishnagoel
    November 2, 2013

    The BJP / VHP / RSS and Bajrangdal leaders are on the hit list of Indian Mujahedin’s from 2003 after Post Godhra riots of 2002. THE SIMI of Surat / Gujarat converted to IM after it is banned in 2001. In January 2003 the Muslims of Vadodara were flying the kites with Osama-bin Laden cutout on kites. These kites are only manufactured in Vadodara. Where the Vadodara police? Again in May /June 2007 during the MSU agitations the Muslims of Vadodara were on streets against the police with Osama-bin Laden posters openly on autos etc. Are these were not the sign that the Muslims Terrorists are active in Gujarat. After serial Bomb Blasts in Ahmedabad on 26.7.2008, maximum IM members were arrested from Vadodara / Ahmedabad those are wanted in all Bomb Blasts of India after 2006. ARE NOT OUR INTELLIGENTSIA OF GUJARAT ND INDIA WERE NOT SLEEPING? Read 14 pages e-mail of IM which they send five minutes before Ahmedabad \ Bomb Blasts stating that they will kill Modi / Gujarati’s in their soil only.


  4. Anath
    December 19, 2020

    We must convince the Arab world to disown these Indian sub continent Muslims. Once that is done things would be easier. These Indian Muslims can be reconverted back by money and good jobs.


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