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Dalai Lama praised the pattern of Coexistence in Hindu majority India. While he urges China to learn this coexistence, why he is silent about the Hindu-Tamil Genocide in Sri Lanka?

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Dalai Lama Asks China to Learn from India’s model of coexistence. But, why he is silent about the Hindu-Tamil Genocide in Sri Lanka, a Buddhist Country?

Chinese intolerance against Buddhists.

Chinese intolerance against Buddhists. Brutal.

Upananda Brahmachari | Shillong | 7 Feb 2014:: On 3rd February in his first holy visit to North Eastern India, the Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness Dalai Lama said, China should learn from India the practice of harmonious co-existence of different people, languages and lifestyles.            

“They should learn from India, which has apart from different regions, different people, different languages, different scripts and different lifestyles. Yet they all live harmoniously,” the Dalai Lama said while addressing the sixth convocation ceremony of the Martin Christian Luther University here at Shillong.

The spiritual leader, who visited Meghalaya for the first time since he made India his home, termed his adopted country as “wonderful and very nice” to live in.

He likened the country to the United Nations in its embracing a multi-cultural, multi-racial and multi-religion society, while blaming Chinese hardliners for infusing hatred against people living in Tibet. “We are not seeking separation from China. We belong to China with common interests and common economic development,” HH Dalai Lama emphasized.

“Modern India is multi-cultural, multi-linguistic and multi-racial. It is like the United Nations. I feel the greatness of India. Its people are harmless, and it is an example to the rest of the world as people are living together happily,” the Buddhist spiritual leader and the Nobel Peace laureate said.

Claiming to be a disciple of Gandhi’s principle of non-violence, the spiritual leader said he nursed a hope that India’s “concept of peaceful living” would make a better Asia and in turn make a better world.

“Over 3,000 years ago, India had the concept of Ahimsa (non-violence). Because of that it commands respect,” he said, adding that India was the living example of religious tolerance and culture.

His Holiness Dalai Lama holds the highest position in contemporary Buddhist order, he is the messenger of peace and ahimsha as propounded by lord Buddha and also the Nobel Peace laureate. HH Dalai Lama is also a living founder member of VHP established in 1964. We never put any question about his honor and wisdom to shower the peace and good to the mankind.

After reaching Bharat on 30 March 1959 at Bomdila (Arunachal Pradesh) he felt secured in his life long exile after being thwarted  from his seat of Tibet by the then tyrannic Communist Govt of China.

Sri Lankan genocide against Tamil-Hindus. Barbaric.

Sri Lankan genocide against Tamil-Hindus. Barbaric.

In his long experience of exile in India, His Holiness Dalai Lama definitely perceives the greatness and generosity of Bharat and her people. And HH Dalai Lama must not disagree that this coexistence, harmony, liberty and the trend of respects to others are only possible as the majority people here have granted this unique and imparallel culture as a basic tenets of Hindu faith and life-style. And for this Hindu spirituality and majority everybody can stay, grow and glow in a very Hindu environment. Any challenge or charter against this Hinduness of this land can move this country towards an Islamic fatal, Christian debacle or a Communist blaze without any option.

But, never could I remember any statement HH Dalai Lama to protect this Hinduness of this land under attack in the recent past.

The Dalai Lama went to Shillong to attend a function of a Christian College, the authority of which, i.e. the Missionaries and Evangelic groups promote huge conversion of Hindus-Buddhists in North East. Christians have made the major portion of the NE as just opposite to the Indian Culture. The NE Christian people do tolerate any Hindu or Indian-ness in that region. HH Dalai Lama did not address this important matter to request the Christian missionaries to stop their conversion agenda.

HH Dalai Lama asks China to restore peace and liberty in Tibet through a practice of Indian tradition and culture of coexistence in China.

But, is it not right to be implemented the same practice of Indian coexistence in Sri Lanka too?

Sri Lanka has its Buddha Sasana. And under this Buddha Sasana, it is told a largest genocide of Tamil-Hindus were occurred there through various operations be inhuman ruling parties in SL.

Various International bodies, UN, Amnesty, dignified Tamil bodies and Hindu Existence Forum have condemned the Hindu-Tamil Genocide in SL. But is not a concern of Buddha Sasana, as if.

While HH Dalai Lama speaks against Chaina rightly for making a peaceful coexistence of everybody in Tibet and China, He cannot be silent about Sri Lanka where the simple existence of Tamil-Hindu people are now positioned before the peace canon of Rajapakshe under a very inhumane stand against the non-Buddhist people in Sri Lanka.

HH Dalai Lama please hear the appeal of victimized Tamil-Hindu people of Sri Lanka for sending a strong message to the rulers of Sri Lanka to stop barbaric activities upon the Tamil –Hindu people in SL.

If HH Dalai Lama thinks that Hindu-Buddhist unity is a must to survive these two oldest faiths against the threats of Christianity, Islam and Communism, he must condemn the Hindu-Tamil Genocide in SL and convey the same message of coexistence of Indian pattern to Sri Lankan rulers, as he already conveyed to China.

6 comments on “Dalai Lama praised the pattern of Coexistence in Hindu majority India. While he urges China to learn this coexistence, why he is silent about the Hindu-Tamil Genocide in Sri Lanka?

  1. S Kumar
    February 8, 2014

    In Srilanka, it is not Hindu-Tamil Genocide. It is the Buddhists- Christian animosity and genocide as Prabhakaran and his followers were Catholic converts funded by Missionaries through Norwegian Diocese including supply of arms, ships and even aircraft to fight Buddhist Govt. Hindu Tamil leaders were eliminated one after another By LTTE.


    • hinduexistence
      February 9, 2014

      @ S Kumar.

      Presenting a half truth is always dangerous than persuading a false in its core. The half hearted Hindus always try to surpass the truth and behave like an ostrich by hiding its face in the desert. They try to justify their loss in other ways.

      The devilish Christian Imperialist connection with Velupillai Prabhakaran (though his primary religious faith was in Christianity, afterwards he switched over Marxist-Leninist outlook and did not appear in any Church service in the later) and his LTTE is unquestionable. But, it is not evident that “Hindu Tamil leaders were eliminated one after another By LTTE”. When I contacted with the fighting Hindu leaders in Sri Lanka they could not supply any factual evidences for that.

      Prabhakaran, the Supremo of LTTE was a rebellion against Sri Lanka. Take it for granted. The State has every right to counter and eliminate any subversive element immediately, but not to attack or harm or gunning down the civilians of same clan under any presumptions or assumptions.

      What Sri S Kumar claims as “genocide as Prabhakaran and his followers were Catholic converts” is baseless as the SL Army never discriminated whether the targets are Christian Tamils or Hindu Tamils. Over Lakh of Tamil civilians killed in the Genocide were 90% Hindu Tamil and 10% others. Search the analysis and get the truth.

      If I take the 90% LTTE leaders were Christians, it is the truth that 90% Hindus were killed in the Tamil Genocide in Sri Lanka.

      Please go to the census statistics of Sri Lanka first and then come to the % of Hindus and Christians of that island.

      I want to place a question to Sri S Kumar. As the 99% Pak supported Jihadi leaders in J&K are Muslim, have any right of Govt of India to run any genocide of Muslims in Kashmir valley or the Hindus in Jammu for any reason? But, the Buddhist SL Govt did a most nefarious work of the Hindu-Tamil Genocide in the ancient Tamil island with the help of China-Pakistan and other Jahidi outfits.

      The maroon Hindus cannot digest this truth and never pointed out the conspiracy of a Hindu genocide in Sri Lanka.

      This (HINDU EXISTENCE) is the only forum which pointed out that the Genocide in Sri Lanka is nothing but a Hindus Genocide in reality.

      Afterwards, the big organisations like RSS and VHP took this matter seriously and stared condemning the role of SL Govt against the Hindu-Tamil people there.

      1. ABPS: Statement of RSS Gen Sec Bhayyaji Joshi on SUFFERINGS OF THE SRI LANKAN TAMILS. []
      2.Demolition of Hindu temples – Srilankan Govt. will be responsible if Hindus resort to retaliation: Dr Pravin Togadiya, VHP.

      Still the SL Govt. is dangerously trying to eliminate the Hindu Tamils from the ancient Shaiva-Tamil Land of Sri Lanka in open day light, when ‘Christian’ Prabhakaran is dead! Why?

      Read all these link and visualize the fact.
      D. etc. etc.

      Please protect Tamil Hindus from a vicious Buddha Sasana in SL. Rajapakshe and the anti Tamil forces are not the follower of Buddha at all, they are the puppet of Chinese Dragon and international arm dealers. Condemn the Tamil-Hindu Genocide in SL.

      Upananda Brahmachari.
      Editor, HINDU EXISTENCE.


  2. SeaLion
    February 8, 2014

    Another atrocity on India VISA ON ARRIVAL by the nefarious evil and cunning christian Opus Di barbarian foreigner in India. It seems that this uneducated barmaid thinks Indians are fools and she because of her leper skin (which is a result of demonaic our shastras Half Demon Half human creatures are called Yakshas–the whites skins of today) despite being a 5th fail can fool all. WE should understand that the gutter slumdog criminal Bangaldeshi sullah and gutter begger loose, immoral amorous multipartering Phillipino sluts, the hwite skinned murderous rascals KKK racist thugs will be coming to India for Tourism (or terrorism)?? MOST FILTHY DIRTY BANGALDESHI , PHILLIPINO AND ITALIAN RAGS will capture India, rape Indian women and at best we Hindus will become Palestinians (offcourse Israelis are very cultured and treat Jihadis much better than others like Italian bastards) and at worst Tainos — EXTINCT..IF WE DO NOT PICK UP ARMS NOW..INDIAN ARMY AND ARMED FORCES ARE A BUNCH OF IMPOTENTS. They should have acted in INDIAN WARRIOR WAY AGAINST THIS MAFIOISI when she DARED TO TOUCH WITH HER FILTHY MURDEROUS HANDS our GREAT INSTITUTION OF ARMY by falsely implicating Col Purohit and BRIGADIER UPADHAYA IN FALSE CASE (REAL CULPRIT IN ALL TERROR ATTACKS BLASTS MUMBAI ATTACK IF REALLY EXPOSED CAN BE TRACED TO HIGHEST UP CONGRESS AND THE BOSS) SHAME ON HINDUS THEY WILL SLEEP TILL DEATH..ATLEAST TAKE SOME LESSONS FROM THE BARBARIC CHRISTIAN SATANS.IN CAR AS SOON AS MINORITY MUSLIMS TOOK POWER THEY WENT ON MURDEROUS RAMPAGE AND GENOCIDE OF MUSLIMS..AND WE HINDUS HAVE ALLOWED A 3% ANTI NATIONAL TRAITOR MINORITY WHO SUPPORTED AND SUPPLIED BRITISH FROM MERCENARIES TO SLUTS TO AGAIN PUT A FOREIGNER.IN POWER..INDIA WILL NEVER BE SAFE TILL ONE CHRISTIAN LIVES IN INDIA


  3. sridharan
    February 10, 2014

    correct. Recently during the assembly elections in Mizoram the local church which is having a vice- like grip on the people of the state asked the election commission to change of date and the commission obediently complied. But the same commission has never accepted any similar request from the Hindus. The result of the elections was also a foregone conclusion since the church compels the people to vote only for the congress.Is this not communal? The media especially the English TV channels which cry hoarse about BJP and Modi ( even though are really secular) are conspicuously silent about this.


  4. Neeti4Nation
    February 14, 2014

    Reblogged this on Neeti4Nation.


  5. SupernadoApp
    February 10, 2016

    Here’s the big problem: the Dalai Lama has no authority over the Buddhists in Sri Lanka. Dalai Lama has authority only over Tibetan Buddhism, not Theravada Buddhism in Sri Lanka. Any words that he would say about the genocide would immediately meet deaf or yet worse, hostile ears as was the case in Myanmar, when the Dalai Lama attempted to assuage hard-liner monks supporting the deportation of the Rohingya minority.

    Bottom line is, asking the Dalai Lama to say any words on the genocide in Sri Lanka would only result in fruitless bickering between his sect and the Sinhalese sect. Knowing this, the Dalai Lama has chosen to stay silent on this matter.

    Another thing that I seriously question is this continual presumption that somehow every war and conflict should have some religious meaning. The war between the Sinhalese and Tamils has next to nothing to do with religion, and more to do with the matter of ethnic politics that the British perniciously installed upon Sri Lanka.

    The British are truly the scum of the earth.


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