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Love Jihad ends life of a Hindu College Girl once again in Kerala.

Fatal Consequence of Love Jihad: Mystery murder of a Hindu College Girl in Kerala by delineating a suicidal plot. Muslim live-in partner under police custody.

AnujaHENBKalamassery (Kerala) | May 18, 2015:: A promising post-graduation student Anuja (23) was found dead in her rented house on Friday night in Thrissur district of Kerela. Her live-in partner V. Khaleem was taken into police custody.

Anuja (23), the daughter of Puthusseriparambil Ashok Kumar and Shailaja, was in the final year of her MA political science course at the Maharaja’s College, Ernakulam. She had been staying with Valiyakath Khaleem (34) from Chavakkad near Thrissur.

Khalim is the prime accused in the murder of Manikandan, a National Development Front (NDF) activist at Vadakkekad near Thrissur, the police said. He has also been accused of an attempt to murder. The police said he is married and has children.

National Development Front (NDF) is an Islamist group with a plan to adhere to the dawa (missionary work) of aggressively propagating Islam among other communities. NDF was established on 1993 and merged later with Popular Front of India (PFI) in 2006.  Both the  NDF and PFI have their objective have to focus on socio-enonomical issues of Muslims giving a regional priority as to achieve Islamic hold in Kerala and adjacent states.

A reliable source suggests that Shaheen Force, the women’s wing of dreaded terrorist group al Qeada, could be responsible for her death. The group is reportedly active in various colleges across Kerala. Reports suggest that these groups may have the culpability to force Anuja to suicide while a repentant college girl wanted to free herself from the clutch of the ‘Love Jihad’ racket, very much active in Kerela. The perpetrators might be successful to  vanish way the suicidal notes, if any. But, experts say that the circumstantial evidences show that it is a cool blooded murder by Khaleem.

Khaleem informed the police of Anuja’s death by 8.30 pm on Friday. He said he found Anuja hanging in the bedroom when he returned home. Her head was tonsured. Khaleem said he shaved off Anuja’s hair after she told him to do so. She had earlier donated hair for cancer patients, relatives said.

Ashok, father of the deceased said he let Anuja live with Khaleem after he promised to marry her. Shailaja had rented the house for her daughter near the Hill Valley School at Unichira a little over a month ago. Anuja and Khaleem had been living together at Pachalam for a year before that.

Some reports also claimed that Khaleem was earlier involved in various crimes, including the “murder” of Yuva Morcha activist Manikandam in Thrissur and attempting to murder Vattekad CPM leader Subin.

Antecedents claimed that the parents of the deceased Hindu girl allowed their daughter to stay with such a married Muslim person who have two children and connected with extremist Islamist group.

Anuja was preparing to write civil service exams, he added.  The cremation  of Anuja held at Edappally on Sunday after post mortem in Alappuzha Medical College.

Though the post mortem (autopsy) report claims the case as suicide, the police team is probing the suicide case of a 23-year college student expeditiously. Earlier, the police authority opined a corroboration of gross un-natural elements found behind the hanging of Anuja as she was found hanging from a noose.

Exclusive from HK

Sources have stated that police are least enthusiastic about clearing the air of mystery shrouding Anuja’s death. Even though Khaleem stated that they were only live in partners, sources state otherwise, with Khaleem a habitual Love Jihad baiter. Police have also stated that they have not received the needed information even though Khaleem was interrogated, in spite of the victim’s parents asserting that their daughter’s death was murder.

There are also reports of Popular Front leaders coming out in the open to defend and secure Khaleem’s release. It has also been stated that certain leaders in the ruling front are also doing their best to get Khaleem out of the case.

According to sources, there are glaring evidences of a tussle in the room here the corpse was recovered. The feet were also seen dragging on the ground. However, the police, instead of taking circumstantial evidence into account, chose to overlook the same and are proceeding to close the matter thus. Police have also refused to look into the various interactions of Khaleem, who happens to be an accused in several cases. Anuja’s mobile phone could lead to many evidences, which the police have not probed into.

The police, however, are yet to take further decision regarding her live-in partner Khaleem, who has been under their custody.

“We will be interrogating the friends and relatives of the girl on Monday and, based on this, a decision with regard to booking him for abatement of suicide will be taken,” the circle inspector added.

Meanwhile, activists of the BJP and Hindu Aikya Vedi blocked Aluva Additional Tahsildar P.B. Sunil Lal as they alleged that no senior officers have reached the spot. The standoff was eased after RDO S. Suhas and Assistant Police Commissioner Bijo Alexander arrived.

Anyway, the Love Jihad racket took away Anuja beyond the reach of anybody and it’s a very tragic end in the untimely demise of a Hindu College girl for the gross indulgence to tie up with a Love Jihadist.

Kerala is the southernmost state in India where the cases of murder, suicide, abduction, forced conversion, gang rape, recruitment of female jihadist, missing of Hindu and Christian girls are highest in numbers out of ‘Love Jihad’.

Courtesy: HK.

10 comments on “Love Jihad ends life of a Hindu College Girl once again in Kerala.

  1. Prem Prakash Batra
    May 19, 2015

    Dear Sir,

    Let us look at this Love Jihad business. What is the reality of Love Jihad. It is not so simple as you put it. It is spread by other means.

    Only the middle class Hindus give more freedom to their Daughters to find a match they love. Most of these Hindu Girls have financial independence, as is the practice today to escape the tyranny of the in-laws.. The number of Hindu Boys are getting less affluent in their financial independence, compared to the Girls rightly with incentives. After the liberal benefits that were extended in the US, in George Bush’s first term as President found that Boys were losing out to Girls, as per the survey. So, Mrs. Laura Bush energised steps to give equal chances to the Boys in education, etc, also to correct the imbalance. This phenomenon is peculiar to India as it may be thought. Hindu Girls naturally readily accept the best partner as per Law of Nature which is the selection of the best for their for their progeny. They have no issue with change of Religion. But the reverse is not true in respect of Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Jains, These are rare. That is what is being exploited from across the Borders.

    Where do you think the problem is. It is with the Constitution and who made them. The high & mighty outwardly might be wanting Secular to be interpreted this way in public. Panditji was so unhappy with Vijayalakshmi when She wanted to go to Pakistan after marriage with a Muslim. Mahatma solved this dilemma for Panditji. She was asked to ask the Man to convert to Hindu and stay in India. He flatly refused.

    Vatican and Muslim do not permit change of religion. Secular means that reverse should be equally true, besides the forced conversions or the incentivised conversions. This should have been embodied in the Constitution. But the top Leadership by then had mixed religion progenes. And INC made it an unwritten law that a Leader must marry outside if he/she wants to rise. How can a miniscule of people impose their will on what is the strength of Nation as practiced by all Faiths here. Law of reciprocity should apply. Religions had freedom in Maharaja Ranjit Singh time but he enforced discipline with iron hand. That is what vast of Indians follow-do not cross the Red Lines. It used to lead to major inter faith clashes. May be you would find in some Gazettes about them. But the original 14 Volumes of 1893 Census lying in National Archives do show these aspects indirectly.

    Are you aware that this is the private Policy of ISI and the Religious Fanatics across the borders. This was one of the problems faced by IB Director who in 1979 in a Seminar spoke about. It goes beyond that. But an Indian would not like to go other side.

    Anyone who professes otherwise, should go and live in Middle East and other such Areas and the US and find out where is the truth, notwithstanding public posturing of Democracy, Freedom and Liberty. Marry a Muslim or Christian or whatever and convert them before marriage. Democracy should never have been so narrowly defined without elaboration and the concurrence of the masses; and by the few, for the few and of the few as said by late Parsi Mr Palkhivala when he explained to us the Constitution in Defence Staff College in Wellington in 1972.

    Obviously, you have not seen what happened at the time of partition. Then Mrs Gandhi would have not been allowed to amend Constitution without elaborations in at least Directive Principles.

    First preach outside India, find out the answers than —-. Let me assure, I understand religion, democracy and secular, freedom of expression as well as any. Service Officers keep harmony in the Armed Forces by fair play.

    With best regards,

    Commander Prem P Batra (Retired),


  2. Abhishek More
    May 20, 2015

    please the educated people of india & the goverment as well please take a strict action on such type of issue or some day india will be a islamic country & hindu’s will be living living as he is not citizen nor he has any rights in india …. and warning to every one … one day will come either we hindus will be in india or muslim .. please goverment make our country rules strict & discipline no one should go aginst the law … be together , live together be in piece … this a hindu’s suggestion , we dont want to create any castism… but this is fact about islam …. an a warning to islam … be away from mother land india


  3. vidhu satty
    May 24, 2015

    Times of india will never publish this news, but they will publish only the news when christians get converted to hinduism and demand a probe for that even when those converted themselves say that the were not forced


  4. V Parmar
    October 30, 2015

    Anyone have any materials/ books regarding love jihad can you please send/ suggest me?



  5. djs
    February 5, 2016

    hindus have to become more rigid and aggressive otherwise things would get very difficult in the coming days. forced castration of muslim pigs must be done.


  6. anil
    March 29, 2016

    Let’s make few groups in each village / panchayath, consisting of few men and women (this is necessary to avoid suspicion & so that the group can interact with both male & female members of the house or society) & assign the groups to visit the homes/temples to make aware the situation to each family members. Such groups shall be formed in such a way that they must be capable of visiting each home twice a year and hand over the booklets containing facts/incidents happened indicating the malicious intention of the youths from other religion. Also let these groups request the near by temples at least twice in a month & there by increasing the interaction between the members of the community. It is necessary to visit each family the near by temple as it would help to increase the familiarity & unity between the community members. Also let the people be aware of the fact that any contribution to temples under devaswam board is going to govt. and only below 20% of the offerings go to running and maintenance of the temple and encourage them to contribute towards the prosperity of damaged/demolished temple restoration & give clear receipt & let the contributors to have a look at the entire details of contribution & expenditure. For this, it is necessary to keep honest, educated and courageous individuals & replace the entire committee members once in one or two year so that the corruption can be prevented. AND ABOVE all, let us stop the back stabbing of our own relatives, community members and help each other to become successful. Let us stop hating each each other & maintain a warm relation between members of the community by sorting out any differences by discussing the matter before it goes out of control/keep on hating each other. Let us economically block Muslims & Christians by not purchasing from their shops. Educate Hindu Business men/women (big/small) that he can have a decent income if he does more business with a less margin and not by more profit & less business.


  7. bharat
    July 20, 2016

    being majority we live under threat of few useless fanatic Muslim religious people. When India will get a common civil code…..


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  9. Kumar Aditya
    June 13, 2017

    One day we will found us (hindus) in gas chambers like Jews in Germany if we don’t take strict response to this.


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