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Biased UP Minorities Commission wants to grill Hindu activists for ‘beti bachao-bahu lao’ campaign.

Bajrangdal Agra

UP Minorities Commission seeks Agra admin’s action on Bajrangdal for ‘beti bachao-bahu lao’  campaign.

Sheetal Sharma | HENB | Agra | July 22, 2015:: Under the diktat of pro Muslim SP (Samajwadi Party) Government in Uttar Pradesh, the State Minorities Commission today issued notice to Agra district administration and police and sought explanation about Bajrang Dal’s ‘beti bachao-bahu lao’ campaign  and action taken report against those behind it, terming such attempt to create a wedge in society.

“It has come to our notice that Bajrang Dal is running ‘beti bachao-bahu lao’ campaign in Agra in which a particular community is being targeted to create animosity in the society.

“In the past, such attempts were made in the name of conversation. So it is necessary that strict action is taken against those vitiating communal harmony,” Commission Chairman Shakil Ahmad said in a letter to Agra District Magistrate and Superintendent of Police.

“The commission wants to know what action has been taken against those running such campaign,” Ahmad said asking the Agra administration to reply within a week.

It has come to the notice of the Commission through media reports that after raking “love jihad” and “ghar wapsi” issues, Bajrang Dal is running ‘bahu lao-beti bachao’ campaign in Agra, he said.

In the ‘Beti Bachao Bahu lao’ campaign, Bajrang Dal’s Ajju Chauhan issued pamphlets on love jihad in Agra in this week. Activists of Bajrang Dal distributed pamphlets to school students warning them against ‘love jihad’ in Agra on Tuesday. Bajrang Dal activist Ajju Chauhan said, “Gave pamphlets to school girls alarming them against this menace of ‘love jihad.” Bajrangdal also propagates to accept those Muslim and Christian girls warmly, who want to marry Hindu Boys willingly without any bondage of Islamic prejudice.

Taking a fury on Uttar Pradesh Minorities Commission, Sri Ajju Chauhan told HENB, “Why always a Muslim Chairman in Minority Commission in Uttar Pradesh, why not a Buddhist, Jain or Sikh person as a Minorities commission Chairman? Is it a Muslim Commission?  Buddhist, Jain or Sikhs are more minority than Muslims and they should get that post. The 17% Muslims in Uttar Pradesh cannot be treated as Minority anyway”.

Talking with HENB, Sri Chauhan categorically pointed out, “Every year on an average 1 lakh Hindu-Sikh girls and specifically SC-OBC Hindu girls are sent to Gulf countries as virtual sex slaves including a portion in Mumbai-Kolkata Red Lights areas only from Uttar Pradesh through love Jihad. It’s a social menace and we are determined to check it. Biased Minority Commission Chairman of UP must look into the matter seriously.”

“As Muslims girls are being tortured in their society and do not like dangerous three talaq, they are interested to marry Hindu boys. In such cases girls from Muslim society are always welcome in Hindu society, but we never enforce anybody. Hindus have their own rights to save their daughters and mothers and as well as the rights to expand Hindu society”, Chauhan added.

The provocative action of UP minority commission may put the whole situation more critical.

__with the inputs from PTI,  ANI and ABP.

2 comments on “Biased UP Minorities Commission wants to grill Hindu activists for ‘beti bachao-bahu lao’ campaign.

  1. puja
    July 23, 2015

    We should all struggle hard to spread Hinduism.BHARAT MATA KI JAI.


  2. Asha Ahuja
    August 2, 2015

    The movement is a good one,but approach be a little different may be a silent one,rather highlighting it.And the main focus should be on Educational Institutions particularly College Level as Educated girl is most likely to revolt as compared to non educated one.


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