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Indo-Pak Cricket – is not a Bridge of Peace. It is unable to stop the proxy war of Pakistan against India.

No relation with Pakistan

Pakistan Punjab Assembly is trying to pass to declare Shiv Sena as a Hindu Terrorist Organisation as it protested Indo-Pak Cricket series. Now Shiv Sena must place its proposal in Maharashtra Assembly to declare ‘Pakistan as a Terrorist Country’. 

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi | Oct 20, 2015:: After an aggressive Shiv Sena stormed BCCI HQ to protest Indo-Pak cricket meeting and eventually dragged BCCI to cancel the meeting between two in Mumbai and Delhi, the furious Punjab Assembly is trying to pass a resolution demanding Shiv Sena be declared terrorist group.

As a matter of fact, Shiv Sena workers stormed the headquarters of the Indian cricket board (BCCI) on Monday and scuttled the talks scheduled between BCCI chief Shashank Manohar and his Pakistani counterpart Shahryar Khan. The reality of an India-Pakistan Cricket matches in December, which were slender to begin with, now appear totally non-existent.  The move of Shiv Sainiks are welcomed by all the Indian patriotic people who has a little concern about Pakistani terrorism against India growing these days under a Pak protection.

In shattering complete breakdown of security, a strong mob over 100 Sainiks barged into Manohar’s office at the BCCI headquarters at Wankhede stadium, gheraoed him and raised anti-Pakistan slogans. The richest cricket board in the world was held hostage by the Sainiks while the BJP state government once again failed to stop its ally from flexing its muscles without caring the security and obviously only as a sign of Hindu protest against Indian indulgence of inviting the supporters of ‘Pak terrorism’ in the name of ‘art & culture’, ‘musical concerts’, ‘publication of books’, ‘trade fair’ or ‘cricket series’.

PCB Chair Shahryar and the writer of ‘Cricket – a Bridge of Peace’ and PCB chief executive Najam Sethi were compelled not to leave their south Mumbai hotel, which is a five-minute drive from the BCCI headquarters and finally flown away to Delhi in Monday afternoon. However, the role of this Shahryar Khan as a Pak diplomat and a key to foreign policies is no to clear to any Indian, specially his role suspects in Pak warfare in Kargil against India.

Sensing it as defeat for driving out the PCB Members from Mumbai by Shiv Sena, a Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) lawmaker submitted a resolution in the Punjab Assembly condemning the activities of hardline Hindu organisation Shiv Sena.

The resolution, submitted by the PPP’s Faiza Malik, states that the activities of Shiv Sena have put at risk the safety of Muslim and followers of other religions in India.

The resolution condemns the attack on the BCCI headquarters in Mumbai by Shiv Sena activists over a scheduled meeting between Pakistan and Indian cricket officials to revive cricketing ties.

‘Peace in the region is in danger because of Shiv Sena’, states the resolution.

The resolution further demands that the United Nations should ban Shiv Sena and declare it a ‘terrorist organisation’.

Ridiculous enough that a province (Pak Punjab) of a Terror State (Pakistan) is demanding Shiv Sena to be declared as a Terrorist outfit. Cause, shiv Sena is protesting the Pak terror menace with protest placards, black inks, slogans etc., but not with guns and grenades. But, these Pak peacemakers in Punjab Assembly can’t find the torture on Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan, the terrorism of LeT, JuD. Al Qaeda and other Taliban outfits and do not pass any resolution against them.

Why various Pakistani agencies, writers, singers, cricketers are so interested to continue their programmes in India? While Pakistan  wages its  proxy war along with J&K borders and ISI has its dangerous ploy to breaking India through its own regimentation of breeding a fifth column in India, these ‘other faces of Pakistan’ are parallelly rendering Pakistani access into India in the name of books, music, trade, cricket and many other camouflaging events.  For each and every every events so many Pak conspirators come to India to participate in those programmes and join with their Indian counterparts here to make the existential prospects of various mini Pakistan within India very clandestinely. All  patriotic citizens of India should support the move of Shiv Sainiks or the Hindu Sena or whoever comes forward to expose and protest the Pakistani menaces around us.

One good thing is that the spirit of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ (the guests are God) is still high in the minds of Hindu protest against Pakistan. They painted Sudheendra in black but not the Kasuri. They hackled Manohar but not Shahryar. But, it may not be guaranteed in the next course of action.

But, what is seen clearly now that some disgusted Hindu protesters are pouring black paint into the ears of Nitin Gadkari, who likes to enjoy Ghazals of Ghulam Ali, only to avoid the horrible sounds of gunfire and the moaning of an injured soldier brutally  shot by some Pakistani assailants. Seeing, some Hindu protesters are stripping off and pouring black paint on Anurag Thakur, who is now batting for Pakistan matches in India.

BJP menace for extending secondary support to Pakistan is made now a primary agenda of it. BJP has to pay for it. But, Shiv Sena must place immediately its proposal in Maharashtra Assembly to pass a resolution stating ‘Pakistan as a Terrorist Country’.

Finally, Indians should stand for this firm resolution that India must reject all relations with Pakistan until it stops proxy war against India.

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3 comments on “Indo-Pak Cricket – is not a Bridge of Peace. It is unable to stop the proxy war of Pakistan against India.

  1. Arindam.
    October 20, 2015

    Even considering playing cricket with the genocidal, terrorist abomination on our western frontier is dishonourable and obscene. There should be a permanent ban on all sporting ties between India and Pakistan.

    Pakistani players are also notorious for their misbehaviour. Lest we forget:

    No man with an iota of dignity will permit his womenfolk to be exposed to such degradation.

    For all the mainstream media criticism, the technique of direct action that the Shiv Sena is applying, is getting the desired results. The Sena deserves our gratitude and support.


  2. Anand, USA
    October 21, 2015

    No Relation with pakistan till it stops all anti India agenda period. Or India should start beating the Drum on Free Balochistan.


  3. tamatertam
    October 21, 2015

    These(game of other link) are tool for Pakistan to push their terrorist/spy in India. What happened to the Pakistani people missing from Mohali Cricket??????????


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