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Hindu businessman beheaded in gruesome way in Islamic Bangladesh.

Tarun Dutta Murder

Hindu businessman brutally murdered (throat-slit) in Islamic Bangladesh by suspected Jaamat operatives.

HENB | Gaibandha (Islamic Bangladesh) | February 10, 2016:: Gobindaganj Police contingents recovered a beheaded body from Gobindaganj Town  in Gobindaganj upazila on Monday morning, reports UNB.

Officer-in charge of Gobindaganj Police Station Aminul Islam said on information, police recovered the throat-slit body of Tarun Datta, aged about 45, son of Hirendranath Datta of Moddhopara area in the upazila, from College Road area from a ditch at Bardhankuti locality of Gobindaganj town around 7am. By profession Tarun was a businessman dealing with hardware and sanitary fittings etc.

Police could not divulge the modus operandi of the murder, but apparently guessed the murder as a case out of a denial of ransom claimed by some Muslim group. Hindu traders and businessmen in Bangladesh are frequently traumatized by the Jehadi groups, Jaamat operatives and fanatical  Mohammedan  elements active in various political parties in a very oppressive way. Hindu-Buddhist and Christians are facing an existential crisis under a threat perception in Islamic Bangladesh resulting a huge decrease of the minority population there.

Muslims fundamental groups in Bangladesh claim various type of live-taxes on minority Hindu-Buddhists-Christians for amny instances. But the ruling parties in Bangladesh never tried to address the crisis of the Bangladesh minority people, nor the Govt. of India asks BD Govt about the increasing minority persecution there in a very frantic manner.

The victim’s family said Tarun went out for daily morning walk on the day as usual. He is survived by his two minor sons. The widow of Late Tarun Dutta, Mita Rani Dutta was interrogated by the investigation officer whether there was any animosity of anybody cropped up with Tarun in recent.

Various Trade and Business Committees, Social Organisation and local Puja Udjapon Samity (Hindu Festival Celebration Committee) members and aggrieved citizens registered their protest for the brutal killing of Tarun Dutta by road blockade at Rangpur-Bagura National Highway near Chaturanga crossing to Gobindganj High school  today (Wednesday, Feb 10) from 10 am t0 12 Noon and then gave a deputation to the Upazila Adminstrative authority. All the shops and business outlets of the town were closed from 12 Noon to 4 pm on the day of protest.

Govindaganj police station started a case No.15 dated 08.02.2016 under section 302/201/34 penal code without naming any accused person(s).

No arrests have yet been made as  reports came in last.


8 comments on “Hindu businessman beheaded in gruesome way in Islamic Bangladesh.

  1. Arindam.
    February 12, 2016

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Bangladesh is the next Pakistan.

    Hindus – and indeed, all non-Muslims, living there need to migrate to India for their own safety. On our part, we need to stop Muslim migration into India and then start curbing Muslim population growth.

    If we don’t take mild measures now, we’ll have to take harsh measures later.


    • Ayman Mohammad
      February 13, 2016

      Bangladesh is going to be a Taliban State. Such bad incident like this and with the brutal killings of bloggers, religious persons, foreigners etc must be taken into the urgent notice of present Bangladesh ruling party Awami League. The Jammati parties are flourishing in Bangladesh and ISIS modules are also active in the country. The rights of minorities in Bangladesh is actually traumatized. In Bangladesh Muslim and Hindu Bangladeshis must stay as brothers. This crime committed by criminals must be severely punished and the related case must be brought to justice, unless the repercussion may reach to India and it is fatal for India-Bangladesh relationship. Let us pray for this murder Hindu brother and his family.

      Ayman Mohammad, UK.


      • Asi
        July 4, 2016

        Bangladesh has FAILED IN CURBING THIS VILE TERRORISM BY HOMEGROWN Mongrels…The woman sitting at the helm should QUIT AS SHE HAS DONE n APPALING JOB TO ENSURE SECURITY!!!!
        BANGLADESH being the next Pakistan SHLD be alienated for its heinous VILE TERRORISM…
        If they can’t even deal with their own terrorists why should the rest of the world deal with such a pathetic state…
        Yet , its illegals flourish as pathetic indigent people in Myanmar and cause problems due to their religion…The Rohingyas are Bangladeshis seeking greener pastures~!!
        In the name a despicable CULT, vicious murders are being committed to no end…Time to expunge such a putrid BARBARIC CULT.


  2. subir
    February 14, 2016

    If Bangladesh police is cordial they can find out the guilty. Government should take proper action against this barbaric killing.


  3. Jay
    February 18, 2016

    where is Amnesty international and others who claim voices in civil rights


  4. Teresa elliott
    February 19, 2016

    All christian,Hindu,etc except Muslim leave that area ,first take anything of value from those diseased with Islam and then blow it up. Leave no Muslim alive to spread this horrible pestilence upon your country


  5. lol
    January 2, 2017

    who r u pointing the brahmos missiles at?


  6. lol
    January 2, 2017

    oooh the pictures of the missiles are going to keep us safe! lol


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