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8 jawans martyred in Jihadi attack in CRPF bus in J&K, Will Modi give a befitting reply to Pakistan?

Terrorists attack CRPF bus at Pampore in J&K, 8 jawans killed; 2 militants shot dead. How many lives are to be sacrificed under the Pak provoked Jihadis before India’s retaliation against Pakistan? 

Pak Terror attack at Pampore on CRPF BusUpananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi | June 25, 2016:: In Mahabharat, there is the story of Shishupal.  Shishupala was the king of the Chedis in central India. He ruled against Dharma (Righteousness), harmed to the people under his ruling and insulted Lord Krishna several times in his assembly. Lord Krishna finally enraged and had his head struck off after forgiving him 100 times for his sin for doing crime and injustice.

Now, the question arises after the fresh terror attack in J&K’s Pampore area causing death of 8 Jawans, how many sins are to be counted more for 100 times forgiving Pakistan for their act of Terror against India?

The ‘Modi Bhakts’ and some of ministers of his council declared Modi as an incarnation of Lord Krishna or as like as Lord Krishna assuming his power politics and obviously his oratory skill. But, there is no reflection of reality in case of PM Modi’s initiative to slash down the this Shishupal, Pakistan.

Eight paramilitary CRPF men were killed after militants ambushed a CRPF convoy in Pampore area of Jammu and Kashmir on Saturday.

This attack came down to India as the celebration of  Pakistan after India’s defeat in the NSG bid in Seoul due to Chinese obstacles refurbished by Pakistan. With bursting crackers and distributing sweets in Pakistani land they went for a Jihadi jubilation inside India in the field of Pampore.

Eight jawans have been killed while 28 injured after terrorists attacked a CRPF convoy in Jammu & Kashmir’s Pampore.

Security forces shot dead two terrorists in retaliatory firing after the militants attacked the CRPF bus. The jawans were returning from a firing range practice when the terrorists attacked the convoy.

The Pakistan based terror group Lashkar-e-Toiba took the responsibility immediate after the Pamore attack and Pakistan Refused to Condemn the Terror Attack in India.

CRPF commandant Rajesh Yadav confirmed the deaths and said 20 CRPF personnel have been injured in the attack.

Director general of the CRPF briefed home minister Rajnath Singh on the attack. The DG will visit Pampore tomorrow.

But, is it a process of making tweets to convey condolence to the families of martyred or injured? Or is this a process to fix the compensation money for them? Or is it a time to retaliate against Pakistan to send a final message of them!

pm-narendra-modiPakistan has crossed the limit already. Cease fire violation in J&K borders, Jihadi module set by ISI inside India, the counterfeit Indian currency rackets, series of 26/11 Mumbai, Pathankot attack, Gurudaspur attack and so on have been randomized by Pakistan in theses years of Congress ruling and now continuing in Modi ruling too.  Pakistan is in a proxy war against India.

On the day before yesterday, the Shiv Sena took on Modi in their mouth-piece Sammana’s editorial that Modi has failed to push his Yog day mission in Pakistan! The editorial upheld that No Jihadis performed Yog in their hide outs and it would be good to put Pakistan in  permanent Shavasana (corpse position).

Though the editorial was written in a satirical tuning, it has its meaning of hard rock reality. Now, really the time has come to crush the Pak mentality to attack India time and again.

India has forgiven Pakistan more than 100 times. Now, the Jihad head of Pakistan must be separated from its body without sparing any time. Before that India must clear all Jihadis or other aggressors from the land of Kashmir to regain POK and Akshai China.

Now or Never. PM Modi must realize it to be proportionately pro-active against Pakistan and China both. This is the call of time.

Jay Hind. Bharat Mata Ki Jay.

2 comments on “8 jawans martyred in Jihadi attack in CRPF bus in J&K, Will Modi give a befitting reply to Pakistan?

  1. Bharath
    June 26, 2016

    Modi only want to be friends with papistan.


  2. Arindam
    June 28, 2016

    The destruction of Pakistan entails a war, and that in turn, requires preparation. This will take time and effort – over years, not months.

    However, prior to military action, it is important to diplomatically isolate the target. If you look closely, you’ll see that Modi is doing exactly that, by developing ties with Afghanistan and Iran (Pakistan’s neighbours), as well as the UAE and Saudi Arabia (Islamabad’s patrons). He has also pushed very hard to develop better relations with both the United States and China.

    The path is being paved for the final solution to the Pakistan problem.


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