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Not only for Adhan, Mosques loudspeakers are used as dangerous tool of Jihad in Kashmir valley.

Mosque Loudspeakers in Kashmir

The exposed role of ‘Jihadi’ Loudspeakers in Mosques.

Mosque loudspeakers are grossly used in J&K to incite Muslim youth for joining ‘anti-India jihad’.

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Jammu | July 10, 2016:: There was a report in early nineties made by Ex MP (Rajya Sabha) and veteran journalist, Kuldip Nayar that hinted a role of Mosque loudspeakers to create communal tension in India including passing of non-Muslim procession before the mosques.

As a matter of fact, Loudspeakers were invented in the early 1900s, and they were introduced in mosques in the 1930s as per available records, where they are used for the adhan (“call to prayer”),  sometimes for khutbah (sermons) mainly given after the Friday Namaj (Jumma). In India the use of mosque loudspeakers went on a hype after the emergency period (1975–77) and obviously after the Congressi amendment (42nd in 1976) of Indian constitution to make India constitutionally ‘secular’ country! It is believed that a rich Kuwait fund came to India between 1980-82 through Delhi Mosques Foundation to install  loudspeakers in the maximum mosques in Metros, cities, and main towns. After that  the  trend expanded urban and even rural areas with local and other fundings as a Mosque mission to superiorize Islam than others. In reality, when 90% Hindu temples have no Loudspeakers to use, over 90% Mosques in India possess loudspeakers as a tool of Jihad.

Now, the call of Jihad from Mosque loudspeakers are clearly visible in the Kashmir valley where Mosque loudspeakers are grossly used in J&K to incite Muslim youth for joining ‘anti-India jihad’. It has shaped as a dangerous threat for the peace and harmony in the valley as well as that has been  posed as a challenge of Indian safety, security and integrity too.

Highly Pro-Pakistan and anti-India slogans are blared frequently from loudspeakers at mosques across Kashmir as the death toll from the last two days of violence sparked by the death in encounter of Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Muzaffar Wani, the poster boy of Hizbul Jihad in Kashmir valley, climbed to 22. The direct incitement to fight against security forces and fervent appeals to the youths to join “jihad against India” came even as five killings were reported on Sunday and six people succumbed to injuries sustained during clashes on Saturday.

The Jihadi separatists and Hurriyat (freedom) operatives often play readily available audio cassettes in mosques for ‘azadi’ from India through ‘jihad’, including the lectures of Hafiz SaeedSyed SalahuddinAkbaruddin Owaisi  and Zakir Naik in Urdu. The Mosque loudspeakers in valley now delivers the preaching of utmost radical version of Islam describing India as a Darul harb (land of war) and Dar al-Kufr (land of disbelievers) and propagates a freedom of Kashmir valley .

A senior intelligence officer said that those with Pakistani links keep such broadcasting material available to flare up anti-India sentiments whenever protests occur in the Valley. A huge numbers of Anti-Indian posters, leaflets and CDs are being distributed from the Mosques of the valley to encourage the Muslim people for joining the Anti-Indian movement for the separation of Kashmir from India.

After Hizbul commander Wani’s death in encounter, the Jihadi situation of Kashmir turned much critical than a normal violence usually seen in the valley. The Jihadi screams rattled the elderly and the ailing and children were seen covering their ears with their palms in fear. Most of shops, private offices, business establishments and petrol pumps were put in a complete bandh (shut down). Public transport and the private cars etc were completely off roads. School boards, universities and other educational units have postponed their classes, examinations and other important schedules.

Union interior minister Sri Rajnath Singh said the Centre was working with the state government to bring normalcy to the Valley. J&K government spokesperson Naeem Akhtar also appealed for calm with protesters having attacked 48 police stations since Saturday and even looting weapons from one of the police stations. Three policemen are still missing.

Naeem said some elements are trying to incite violence in Kashmir and noted it was the duty of parents to prevent their children from holding protests. Mobile internet and train services have been withdrawn in the Valley and the Amarnath Yatra is temporarily suspended for the second day with around 10,000 pilgrims stranded.

The authorities concerned in Kashmir valley have now an added problem to control the Mosque loudspeaker which has toughened the whole of communal situation of Kashmir during these days of Kashmir bandh after Wani’s death in encounter.

There are so many directions of Supreme Court and High Courts in India to stop illegal mosque loudspeakers hampering peace and  harmony in the society after violating pollution control regulations and use of microphone.amplifiers etc. in many ways. But, actions taken so far accordance to law are minimal nearing a zero step.

An Islamic insurgency is apprehended through the ‘Jihadi’ loudspeakers in India and the rest part of the world in near future, if not averted well and advance.

__Agencies. Courtesy to the links used above.

3 comments on “Not only for Adhan, Mosques loudspeakers are used as dangerous tool of Jihad in Kashmir valley.

  1. skanda987
    July 12, 2016

    The law should prohibit the use of loudspeakers.

    jai sri krishna!


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