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Cow vigilantes may retire but can PM Modi ensure Cow-protection even by Army deployment?

Sharan Pumpwell

While RSS ideologue Vaidya backs PM on Gau rakshaks issue, Cow vigilantes want Modi to send in Army to protect cows!

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Mangaluru  | Aug 11, 2016:: At a time when Prime Minister Narendra Modi is facing the wrath of ‘sants’ and ‘mahants’ (the saints and Ashramite groups head) for dubbing ‘gau rakshaks’ (cow protectors) as “fafe and anti-social”, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) ideologue and former spokesperson and Ex chief Editor of Tarun Bharat (a Marathi daily) M.G. Vaidya on Friday backed him solidly, saying it is difficult to say there is no wrongdoing in the name of cow protection as what they have done in Gujarat’s Una, no cow protector will accept that.

“It is difficult to say there is no wrongdoing in the name of cow protection. What they have done in Una, Gujarat, no cow protector will accept that, because they assaulted Dalits by taking law in their hands, this is wrong. Taking law into your hands and punishing anybody by becoming police is wrong.” Vaidya told ANI.

“Everybody has right to put forward his views, but some people may get angry. The Prime Minister has said 80 percent of gau rakshaks are bogus. There could be difference over percentage, but it’s not that all gau rakshaks are doing good work in the name of cow protection,” he added. In such a subtle way of balancing Vaidya wanted to protect Modi under severe critism of the Save Cow Activists.

When asked sants and mahants, including the Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) would be holding a meeting on August 22 to chalk out a strategy against Prime Minister Modi, Vaidya, “Their anger is natural as the Prime Minister has referred 70-80 percent as bogus, they thought it was an attack on cow protection and that is why they are meeting. We can offer a comment only after we know what they have decided at their meeting.”

Elaborating on his statement, he said, “But, we have heard two statements by very responsible people. Some people said only a handful of cow protectors are bogus, while the Prime Minister said it was 80 percent, thus, there could be a difference of opinion. What do sants and mahants think, we should also look into that.”

“But, one thing is clear,” said the RSS ideologue, “places where cow slaughter is banned, you can lodge a complaint with police if you find something wrong or have some doubt and if the government fails to take action, you can launch a campaign against it. But, that should be peaceful. Taking law into your hands and punishing anybody by becoming police is wrong.”

When such as defence drawn by Nagpur, the HQ of RSS in a favour of PM modi, a rigid and reputed Cow-protector from Sharan Pumpwell from Karnataka questioned PM Modi for further clarification on his ‘irritable’ comment on Cow vigilantes.

Sharan Pumpwell, Karnataka south convener of Bajrang Dal, in a letter to PM and released to the media on Thursday said though there is an anti-cow slaughter act in Karnataka, its implementation is poor. “Thousands of cows are slaughtered every day. And also hundreds of cows are stolen every day, even from cowsheds,” he said reminding PMO of provision in section 43 of Cr PC which empowers every citizen to arrest a person who commits a cognizable offence.

Noting that the clause 5 of advisory states that it does not entitle any individual or group of persons to take action on their own to prevent the alleged slaughter or punish the alleged wrong doers, Sharan said it puts one in conflict with Section 43 of the CrPC. “If public are not allowed to stop cruelty and theft, then there should be police at each step,” he contended. Given the shortage of police in Karnataka, the Union government should send in the Army for this task.

Referring to an advisory issued by MHA on August 9 to all states and Union territories on untoward incidents in the country on cattle in the disturbance of law and order by miscreants in the name of protection of cow, the VHP-Bajrang Dal-Goraksha Samiti groups have expressed their shock that there is no order in the advisory to protect cow from slaughter and cruelty in transport. Incidentally, the organisations had demanded that PM frame a strict anti-cow slaughter law as reported in these columns. Taunting Modi’s recent remarks and mocking the MHA advisory letter, these groups wanted Army intervention to protect the cow resources of the country which can only retire them from gauraksha duties!

Referring also to Article 51A (G) of the Constitution, which states it is fundamental duty of every citizen to have compassion towards living creature, Sharan said if a citizen sees another person doing cruelty to animals what is the fundamental duty of the citizen? If the person stops the cruelty, should it be construed that the person has fulfilled the fundamental duty or seen as that person having taking law in to own hands, Sharan said demanding that the PM must clarify.

__input from IANS and PTI.

2 comments on “Cow vigilantes may retire but can PM Modi ensure Cow-protection even by Army deployment?

  1. Kumar Arun
    August 12, 2016

    Finally some of you have started questioning the “true loyalty” of Narendra Modi towards Bharat-Mata as I have. There are millions across the world who are in the same position like yourself. Is this not astonishing to discover that Modi is as much of worshiper of Gandhi-Nehru as his so called opponents in congress party? Better start finding alternative of Modi for 2019 election or loose all what is left by Sonia and her charisma so influencible upon grownups fool in India.

    Kumar Arun



  2. Mahesh Chandna
    August 15, 2016

    Modi is concerned with Muslims & Gandhi only . He does not bother hindu feelings . He , BJP ,& RSS all are busy prooving themself as secular . At the time of election for hindu Votes some time the take the name of Hindu and make different promises of hindu concern ,after taking hindu votes they dich them .


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