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Kill Hafiz, eliminate 1,000 Pakistani terrorists: Uri Martyrs’ kin to PM Modi.


Martyrs’ widows and kin to PM Modi:  Kill Lashkar chief Hafiz Saeed, finish at least 1000 terrorists in Pakistan.

TNN Report | Ara-Gaya | Sept 30, 2016::  Uri terror attack Martyr Hawaldar Ashok Kumar Singh’s widow Sangita Devi said on Thursday Indian soldiers should enter Pakistan and kill Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist Hafiz Muhammad Saeed in the same way as the US forces shot 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden in May 2011.

Hailing the surgical strike made by Indian soldiers across the LoC that destroyed several terror launchpads, Sangita Devi said, “Bharatiya sena ki jawabi karrwai se mujhe bahut santushti aur anand hua hai. Main aur mera parivar desh ke liye abhi aur shahadat dene ke liye taiyar hai (The retaliatory attack on the terrorist camps has given me immense satisfaction and joy. My family and I are willing to give more sacrifices for our country).”

Sangita Devi, whose son and nephew are also in the Army, said the Narendra Modi government should not hesitate to bomb all the terrorists and their patrons in Pakistan so that no Indian soldier’s wife was widowed like her. “I thank Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” she said while talking to TOI at her village home at Piro in Bhojpur district, 100km from Patna.

Martyr Lance Naik Sunil Vidyarthi’s widow Kiran Devi in Gaya echoed Sangita Devi. “I am not going to get back my husband. But it has come as a major pain reliever to me and my family,” she said and added the retaliatory attack was music to her ears also because it came a day before her husband’s ‘shraddh’ on Friday.

The woman in her late 30s, however, regretted had such operations been done earlier, her husband would have been alive. Vidyarthi’s eldest daughter Aarti said our jawans should not wait for “orders from above” to kill terrorists. “They should kill them as and when they are seen,” said the 14-year-old who on the day her father was martyred wrote her first-semester exam of social science paper of Class VIII. Her father wanted Aarti, one of the four siblings including a toddler brother, to become an aeronautical engineer.

Sepoy Rakesh Singh’s kin said they wanted PM Modi to continue the strike “till 1,000 terrorists are killed”. “The retaliatory attack is a tribute of the Indian Army to their martyred sepoy on the eve of his ‘shraddh’ tomorrow,” his widow Kiran Devi told newsmen at her home in Baddha village of Kaimur district, 150km from Patna.

Ladai aamne saamne honi chahiye,” the woman in her 20s said and added she had now changed her decision not to let her only son join the Indian Army. “He will wear the uniform like his father,” she said and added, “Ab kaleje ko thandhak pahunchi.

Courtesy: TOI.

One comment on “Kill Hafiz, eliminate 1,000 Pakistani terrorists: Uri Martyrs’ kin to PM Modi.

  1. Anand, USA
    September 30, 2016

    Hi Salute Tahkurani Sangita Davi Singh for her courage and strength to withstand the loss of her husband Swargeeya Desh Rakshak Ashok Kumar Singh and all other Veer Matayen. I appeal to Mr. Modi to make sure that these women should not be left alone to survive and run thru RED TAPE for clearance of War Widow FUNDS. NGO’s should come forward to Rehabilitate them along with Director General of Rehabilitation of Defence war widows including District Soldiers Boards. whenever they these women widows visit their office must stand up and give them respect. They shall not face any shortage of anything and must be protected from Vultures of society who look for opportunities to rob them. I encourage other Military Unmarried Jawans to Marry them to give them New Life and protection they need. Jai Jawan, jai Kisan.


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