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Hindu student murdered by Quran followers for ransom at Satkhira in Islamic Bangladesh.

Minority Hindu College Student abducted and murdered for ransom by Islamist perpetrators at Satkhira Sub-District in Islamic Bangladesh. 

goutam-sarkarAtul Brahmachari | HENB | Dhaka | Dec 17, 2016:: Goutam Sarkar (21), a minority Hindu College student had abducted on 13th Dec and thereafter murdered for ransom. His dead body was found on Saturday morning from a pond near Mahadebnagar village under Ghona Union of Satkhira Sadar Sub-District in Islamic Bangladesh.

Goutam was a brilliant student in BA, Political Science Department of Satkhira Shimanta Adarsha College and only son of Ghona Union Parishad (Ward no 8) member Ganesh Sarkar.

Police arrested five Quran followers viz. Nazmul Hasan, Sahadat Modal and Manirul sana of Bharkhali vill,  Saju Sheikh of Mahadebnagar and Saon Molla of Surighata village.

After the recovery of the dead body of Goutam, the agitated local villagers tried to put fire in the houses of the perpetrators, but restrained by the police.

Police told, the perpetrators called Goutam through mobile on Tuesday evening and claimed to his father BD Taka 10,00,000 (US $ 12605) as a ransom on Wednesday morning.

Father of the abducted Hindu student tried to keep the ransom money in different places as per directions of the perpetrators, but failed to free his son.

The Sadar Police Station Officer-in-Charge Firoz Hossain Molla conveyed HENB that from a reliable interception police arrested Nazmul Hasan from Bharkhali village who confessed the murder of Goutam in a ransom trail.

From the statement of Nazmul,  Police traced out the dead body of Goutam from a pond in Mahadebnagar village and arrested other culprits afterwards. Goutam’s dead body was found in an almost  decomposed  condition and immediately sent for post-mortem.

Police initiated P.S. Case No.31 dated 16.12.2016 under section 364/34 of BD penal code. As per complaint of the father of murdered student and considering the vicious nature of the murder, police may add Sec 302 in addition.

Police is trying reconstructing the whole incident with the arrested culprits now under police remand.

Hindus of the locality demanded execution of the culprits under proper law enforcement.

Hindus and other minorities in Islamic Bangladesh are now being ruthlessly persecuted even under so called secular Awami League regime.

Read this news in Bengali: নিখোঁজ হিন্দু  কলেজ  ছাত্রের গলিত লাশ উদ্ধার সাতক্ষীরায়, গ্রেফতার ৫ মুসলিম দুষ্কৃতী |


2 comments on “Hindu student murdered by Quran followers for ransom at Satkhira in Islamic Bangladesh.

  1. Arindam
    December 19, 2016

    Hindus and other minorities facing persecution in Bangladesh should seriously consider migrating to India, in order to spare their future generations from such atrocities. India, for its part, must learn some lessons from Myanmar about how to deal with Islamic (Sunni) invaders.


  2. Mk
    December 14, 2019

    We should throw out all Bangladeshis slowly but surely


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