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6th All India Hindu Convention concluded in Goa. 1 Cr Hindus will march to Ayodhya if Ram Temple not started by 2019.

6th All India Hindu Convention: The clear sign of A Rise of Alternative Hindutva in India.

Start building Ram Mandir by 2019 or will move to Ayodhya with 1 Crore Hindus after quitting party: BJP MLA to Centre.

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Panaji | June 17, 2017:: Sri Ram Yuva Sena Founder and Controversial BJP MLA T Raja Singh Thakur from Goshamahal Assembly Constituency in Hyderabad gave an ultimatum to the Modi government to start construction of Ram mandir by 2019 or else he would quit the party and mobilize 1 crore Hindus to march towards Ayodhya to build the temple.

“Earlier, there was Akhilesh Yadav government in Uttar Pradesh, which was against Lord Ram. Now, we have a Ram bhakt government under Yogi Aditya Nath. I am sure the construction of Ram temple will begin before 2019. If not, I will quit BJP and will mobilise 1 crore Hindus who will march towards Ayodhya with me for constructing the temple,” he said.

“People make fun of the BJP by saying that mandir wahi banayengay par tareek nahi batayenge (we will build the temple there only but won’t tell you when). I trust Yogi Aditya Nath will initiate the temple work,” he said on the concluding day of the four-day all-India Hindu convention at Ramnathi-Ponda on Saturday. Singh, who has been booked earlier for incendiary rhetoric when he threatened to behead anyone who opposes Ram mandir, also gave a call to boycott Kashmiri Muslim traders during the Amarnath yatra.

Hyderabad Hindu icon and BJP MLA was interacting in a Press Conference on Saturday, the concluding day 6th Akhil Bharat Hindu Adhiveshan at Ponda, Goa. The 4 days Hindu Adhiveshan (Convention) started at Ramnath Devasthanam on 14th June.

Bharat Raksha Manch national secretary Anil Dheer said the Prime Minister has failed to deliver on his promise of deporting illegal Bangladeshis from the country. “During the 2014 campaign, Modi had announced that BJP comes into power, illegal Bangladeshis have to go back. There are about 4 crore people who are living illegally in the country. It’s been three years, but we have not deported even 100 people. Our borders are still porous and the marine police stations, which were constructed after the Mumbai attacks, are not doing their jobs. The current government in West Bengal is using these migrants as vote bank,” Dheer said.

‘Various proHindu and patriotic organizations all over India and abroad attended the Sixth All India Hindu Convention, which was organized to unite and channelise the efforts of these organizations. The organizers of this convention, Hindu Janajagrutu Samiti and Sanatan Sanstha described the convention as ‘concluded successfully’. Declaring India and Nepal as Hindu Rashtra was one of the many resolutions passed in the convention. The Convention witnessed the participation of over 342 delegates representing more than 132 proHindu organizations from across 22 states of India, as well as Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka’, said H.H. Dr. Charudatt Pingale, the National Guide of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti in a press conference here. BJP MLA from Bhagyanagar (Hyderabad), Telangana and Founder of Shri Ram Yuva Sena Shri. T. Raja Singh, National Secretary of Bharat Raksha Manch Shri. Anil Dhir, Advocate of the High Court of Karnataka and Vice President of Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad Advocate Amrutesh NP and National Spokesperson of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti Shri. Ramesh Shinde were also present during the press conference.

H.H. Dr. Charudatt Pingale further said that ‘the convention adopted resolutions to implement legal campaigns against the rampant malpractices that have ravaged the administrative, commerce, education and political sectors. Only when these sectors are able to provide clean, corruption free and pro-people services to the society will it be possible to establish the Hindu Rashtra, is something all the proHindus have agreed upon. All the organizations have also pledged to unite and work throughout the year to protect the Nation and Dharma.’

The Convection passed 9  (Nine) important Resolutions this year as below.

Resolutions passed in the Sixth ‘All India Hindu Convention’

  1. All efforts required to be made by constitutional means for making Bharat a ‘Hindu Nation’ will be carried out through the medium of the Convention.
  2. The Convention pledges to give every kind of assistance to the people who will try by legal means to make Bharat a ‘Hindu Nation’.
  3. This Convention extends political, moral and every kind of support to Hindus making efforts to make Nepal a ‘Hindu Nation’.
  4. The Central Government should create ‘Panun Kashmir’ as an independent UNION Territory in Kashmir for Hindus.
  5. The Central Government should legislate an Act for building grand Ram Temple in Ayodhya.
  6. Central Government should pass a law banning conversion in all states.
  7. Cow should be declared as ‘National Animal’ by implementing ban on cow-slaughter all over the nation.
  8. 8.Union Govt. should immediately pass an Act to send back Bangladeshi infiltrators staying here in unauthorized manner, to their own country.
  9. Hindus, whose houses were destroyed during riots, should be rehabilitated.

The convention gave a clear sign to the upsurge of an Alternative Hindutva out of Sangha Parivar Circle. Though RSS-BJP kept a far distance from this Hindu Adhiveshan, many of the local level VHP and Bajrang Dal associates from different states and BJP MLA like Raja Singh Thakur could not restrain themselves from attending the Hindu Adhiveshan which gave a clarion call to establish a Hindu Rashtra within a timeframe of 2023-2025 without any vested political interest or bowing down under any political pressure.

This Rise of Alternative Hindutva in India is the only hope for a Constitutional, Cultural and Rightous Hindu Rashtra (State) in Bharat and Nepal in a declared time frame. Many of Hindu Rashtra Defenders and a substantial numbers of Sangha Parivar members  believed this Alternative Hindutva, being a victim of frustration and inaction due to failure of Sangha to keep its Hindu Rashtra or Ram Temple promises. Pro Hindus are not ready to hear any hollow promises from anybody whether they are in power or not. Hindus in India now want to be the powerhouse  to design and control the politics of India from center to state. They don’t agree to be a scapegoat of politics anymore but to be the King maker of it.

6th All India Hindu Convention gives this clear sign of A Rise of Alternative Hindutva in fact.



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