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Constitution of India writes a letter to Hindu Indians on 71st I-Day.


August 15, 2017/New Delhi.

Dear Hindu Indians,

     Greetings for  71st Independence Day of India in which you are really overwhelmed with joy and ecstasy.

   Surely, you have joined Tricolor hoisting and heard the excellent speech of PM Modi from Lal Qila. He has assured you a Divya Bharat and Bhavya Bharat i.e. Divine India and Magnificent India. Then you clapped much but, failed the find the fallacy in it.

     Divinity or spirituality is a nature of Bharat, but that is restricted by me with the dictum of ‘Secularism’ as inserted by you people in my preamble. So, how State can assure Divinity of Spirituality in a Govt programme. It is not only contradictory, it is totally ultra vires.

     Fellow Hindu Indians, actually the Constitution of India is made and misused in a way so that you may put in a perpetual bondage in your individual and social life.

    See, you are feeling a great freedom getting out the shackle of foreign rulers.  Really? Then why your abode three principal deities are still in the cordon of Military and Police at Ayodhya, Kashi and Mathura? You are enjoying the celebration of 71st I-Day, but your Kirshna Janmasthan is under security cordon in the same day of Janmashtami; same is the position of Original place of Vishwanath in Kashai which is covered by a Mosque made by Aurangjeeb and the Ram Lala is living in a tent under Babri diuspute in Ayodhya; even then you are very happy with your Independence.

    Yes, Hindu brothers of India, you can’t bathe in Sindhu, nor you are free to travel in Kailash Mansarovar, nor to Hinglaj, even your secular and moronic intellect set you to feel your freedom abundantly.

     Oh Hindus, in this span of 70 years of Independence, you have done much for many things, yet you are not allowed to purchase one cent land in Kashmir. When you go to Amarnath pilgrimage you have to go and back there in a heavy security cordon, if you fail to maintain the restrictions, then you are attacked by the bullets of Jihadis. This is the reality of your freedom of India.

      Freedom is meant for you as a farce when it is the issues of Rights. Don’t you see the meaning of equal rights? When you are restricted with Hindu Code Bill, then they are allowed to be multiplied as per their wish with the help of Sharia!

     When you are extruded during your Kumbh Mela or other pilgrimage with cess and service taxes, they are allowed with Holy Haj subsidy. Your freedom labeled you unholy and their freedom made them more sacred.

     My fellow Hindu Indians, have you thought once, When Indian Prime Minister sends Chadaar every year to Azmer Sharif for Moinuddin Chishti, what has refrained him to send a Chadaar to Swarna Mandir or Vaishno Devi? Actually, who are defeated and slave nobody admires them. Hindus are not free so, no PM has to honor equally the Hindus under the prevailing system.

     Oh Hindus, if you have earned your freedom, then why you have to see cow slaughter and beef shops in every foot step in Bengal and Kerala; why rampant conversion in the society, why Kashmir Pundits are still living in refugee camps in Delhi or Jammu? There is only answer for all questions. That is, Hindus have not archived any freedom so far. Even, when there are the provisions of Art. 48 to ban Cow Slaughter, Art. 44 for Uniform Civil Code but those are not effective for the people not independent. In the name of secularism and equal rights, the rights of Hindus are mocked and marooned.

    Hindus, think you position once. When you Revered Shankaracharys and Hindu saints are kept captive in Jails by the whim and whim of politics, the clerics and religious chiefs of other faiths are provided guard of honor. Hindu Temples are under the control of Govt, but their Mosque and Churches are made free. Govt is extruding money from Hindu temples and giving that’s portion for the development of Muslims and Christians. In the name of your freedom, you have been driven out not only from Kairana, you don’t know how Hindus are leaving their homes in many places in India in each hour.

    Oh Hindus, you are great as you have settled all these slavery as Freedom and enjoying your 71st I-Day celebration in a great jubilation.

    But, if you think that you have not attained any Freedom at all, then strive for a Cultural-Constitutional-Dharmik Hindu Rashtra in Bharat. That will be your salvation, your real Freedom and Independence.

     Vande Mataram. Jai Hind.

                                                                                                                        Sincerely yours,

                                                                                                                            सत्यमेव जयते

                                                                                                                      Constitution of India.

Transcription: Upananda Brahmachari.

Read this in Hindi:: भारतीय संविधान उवाच – हिन्दू स्वातंत्र्य अभी शेष है ! (Courtesy: Krantidoot)



3 comments on “Constitution of India writes a letter to Hindu Indians on 71st I-Day.

  1. K. V Ramesh Babu
    August 15, 2017

    True. Amend Constitution by dropping ‘Secular ‘ from preamble as this wasn’t a commitment at the time of partition.Hindu Code nerds to be junked. We don’t want Govt interference in our religious affairs . We can’t stand atheistic Communists and anti Hindu Karunanidhis, Stalin’s, Mamta’s, Muftis to be appointing.the temple boards.


  2. Dipak chakra
    August 16, 2017

    How do you deal with anti-Hindu Muslims in India ?


  3. Arun K Upadhyaya
    August 17, 2017

    Injustice roaming around in d guise of justice. And when injustice rules and where is the Justice? How can liberty and equality ever be there ?


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