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Kerala woman who left home & converted to Islam, ‘returns’ to Hinduism with ‘horrific experience’.

Kerala woman who converted to Islam ‘Returns’ to Hindu Roots, Saying ‘was scared by Islamic idea of hell, hate preaching and injustice to women’.

Susmitha Nambudiri | HENB | Thiruvananthapuram | Sept 23, 2017:: A 23-year-old Hindu woman who had converted to Islam in Kasargode district of Kerala has said she is ‘returning’ to Hindu roots, alleging that her Muslim friends had “misguided” her into changing her faith. She added that she was scared by the description of “hell” in certain Islamic books her Muslim friends had given her.

Athira Nambiar, 23, had moved out of her parents’ home at Udma in Kasargode in July, leaving behind a 15-page letter which said she was going to study Islam.

After converting to Islam, Athira changed her name to Ayesha and also reportedly tried to get her parents converted.

Her parents then filed a complaint with the police, following which Athira appeared before a magistrate. On July 27, she was sent to a woman’s home.

She was later produced in the Kerala High Court on the basis of a habeas corpus petition filed by her parents. Athira was then sent home with her parents with the permission to practise Islam.

Her decision to “return” to Hinduism was reportedly influenced by a visit with her parents to the Arsha Vidya Samajam, where she studied Hinduism. “I then came to realize that my decision to convert to Islam was wrong. I did not have much knowledge about my faith then. I do now,” she said in a press conference.

Addressing a press conference earlier this week, Athira said she had converted to Islam as she was curious about the religion. She said she had seen her Muslim friends pray and had asked them about Islam, following which they reportedly gave her some books of Dr Zakir Naik narrating Quran and Hadith for reading.

Alleging that she was misguided, Athira said she was scared by the description of hell in those Islamic books. “I thought that since I know about this now, I would be doomed to hell if I don’t follow the rules,” she said.

She also alleged that “someone” from the Popular Front of India had coached her into giving statements in court.

While asking how is her short journey to Islam, Athira told HENB, “It was horrific concerning Islamic taboos, hate preaching against non-Muslims without pause, violation of women rights  in every footstep and sexual exploitation all around. I was in a strangulating situation and was under life threat if I would leave Islam anyway “.

__inputs from PTI.


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