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Jihad is growing in Kerala and Bengal, Rohingyas are security threat, Cow protection is a part of our Culture: RSS.

Vijaya Dashami Nagpur 2017.

Our existence as Rashtra is based on Sanskriti and people, which is unique and entirely different from the nation-state concept; our Sanskriti is also related with Goraksha : Dr. Mohan Bhagwat.

‘State governments supporting anti-national elements and violence in Kerala and Bengal; Rohingya Muslim refugees in India are a threat to the country’s security, supporters of Rohingyas are also threat’ says RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat.

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Nagpur | Sept 30, 2017:: The largest Right wing NGO in the world, Rashtriya Swayamsevak sangha (RSS) chief Dr Mohan Bhagwat alleged on Saturday that the state governments of West Bengal and Kerala are “on the side of jihadi elements that are perpetrating the violence” there.

Bhagwat was speaking the annual congregation on Vijaya Dashami at RSS HQ at Nagpur. Vijaya Dashami  is foundation day of RSS.

Bhagwat further said that Rohingya Muslim refugees in India are a threat to the country’s security. The supporters of them are equally posing the same threat perception.

Chasing the odd comments of PM Modi on ‘cow vigilantes’, Bhagawat apparently supported the ‘Goraksha’ movement. The RSS chief clearly weighed in on cow protection, saying laws shouldn’t be broken towards this goal. Many Muslims, he said, have sacrificed their lives for cow protection “just as people of the Bajrang Dal” have.

Clarifying the RSS’s Hindu Rashtra vision, Bhagwat told, “Rashtra is not made artificially. Our existence as Rashtra is based on Sanskriti and people, which is unique and entirely different from the nation-state concept rooted in power. Our Sanskriti, that binds us together in a common thread despite our different languages, regions, sects, religions, castes, customs, etc; and the source of this Sansrkriti, our eternal life values that envision humanity as a global family, is our collective bonding spirit. That life vision of nationhood takes shape through collective experiences we have gained on this land from the time immemorial, collective efforts we have taken and collective understanding and realisation of the Truth obtained from those experiences. The same sentiments resonate in individual, familial and social dimensions of life. Then only a Rashtra evolves in the real sense; it gets the recognition of the world; such nation only can make a meaningful contribution by playing the expected role in global life. “

A large part of his address focused on nationalism and national issues related to Hindutva.

Read here: The Full Vijaya Dashmi Speech of Manniye Sarsanghachalak Dr Mohan Bhagwat Ji (2017).

“Jihadi elements are acting out their violence in Kerala and Bengal, and while people are resisting, the state governments are supporting these anti-national forces by not fulfilling their duty, they (state governments) are on their side” said Bhagwat in the address on the anniversary of the RSS’s formation in 1925.

The RSS chief said all efforts must be made to not risk the country’s safety and sovereignty.

“They (Rohingya) were sent packing from Myanmar because they were involved in terrorism”.

To those who support the Rohingya refugees being allowed to stay in India on humanitarian grounds, Bhagwat had this to say: “We must remember that in the name of humanity we mustn’t forget that our humanity is threatened”.

The Rohingya will be a burden on India in more ways than one, said Bhagwat.

“We had not even completely solved the problem of Bangladeshi intrusion when problem of Myanmar has been heaped on us. If we let such people (Rohingya) stay here, they will not only be a burden on employment but also pose threat to our national security,” said Bhagwat, adding that refugees will burden India’s economy.

Bhagwat made a connection between the economy and cow protection and held it as a duty of every citizen.

“Rearing of cow is not a matter of religion. I know many Muslims are involved in rearing and protection of cows. For progress of small farmer, rearing of cow is a must. Protecting cow and cow-based agriculture is directed by Constitution and it is a part of our culture,” said the RSS chief.

Bhagwat extolled other virtues of cow-protection and mentioned the patriots and the followers of our culture naturally take the duty of cow protection.  But, he also added that violence is “reprehensible” in the name of cow protection.

__inputs from TNN and Samvada.


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