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Sit-in-hunger protest against illegal encroachment upon Dhakeswari Temple lands.

Free Dhakeswari temple areas from land sharks…

Hindus join sit-in-hunger in Dhaka demanding release of 14 bighas land of the Dhakeswari temple from Jihadi land grabbers.

Rajat Upendra Nath | HENB | Dhaka | Mar 17, 2018:: The aggrieved Hindus in Dhaka sat in a hunger protest on Friday in protest of illegal construction in the western side of Bangladesh Heritage and National Temple “Dhakeswari Mandir”.

The ‘Dhaka Mahangar Sarbojonin Puja Committee’ (Dhaka Mega-city Committee for Puja Celebration) and Bangladesh Puja Udjapan Parishad (Bangladesh Puja Celebration Committee) organised this sit in hunger protest in the lawn of Dhakeswari Temple.

The land grabbing rackets in Bangladesh have been encroaching lands belonging to minority Hindus and their temple properties under a coverage of political parties (both BNP and Awami League) and the Jehadi-Jamati nexus.

The protesting temple and puja committee members  told HENB that the land grabber rackets already illegally encroached  14 bigha (5.6 acre) of land of Dhakeswari Temple out of 20 Bigha (8.0 acre) recorded land of the temple phase by phase.

It is believed that these 14 bigha illegal encroachments of Dahkeswari Temple lands were made time to time by many viz M/S. Azam and Momin Motors, Navana Real Estate, Gafur Khan and others, Adv. Kamal, Jinnah and Azim Consultants etc. It is alleged that a portion of Dhakeswari Temple land had also been occupied by BUET (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology).

After filing repeated complaints to the Police and Land Records Offices, the authorities did not take any action against the land sharks who swallowed acres of temple lands to fulfill their endless appetite.

On Friday, the protesting Hindus once again raised their voice against the present ongoing construction of building upon the illegally occupied land in the western side of the Dhakeswari Temple.

No Govt in Bangladesh, whether in BNP or Awami League ruling, took no action to remove such illegal encroachment upon temple lands and the properties of the minority Hindu-Buddhist people.


One comment on “Sit-in-hunger protest against illegal encroachment upon Dhakeswari Temple lands.

  1. Bangla Desh: It looks like Bengali :”Hindoos” are a lot more active than “Hindoos” in Karnataka, Kerala or Tamilnadu.


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