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Christian Missionaries conduct ‘Balsanskar’ to convert Hindu children!

One of the pictures which Hindu children were asked to draw.
There is a cross across ‘Om’ whereas there is a ‘tick’ mark on ‘Cross’. It has been written on the side of the ‘Cross’ that ‘Commit to follow Jesus Because Jesus is always Right’ (see in circle). This is the preaching of the Christian Missionaries.

Alert Hindus to foil conversion ploy hatched under the guise of ‘Balsanskar’ workshop conducted by Christian Missionaries.

HJS Media | Kalyan | Nov 15, 2018:: It was observed by devout Hindu activists that Christianity was propagated under the guise of ‘Balsanskar’ class conducted during Diwali vacation for children between 6 years and 12 years age group at Gayatri Primary School in Kalyan (East). The alert devout Hindu activists were then successful in foiling the plan of conversion. On 9th November, a complaint has been lodged by Shri. Subhash Mate, a devout Hindu, with Kolasewadi police station against the organizers of such ‘Balsanskar’ classes, under Section 295(A) of Indian Penal Code.

Shri. Mate had collected signatures of local Hindus on a memorandum under signature drive and submitted complaint in police station. About 100 children, girls and boys, attended the workshop.

1. On 9th November at about 1.00 p.m., local people observed that a program was going on at Gayatri Primary School and a board was written outside the school under a banner of ‘Jerusalem Church’.

2. Few devout Hindu activists went to the class out of curiosity and saw that there were Hindu children and Christian lady missionaries.

3. Drawing, music, dance and singing competitions were held for Hindu children with baits of prizes. Few proofs were found at the venue which indicated that hatred was created among children towards Hindu Dharma while impressing upon them superiority of Christianity.

4. A cross was put across the symbol of ‘Om’ which is sacred to Hindus and ‘tick’ mark was shown under ‘Cross’ which is a symbol of Christianity. Children were asked to draw such pictures. There was also one picture showing PM Modi as a robber.

5. There were several banners on which there was matter, insulting objects of faith in Hindu Dharma at the venue of workshop.

6. Dance, singing, and music competitions were held for children and songs praising Christianity and Jesus were played. Parents informed that the children were also asked to praise Christianity and Jesus.

7. Few of them informed that copies of Bible were given to children.

8. It was impressed upon Hindu children that praying to Jesus would help in good studies and getting good marks in examination. One boy said that children were asked to make such prayers. (What does ANiS have to say on this ?- Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

Members of Shri Shivapratishthan Hindustan, RSS, Sahyadri Pratishthan and BJP participated in this drive. Shri. Shubham Govekar, a ‘Dharkari’, Shri. Sanjay More, General Secretary of BJP for Kalyan city, Shri. Vaibhav Kasar, Shri. Vaibhav Gujar, Shri. Santosh Hendalekar, Shri. Anil Tiwari, Shri. Vicky Kale, Shri. Dubey, Shri. Singh took initiative along with other devout Hindu activists to undertake this drive.

Police take soft stand as usual !

When devout Hindu activists went to police station for registering complaint, police advised to solve the matter through ‘Peace Committee’. Large group of devout Hindu activists started coming to police station and complaint was registered after local political pressure. It, however, took 7 hours; therefore, devout Hindu activists were unhappy. A representative of ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ contacted assistant Police Inspector Jairam Ladake when he was told that investigations were going on and Christian missionaries had also given representation about hurting their religious sentiments but they have not registered any complaint. (Hindus feel that police were exhibiting such indifference because matter was related to Hindus’ conversion ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat).


Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

5 comments on “Christian Missionaries conduct ‘Balsanskar’ to convert Hindu children!

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    November 16, 2018

    This is the result of the perfect perverse anti-Hindu secular ruling system
    forced on Hindus by politicians. Godless society is responsible for deca-dence and decline of moral values. Bollywood culture is an exponent in
    this. The way the women and men are behaving and the daily pressure
    on the moral values of Hindus in the mass media is the decay of
    the Hindu society. All this has to be banned right away. If Hindu Dharma
    need to be alive, so the activities against it has to be ended. The origin
    of decay lies in the freedom the anti-Hindus have in the perfect perverse
    anti-Hindu secular ruling system of the anti-Hindu Congress and allies.
    This must be banned. Hindus get united and vote for Bharat Raj is Hindu
    Raj is Manow Raj. Time has come to ban all foreign religions who came
    here as looters, killers and rapists. India shut down their embassies. No
    need for them. Shut down the convent schools/madrassas and change
    them into Guruculs. No need to have a Vatican/Saoudi embassy in India.
    Hindus turn down the present anti-Hindu Constitution. Bharat need a Hindu
    Constitution. Hindus had fought fiercely in their own homeland for their freedom from the enemies and became Victors. Losers have no rights,
    only Victors. Victors are Hindus and Hindus get on your feet and take
    the power in own hands. The duty of the Army is to protect Bharat and
    Hindu Dharma. Make Hindustan a Hindu Empire with a monarch.


  2. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    November 16, 2018

    Ban Vatican and Islam from Indian soil. They are killers, looters and
    rapists religion. Have no morality nor knowledge. They are fake religions.
    This is a message of Sri Hanuman Seva Sena.


    • Anand
      November 21, 2018

      Vatican or Islam can go wrong but not Jesus.There are issues with every religion and if you follow Jesus you will understand there is only one God and he is interested in converting the heart and not religion.


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