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Rahul Gandhi-the fake Hindu.

Why Raul Vince alias Rahul Gandhi is a fake Hindu!

~ Dr Hilda Raja

It is nothing short of absurdity and nonsense that Rahul Vince  claims that he is a better Hindu than Modiji.He questions, ‘What sort of Hindu is Modi’?He continues his attack by saying that Modi does not understand Hinduism. RV has lost his equilibrium and spews nonsense. He needs to be put under scrutiny. He must know that He is a Roman Catholic –at least his mother is and his grandfather is a Parsee. So how can he claim to be a Brahmin by becoming a janudhari and a Shiv Bhakt and smearing a big tilak on his forehead –all these do not made him a Hindu-least of all a Brahmin? The simple fact is- he and his party are confused about his religion. He thus suffering from a lack of identity and has no foundation in any religion. Now because of votes he becomes Hindu. So he blatantly uses a religion to garner votes and to deceive a people. Can anyone touch such a low? This is one of his worst avatar-he is nothing less than a hypocrite and a cheater. But he makes himself a nitwit when he claims that he can teach Modi on Hinduism. He exposes his arrogance when he claims to know Hinduism and is a better Hindu than Modi. He has become not only a jester but also a buffoon. He is fit to be a court jester. From when onwards has he been going to temple? From when on wards has be started claiming to be a Hindu and a better Hindu than Modi. Nobody will stoop so low with  such  comparison-because Hinduism for each is a personal concretization of and exposition of internalization of beliefs within one’s own life style and culture and community. The traditions of family-ancestors and the community all leave its own unique mark and makes Hinduism resplendent in variety and in expression- a multifaceted splendor. Thus expressions vary from community to community even region wise. There is no one standardization ..It is unlike the Book followers-it is not monolith and centralized. Laws and rules are not handed down from one center-There is no good Hindu and bad Hindu. So Raul Vince is completed out of focus when he thinks that he knows Hinduism better than Modi and when he goes further to question what kind of a Hindu is Modi.The same can be asked of RV because he has exposed his utter lack of knowledge of Hinduism and does not even have an iota of understanding of Hinduism because he is a fake Hindu. He must drop this pretense and not make himself a laughing stock.

 He damned the Hindus and was always attacking the RSS. His mother’s proxy former Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh even stated that the Minorities have the first claim to the resources of this country. What logic this great economist expounded. Raul Vince is so confused and power crazy that he becomes Muslim when he goes to seek their votes and he becomes a Hindu when he seeks the votes of the Hindus. He changes his religion as he changes his kurta. He is like a chameleon changing his religion according to the vote bank to which he appeals.

The people will accept a capable man to head the administration-not a nitwit and one who needs to get his head examined. It is obvious that all the looters and those involved in scams have joined hands against Modi because he is fearless and because he is clean and they fear they will not escape justice. One must remember that it is during the UPA regime that Vijaya Mallay and Nirav Modi looted the banks. Hugs sums where given by the nationalized banks.What was the puppet PM doing? What was PC doing? Now they want Modi to bring back these whom they helped in looting the banks.What a travesty of truth.

Raul Vince-the Italian Christian wants to teach Hinduism and lecture Modi on Hinduism.He must have been briefed on some aspects of Hinduism by his drafters-the backroom boys and with these he goes around pretending that he is well versed in Hinduism. He who came down heavily on Hindutuva now wants to soak in saffron. His chamchas like PC informs us that he is a Hindu but a secular.Why this sudden slant and over enthusiasm to be seen and called and declared as Hindus? This sudden race towards Hinduism and wanting to be known as Hindu followers .When till recently they looked down on the saffron brigade and the majority religion now they want us to behold them in their temple visits and in the rites they perform.All these people have nothing but fear of Modiji and know that their days are numbered if Modiji comes back to power.Hence they have turned towards religion and wants to score a higher grade in being projected as Hindus.Their over zealousness exposes their fear and their anxiety hence it is Modi hatao-the one and only factor which has brought all the parties and the Congress to such a mental unstable state. This is revealed in Rahul Gandhi’s recent jibs against Modi.But he forgets that every time he hits at Modi and uses his caste and religion-and makes personal attacks the Congress is going to be hurt. People are not as insensitive as Raul Vince and do have some sense of probity, they also expect leaders to respect the constitutional post of the Prime Minister (Kulab Nabi Azad are you listening?)They will not forgive and forget one who demeans the PM and his post. This ill-mannered Raul Vince brought up with absolutely no inputs of decency and manners are being projected as a leader. The Congress is digging its own grave.

Raul Vinci’s Italian Roman Catholic mother has started to apply a tilak on her forehead and to prove her son’s ‘better Hinduism’ the tilak gets bigger and bigger. Are we Indians to be cheated by such petty exhibits? Why does RV and his mother not credit the Indians with some sense of judgment. How cheap they have become and they have turned out to be not only clowns and cheaters and looters but downright have lost their mental balance. Starting from the hug and the wink Raul Vince has proved that he needs some head surgical treatment-he is a hypocrite downright-the fake Hindu that he is.

(As sent by the writer to the editor of this site).

4 comments on “Rahul Gandhi-the fake Hindu.

  1. Brahm Mehrotra
    December 3, 2018

    100% correct, He is a fake Hindu. bnmehrotra from USA

    On Sun, Dec 2, 2018 at 12:35 PM Struggle for Hindu Existence wrote:

    > hinduexistence posted: “Why Raul Vince alias Rahul Gandhi is a fake Hindu! > ~ Dr Hilda Raja It is nothing short of absurdity and nonsense that Rahul > Vince claims that he is a better Hindu than Modiji.He questions, ‘What > sort of Hindu is Modi’?He continues his attack by saying ” >


  2. Dipak
    December 3, 2018

    What an excellent article by Hilda Raja..We would like to see Raul’s birth certificate.As a sports champion (?) he became a student of St. Stepensschool !
    All these anti-Modi parties are keen to get rid of Modi. Why they become one party ?
    That tells the story.


  3. Shivanji
    May 24, 2019

    The are not only Catholic Hindu and Parsi he’s also a MUSLIM!!

    Indira Gandhi was a Muslim woman that HATED Hindus with all heart!


  4. Kxrito
    December 14, 2021

    Asli hindu Brahman nhi hai brahman toh indian bhi nhi hai


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